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Cuomo Providing "Ammo" for Governor's Race

Feb 25, 2014|

NYS GOP Chair Ed Cox

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's overlook the WB analog line to welcome Ed Koch mr. Cox -- chairman of the New York State Republican Party. Mr. gosh good morning thank you for joining us. Mr. Koch we are hearing looking out oh -- here. Donald Trump right now. Would have the backing of seven B 6%. Of all Republican county chairman. If he wants the nomination to run against governor Andrew Cuomo do you dispute those numbers there. All they're different claims made but I do I will accept that at face value and that it with that kind of supporting your kid again but we have gotten him yet. And does look like he's building to try to campaign in order to get into the race. Well are you encouraging him to get them. Well there's a lot of ought not to happen and are going to the convention to have them. And rob that's Reno votes by hurting you at blazing away at almost. -- released programs. I think that corruption holds of them which are these party cute -- I think that would be terrific. But you know -- Follow trump certain times just talk about getting him gubernatorial or presidential races that number. So. But if you had that support that he police he has that you'll get there. But yes sir you continued to. Back -- -- in the west Chester county executive I don't know now I I certainly my what I. What they got the job of the state chair. Is to. Help candidates get into the race. Force statewide office in this year. And that's -- been doing and I've certainly helped -- that's Reno Tibet and I'll also. Volunteered to helped -- a couple of that. With respect the staffing or respect to ideas which she refused to go after formal the other conversations he Moore wants AutoZone. But I'm here to help him as much so I'm here to help prop master -- do their best to go after Governor Cuomo what is the last time you spoke with. Donald Trump. Yeah I called him several weeks ago we had a conversation. Almost slides about that they knew about. Oh what he could do in order -- -- factors just before it is. Is that trip to awful like if that would have been about four weeks ago. Why does it seem. That state Republicans lately can't get out of their own way. There's so much backbiting this party seems to be fractured broken right now. Or I wouldn't say that I think it showed that we are in fact -- lively party that is. The belt beat two very good candidates. Either one which should be very top that to go after connector global. On the ball absolutely successful businessman area. He'd -- a media star someone really it's more -- political one assist from the country. Who if you wanted to YouTube has the funds to promote a very successful campaign to rob that's Reno. Who -- today to -- Elected this. County exec who Westchester County which is two to one democratic. County age that -- successful there in New York State is two to one democratic in the registration and -- secret that he could be -- -- global. We know his sounds like a terrific candidate to mr. Cox. But no one especially here in Western New York knows who rob master Renault is -- and therein lies the problem. You know what he has not even declared yet so. He's putting together all the resources ability to build the great campaign and and I suspect in the next. Several weeks she will declare as that very. -- just being beat into murderous and -- and I think you'll hear a lot of and question New York. Do you think that Republicans. Really have a chance against the Andrew Cuomo steamroller. I absolutely -- out of steam -- hit a paper machine a machine. That relies on for extra leases. Normally what -- do look opera program like to report that program more. Others he put it that you organized to cheer -- yet ready to build value about that. Millennia. Governor Cuomo out at GE and that's a press release first. Then hopes that the budget will eventually have recourse an election year the collapse of the project or the program patents after the election. So the press actually which gives hope that two people who meet Pope who wanna have economic development. The media and potential all hope. And then the shops that may become Slater. -- -- really -- so -- -- the government program. First but it together and that you have your press release about it so which real. What are your sort of suggesting mr. Cox that is riverbend program of the governor proposed for buffalo. And these IBM jobs -- be announced yesterday near buffalo might not come to fruition if Israel and so we're just not just a. -- PM Israel I don't know if the bulk of the river that program Soros. Actually go talk to each. Have the balance sheet. -- to put in the 750. Million each of them. Have promised to do. I don't think those provinces are in -- Contractual form which is where they should be prepared to announce a program like that. And that's -- very -- at -- start -- New York program we announced a month ago. Is only hire someone that do it now. And and there are rules -- regulations