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2-25 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- hello hello and -- region governor and I'm sandy beach and I back at -- I learned a valuable lesson while I was out of work I learned a lesson and that's. Never go overnight camping with -- Alan Harris I'm just saying you know it doesn't work out sometimes. Because I was not fit for duty yesterday but I am ready to go ready to rock and roll today so hang in there. It is between companies. Yes yes yes yes yes so while I. Get a -- 5 AM. A little bit before five and I hear John and Susan a sign on or John or Dave or whoever's on. But I hear that sign on and that's when I'm up but I usually wake up around 415. And I did that yesterday to logo before fifteen no I was not going to be come as no way. No voice no sleep exhausted and I knew my voice wouldn't last an hour. And I I just couldn't command so what do you do what do you know you don't wanna call you don't wanna pick of the morning call. Tim Wagner he's got kids. Susan is probably already on the work but so what did you send an email. Now I'm not a send an email. And I say it but does it linger in your mind I wonder if the person really got it because I didn't expect him Libya but for fifteen to say okay. So it's the kind of thing you send email into outer space and it's on. So on trust and -- at a good. When I woke up I hope that there's somebody would be on. So guys. How did how was it working with the -- yesterday Tim -- -- probably super excited wasn't that was the blast was that's you know that's -- -- that that's worth the little ball does feel about eucharist we were on her best behavior -- good -- There I guess I like it when the kids behave and even -- -- vegetable. Now here's a story as luck would have it in today's USA today. Ideas are great vigil on every day. If I can walk I can go into work and they have the different age groups and how they feel about going into work when they're sick. I might my personal belief is if you can do the job and you're not going to inflict others with whatever you've got you should do it. But if if it's contagious. You shouldn't you shouldn't be there or if you just can't do the job and I didn't do the job yesterday if I don't want and I and going to work percentage of people who say this. As far as being sick and working in the age groups eighteen to 34 now this is the beginning of your work cycle. 28%. Say yeah if I can walk I'll be there which is a higher percentage -- I thought it would be guys aren't yet now I used to have. There was a woman precaution to work for me because I was in programming decision in Milwaukee. She used to call -- sick every Monday. And she had a different exotic thing wrong with her every Monday. And I used to joke that she called an alphabetically according to the list of ailments. A we're up to the Ebola Virus when I finally left about every Monday she would have a different -- and that by Tuesday she'd be back. So we could never figure it out you know it really exotic stuff stuff you never heard of but that was down upon. But anyway eighteen to 34 which is via first group of workers usually 28% which is pretty decent 35 to 54 now. Now here in two OK I'm I've been at my job a while maybe a lot of promotion maybe a lot of you know be moved to another locations. 31%. -- a little bit better but still it's not even one and three aren't. 35 up 55 plus. These -- the senior workers they have the most loyalty or whatever 35%. So it's 1831. And 35%. Yeah I don't think anybody should work if they're going problem. In fact the whole staff but if you're sick you're better off staying home and he used to as a program director. When I was programming I would always get a call. On like Friday afternoon. Telling me why somebody couldn't work on the weekend and we'll throw all the ships off. And here's what happens it throws all the shifts up and all the wives of the -- thrown off -- mad -- you. I never do it you know he's make the schedule you and -- ended their like that so. Harry can't come and today he's a -- and I primaries scheduled for two shifts on the weekend. Senators -- and got to bring and a full timers that doesn't work out so I don't I don't miss those calls are bad now I don't miss those calls at all. All right get this. I'm I'm. I'm sitting there reading the paper and all of a sudden I get a text from my sister Sandra. Who lives in Daytona she lives of just a few miles from the track. And as she says. Yikes we've just got tornado warnings. And go to Daytona 500 is being run today. So I'm thinking well wait a minute I mean they usually have like a quarter -- million people there and this is not like a sports stadium. This is a racetrack there's not -- there's not enough room to shelter a quarter million people. And also people pay top dollar to be where in the infield in -- cost to bring your