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Mounting A Challenge to Cuomo

Feb 25, 2014|

Rob Astorino

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB a live line is the county executive from Westchester County rob after -- -- a possible candidate for governor in New York State. Mr. -- -- good morning thank you for joining us -- more Oreo. We're doing good a couple of weeks ago you announced formation of a committee that was gonna go up and explore the possibility. A running for governor against Andrew Cuomo and the early indications -- Of the reaction your committee is getting as they explore your interests. Well I think so far the reaction has been very good from around the state wherever I've gone not just here in -- in Westchester in the Hudson Valley are New York City but. Throughout the state Western New York got into many times southern -- etc. And it's not just coming from the typical usual suspects if you will the Republicans it's coming from Democrats for business leaders. -- really everyday workers to feel very strongly as I do that New York is losing we're in the losing column right now by any measurable standard. Bjork is losing losing more -- citizens than any other state in America we have the highest taxes and it's not even close. We have the worst business climate I mean it's it's hostile to business in this state. We have the most corruption eagle on and on and on and on and on and we are absolutely losing and New Yorkers. We're not losers in New York should not be losing and so. We can turn things around in New Yorkers like we did here in Westchester County was the same kind of future we had and present we had in 2009 when I ran. The highest taxed counties. You know businesses leaving etc. etc. And we cut taxes property taxes more than any county in New York we cut spending in real way but yet. Make sure we kept our commitment to those most in need and we added. Almost 30000 private sector jobs in the last four years in Westchester for one the lowest unemployment rates now. So it could be put back in the winning column. But it takes some very tough decisions. Not sort of the same old same old with a little tinkering around the edges this need bold reform and I think most people realize that. In order to change New York around again. Rob Fred -- at the New York Post reports that you decided to run but you're waiting until next week to announce it. It pretty close with that. I wouldn't say we're there yet I think. And I don't wanna comment necessarily on -- -- who had sources that we're not directly in her campaign but. I would say this there's been no secret that -- like this Friday night LB. In Binghamton. I could just checked the Westchester -- Binghamton nonetheless says her and so there are places that I am going around the state. To talk to people to tell them my vision of new York and how we could. Again bring it back to prominence and keep people here could what -- here all the time it's it's almost like it's a prison sentence now to live in New York. How many times do you hear from people three more years and automatic hear or see that the -- get a college on gun or lack kind of stuff and it's happening. We cut 400000. People leave New York State not just the last three years under Governor Cuomo. So things didn't have to change and we have to take simple steps so. And -- leaning that -- absolutely. But you know I think not every box has been checked he had in mind to do list to make sure there were actually certainly go for. Will you say new -- losing -- economic development in buffalo mr. restaurant known news. Thriving as a boom in the Albany area thanks to nano technology. Rochester things are looking up there are things are looking up in Syracuse. Companies say that the governor is doing a lousy job which is exactly what you're saying here. Yup I am because a lot of that is some private investment. The school is doing a great job I think they -- but. He can't walk around with a buffalo billion. And because that billion runs out that's state money will run out. What you wanna do and this whole startled New York campaign is -- just think of the title startup New York that's an admission. That at best New York is -- We have become a national joke look at Remington Remington decided. They're gonna expand yes 2000 more people going to be higher yes we go to Alabama they're not going to Mercury county where their plan is an alien. And you see this all over New York State plants are closing businesses are leaving the taxes and the and the business climate is to simply hospital here. So you can go around would gimmicks says that but as the governor is doing. Or you can actually laid out a foundation for future growth that is not dependent on government it's dependent on climate that people want to invest in on their -- He these conditions in -- the York which has not one company that anyone knows of that took advantage of the beat people like Florida. Alabama etc. they're laughing and New York we are dead last fiftieth in business climate that's -- fact. And so now we're he's starting all these gimmicks it's got to be a specific location. Always specific type of industry that the governor approves meeting all these conditions and then maybe you'll get some tax breaks. That's not the real world the real world news. Let me come in take your foot off my neck let me do things that I wanna do where I wanna do it and I'll create the jobs I'll hire people. That help businesses thriving in all of the other states except New York. Natural gas exploration there is zero reason when you have thirty other states including many democratic governors. Environmental groups who approve it the president of the United States approves it the energy secretary just the other day. Said that New York it's foolish to not explore natural gas all the jobs all the manufacturing all of the other types of jobs that go with that. Can help restore. The prominence and greatness not only Western New York in the southern tier for all of New York. There's no rhyme or reason for the governor not doing this other than. Simply he's being held hostage by Bobby Kennedy -- of the world and and others. Who have the proverbial gun to his head and and that's not what a leader does. But Cuomo's likely to have forty plus million to spend realistically. How much can you race. Well that's a great questions is -- I think that's one of the things that we're going through. Certainly we have commitments will start to put the money in the bank. But it's a big mountain to climb I don't need to raise the same amount as the governor no way will -- nor do I have to. I just have to get the message out. To convince people that the facade when you pull back the curtain here like that was to devise. Is not really pretty and it's not the reality and so in order for us to. Get back in the winning column of this state we're gonna have to do some big things that might be a little bit of a shock to the system. But ultimately -- go to the doctor any tells you you're sick really sick. You can screaming you know you can denied you can walk out you can take an aspirin that make you feel better but ultimately that's decent things just like the governor. Promised in 2010. The radical reform. To get this state back which he hasn't done and so. We just have to get enough money to get the resources out in and to get people understand. What we're all about it was the same mountain I've faced in 2009. The Westchester by the way almost very similar to Erie county almost a million people. 