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2-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I -- down -- the -- with great. Thing yeah if you go the whole look. That ends this month -- and welcome to the New York yeah. If they -- be extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one haunts -- an assault rifle. It's okay. Until then. Did all of club. There really is nothing like a short time now. It's don't mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. Man hello its hourly. And again I did not make a big deal out of this that. He always told to be honest with which stopped and I think that's always the best policy. And a bottom line is I wasn't here on Friday Michael to put Joseph Philbin. I had made another Spinal Tap done. And the good news is it was not the fluid pressure that was causing headaches nor did I have a stroke. And I didn't wanna tell you about that last week because I was still trying to process what that would mean. Because. They thought based on some of the lab were they were doing that I might have had a stroke or series of strokes. But I played happen there's no indication of that so I guess Howard is back to the drawing board as far as what the hell is causing headaches isn't fifty a little late for migraines to suddenly have a onset. I don't know. But anyway that's the deal that's why I was off and I've always found that the best way to deal with that you guys is just honesty and just what you know what's going on where is no matter how honest you Lars and people law we expected to be asked an element that's just the windows. -- you know what jokes were what they always say about my trips to -- Why would highlight of my audience why I'm not ashamed of it I don't regret it and I'll go back again so why what I law. And I think you guys would rather have somebody who's honest review and somebody who BS is -- because he believes the nonsense he's a brand. I'm not a brand a guy I see what I think. I don't need some pencil -- Jewish nozzle console the -- got to connect with the audience I do every day. Thank you it's reduced nozzle once that's my -- novel for the week now. We're talking with the speaking of Steve Walsh about who is I say that affectionately of course us also out of the president of scope shooters committee on political education. And what are the causes in which show the organization finds itself and -- right now is the case of a gentleman in Hamburg New York. South Park avenue by Scranton and he's got a whole bunch of signs protesting the ridiculous. And rushed a fighter like decree. Pushed through by governor Andrew. -- People at the. So -- discovered got signs up all over -- property with a political message and the Democrats and around the town of Hamburg have decided that it's time that he -- before the code enforcement officer. And there which seemed to be legal precedent. And again I'm not a lawyer. But this is a non commercial message the guys displaying the science on his own property. And according to a Supreme Court decision called would do the Arab. I'm sure that would be -- LV lived through. -- it's a commercial message -- his -- there it is a non commercial message rather editor for protected free speech and the next hearing on this is going to be at Harbour town court. It's gonna take place 10 AM. On March 3 10 AM march 3 at Hamburg towel on the court has. This guy who put the sign up received. It's the kind of support he's received so far from stroke because frankly Steve you guys are the line in the sand when it comes to be. Fascists and the progressives and the Communist who want to take our guns away. Well we're gonna prepare communication with them. In a sense that they there could force officer first start that there are asking them. And doesn't -- he has sent a letter to recount attorney. Protesting that the to do that would be a violation of discrete speech. And then eventually she did get he summons from -- force Milosevic is an excellent court -- Soros. We abandoned and pretty regular communication -- -- And we are going to be helping him outlooks -- legal social and -- and if anybody wants to. Help. You know that source quadra website ability to to score it was essential and then not. -- -- -- -- -- The gentleman and Hamburg which is what it is seemingly -- just. Well you well I don't have an issue with that if he doesn't have any issue with. OK well then I'd rather err on the side of caution that and let -- preserve his cloak of relative anonymity at this point and you should make sure that that donation goes to the Tom -- legal defense fund I believe that's what you meant so I. OK good I'm I'm happy you're there now. Well you certainly elected to -- situation. Some support. And -- courtroom. -- plutonium. 62100. So -- -- -- you know I have a question for you about that this is what I wanna keep you on your Steven that is there's. Does the appearance by members of skull and staunch defenders of the Second Amendment. Does that have an impact. On judge's decisions. In these cases of alleged violations of and -- safe or in this case sign ordinances. A lot certainly send -- last sort you know -- community is behind him. You know what possessed estrogen -- going to be influenced. I bet I can't say. But it's it certainly shows that -- that there -- support in the news story. Well who is gonna be the judge I believe you said earlier but it did not take note. Actually I didn't -- earlier and I'm not sure that judgment and that's just to to have to step up. -- it well no because I'd like to know what his track record is that like to know what he's known two two -- to rule upon and in which way he's predispose to rule. You know just had a little bit of a due diligence on that. Now something else about what you wanna ask you this is something I'm -- regular emails on Steve. About analyze safe that. More and more I'm hearing from people. Who have had their dealings even in routine traffic stop with