motor home in the infield. And I don't Daytona is one of these tracks. But most tracks to leave the infield you have to wait till the race is over or are they stopped the race because you -- across the track now some have tunnels. Some have tunnels some don't I didn't know debates on ahead tunnels or not. So why do I go to fox which is carrying the Daytona 500 which is the biggest race of the season as the first race in the biggest race. And I see them. Run around run around okay what they can be of erasing and a crow says this is last year's race however. Not everybody was Smart enough to read the crawl and people thought it was the actual race. And the Jimmie Johnson won again in fact fox and -- even tweeted it out congratulations to Jimmie Johnson even -- The race wasn't even paying that aren't but here's -- I'm telling of the story. I'm thinking OK what kind of evacuation plan. Because I can't imagine a quarter -- -- million people ride you know run into their cars and trying to get the hell out of dodge. Well guess what there interviewing these NASCAR executives. You all about look at the race and don't worry about that -- you know are committed Summers abroad is canceling -- for today and changing -- So weakened it we can it and then you know they had the people bill. They had the table while tornado warnings were going on an and a heavy thunderstorms. They had them underneath the bleachers the bleachers are able. Yet how are they thinking you know one lightning strike in the metal bleachers it would have been a real problem or heaven forbid tornadoes strike. So you got all these people there and they there was one I -- radio reporter who took a picture. With his phone and it was like the old days in the Cold War when they would have you hide under the desk in case of nuclear attack attack. They're down on the floor underneath they could be -- grandstands. I'm hunched down flat against the floor like that was gonna protect the right. Pathetic and I saw a to a three NASCAR people doing -- the only one that was doing live coverage was the weather channel. Fox wasn't doing -- live coverage and I switched to other stuff there was Olympics on an. But that was the only place you could get it so I went on social media so awesome postings some pictures did you guys follow -- about did you know what was going on when it was happening. I didn't I had any a busy day effect nick and I went bowling. And I figured it would be on it at the lanes. But you know -- -- so into what we're doing at the -- while bizarre race going on you didn't know which one was probably right if I did see it in I just -- -- be given a second thought don't. I thought I was totally irresponsible for them not to do more than that I don't know what more they -- gone to be honest with you but -- to talk it down like. I don't worry about it we're gonna get this race in the whole focus was getting the race and it wasn't about the safety of the event and think about it like this. You've got all those. All those people crammed into a fairly small area with no real sheltered did you know what was going on. I actually -- forgot the restart in my day it was all must have been big gold medal game was at seven -- -- -- us right and then now I gonna get sports updates in my phone all the time and at one point during the day it was late around like five or six. I realized I haven't heard anything about the Daytona 500 because we're in the rain delay the only got to think like 38 laps and and it -- that I started paying close attention. And like you said they just kept setting times like well to start the debate there -- an hour and I thought 830. It was supposed to Iran at 130 who's going to be up watching it the fans there they can still be awakened and into the race it was going to be watching at home. One of the things I I really had the lap that when they're talking to have an idea NASCAR official. Here I I'm worried about a quarter million people may be a loss of life with the tornadoes and lightning and he says. Don't worry about it we have lights. I think is where the bodies are. I just thought it was ridiculous to be honest and -- run -- around late in Italy wants all bets that. Well the thing is is they wanted it gated in because the teens needed to be on the road the next day. To get ready for the next race because it's a different track different set up. I think I believe it's short track at the Gordon excel. Guess what guess what if the lightning strikes of the tornado hits there is obvious and you know what. I I think in NASCAR could have been could've taken it and show arts if if if that's all they did. -- to protect even though there's not a lot you can do but if that's all they did was tell you -- underneath the metal grant says I mean. Tony if you are calling a high school game. And and there was lightning all around first of all -- immediately get a -- the