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2-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I -- down upon the he would write. India the hole looked up to mark the end this month -- And you know. And. Mean scoops up the -- walks over the line slowly been holding -- and heavy hit oppose. Off the iron he had rats get their rights -- -- cited. -- -- The post it remains do nothing Finland. Tom now or leave it right what you showed that there is spot news radio 930 check of the big -- program. No. I have just one simple. No hockey right. In any future in throws we do. To parity of the sabres winning the perhaps -- -- Wind -- it is ten minutes after six at the news radio 930 WB and I don't buy hourly. Nice for making me party today. And we started out talking about this guy in Hamburg with the signs that are up. Against Ku oboe and against his erection are fired decree like Edward Wyatt say. Law. And again folks. I would caution you. Against writing on your FaceBook or other social media sites. Any thing. That could be use. By the police. Is grounds to obtain a search -- as probable cause to obtain a search warrant. To search your home in the event you make a statement to the effect of I haven't assault rifle I won't be registering -- because if you say that on FaceBook. Or on any social media site. Believed the cops are gonna find out about it. As they are monitoring social media and you will -- one -- find your house in the state of absolute disarray. It happens and it's gonna happen increasingly. Once Cuomo wins reelection which is going to do because Donald Trump is not going to run. And it's obvious to me he's not going to run because Michael Caputo is now saying he shouldn't run. Now -- -- have been saying for why. And Michael tournament of this don't ever don't anybody say that it Michael -- was dissing you on the radio everything but I love Michael Michaels like family. All right just like Carl Paladino is like them please understand. But. Remember that Michael and Carl have both been on the forefront. -- try to get -- Iran for the governor's job so another Michael has come out publicly and is now urging. Donald Trump may not to run for governor of New York. Against what he's been lobbying for with Donald Trump that tells me that Michael is backtracking. And that he basically is looking for a way to use out of the situation. And I I don't blame Michael. And and I have to tiger and again please I'm begging you. -- as an honorable person. Don't send Michael an email saying that I was saying anything bad about it because I'm not. Adults adults and Carl Paladino an email saying -- Bartley was dissing you. No absolutely not. If I have anything to say which in any way shape or form would be construed as dissing Michael or Carl. I'm man enough to say to their faces and they know life. And not only that but there's nothing I would this Michael about nothing about which I would this car. I like both of them very much. You know some -- man when you can have an argument with them as I did with Karl during the campaign. And as I've had with Ross Thompson. You're a man when you can say you know what. Why are weak cannibalizing each other. Why are we savaging each other when we're on the same basic side. -- -- agree 100%. On every issue. But fundamentally. Our hearts. Are dedicated. And inscribed with the words liberty and freedom on them. So it's pointless. For conservatives conservative area and in libertarians. To sodomizing each other. And that's a lesson ladies and gentlemen. That we need to learn from the progressive Communists. Because one of the things juicy on their web sites. They don't go after each other. They say they're most poisonous venom. For people on the right of people who were not the progressive Communist grout. We need on on the other side of the aisle we need to learn a lesson from them. So if I have an issue with Ross which I really don't mean he knows where we disagree. And we get around that. If I have an issue with -- Those were we disagree. I mean let's put it this way. The feisty Karl I get hot if I -- -- I get a -- I don't see Michael that much but if I did I would give Maha. And that's the way it ought to be. And -- I don't -- this last week but it breaks my heart. When I see people like Michael Savage. Who is a very conservative firebrand radio talk show host attacking Sean Hannity look. I had issues with -- is embracing of what I would consider to be the establishment Republicans. In some respects I don't think the -- fully gone often show on its mind about the danger. Of these tablets but Republicans but you know what he'll come around. Eventually he's going to get it but you were always go to attract more people -- sugar then with vinegar. And when I see the attacks. Better waged by Michael Savage against Sean Hannity. I really wonder what the end game here issues. Do you really think that conservatives. Libertarians and conservative or -- Are ever going to agree 100%. On every issue it's not going to happen. But we have to learn. From the progressive Communists. That if we have disagreements. The way to handle those disagreements is out of the public eight. And with respect. And with deference to the other person and with the recognition. That we will never be. 100%. In -- those -- you were married. Those of you were happily married