Chapman but yet shall be. Potential startup companies that might get involved -- state university campuses it's. There's no program for them to actually -- -- and yet the Roosevelt spoke to go since they moved to -- project for expect to. The prison university that we just started hearing about recently is this going to be a campaign issue. Surely will be. And I expect -- and make sure. We have a couple of Republican strategist around here -- -- very highly highly respected who thinks Donald Trump. Should you know lots or get off the pot he really have to make an announcement now. Another political strategist just wrote to Donald Trump suggesting that trump not run for governor. The strategist Republican strategist so there are too many snakes. In the elephant grange and that you mr. Cox -- one of them. A Republican strategist. While -- let's just say he is unnamed for now. Hello -- -- he's out there published Michael Michael Cooper the care of job and and he's been a huge supporter of cultural and I think. He has covering himself in the in the locked. There's a lot of skepticism about whether you're really get it seven times he's actually talked about getting the president recoveries and hasn't. And so Mike has -- covered himself now. In the potential because in fact at the latest the second meeting that they have here or a potential supporters. Donald -- they urged him again and and I know Mike that's very disappointed. That. That Donald Trump's. When this -- -- -- unity church -- -- Burton yeah I didn't former committee which her body in the first half. The first response that well trump -- what if I put my money and can I get back out if I don't run. So it was a very disappointing meeting after that they might well it's very distressed and I think at this point. In case cultural does not go ahead and Mike was such a strong order I think he wants to. To attack programs so going forward. -- do you think. Do you really think trump is considering -- or was assault just but to you know going -- our public -- I'll call me and said he was sincerely. Are considering running I know except that well or in which other. Potential into the it was security but I like that it was sincere. I think it's news to your ambition to. You would like to really clean up New York can be the person who does that he gets on the right track Governor Cuomo just managing the decline of New York. As opposed to the -- ball that well and under Spitzer. And other Paterson. And the New York just on the decline and I think that cultural sincerely. Would like to be the governor who would get New York active being really via our state and to revive the economy in upstate including what -- New York. Questions can you really go ahead and use that treat you to think you have to do wildly which report. What are your tax returns. We give up his NBC program all the things that he would and -- and and risk. Very. Risky racing fuel. Two million dollars. In both true but it to the end is she willing to do that to achieve that that tree that's -- real -- Earlier this week and -- yesterday or live before mr. -- Renault unveiled what he thought might be his campaign strategy. Winning here in Western New York like Carl Paladino did. Almost four years ago and then picking up a lot of democratic votes. In Leo in New York City Westchester County area. The -- Do you agree with a strategy. Well that which Pataki's strategy -- worked in 94 and that is a very good strategy. For a Republican candidate and that. He has proven that -- of women in the -- it's important suburbs of New York. You know where he won by thirteen percentage points in we -- reelected with by the -- 61% of Hispanic vote. And 25%. Of the African American vote which are very substantial votes in Westchester which is one of the most the first -- -- in the New York State. Saw I I think it is -- that is a very viable strategy he sorted out he knows where the votes are. And when he declares he's going to be don't have too much New York is going to be very important to him in the -- -- to it to be and two of. But do you think mr. -- Renault are going to be as successful in raising funds. Here on the Western New York area where he is really not well known how would you be able to raise money for this man. For a campaign against the governor. Well there are many places to raise funds including Western New York but of all around the state in New York should worry has -- spot and in the suburbs. He rates six million dollars or do so well in Westchester. County. And the amount that you rates governor stops flights that. -- that the campaign finance law churches split about sports that the cheap enraged that they maximum when you're running for child expects that. So he's he's if you don't have a race I'll watch them do -- He's very good at -- likes doing -- and I suspect he has -- six the significant commitments before you'll actually go at there instruments. But because we are grateful you took the time to talk with us about this morning -- -- it and talk. Ed Koch is chairman of the New York State Republican Party.