field restless but would you if you were on the -- say huddled beneath the metal grand stands no no if you're in a car. That might help you a little bit with a lightning because you're a rep for rubber tires. But it's not gonna help you would no matter what jury and if it's a tornado. So odds Arab stick around you'll equipment -- -- -- so I'm leaving myself Vicky as I'm never hang around with a quarter of a million people who have a quarter million teeth between them won each. When there's a lightning strike our tornado in the area. Wow wow wow wow. Will be back no matter what's going on I can find some humor and almost anything OK so I'm feeling ill over the weekend. And I'm supposed to be in my daughter's house for a big birthday celebration. And I'm thinking you know maybe I shouldn't go because you know I don't I don't want them to catch anything from me. But I don't think you what I have probably isn't contagious I'm not a doctor but I'm guessing that plus I'll just keep my distance you know underhanded here cut the K gonna have Bieber radio about. And go home and take cooler right take. So I am deciding yeah I will go and and that I get an email from my daughters saying we're going to have to postpone the celebration. But she meaning my daughter is really sick how sick is -- Well -- well ma'am. She accidentally. Threw up on the cash. Now that is pathetic. In I didn't tell artists. Because she was feeling bad enough you are throwing up on the -- was the cat like light up my cats right. But let me tell you -- -- Getting those peas and potatoes now it's rich so I know I hope she gave the cat a Champloo. Because it's I'm sure the cat's going. What back -- gone on here it's raining. You mean chunks off all of so. That element. And I found out about it. -- -- apologies second instantly jobless -- through Obama cat but I'm honored to be humorous if it isn't funny Chris. You -- it is I don't wanna laugh like hell I want misery -- and well -- -- in Gaza you don't wanna I wanna -- on the cap that's got to. Benchmark I was supposed sick -- Oreo. I'd -- on the cats. Because you don't have enough time. So anyway that's the quick to cap wise and I thought that's where perhaps. It argues that particular piece of carrot and a manager man and you. Got to like your of the cattle. Media player. Al idea I don't know about you but I like Alec Baldwin. I'm he's an idiot but I like him I mean I like his work. His work is great. I don't like his politics at all but as a -- I'm telling you this he's decided he's had enough with the paparazzi in New York. He says I've had that I'm I'm I'm no longer going to be a public figure. And that I can't I don't wanna deal with the you know the people here via press here in New York City so he's moving out of New York you know he's going. California like there's precedent for your right live in Hollywood Beverly Hills. Where you go to video 7-Eleven and there's there's -- paparazzi waiting for somebody to show up. But that's it. It's funny because there's a real differentiation I think between Alec Baldwin. As an actor I think he's too perfect in as a person needs and so I gotta yeah. Separate that it's strange because you know when you see him like in the commercials and things like that scene sold like how Greg friendly like the ball he's like a Peyton Manning. You know where you'll like him right away even if you don't root for -- you'll like him. But I don't think it's natural that you beyond you come after you -- these guys are all supplement bodyguards. Meanwhile sorry to hear about the death of how Rambis. Involved we have all kinds of movies I like all the stuff he's been involved with but for those of you don't know. As a writer director actor animal house caddie shack ghost busters. National Lampoon vacation. I -- wipes his stripes I mean. Just a consummate performer and and he's gone. News he's that I thought he would be. Because I think we kind of focus and almost Saturday Night Live guys who were in all of his movies net as being set in time but he was like 69 years old right. But this still too young to die for such a yeah I think a formidable council sorry to hear about that. A while I have a -- tickets to giveaway for are the Buffalo Sabres. -- -- That's the name of it a pair of tickets of the sabres on parked. I don't know what that means but that's what it is this Saturday after a 630 at the first tigris and her value is seventy dollars general confidence rules applied. Join the entire sabres team and coaches on Saturday. Probably first inaugural series on fox tonight will feature an outstanding musical cast -- performances from some of your favorite sabres players. Tickets have I'm sure they'll score well with the audience maybe on the guys would certainly -- It is available first Niagara center box office. You can pick him up Monday through Friday 95 call now and we'll pick a winner