both of those of you were happily married to somebody you believe is your soul may be honest with. Do you really agree 100%. With everything your spouse believes. Chances are no because that's the physical probability of that happening is zero. And people have asked me to define conservative -- lately. And basically and it's edits. At that base. It is a blending of the best parts of libertarian -- and the best parts in my opinion of conservatory in his. And if you want the best. Simplest definition. I guess what I would say is I'm a conservative from the waist up. Things that turned me off about some conservatives are. Your out of born again Christian you're going to hell. That's a big turnoff for. And unfortunately as much as I loved them and as much as I will always defend Christians against the unfair persecution by the media. People have got to realize. That nobody. Likes being told by another mere mortal that they're going to hell. Because they don't share the same religious belief system as the person who makes that judgment. Because in my reading of the new testament there is a guy. Who basically said those who view without sin human cast the first stone against this adulterous bitch. I don't think he quite said but nobody stepped forward to cast a stone against the prostitute. Because fundamentally. We are all sinners whether you're a Christian Buddhist and Muslim whatever. We all are imperfect fallible creatures and human beings. And I don't know about you -- But I've become personally offended when somebody who knows absolutely no more than anybody else about the afterlife. Or lack thereof insists that unless they see. Unless. UC. Afterlife were creation of a creator. In exactly the same way is that way that somehow you are going to hell. And as I said earlier. I'm always grateful for any prayers are positive energy you wanna send my way. Trust me. I will gladly take prayers from Jews. I will gladly take prayers from buddhists from Muslims all -- prayers from Protestants and Catholics. And as I said earlier in the show. I put my money were my mouth there's. I attended a church wants and there was a very anti Roman Catholic sermon delivered. I left the church I never went back. Why because I did not feel comfortable with that message. Because frankly. You Roman Catholics have always been very kind to me most Protestants. Jews and -- Muslims have been very kind to. So why would I wish to engage people who wish to attack somebody else's spiritual faith or belief system. I'm just not down with that. I think that your faith. Your spirituality. Your relationship with the creator is between you your conscience and your perception of the creators. I have my belief system which is very deep you have your belief system which is very deep. Now the bottom line is -- talked about this on Friday. I honestly don't know why were here or what the afterlife holds -- I don't know. I do believe very strongly in a creator. I do believe very strongly -- and call it a god. Because that statistical. Probability. Of this being some kind of a lottery accident of carbon. I find to be laugh probably impossible. So I do believe that there is an intelligence behind this -- exactly what that intelligence is. Or by which faith that intelligence is best represented I haven't a clue. But I made reference to last week to be told a couple of people in one weekend. That I'm going to hell. Because I don't happen this year certain beliefs as they do. I I find that rather offensive. Because I must tell you that'll maybe get off the subject here but I must tell you that there's not a day that goes by. But I don't think about why are we here what is my role in Paris. Why it was like put year why were you putting year what is our common purpose. Why did the creator do business. Mean that's probably the preeminent fought every day in my mind. You know matters spiritual. And I don't think by the way it's a cop out to say. I have a very strong sense of spirituality. While I adhere to no specific faith or religion. I don't -- to go off the beaten path here but the bottom line is those of us on the right. We've got to stop allowing ourselves to be demonized. And we also have to stop demonizing each other. We're never gonna agree 100%. But if you believe in freedom. If you believe in liberty. If you believe in human rights. There is only one choice and that is conservatism. Libertarian isn't conservative organism. I know that's three choices for their cousins each other. Let's find out about traffic right now and a recovering from his ailments which he gave to sandy -- I think -- Alan Harris. Take care of that voice Alan here and those little gravelly is again we don't need -- AccuWeather for tonight cloudy and cold it'll be that way tomorrow as well with snow showers. Pretty much an inch anywhere if you're NB a south now to the southern tier you might see three to six inches then again the -- bands may decide if they wanna see buffalo so they'll come. Maybe so all of this might -- more than an inch dignity. It's eleven degrees overnight for the low and tomorrow. Will be up to 22 and if you like the temperature it is right now it's 21 degrees so what you feel right now is gonna be tomorrow's high temperature -- What -- expected there on the west side talking about the small ball. And what you would do if you're