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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

2-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 got a dvd -- I -- the -- and he went right. I think that yeah. If India. The whole -- And anxious and I think maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- well I definitely feel stupid. But apple people in charge. I'm not only I don't know what that. Good. Kind of evicted people you know. I'm very happy. These greedy and dirty you know partner one simple request. Somebody -- to have sharks let her -- Hey -- by the way I want to thank the professionals over at -- TV. For absolute utter incompetence when it comes to broadcasting. Anybody else -- them. David -- I'm hooked on the TV I have to admit so this is partially personal and impartially angry at me TB. Comedy view word DVR Alfred Hitchcock. Anybody -- they had an Alfred Hitchcock presents the other night called I saw the whole thing. And I call that early I hadn't seen that episode before but I knew exactly. It. Desperate to swear words words words they mean thanks and I knew when the guy the mystery writer gave his initial statement to the police. There was a reason why he said my car. My car my car so anyway without going to that dependant rambling idea. The absolute most critical. Moment. Of Alfred Hitchcock Presents I saw the whole -- when the truth is finally -- -- -- -- -- -- Three seconds of audio that key to what I just invested or watching. Went down the troops. So -- -- -- -- would you please send out a memo when you turn into a real grown up TV station. Because I can't deal with it anymore you -- -- with these shows -- -- twelfth emergency. Alfred Hitchcock Presents. And then at the most critical moment. The money shot moment. It's done well wait -- -- he -- I don't read lips -- well. So I'm done -- QB. Currently they must -- brought some of the old channel seven and jitters over there. 00. Anyway boom there was -- time in -- seven was just absolute worship. -- into waters anyway at twelve minutes after five at the news review and thirty WBBM. Never accused me of not having any opinions because I do. Now we are talking about what. We start off by talking about this guy and -- on Hamburg. Who has a budget signs on his own property and their political sites are not commercial signs. Basically calling for an end to NY safe and for the voters to wake up and vote Andrew -- Lobo. Out of office well now that the Democrats are in charge of Hamburg guess what. The code enforcement officer has decided to take it upon himself to go after this property and its owner. At that South Park and the hell's the name of the industry doesn't matter -- -- -- heavily traffic area. So. Here's the problem. Now I don't claim to be a lawyer. -- would like to go at some point but I don't claim to be one now. But there. Is a precedent. In the law. Which which handles exactly. This kind of case. And -- case involved live to Missouri. Against a woman who put up signs against the Persian gulf war. And the Supreme Court ruled that. It was absolutely positively. Protracted. Non commercial free speech. So unless I'm woefully ignorant and stupid when it comes to reading about the law and precedence. I don't think without a Hamburg as a -- and a as far as political science at the -- I. I'm not big political long signs myself. I speak my politics on the here. I don't given the political debates when I'm out refused to be drawn in the political debates about I don't put political science on -- law on. Because I don't think you know -- take I took great pains to rehab by Coleman I don't -- record with political science reports. But I certainly in the can argue it went by neighbors chooses -- -- -- articles. I've got one neighborhoods particularly politically active. And whatever he endorses a candidate I vote for the person against the one he endorses. As politically. I don't like it's. Nice all nice fellow likely is house out after the October surprise storm. Never got to thank you -- probably busy reading -- about what but it. It is up by Ole Ole Ole John you know. Judge Sherman an accurate history so our street the rest of yours are right now let's. Let's just a quick look at does that begun on yard political signs what -- -- -- -- But if somebody wants to put up I've got no beef. How could -- make my living with free speech. Where's which might -- now besides we'll say Tom release talks. Protected speech. Are. Now there's a difference there were between protected speech and later even with a public. And defamation slander. Which always. Let's go to Dirk in Cheektowaga one of my all time favorite names Dirk how -- your W via. I think that's that's. -- -- that's. I almost outside. Might club. Hot -- and let us British and she mats. And -- in quote. And -- -- -- -- In other words they got a little bit of a headache and right now you're me you're give me pain in the butt so what's undermine my friend. By the -- I -- forward with the TV thing good about my TV's Kazaa are on the news free probably you are to a yet figured. It never failed that one word you wanted. Whenever they cut out. You know what -- TV could not have done it any worse on that help Alfred Hitchcock I saw the whole thing episode the very money shot quote of the whole