at random. It WDN wherever you go with the WBA and iPhone app. -- -- dogs sick as a dog. Where is where is my right hand guys where's -- alliger -- -- he's out eating Paul does donuts and pop ice chicken. If you ought to be ashamed of yourself enjoying yourself like that while I'm home -- why don't recess -- could abruptly over some follows doughnuts and some of pop I should have never had Bob -- like it when I like it. So luckily there's not a pop -- me I have always liked it when there's a place that I like and it's not too close enemy -- to go by it every day it's not good. But Tom is doing it I told he would do it when I first found out the genie was pregnant. All of these things now about the baby are slipping and it was every day work. You had -- gone. On your radio show on WG are saying some cutesy thing right yet handle liner. Did the people calling complain no insurance army when he was an early on how to call and complain that that's got a couple of people send -- -- he Saudi cute I'll be Claudine UN channel -- -- -- and he would like body but you guys a little to -- I mean I'm diabetic I don't wanna go into a sugar coma and Ernesto. It is not doubt it GR. He says that yeah -- did he did OK don't ever put on Monday. OK okay promised me an aggressive when you have children keep my in the studio with you promised me that -- -- -- over the based active -- -- there. I suffered dark and opportunity Colombia -- vision never wanted to do -- now. Don't go to air personally I think she's bearish targets and zeal emerged very bright. But she was never trusted him so again bill -- -- you can do is make an offer. It didn't bother me four to come on the aisle. And work with me. And all right good. -- -- ones and it was march -- it done done a good maybe when he gets out of college. Mill and one. And today's ever in my bubble of perks is -- twenty dollars it's evident -- up ports up pizza. In Williams though for just -- enjoy pizza the old fashioned way. I'm logged -- to read it until he took went this. And here's the way it is you open your mouth that you witnessed while there. That'll appointees to go to WBN dot com and click on my buffalo. Perks no go. All right all this morning I was listening to our early morning Tuesday talking about. The possibility of that maybe. May be the governor Andrew Cuomo is unbeatable. Bad that he's in a position where no matter what's going on here he is going to win and so they talked to a various of people in the Republican Party -- advisors or whatever. It and the one thing we do know is what's out there as a new surveys is survey came out today saying that the governor. Will be favored against -- Marino or trumped by anywhere from. Forty to 4244 points which is a lot of points -- -- one thing you have to do. When when you're talking about. Politics about anything actually about a special about politics. Remember what I said about sports betting. The reasonable a lot of people go broke betting sports is not that they don't have a knowledge of sports. Is that it they're not rational about their betting. If you rooting for a team one team to beat the other team. All right you you'll want that team to win that shouldn't influence your bet. You have to bet on the team you think is going to win even if it's not the team you're rooting for you have to realize that okay but when -- when you get the politics some people think that the view even entertain the thought. But the person you're rooting for. -- the person New York. You are going to Love -- war. Is isn't isn't going to win if you even suggests that are your trader you know you're not you're not enough of a party person. And I say that's ridiculous a you're supposed to -- analyze things as as rationally as you can. And you look at what you have to look at -- I think that. Four Andrew Cuomo first of all I don't think he's totally unbeatable. No I don't I don't believe at all but I don't think. It's gonna have to be a perfect storm. Of things happening for him to lose. -- by perfect storm I mean that's you know there if you use the Olympics okay. You saw how the races are obvious are the competition was supposed to go. What changes. Things can change an outstanding performance by the person who's supposed to win or a mistake. OK either one of them will scuttle a gold medal silver medal or bronze medal. And I think that war Andrew Cuomo to lose the governor's office it's going to have to be a combination of a couple of things. Cuomo is gonna have to stub his toe big time something's gonna have to come out about Cuomo that we don't already know. I know bog out there are more room thinks something is New York safe in your thing New York State. Is not the issue it is here everywhere in the state you have to remember that aren't. But I think of something else came up. That was new and fresh and damaging. That might help scuttled his opportunity to win