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Is Andrew Cuomo Unstoppable?

Feb 25, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB in -- -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity mourning day. It Governor Cuomo has been a frequent flyer here to buffalo bearing gifts every time the question is he unstoppable in this reelection bid. Looking pretty unstoppable right now -- -- a new poll that just came out overnight I am 54% of all New Yorkers statewide since they are ready to reelect him. In November that compares to 37% it's sad that they would elect. Someone else you compare -- had been at the U to Donald Trump for example it would mean Donald Trump by more than forty. Percentage points right now if you believe that's all say -- that it's pretty cute -- up so obviously. Almost with a pretty good right now and value coming to upstate perhaps because. In addition to being governor of the state he is doing the worst at least statistically speaking. In upstate new York and he's got very very strong numbers step onstage. A little bit in the capital region but that when he got buffalo and Syracuse and Rochester that's what is really having -- sums and that's about it right now and pizza built to orbit well. They have you happen to slip in there if you believe this -- should we believe. -- partnership believe it at this point that's -- statistical polls by its Siena College there was one Vermont. We're here at university or which says that effectively the same thing about two weeks ago so all the numbers firmness you know these and scientific polls -- shrink -- Almost doing extremely well it's democratic state overall when you look at the population. -- it shouldn't be surprising but. Some political fortunes can't change over -- so bad governor Chris Christie of new security. I mean act as former governor Eliot Eliot Spitzer of New York you know short here that the -- that Andrew Cuomo. Is hurtling toward some scandal there are no signs of that. But the point is even the most seemingly unstoppable elected officials. They're not super heroes they're not politically immortal -- when you're running for reelection. Even if you're having significantly. That you are popular. It is. It really -- and make sure that that you were doing everything that you possibly can. Keep people happy and that to keep the poll numbers up. You know I'm that the frequent trips to buffalo I've heard it said that Cuomo doesn't wanna lose this part of the state like he did last time to Carl Paladino. Would that really matter that much to them. It doesn't matter -- -- it was a bit of an embarrassment -- errant air out today here is that certainly what you put -- in the context. Up for reelection campaign you want support. Every which way that you can get it and also to. Upstate New York before you think the big money is going to be on Wall Street is going to be downstate. That there's a lot of people who are willing to open their wallets. Upstate as well and that would solve the -- -- in the economic initiatives. That are coming from Albany right now are benefiting buffalo and in pretty significant ways politically wants to go to places like buffalo chip. Help people and reassure people and remind people -- the state government and came in particular really looking out for people upstate. Securely and a couple of. Donald Trump was here earlier this month a packed house lots of Republicans meeting him. In the suburban to impugn our troops except The -- invitation to speak to Republicans in Syracuse next month march 11. By then David do you think you should have made a decision on his plans are. Oh wait it out there the more you wonder its site is as serious but in any way -- reform at all what we've we've had this conversation before or what ever again. I don't this tried to convince people that -- ready to run for political office. About a dozen times in -- runs. It's a bit of is that the boy cries wolf situation it was something major happened. He actually puts his name on the battle like that decides to run. I they don't believe that out but that there is still the possibility that the current events of the repair that the sport. Dave we're glad you could join us this morning to -- the soft thanks. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.