thing. It crap out at the exact moment I couldn't believe it. Would mean I got rabbit ears and it doesn't matter if it's in general it never goes gaga Buick in the middle sixty minute but one word I wanna hear -- Well by the way the I have found. I don't know if -- at a fairy tales and that's -- -- a -- -- -- -- from a great listeners and friends in the homosexual -- transgender community I'm talking about fairy -- -- console -- but if you're in the fairy -- I suggest ABC CBS NBC CNN 6:30 PM the best fairy -- you'll -- -- -- what Clinton -- -- agree and I like them all on purpose group but you know if you watch them all you can actually ferret out the truth from the -- and but. Only if they carefully trained and fassel brains are now what's undermines. Well you know I was a little disappointed viewers don't know -- you're about Donald Trump because I've been all -- -- Years and started I read this for both hitters they got from. I -- the way you work and I'm like. He's not gonna do and nobody you'd love to -- everybody -- You know I look at it this way the primary that the that there are you know it is the democracy liberty like that are not. Actually a republic. -- -- -- -- -- there it's just to see you know dirt not dirt but not to be all sort of broad but the engagements off the -- were -- but it's a republic it's not a democracy. It is that the Republican state but what we're talking about the state here we have a democratic process -- The primary so democratic. It's still -- Republican government because we elect people to -- resentments in Albany but. But let's let's just what will agree to disagree on the semantics. Of this Turkcell now why were you disappointed that I was so gung ho about Donald Trump on cure its. Well at night but where it was their primary system got rid of that idiot blood you know so we at least have a shot the last time around. Now what I wanted to bring up what I I still love. Our our local guy here of knowledge could jump out of my head all the sudden. -- -- Rus Thompson partner Steve also Carl Paladino. I feel like I am and I was listening the other day when it was Google cover warrior. And somebody was talking about whether Paladino could be it and -- thing you can do on conservative line. It is too late and get into Republican primary dealer is -- I don't know what school and effectively eliminated that arm. It made it sound like he's not forget about the Republican via their. Like to celebrate. Well he said that if the Republicans did not. Who did not put forth a candidate. We behind whom he could align that he would potentially seek the conservative line. But here again. Here here's the problem what happened to Carl Paladino the last time -- He got orchard by an -- from the daily news. Okay and what else well what else happened. Thank you. So why will hold that thought because I'm trying to argue with -- industry have a little fun with few in the secrete a method of Monday -- all out and got I gotta get the traffic you wanted to get in trouble. You wanted to be neutered to want me to be Thomas seemed to buy hourly I think there for I need to break for traffic -- you're right thank you my friend let's go to mr. Allen Harris is feeling better after having given his illness to sandy beach and we -- that he's back tomorrow. All right there's a way to do it quicker weather here but unfortunately it's that time of the year cloudy and cold tonight and tomorrow some snow showers. Basically anywhere you could see an inch of snow but in the south towns in the southern tier. -- you could see anywhere from three to six inches but of course just complicate things those bands of snow -- actually come into the city so they can actually give us more inches for tomorrow afternoon here or not I shall be here and Allen to be here to guide you through it. Tonight's low eleven degrees. Here and then at tomorrow's my 22 or holding at 21 at the news radio 930. W be the end. All right now lettuce cut by the way the fighter at that Niagara Falls boulevard. And dot -- forward dad just to put you in the picture just and that and that those who view who. I go shopping around. Well. -- -- what -- restaurants and places there but it is that part of that falls boulevard that's between tiger road and UB by Linkin Park the Linkin Park area Decatur that's where you'll find Oxford and hopefully. It will be easily extinguished but don't be surprised if they divert traffic off of the boulevard. And -- on to parallel street until you can -- accessed on the boulevard. We'll hopefully get some information from the valiant fire service as we move along now. Why would you disappointed just -- curiosity. That I was -- hope for Donald Trump. You know I'm not argue with it whether or not that would have been a good amnesty I heard a little -- an accurate are really look at -- I believe -- right -- -- off some of the the New York City vote. And it largely got most corrupt state everything he had a good shot away and. That's why I supported him because what and I just want you know that that. I consider Andrew -- I consider Andrew -- to be anathema to everything in which I believe so that anybody who could topple him from power and send him home with his -- to me that was the way to go in there is nobody but Donald Trump who's gonna do that Andrew -- -- -- be -- governor. Well you know I I agree with you that if Donald gray and I think he could've had a really good shots he he. Could've won I don't know it depends on your city they've -- undergoing further left in the order of -- I don't care what they're doing -- the. Never underestimate the name of trump though in -- -- off votes. Right now and that's where I didn't agree with you but with him what -- -- -- -- you know work and it's not I wish I -- -- like and trust that was outlawed. But what I'm saying it. You want everything laid out like the red carpet otherwise you won't build it and I'm looking at it this -- He he'd love to be the epitome of a new Yorker he was successfully build up is bad is that there everything was probably -- My friend I need to break but you're not going anywhere you're holding on whether or not you like it and if you hang up I will personally track you down and break your legs or -- So -- I'll have somebody do forming so adjustable hold up. By the way that was a joke not to be taken seriously I ended up leaving gratuitous violence by 24 WBE. Sorry guys -- Was in the process of sneezing and I did not wish to alarm anybody. Anyway why it's by our vendors ready and I'm thirty WB EN a. And hopefully -- sandy beach will be here tomorrow from nine until noon and it's kind of that it. Interesting home in the chess pieces are on the board -- which of us is gonna call in sick the next today. And sandy basically. Judging from his voice last week trying to -- gonna have to take time off. Because with every succeeding day -- -- I missed. And Alan Alan Harris went through this temporary I withdrew the same thing the good news is they have for sandy and everybody else here's the good others. That part of the coal only lasts a player Terrell John -- just -- You'll be ahead early I have an early on -- and nothing COLT. The bottom line is. I'd rather have it the dry -- for the next five years ban be you know then that all consuming flow. So hopefully he'll be here tomorrow but you know they'll take all the time he needs is we want him back 100% growth we'll take 70% because 7% -- -- -- is still better than 1% of most everybody deals in the business that it itself. There's that ninth -- sandy beach -- your Honda WBE. -- Now those of you on the boulevard by Oxford in that neighborhood if you got an odd ball view what's going on. Anyone talk to me please call. And if you have a photograph you can safely take that you -- across the street or you're a pedestrian and you can safely take a picture of the fire at the boulevard at Oxford. I appreciated sent it to Tom at WB. Sorry Thomas WB EN dot com Tom at WB Ian dot com and hopefully. Anybody or any creatures in the structure that is burning has been safely extricate. Hopefully I'll hope and I'll pray -- positive vibes that if you've got pictures obviously. We don't like tragedy hopefully not tragic situation or pleases fire and smoke you can send them to meet Tom at WB Ian dot com. But keep by the boulevard is shut down there so and there's a lot of parallels streets. Heading in that. Don't get to around that -- very little difficulty at all but it affected dirt in the -- blog at that Kirk just. Because I don't wanna leave here is as enemies and I don't want you to think bad of me but I want you know that -- Where enemies at all I agree with you that you're you and I agree with Hewlett. Sure it was -- -- thought. I knew we want. -- -- it. I vacillated and I was positive I was a lot more positive after Michael cook food -- told me that Donald Trump's sons his daughter and his wife were all four because I thought that would be the determinative. Factor because I know it's been in some of my business is. That might push and the other way too like I can't -- at my head in the game thinking yeah you need. But I just couldn't see it and I was very. -- -- now. It's it's kind of sad now because and please understand I'm not bashing -- trashing Michael Caputo Michael is like family Carl Paladino is like family please understand that. The last thing we and our side of the -- need to do is just savage each other and I guess it is kind of a play on words given what's happening with that Michael and Shawn Hannity. But I respect them enormously. But when I see them backing away from trump candidacy I know -- I thought about a week ago aren't developer might hit it to record happened you want to you want. I mean I didn't stand. Is viewpoint of Donald Trump doesn't want pilloried I think it does and people forget it didn't go bankrupt like -- but he got back up and -- again and he got -- but the guy. But you want to -- gonna be the governor. He wanted to put them back -- from the very get go. If the primary goal saying let's go. And I under in the viewpoint but -- -- -- how people are special people and have a little power. Well. My my response to anybody -- 100%. Support for everybody is about to read the new testament and see how that worked out for Jesus. He hardly had 100%. He may be -- polling Brady of 3% that's about it. Right. But as our -- you know and I brought that up and you says well you know you lost last look at that aren't. But for a guy who came out of nowhere. He got a lot of covered -- a lot of people -- up there -- He's been way better -- what are you. And he went