or an outstanding run by whoever's in the race against them. Whether it is -- trump whether it's asked Serena whether it's trumpet and asked Marino I don't think there's any chance to a BS three on trump. So the bottom line is that some a couple of things would have to fall into place will day I don't know I don't know -- nobody knows. Business some very -- on the other shoe could drop who knows about Eliot Spitzer until he was already in there. I'm sure he didn't start going -- hookers after he became governor. So a hooker thing was out there but that it wasn't detectable or nobody brought it up or for some reason we didn't know it. Now I don't know if Cuomo has any skeletons in his closet. I don't know if there any issues that are going to suddenly. Riser ugly head and all I couldn't vote for him because of that. And I don't know if if trump RS to Reno would conduct a fabulous campaign where you just could not not vote for them. But I'm asking you this is rob asked arena home. And Donald Trump are they simply cannon fodder. For Andrew Cuomo and other words sacrificial lambs here's who the opposition is these surveys this the came out today says it's. Like forty to 42%. I've that's that's -- astronomical. I don't know. Short of a miracle somebody could overcome that thinks these things happen who knows who knows. Some idea formulate a 309301806169236. 930. Rob mastery now Donald Trump are very simple cannon fodder for Andrew Cuomo will be back after I am going to buffalo. All the time because first of all I loved buffalo. Is Beijing company and according to a new survey of its out. Of the governor is ahead of either rob asked the Reno or Donald Trump by anywhere from forty to forty through 44 points which is astronomical. I'm asking are they just cannon fodder. It's a debt principal you want to win and what do you think will women in the reality of the situation. And I think the governor would have to make a major mistake. And they would have to run either one of them or both of them would have to run a magnificent campaign for it to happen. Otherwise I don't see it happening there's a secondary line of thinking. That if he's -- -- -- and kind of hope that he Wednesday because that doesn't make any difference to you and me if he wins big or as long as he. Wins we're disappointed but if he wins big were not any more disappointed and then maybe you can get out of here and and run for president which is why he's here in the first place. I I hope -- loses. I'm hoping that he loses -- Colorado won both that I know of and that's. Not mine. He can't count my vote because my votes and go to whoever runs against them out of there who they put up against them but. The bottom line is it looks tough now so get your best best -- best bet ticket. Who do you think has the best chance of getting your vote unless -- balls like mine is just a non Cuomo vote. It -- Montreal one -- 106169236. And star. 930 okay Chris we have a few posted already I would put it up for a half hour before airtime on our FaceBook page argument double please. This is from Halloween she says whoever is the Republican nominee will be chewed up and spread out I don't see it that way when you take a look at the numbers. And the New York voting -- Cuomo looks impossible to beat and Cuomo is doing all the stuff you'd expect him to do just kind of I he's here why they just take. Take a rental house here. Comes here on a regular basis because he wants the farm up Western New York. Because he ticked off a lot of people during the course of his first army air so he's here every other day with a cardboard shack or suggestion that. Maybe there's Dominic Ortiz. Okay yeah comes -- to say -- now but I see governor equities at the restaurant that he why we have these supplies no he and if I mean -- supply. With he's got a bag -- -- -- -- I believe so out. -- without stop. By and there were. Many of the other man -- misses from loggers. -- All. All all I am having your experience and Hugo. I was just breaking it jobs. You. Home guys thank you -- We bumped into each other at the restaurant. Where -- go because they have the best. And I I kind of have little fund saying he didn't you know pick -- -- -- It. -- all of this is so nice -- economic. I'll never forget this dominant. Thank you very much. Yeah Wanda is. Is that a George Herbert ended Coca. The so once that third quarter of guard George urban and it. The best buy the best idea go to go to Mike. Asked for a full pie like it yet -- yeah everyone. They wouldn't sell me a full pot because everybody goes there for Japan to -- disappoint people. And by pieces well I'll tell you this I will eat this and think of those guys. Not a lot of oil and they have those are the best buys. I've ever I don't contaminate the microphone and OK I want which one do you use blood vessel are out there I'll move to the other side -- regular fired -- -- -- -- okay. So -- -- breaking -- chops and I I was just gonna do you have for laughs and exhibit C it's a -- to humiliate people publicly company worked and a good vibe. University that's fine now. -- -- If it does show Israel is good I let's just did we get the break right -- again Chicago lost there. The other it's up for those of you wanna know what I'm talking about wanders dresses and restaurant and they have homemade apple -- For fix that. Thank you very much thank you as good. Our -- The first posting said that unfortunately the issue wishes it weren't that way but she looks like it looks like he is -- As I said there's another. Why have thought it's it's not fait accompli it's not done and that's why they have the races that's why they have the elections you never know what's gonna happen. Remember the famous headline. Dewey beats Truman in Truman held up as he was announced as the -- president and it's it's you never know what I'm saying is unless. Cuomo. Stubs his -- big time. And a combination of that and a magnificent campaign by trump or as the -- -- -- I don't see how Cuomo is going to be knocked off via off the perch there keep in mind now with trump is are getting wary about trump. Leary and -- Because remember what it was not brought up when they were talking all the consultants today and all the people who know politics a lot better than I do. Is this the longer this goes. The more apparent it's going to be that if trump doesn't Iran then asked the Reno would be the second choice okay. And if you -- if they're trying to convince you to get away from the Democratic Party to come over to the Republican side. Then our our big going to be able to do it. Being positioned as running the second best candidate with the -- the person who would have done the best job or might have made them. The biggest the impact in changing a New York's direction. Didn't run so here we got leftovers. City. I I don't think so I don't I think that really hurts so this -- trump makes up his mind either get aboard. And let's get rocket where this thing say I'm so anxious that even though I don't have to announce at this early I'm going through. That would be a good positive upbeat thing. Or get out. You know on -- fish -- cut bait and that's the nicest way against it. For those who think he's got plenty of time I heard was that Michael Capuano said money it's time and then also march. Not this time I think this time you have to show -- hunger force yet the show -- -- out firing your belly for. Would you hire a guy. Who says well maybe I'll take the job maybe I won't see me in a week I'm not really short. Yeah I've been -- bigger jobs and as and I strung him along that no but I might do -- this time but I might not. Would that. It's you know it's like it's like your wife comes in its Asia every day it's as lucky I am so what do you like I could be would have a better looking guy who makes more money -- The -- they get the hell I want somebody is committed to do not mean. And I think that's what I want to run against Cuomo I want somebody I want somebody committed to do the job at least then if they lose. They gave it their best shot they they left it on the court they left it on the field as opposed to somebody sitting back going. Not really sure yet and I got a lot of things going on your team at this man I hope trump does Ron. Because I think he does have a better chance but I am tired of seeing him pursue. A week when trying to make this happen too fast -- you guys. Maybe -- talent turned to me if trying to make it happen too fast plot. Bottom line isn't in people need to realize he's not going to run -- Lagos after. No he's not around I'm convinced he's not around and it's going to be the same all same all we've seen -- we've seen this act before. How many times do we have to see -- people will believe it. What I think if you follow him on Twitter is seems that his more focus is running for president than it is I New York State and rescue tweets that I saw in him exchanging. With people was about him running for president not governor. Well if you think about it a guy in his position with his kind of a money not just money but influence and experience whatever. If they wanted to run for president or run for governor. And you decided not to run for president I don't think you're willing to ask for the order your I don't -- willing to say yeah I'm going I I want that job as governor. I think -- if you're reluctant I don't want -- reluctant Donald Trump I'd rather have. -- committed. Rob asked to rain all been reluctant Donald Trump. I'm sorry I don't think either one of them has a good shot but I think trump has a better shot but if he doesn't want the job -- bought. Just move ought to go to somebody who does will be back with more would be -- company -- -- -- united thirty. -- -- --

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