running against Cuomo is basically point out to the voting public his absolute hypocrisy. And disdain for individual freedom. Well let. Us all this country all the law all along and people and not accidentally let me. And believable and Kimberly Miller and it. Well disarming the sort of in the days. That would completely. -- The -- the occasional of street fail they're not they're not let the -- At all moment here or in their and without them in equity in it shall we do it and say where are. Investigation. Of retail. And your soul your options are and they're you know they're -- bit -- -- -- -- They've got. Nothing but I you know -- About the issues if we get we prove that we shall we saw the cooperation that. Well. I never gonna get -- you're never gonna you're gonna get the major media to go along with you and quite frankly if you're expecting the up police to wave the flag and as stand in defense of the Second Amendment that regulators will be spoken -- -- that's not gonna happen. Like they'd like to investigate streak they'll welcome. On days like -- are more certainty they'd like to look at what they don't get the politicians won't give him a priority that look. End up we look at flight. It we -- because like anybody like anybody else they take orders ultimately the orders were -- Cuomo's office and at the local police chief is told by Albany to get some brand new toys to play with for his department guess what his guys will be doing. -- after legal gun owners made criminal by -- say it's the way the world. I must go I'm glad you called it is 645 at WB EN. And it. Parties and. Think that's like that joke we -- master control because he's at all that your country stuff. -- -- -- names like Delbert McClinton and it looks at me because the cow eyes. Delbert McClinton. You can't go wrong with Delbert McClinton like for you -- or six year for that. All right it is 634 news radio 930 WBE. And oddly enough but I'm quite fond of country music but moderate any desire to be with my first cousin you -- due west of the Hudson. That is of course the viewpoint that many people in the big city about New York you know I really planet getting it the Donald Trump thing today but. We started off the program just rumors were tuning in late and again. Guys and maybe yes it is too much or maybe adults it and that. You were -- support of me and you're listening to my show and you're making me a part of your life hopefully daily. There's nothing -- will ever be able to do. That will ever. Do you view proper recompense for work the influence you guys have had on my life and in most parts of for the most part it's delivery. It's been a very positive. It's been a very positive thing and you'll just never know how much it means to I'd. Can't put it into words in -- start thinking about it too much -- becoming a flaming crier on the radio so just know that I appreciate it. Now we started off. And and that's sincere that's not radio BS that's not some consultants say you know Tom Watson our usual -- larger audience that's the art stuff. HE RHE. A RT right puritans but now now we we start of the show talk about this guy and Hamburg. And he's been issued a summons. Because. He's put signs up. Against New York State the so called New York -- He's a member of scope shooters committee on political education full disclosure of a lifetime member of skull. -- the signs are up of the building by South Park in Scranton a major thoroughfare in the town of Hamburg. The local code enforcement officer. Has issued summonses. To the property owner. He appeared in court for the first time on the 21 -- February. He will return to court. Later. That's a few days march 7 at 10 AM. And interestingly. This is all happening now under a Democrat town of Hamburg administration. And if you don't think that the state pays attention to local politics. You are. Smoking crack. Let me explain it do you think it was an accident. Do you think it was sheer happenstance. Met the governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo found himself in Buffalo, New York. On the very day the Erie county legislature which staging the vote on whether or not to oppose. NY state as a legislative body. Of course it was not an accident it was not a coincidence. And frankly. There was some very courageous Democrat. Erie county legislators. Who went on record opposing. And -- six. Despite what their party won. They showed courage. They kept good faith with the voters they kept faith with the constitutional. -- In a talking about people like get Tom -- Who runs a restaurant in Amherst. And would have been very easy for Tom to say you know lot. I gotta -- the party I got to vote for and why say that against our county bidding on record against that he showed courage. McCracken was another guy who showed courage and there was somebody else and like I can't remember the name offhand but. It really takes. Balls his biggest church bells. If you are a county legislators. An epidemic for. To basically tell the governor of New York State. And the head of your political parties to get -- Because you take your obligation. And -- to the constitution. Seriously. So if you think that Cuomo and his lackeys don't keep an eye out. On people like this fellow and Hamburg. And whether or not the town is gonna go after. Fellows like this gentleman in Amherst -- -- rather you don't know how things really work. And folks -- -- before and going to say to you again and I hope -- -- marketing email confirmation of others. Because. You know birds to only things are renowned again. And I'm simply going to say. And if you believe. That if you put something up on your FaceBook page relative to guns. Against then why say. And if you make public statements to the effect you will not register. You work so called assault weapon. If you think that those statements will not be read by cops. And that they will not use those statements as probable cause to get a warrant to search your home you were not living in the real world. I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again. You need to be very careful. What you put. On your FaceBook package. I happen to know for a fact. That my FaceBook page was gone over. By police trying to find evidence that I had in a or an AK in my position which I do not and never had a but I will tell you for a fact they were going to use that. To execute a search of my home. You need to be careful. I happen to have excellent lawyers. You may not. Don't think for a minute. That they won't use that. Anything you say in public. As a statement to justify. In their teeny tiny minds. A search warrant. On your whole. When you say publicly. That you will not register your so called assault weapon. If you really think that they won't use that for a search of your home. You don't live in the real world. And believe -- -- like they're gonna confined to search just to firearms and guns. Let's say junior keeps a little bag -- weed in the bedroom they'll find it. And -- your house -- take the rap. And god forbid they find weeding your home with guns. Clearly. Clearly your member of the Mexican drug cartel all the probably sent to the super -- So be careful what you put on your social media sites folks. Again. You can't trust the government. And you can't trust the police. Don't you'll make a fatal mistake. The fewer dealings you have with the police the better off your life will be don't give them any reason. Any cause. To come into your home. And let me say one more effect if you don't understand. Your constitutional rights. You're going to be a victim. You must have an understanding your your constitutional rights there are many. Web site videos. Which are basically law school 101. Flex your rights. Is a great place to start. You need to know. What they can do and what they are not allowed to do when you are stopped for example in a motor vehicle. When they knock on your door without a war. You need to know what did you don't have to open the door for them you don't have to talk to the it is -- leave your property -- -- or arrest me now -- the war to search my home now will get lost. All you have to do. My own personal preferences. If stopped at a roadblock and they say where were you tonight. What I'd like to say is. I was banging your wife. Probably not a good thing to say it but I say it's really not your concern that's not a police issue. And it's not been direct as best bet that other business were -- was to. Were you were tonight and your other business. You're only obligated to show them -- driver's license. You don't have to answer any questions. Driver's license registration and proof of insurance. All you have to provide. Don't walk too much. So many people give it -- so much trouble because they talk too much you watch the show the first 48. You know. First of all I don't talk that this before. The idiots on that show number one. Do you think the cops haven't heard. -- at my cousins house if they haven't heard that a million times -- it's kind of like an inside joke for those of us who were fans of the first 48. I was at my cousins house really everybody's at the cousins house all the time secondly. Actually this year actually be the first one. Would you like an attorney. Never. I'm gonna emphasize this. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. Talk to the police without any border. Ever. And make sure that the lawyer is a criminal lawyer. Just because the guy was good with your realistic closing doesn't mean he knows squat. About the New York State penal law -- criminal procedural. Unita specialists. Would you rather pay for a lawyer. Would you rather say something stupid. That is gonna get -- A couple of years in prison. I'm just educating -- people. I'm not calling for you to be bellicose toward police. I'm not calling upon you to be mean and nasty toward police. But I am strongly encouraging everybody. To know your rights vis a vis the police and these would be the application of the first ten amendments to the constitution otherwise known as the bill of rights. And remember -- When they start to get nasty. Well give anything in the car that can hurt me about it but take a look in the backseat. You're not quick look in my -- You don't have any probable cause. That I will not allow a search. If they insist on searching anyway. Do not physically resist. You must consistently say. I do not consent to a search this violates my fourth amendment rights. I do not consent to search this violates my fourth amendment rights. Now they can do a search incidental to an arrest. So you gotta be careful that you don't become -- and end -- -- yourself arrested for obstruction. Okay -- of words of advice