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Answering Cox Charges

Feb 25, 2014|

Michael Caputo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael Capuano is with us this morning from politics and my dad that I am a WB and Tucker Michael good morning. Good morning it all morning we've been talking about the unstoppable. Andrew Cuomo in our interviews with the rob mystery known. They also have the state Republican Party chair -- Cox on wondering if you heard the interview with Ed Cox. It didn't. And that your name was brought up too by the way because of your blog yesterday don't run mr. trump too many snakes in the elephant grass. Attacks since you're covering your tracks in case trump decides not to run. Triple a guy who wasn't on the WB and listeners. -- -- and wanted to hear and bring good arms market might start. You know look -- more comical. Put you know impact. Intel. Had talked very complex although he considered all American what he's descendant of real programs by the and and twenty can try to force the Democrats for governor on the Republican leadership back against the letter and the spirit of all the all the rules. This year he's doing the same thing with rob mastery you know and he neglected to tell -- -- be listeners but he big donor at about thirty. Already recently started. He says that the same thing for anybody -- wants beat it and target mr. probably waiting 30000 dollar check out and in fact members of Fox's family are really big Cuomo contributors who -- Are among Cuomo's biggest producers and his hand -- panic everybody even -- -- -- -- leaders of the Republicans will Cuomo. -- Michael mr. Cox told us he has not closed the door. And supporting Donald Trump for governor recently likes Donald Trump despite what's being said or reported as such -- smoke and mirrors -- Absolutely investors. Kind of complete smoke -- it said the exact thing about our about their Carl Paladino when he can. And -- spent all the time speaking the Mardy is mines in the back and crawl all along the -- even after we beat his candidate. First of all he tried to your democratic. And that field and he jumped on Rick Lazio's campaign April -- into the ground even after we beat blog you know by 64%. I talk -- the problem. And and Carl Paladino tell the story about how he had a meeting with someone somebody truck very much. There are a bit over a cup actually telling leading rocky no our county chairs. It was time to make sure there in Africa all I would you know one both the primary but bet it's stopped -- at any cost. The reason he wants to stop any kind of non establishment candidate is because you know any in -- person like bottled up. Really threatened status quo were a lot of people make money. He Michael with the new Siena poll numbers out today showing that Cuomo would be faster you know or trumped by more than forty points each. You know why not get trumpet master Reno to join forces make it a formidable ticket. -- -- will be together. Well trumpeter and actually offered didn't have a governor slot to rob. -- actually joy to have enjoyed having a primary. Against mr. trump because he would then be able -- -- -- be. He can be mr. trump an apartment it's really delusional at best and it's bad politics to bury me. In reality. I'm not sure it actually you know could still become. And mr. Trump's lieutenant governor. I'm not sure that's been taken off the dribble table that tree. Go to gentlemen but really when you look at computers you probably apple or. Question -- worker beaten up into an endeavor toward political balance. Michael does all this political bickering between Donald Trump rob mastery you know. The county Republican Party chairman state chairman -- you'll. And others only contribute to further fracture in the state Republican Party. All the in this state Republican party's aunt who shattered there's no possibility. Action anymore the actual news. Normally reliable Republican organizations we they. On the county and out of 62 counties only. A small number. Are actually our our successful and including Erie county -- So I mean it. Arguing about how badly run the Republican Party -- bombs on the state level. Are talking about how the state chairman is breaking all the rules and and quietly on the you don't unity aren't sure bet on the throat of the rank and file. Talking about that isn't. Are any more damaging to the Republican Party movement party game starts and -- -- although there. I think they're interesting to people are saying that you know actually opened talk about running for governor here Donald -- has been talking about a 75 -- But somehow Donald problem it would have been -- to law it's still very early normally your candidate for governor don't -- reform -- Carl Paladino declared on April -- Andrew Cuomo didn't get in the race until May have -- term. So why -- -- after her decision it's really. Not about -- a fractured party about a fraction are. Hey Michael good stuff thanks for joining us this morning. That's that Michael could put up -- politics -- dot net and at WB Ian talker.

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