back and ran a campaign where you would should. -- quit the one he was running what was gonna happen and then thrown them clip of the media and everybody being cut out in the these ports through the -- begun things in the middle of the night all the other stuff and had to come back if there. -- -- -- but here's here's the problem and I I hope Karl does not run because I frankly don't think that his family. Ought to be put through it again all you're gonna hear about Carl Paladino is a what a horrible racist he is which by the way he is not. Beat all you hear about is. Forwarding and email of woman having sex with a horse or something and BSC. A forwarding and email of Obama in some kind of a witch doctors outfit that's all you're gonna hear about. It's funny how rarely do you get the Republicans they never -- Cuomo the -- Well. I mean what would you again what would you expect from a -- the run. I I think what you're saying I do what I think there's only so much you can knock them down they -- that all the time and he is support that he did was a common sense people were actually occurred on it is not an order. It's always thought that I had been saying for years. You know a lot of I think Carl in what happened outraged at the winning. I couldn't. Karl Karl would never went. -- all due respect. We've all the respect my friend Karl would never win I think at this point in his life the most important role Carl can play. Is to financially. Back and organizationally. Back somebody who would be a better front man than Carl Paladino. Somebody who's never had an email account somebody who's never accessed. Porn sites somebody who's ever sent an email containing an -- -- materials. Not on my computer doesn't pregnancy and are my fretted that -- had checked all the good. I have one other thing I'd ask you real quick yes -- yes I moderate Republican then turned eighteen months ago. -- late 1983. Regular. What what I don't understand -- albeit old party yet -- -- up with these leaders that. Nobody ever needed. They're going to be leader who voted for sleeping in the mail must then let me explain go -- Other local -- -- -- it everywhere. -- -- -- can anybody contact me your contact all your party members in what. Explain sentencing is set to Reagan Republican. You do know that the Republican establishment was not on Ronald Reagan's side right. Ronald Reagan was an exception to the rule even though now even guys like rush and Sean. Are realizing there is a Republican establishment which is anathema to those of us were conservatives libertarians conservative organs are on the right side of the -- They are very powerful there every influential. And they are theory doom I present to you president Mitt Romney and president John McCain -- I'm sorry that didn't happen. -- -- What happened how leader content will be well. That underwritten -- -- Nobody says anything in the mail. You know -- going to be -- our leader you know later in order but nothing ever. Well that's again that's it's a question of your being involved and it's also a question of you were trying to get in to the inner circle the sanctum Santorum and I guess what -- going to be here. I guess you might say I guess you might say except you won't run for -- -- and terrorism. I heard they think you have very much. All are. All right. Start I guess -- of education jokes -- that the anti Catholic. For probably. Wait I got to say something here before the before by Roman Catholic listeners all this stuff for me. I left the church after a vehement anti Catholic sermon and I never looked like you know what I'm done. And invective church sets no wasn't -- -- was -- it was not a Catholic Church. The point is it was an anti Catholic sermon and -- but that is hardly a message of love and brotherhood a much bigger. All right let's anomaly -- let's go to bill in Wales bill on WB and whom. Who may plan to excoriated me sir your W media. Well I don't particularly mentioned on this that the data structure go to actually thirty minutes not 60% of our. But it seemed like an hour because there's so much contents. And only truth commercials. I believe it's an hour brook and again it at that time of the night I usually don't protect the clock. Well what whatever whatever the duration was all I know is the money shot quote at the end which gave away the whole thing. Meet TV garbled and I wasted my life. That's it's it's a great series or II love that -- and I love it now but anyway. A lot of tele -- I was my hurt but it last week I was listening to Glenn back. On another station. And he interviewed Donald Trump and was teasing him and asking questions about running for president. And one is if you can't. Rejected Andrew -- name and inserted Barack Obama's -- he was doing could be achieved. And while I'm thinking about it my people are looking into it. Well I normally don't let you want about New York paper have Wednesday. It's who he was speaking over the ground as well it didn't believe it New York -- people listened to Glenn Beck again. But that's all the right -- this is. This this subterfuge this is cosmetic I don't know lucky agenda is but it's not real. Well -- I mean he's not he's not running I realize that now what I read Michael -- -- those peace basically this is a guy who's been encouraging Donald Trump