police. In which they are being asked about weapons. And I find this to be nauseated. And if you've ever been in a situation where police start asking you questions about how many weapons do you have -- these weapons bomb. Frankly I'd like to tell them to perform physically impossible act because it's -- other damn business. I agree -- -- business. He do we start here some stories. -- you know on -- I don't have that terrified many inside please. Agencies we looked at their conduct that I don't actually share the the forum how to ski. Clarence. -- all -- that -- source past. And people were there. -- Oh Rachel additional questions racists. I know that he the police were outside Chechnya but he listens to its major record so. You mean like they did that the got bothered during the weddings here at the beginning of godfather one where the FBI was right down all the license plates of all the artists. Up well again ladies and gentlemen. I ought to make a point that I think is very important. The the -- the BS the baloney you'll learn when go to school about all of America. The United States the land of the free the whole of the brewery where freedom lives of our rights are guaranteed. Quite frankly ladies and gentlemen if you believe that still exists you are so. Misguided. And you were under such a delusion and you were so -- -- I don't even know where to begin when you've got an administration which finally admits it was using the IRS to target conservative and Tea Party groups when you find out that the -- a really -- meta data. On cell -- and other electronic communications. It isn't a question of paranoia it's a question of you've got to know what your government and its representatives. Eva at the local level. Are doing to you as a law abiding citizen if they regard you even in the slightest way as a potential threat to what they wanna do to America which eventually is the complete disarming of the American population because people without guns are easier to pick off. Was let. It's the last elections see the stocks are targeting conservative groups to achieve great groups now they're doing it right on the open -- seemed pretty much. Didn't opposed to -- regulation. -- chuck chuck she wants IRS to be even a heart on conservative groups. And he of course -- the regular endorsement of the local newspapers -- -- -- forgive me for talking over you but I just wanna make a real clear. That our two Democrat United States senators from New York State. Are regularly give an oral satisfaction. On speaking metaphorically by the editorial writers of the local paper the Buffalo News and the Buffalo News of course and they've got their heads up their asses halftime anyway. The only time they get upset about violations of the constitution. Is what Eric Holder stars to monitor new news reporters then they get upset. You know -- it is you know me you know -- little talk about putting on matters that international. To make sure that you're kidding me -- insulate himself or you know. Well you know what. They've you know and -- I've been at the forefront of its and I'm sorry but if it looks like it smells like it walks like -- taste like it and walks like you call what it is it's called fascism. That's what it's called it's called totalitarian. Isn't it's called. And unconstitutional. Isn't it something that would make James Madison turn over in his grave and re bald spot. And it's not exaggeration. To say that anybody who thinks it is needs a basic course in how to see through BS. So. Bottom -- it is. How it went you know what -- hold on here I've got to get the traffic I'm not gonna keep -- that much -- Steve I'm sorry but we we've got to find out what's going on with traffic Alan Paris was off on Friday and I need to get him back in the fold here and a big bad way -- tell us what's happening in traffic especially in the 290. And it worked what -- -- -- right now again overnight it's going to be about eleven degrees tomorrow up to 22 degrees and that's what. If you're in the wrong place at the wrong time three to six inches of some well. Is -- despite possibly an attack so upbeat advice and of those view and a Lexington green you know what. Put together -- -- system so that as long as our people wouldn't be in the way. You know I don't like being able to put our names and phone numbers in a database with the west Seneca fire departments so if you guys need more bodies to -- sandbags if various then and you can have like a small -- -- army. To help stacked sandbags and get the crap on your basement I think that would be something worthwhile for us to do either that we can all get together and Jack up your house and move a few hundred yards away. Which took -- a figure by the might they have to do anyway so Steve the bottom line issues. We can talk all we want about signs. And we can talk all we want about -- store launched a defense of the Second Amendment but. -- Cuomo -- he's gonna be elected again it's going to be a landslide he's gonna destroy Esther Reno were -- whichever other Republican slaughter lamb is let out to be blood let. And what are we supposed to do in New York State because frankly it's almost like people like you and people like your humble host and all of our supporters. We're being singled out by a governor who despises us. You know I feel. Had just played that it's a lot of speculation that there is actually no declared candidate in this race. I'm not willing to the struggle for the first few. Well it's not a question of surrendering it's a question -- by sheer numbers and one of the things about Donald Trump as I thought he'd suck -- -- votes out of New York City. To help to mitigate that advantage numerically in the Big Apple and if we mobilize the garden crowd in western new York and upstate New York I thought we did an excellent chance in fact I think trump what one. In a landslide. Well you know that's a problem this the tunnel is key leadership of the Republican