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Thoughts On "Cuomo the Unstoppable"

Feb 25, 2014|

Carl Calabrese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Carlo calabrese GOP strategist and former deputy Erie county executive is with us on WBM lifeline talking about Andrew Cuomo. For asking if he's unstoppable Carroll good morning. You heard Ed Cox he was on with us a little while ago and said he thinks that Andrew Cuomo is absolutely. Beautiful. That all the Cuomo visits to buffalo he says it's pick from a strategy which is hope first and substance later. We think about that. But I look at her any candidate is beatable politics that would campaigns are or knows and nobody. Picky about all -- off the election and saying the governor to winners so they'll work. The campaign -- the saints are seeing a lot of candidates would double digit lead. Do the wrong thing. Say the war saying the campaign turn the issues change the other candidates. Begin to get your sense -- -- mistake we could another star Eric or you know. You know you've got an upset their weapons and here it. Governor obviously a very strong incumbent at this point. To date based at all or icing. He's incumbent incumbents tend to do pretty good in in this state around the country he's been a very blue state I'm probably the only state that's lower. For Democrat in the country California. It got thirty million. Dollars those are all very very good -- advantages however. What do there. It's your Republican you know either so -- what do I need to get to 51%. Based on -- years which we expect between 45%. Turnout. If you got if he. Percent -- are you gonna need 2000007 -- without balls too weird. What does a Republican whether Pete Carroll from our history or anybody else. What to they have to do to get to 2750000. Votes there is preparing the one they've got to win 30% of the democratic oh. -- they've got to win. 85%. Of the Republican vote that that 85% of the registered voters and they only 60%. The independent not affiliated -- it's a Republican and do those treatments. They end up with exactly 2750000. Votes since 51%. Assuming. The percent turnout of voters in New York State so if your -- in Italy today did you start you know holes. I'd like -- What issues look at me thirty restore the Democrats would issues picture right -- 85% of my orders it would issues getting 6%. Independence and they're occurring in question and there were political professionals do when we look at these polls. Carol what we chatted last. Tuesday you told us you thought that Donald Trump should make an announcement soon. But he can't keep stringing people along that we've got to know now. Other Republican strategists are saying what's the hurry trump has lots of time to announce his decision. On whether to run now. Doesn't really come down to how serious the threat is from an opponent and in this case the governor. I'm not sure I understand question -- in terms of -- Whether trump announces when he. In period. Rob master we know Donald Trump are more than Houston running for governor but neither has committed a -- and -- people are saying what's the hurry there's lots of time to make a decision. But doesn't have come down to how serious the threat is. From an opponent and in this case the appalled -- -- Governor Cuomo. I love it it's a couple of extra walk. You know doubtful that a lot of -- in hand that changes than the playing field for him lobbyist Reno does not. Rocket it was also under the pressure to -- are just a mistake that he they're raising money. -- figure I only get a million dollar shall. If he wants to run for governor right to go broke quickly also are that may change on calculations as well certainly -- the -- -- the better. We're using my partner at issue -- -- I think. I think Republican leader -- start either at all compared questioned whether or not battle -- was truly serious about -- -- The longer this goes -- that the more skepticism entered into their mind and the more interest that they might be someone else. -- glad you could be with us this morning on this topic. Thank you very much. That's GOP strategist. Karl calabrese.