to run and now he's -- one lady and he's saying no Donald Trump don't run and I read tea leaves pretty well and he had run. It. So you basically think this whole thing was just. Donald Trump using the begging and of the Republican outsiders. To use them to advance his own name as if he'd needed more name recognition this was just a big. Egos stroked this was just -- big Asian massage for Donald Trump. There's something else that's operative here and maybe you're right that's what it is ego related. It it it doesn't seem to be real in terms of real politics. You mean the idea that Donald Trump expected the sea to park to have a clear path for him to get across -- -- heroes army drowned. If I'm gonna fly he would at least say well you are looking at some other options. I'm looking at some other -- some other candidacies. At least throw up Boehner meatless bone wasn't there. Well I've been -- I've been frozen for thirty years. Need the inflow throw me a ball. It's funny how Austin Powers quotes will always find their way into a bar relief program and one each way shape reform. Well Q but check out that there it out -- thirty. Are you sure you're not confuse -- with the Twilight Zone now now now -- I'm sure you were locked into the profile in check. Yeah it would seem like an hour is so ritual on their great slot. I'm going to double check it because I don't know if you heard the show we did last week I don't watch sitcoms anymore. Because as I've said the same sitcom jokes I heard when I was five years old had just been rewritten re packaged and re branded into 2014. Context. And they do nothing for me the possible exception to that is Big Bang theory and and and and that's only because -- -- the -- song. I gotta go duke thanks for the call. All right I got great listeners by the way thanks that -- you guys for making me part of your life every day Monday through Friday from three to seven. I can never ever ever ever thank you enough for a your support. And for making me part of of your life and you have no idea what that means to me. It's 548 news radio 930 WB and we'll continue with more calls against the Donald Trump candidacy has just pretty much Asia. Well it was like a partner windstorm. All right just because Oxford rounds into both Niagara Falls boulevard and Bailey and Bailey is where the fire happens to be and if you can safely take a picture and send it to us hopefully godspeed anybody involved -- that fire we certainly don't want anybody hurt worst. You can send me the picture Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WB EN dot com. And we'd like to see what that looks like. As far as weather is concerned. Your AccuWeather forecast says that it'll be a cloudy night cold again tonight Nick -- -- breathe with your nose in your -- freezes inside your head. An inch of snow can accumulate just about anywhere. If you're in the southern tier -- ski country three to six inches it's well. And of course if the band decides to visit buffalo all of us will get more inches of snow than just that one inch it really depends on that weather mother nature feels like punishing us ruthlessly. Via overnight low eleven and the highs tomorrow 22 and we are holding are we about a 21 degrees news radio 930 WB EN. Well -- now that Michael proto who has been encouraging Donald Trump to run for governor has said don't run. I think. You know he's always meaning he's all out it's done it's over. And the Republicans can look forward to their candidate being absolutely sodomized. Brutalized. Victimized and. Squirrelly damaged. In a campaign against Andrew Cuomo who will be elected again. Governor of New York State here's Dan on the west side -- WB Indiana hello. -- -- -- -- What do I get the feeling he can hear me. -- -- -- -- I'm and put on them for a minute. I you know it's always happened on hold forever that somebody finally answers and -- appear separate what's up. Now well in Cold -- there -- thoughts -- what we should've been doing. It and it's still good. Expose. The agenda -- the people I mean. The people and it'll tables although I understand that that disarming citizens major major major political Klein against. The citizen and and the people -- understand what what. The segment was really about it's a political right and it's -- very basic. Human. Yeah. Observed that the democratic principle that the you know I mean. Tyrants always desirable. You know Cutler's parents -- on the -- People where there but here's the thing. We need is we tapes of shall. That if these big city. It'll party machine types. But the people were crying alone as for gun control if these people were really concerned about gun violence but it. They would of that now beer. Investigating and as. Prosecuting. -- sales of all the weapons that are already illegal I've been trying to help people as prologue time but they haven't. As long as I have been following issues they -- -- -- -- -- if you also -- it. The ignorance of some people regarding guns is absolutely. Astonishing I will never forget somebody who once asked me. You were outside with a loaded gun and the sheer stupidity of the question. Big -- answered by saying it and what exactly would one do with an unloaded. But hold up because -- -- talk you more.

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