21 Democrat in enrollment. You know high taxes etc. Nobody said we could win we wouldn't even get close because I was running against the popular democratic incumbent. Who had mountains of money started the race thirty points ahead it's -- cigarettes that are. We raised enough. We got out we were not out worked we had a very different vision for this county and I won by fourteen points and I just got reelected. By thirteen points. Okay let's talk about Donald Trump you are in mr. Trump's way right now. I guess I can't put it more bluntly than that candidate. But the you know. What Donald Trump is gonna do is up to Donald Trump and has no bearing whatsoever on what I choose to do. I am not afraid of the primary he chooses to run one if I run. You know the conditions that he's sort of laying down in order to be that candidate. That's just not how the process works you have to get out about roll your sleeves. Go all over the place you know whether it's -- glory here -- -- -- the globe candy -- you name it. Everywhere in this state should be visited you have to talk to average people. There are so many people that are hurting in new York and they want something different that they. They want the empire state to be back to the empire state again they don't want to see their grandchildren growing up via facetime -- Skype. So I'm out there all over the place letting people know what I stand for. And if there's a primary there's a primary I'm not afraid that that can be very healthy thing I think for that not only the party but. Also for the electorate to learn what the ideas are. You know I like Donald Trump I've known Donald for about ten years now were you know in the New York City area he's contributed to my campaign -- county executive. He's job creator in the good funny TV host on the apprentice. And that he chooses to run for governor. Totally destroyed and he should make his intentions known but. What I'm gonna do is has no bearing on what he does. Would you consider. Running -- -- running mate. Well I was wondering if Donald Trump would consider running as my running mate. Well at it either way. If you would like to think about running -- lieutenant governor for me I would sit down and have that conversation with -- You know the other day mr. answer you know you unveiled an early strategy. Campaign strategy how are you would ago. Street by street door to door block by block county by county and defeat the governor by stripping of folks here were Carl Paladino did so well in Western New York. And then doing very well in your home area Westchester County the New York City area to think that's gonna work is still -- What comes down ideas and you know I'm very proud of the way that we want in Westchester as -- said it's 49% Democrat 24% Republicans so. For Republican you have to build coalitions and I've been saying that to not only the national party but the state party and certainly in Westchester we put that in place. Republicans need to go where Republicans generally don't go. Inner -- we need to make our case we need -- to speak to. The pastors and ministers we need to go. All areas I speak Spanish and that's been -- help. That brings a smile on this handshake but. Ultimately have to explain why am running and -- my policies would be better for. The Latino community which is by the way very broad there's so many different flags under the quote Hispanic community it's very did it'd be like. Saying the European community you know people came from pole under very different perhaps from people came from Italy. So. We got a wonderful beautiful state. And we won here by building coalitions I had I won over 50% of the Hispanic vote in Westchester 25% of the African American vote. And about 30%. The democratic vote and a lot of union support so. I was held true to my -- my beliefs and my principles that we had to make changes. I did make sure that the unions started paying for health care just like everyone else and yet at the end of the day after some very tough bargaining. Most of the public employees' unions did actually backed me in most of the trade unions backed me. So I think. With the notion of -- Republican is -- -- or Democrat is or isn't really depends on the person running. And so I will make sure that I do go to every neighborhood. And talk to people and listen to people more than anything. That's how we would win this race. Not -- from up high but from being on the street being in neighborhoods being in churches and talking to people. Rob how big. Is prison university going to be as a campaign issue. You know I just think that's exactly what's wrong with the governor's priorities. I try and I think they'll probably like most people. Every month I try scrimp and save my wife and I do to put some money away in our 529 accounts for the three kids I have a ten year old a nine year old and a four year old. And it's just you know it's very difficult given the taxes we pay the -- we have but obviously -- appearance. I want my kids to go to school and someone to do everything humanly possible. -- talked to people who have refinance their homes were student loans that people have taken out and they're now owns a debt coming out of college with no job. And that that's flawed that the governor says yeah well all right I'm gonna make sure that. A convicted -- mr. convicted. Burglar or or bank rapper -- whomever. It's going to be able to get free college tuition while he's behind bars. That's justice you know the priorities wrong and I think that's what together may not understand. With every new Yorker it's working very very hard so the whole -- university thing I think is just. Very emblematic of what is wrong today we need to get back to the basics. And it's hard enough for law abiding citizens who by the way have a right to own a gun. -- in this state and had been treated like criminals and yet the people who are criminals are treated like good citizens and free tuition for college. I think that would totally wrong about this governor and his priorities. -- -- in it sounds like you have the ambition. To traveler on the state like -- governor does resulting -- sized storm seems funerals for fallen pollution firefighters. Going in the someone's backyard do you think Donald Trump can do that. -- I think -- -- -- -- that the other day there's a lot. To New York. Other than Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and it's up to him look you know there are many places in this state that are really truly hurting. Really truly hurting. And the people oppressed state -- hope they they want this state to -- the New York it once was where. Any immigrant could come here it didn't matter if you were black or Hispanic could Dominican or polish or German it didn't matter you came here you worked hard. You can get ahead in life. I don't think people feel that right now they feel like there -- treadmill at best or they're losing ground because. It is like in life period of winning or losing you're getting ahead of you falling back. And New York Kansas State is not winning we are falling back and in every category. It just after all the former New Yorkers who are living in Carolina. Or Arizona or Florida. Or anywhere else or even North Dakota where they are -- booming right now because of natural gas exploration. So. Look again independent of what anyone else does -- make up my decision real soon I'm definitely leaning towards running I can't wait to be. -- that in the past in in Western New York to talk to average New Yorkers. Mr. restaurant are good good chat -- you this morning when you -- grateful for your time sir. Jones -- thank you are now of -- again you're very welcome home we can't talk west Chester county executive rob mastery.