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Cuomo Polling Shows His Strength

Feb 25, 2014|

Bruce Fisher

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bruce Fisher from SUNY buffalo state political consultant former deputy Erie county executive is with us on the WB -- lifeline. Bruce were talking about Governor Cuomo this morning just testy Republican chair Ed Cox on. Who told us just a couple of minutes ago that he thinks Cuomo is absolutely beatable. What do you think. I think that. Not looking at the numbers that Siena research -- just that. Andrew Cuomo drew is extraordinary strength in the most populous area near expert 785%. Favorability in -- city and its it is -- area. And even in the very strongly Republican suburbs where it talks from Westchester county and buried. -- -- base of the -- the Republican Party. Almost their ability as a power numbers are way over 60% itself. That Cox's the Republican. But it's been oil that is to him produced -- as -- actually in that group all of this year. In -- -- -- -- to ask the question I would ask how can critics call a governor effective. -- him. He's traveling around the state and his. Popularity numbers. Are. Forty. Fifty and a one point a couple of weeks ago sixty points higher. Then Donald -- or rob mastery though mahogany -- a governor ineffective when they're not one polls so she would lose the election. I I really don't. -- I think and he said that they hope for a concept and -- that today cookbook looking at the number. What and it it's it's it is stressing candidates against Andrew Cuomo has. County executive of questions to trying to rob -- Reno. Or Donald Trump. Four will be struck -- 44 points should be -- about 42 points against mr. restaurant you know this. Know a little bit better because she's. But notorious to look. That that challenge. That for a group although -- is really an upstate New York where. There's there's a very. Concerns about the economy. The fact that you and you looked deeply and these poll numbers. You see that's worried about the economy and a lack whichever political audience to urge other governors. That legislature the president's. Hillary Clinton. Everybody's. It's and public life. Is being greeted with a skeptical lie. Because the economy in upstate you know it's perceived that the worse than it should be even though. Numbers. The actual economic numbers. One of the household and -- are inching up. Bruce do you think that Governor Cuomo more than anything wants to win upstate New York. Because he lost last time to Carl Paladino. I think. What what I know about Andrew Cuomo current is that he's. Concerned. Deeply about making. The difference -- -- look toward the tactic governor George the fact he got lots of tried to do something for upstate New York should treat post rig it's that number. You put hundred million dollars of a public money at the bringing adult future. Andrew Cuomo is in -- stick and strategic link on the Albany -- -- dynamics. Instead of relying on. One visit she's lying on a model. While leveraging state investments that contact this is a longer term. More difficult of course serious approach. Speaks to me about how probable. Wants to. -- support here. Not -- the -- -- -- And that's the difference that the level of seriousness -- you really want upstate New York. That is really work for. Bruce were glad you could join us thank you. Bruce Fisher from SUNY buffalo state political consultant and former deputy Erie county executive.