to you guys you think it can't happen to you. Lot of people thought there. Including some guys I know. Who were fighting for your freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. Who came back to. Basically find that they've been criminalized. All right let's set Donald Trump -- wants to talk about Donald Trump John WB yeah it goes. On up an idea I did pretty obvious right from the beginning. It was not running like he was not running for president. -- back. What made it obvious for years. Now what what it obvious to you because I feel like you like I miss something and you've got what that I minutes. Just I mean that's the pattern you know he'd he'd like to create a sponsors television show that would -- really isn't an entertainer and he made about particularly about three million dollars a year and it. Pretty destructive course. OK I -- About three million dollars a year for Donald Trump is like a quarter two year. Yeah I did some research in my opinion there at 200 million and it turned it into about. Called -- three billion I believe he's -- you know -- -- my personal advisor and the same thing because. Paladino but in the morning and into it when it's time you realized -- couldn't -- kicked -- And really put any money interest. Well all -- one point Donald Trump but let's just get our facts straight and look I'm not trying to argue with discern just try to be respectful but. Are at one point Donald Trump said that if he ran he'd be willing to invest 200 million dollars in his own campaign to self fund. Wanting to play and an -- -- to a Paladino is the but a lot of there's only one other point is only about the -- cameras in the mood sleep and it. If this -- and Obama are baptists. Than the people are used to their laughed. Specimens are right you can go politically. To find what you mean by fascism. -- -- -- -- -- There's a difference do you not understand the difference you can go to political. There's I don't know if he's patrol one. Nazis. Fascists. To different ideologies. Let me just give -- a crash course here in German. Nazi is an American abbreviation. For something that was basically German for the national German workers. Socialist Party. Okay and it was americanized to Nazi it was socialist it was left wing. Fascism. Is government control. Of all things. Now when we see what is happening from Washington when we see what is happening from Albany and frankly what we saw happening in Bloomberg's New York City I don't know what you would call. I know what you would call. You wouldn't call it a republic. You really wouldn't call it a democracy. You call what it is it is -- And it is a monarch. Or autocracy. If you will. We're just giving another basic bit of education. I'm not trying to talk down the habit one of the things have -- doing the show is that most Americans. Don't know a thing about history. And they could care even -- But. Our country. Was founded. By guys who were held a lot smarter than Barack Hussein Obama. Guys whose college transcripts were probably easier to find and mr. Obama's. But. They knew what they were doing. And the founding fathers were well aware because they had a very keen and astute knowledge. A British history in particular and they are also over much into the Greeks and Romans -- The funny fathers wanted a system of government that had built in the checks and balances. -- that by the way is not fascism that is not nazism and that is not socialism it is not communism. Checks and balances. Were instituted as part of our constitution. Because our founding fathers saw what a bunch of inbred Stifel attic halfway it's. -- genetic monarch he produced. They also understood the incredible violations. Of human rights. By a monarchy. And by an absence of checks and balances. Now what do we see in America in 2014. We see the concept of checks and balances flushed down the crap. And we have a president who says whenever and wherever he can he won't bypass congress. That my friend. Is a lot closer as a cousin of fascism. And democracy. Guys sometimes this happens as were four hours go by and I really don't know how that even happened. All I can tell you is this really is the best part of my day and I hope it's the best part of your days well. I do wanna thank you Mike Capuano for sitting in for me on Friday after weren't listening earlier -- the -- a big deal out of it but. I did have the Spinal Tap on my brain pressure fluid absolutely normal. I didn't wanna talk about this last week they thought I might have had a stroke or series of strokes. There's no indication that that happened so the headaches and our schedule. It Neil Patrick pending further testing so I do thank you for your nice thoughts -- really do but just give me a favor don't buy it while I appreciate your kind thoughts. Any prayer you might send to my attention. I'd rather that you pray for some kid that women and Children's Hospital who hasn't had a chance to live. Where some soldier back from Afghanistan. -- you rock were for that matter from Nam all of those years ago. Because. I think they could -- word more than nine. Thanks to Joseph -- and thanks to John Sherman always a pleasure gentlemen thanks for engineers that -- prendergast and George bull. Who got me on one today thanks tellers remember no yourself.

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