Party. Particularly looking -- and -- And -- talks. Who are conventional. In my opinion that term. What also immigration they're -- they're trying to for a viable candidate gets in there. Making her deals so that particular -- ties in this Cuomo -- -- and so they have no registered and complete a slight. Well I -- you've got a -- Steve Rogers southern drawl criminal. You know there -- a lot more was digging themselves as. I was thinking about El Paso because they tell me that everything's bigger end in Texas and -- -- -- just buy virtual movement out there will be six for two. -- are -- stable look for on March 7 Hamburg town court. And hopefully the precedent established by the Supreme Court is gonna stand in this case will be thrown out and I would like to see the individual in this case who was summoned by the town of Hamburg turnaround and subatomic Hamburg and -- officials for his attorneys' fees to be reimbursed. Well Steve it's it's always a pleasure my friend and we'll talk again real soon. All right Steve also out with sculptures committee on political education stroke NY dot org I'll put -- wake up on my FaceBook page because. I like to make things easy for every. And Mexican. -- -- Okay. All right anybody -- disagree with they've. Knock yourself out because I I could use I want I want somebody to prove me wrong but. It appears. That. Donald Trump has been. Has been manually fondling S. Metaphorically of course. He's not running for. -- you know I think that now. -- few weeks ago was last week maybe it was a week -- -- we talked with Michael Capote. About the possibility of -- Donald Trump candidacy. And ever -- Michael at the time saying that Donald's wife whose daughter and his sons. Were foursquare. Behind Donald Trump I forgot. Now to that carries a lot of weight. Because there are political considerations. There are business considerations -- bottom line concern. But never ever ever underestimate. The importance of family. When one makes a decision. Family can make or break a decision. It's happened in by. Few years ago I was -- pretty very lucrative job elsewhere. -- I was on the verge of taking my children. Were very upset they did not want me to leave and that will lose more important to me the money so much that I have no regrets over stay. Now had they said -- That kind of money helping you pass up. We want you to go over to got a flights out every couple weeks well that might change things around a little bit. But the bottom line is the only point I'm trying to make is. That your family. Your children. Your social situation can play a huge role in the decision you make is for your next job. So when Michael Capuano who knows Donald robbery well. When he said that the -- it was behind them. When Michael Capuano said he was 51% sure the Donald Trump would run for governor I started to feel real good. And then last week. You're the -- was last week the week before rice at right now your future is decided on Fifth Avenue and York city. I was really really excited you know why because I had three different people who were in the know tell me Tom. You are going to be a very happy man -- Just keep watching Donald Trump's Twitter feed. So I watched. And I watched. And I watched. And I watched it was kind of like watching BTD nothing happened. I'm sorry except occasionally I got sound on trounced when Erica. Sorry TV you're off my list now. Targeted to that momentarily I'm sure but now. Some of the people were most encouraging. Donald Trump to run for governor. Have backed off. It put you on the spot like this but that the thought just cross my mind you wanna call -- -- hatred your cellphone number but there what what you -- errors which one do you wanna call Eric. If you don't have a cell -- -- protect my phone on my context it's right in there -- be under assemblyman Dave DiPietro do not call assemblyman Dennis -- Jack. -- that's not the person with whom we wanna speak baldor they're right next to each other myself well. But Michael Capuano has been lobbying Donald Trump to run. Along with Carl Paladino. Along with. -- DiPietro. The Donald Trump for governor draft took off seventy days ago when a small group of Republicans traveled to New York City to -- Donald Trump to run for governor. That's important we asked him he did not ask -- in fact. When I tried to get the meeting set up -- wasn't easy he was an interest that he Doherty said no in the media. Still mr. trump was gracious enough to see this small band of Republican committeeman and elected officials he changed his mind right here and said he would consider running. If we can clear a path to the nomination without a bruising primary. So. Without going through the article word by word. Michael proto. Says here's the problem. As an architect of that -- In other words a non bruising primary. I do not think he should accept the nomination. The best advice I can give Donald Trump is pretty simple. Don't get in this race. Running for governor is not worth Donald -- time because the new York Republican Party is too fractured. And connected to Andrew Cuomo. Now I must confess. Seeing these words written by a guy who is practically bit on his knees in front of Donald Trump for the past 67 days. I find very disheartening. Now please understand. I love Michael Caputo Michael Capuano is a friend of mine I have the utmost respect for Michael Caputo. I also know that Michael to Puerto. Is not a stupid man he's a very very intelligent man not quite as intelligent as but then again who really years. But Michael. If he is already distancing himself. From the draft Donald Trump for governor lobby. You can consider this officially over. Donald Trump is not get a run for governor it's over. Carl Paladino forwarded Michael Capote -- letter to Donald for a basically -- just nobody snakes in the elephant grass. Now I have to tell you that this is enormously disappointed to. Because as I looked out at New York State and I hope you'll forgive -- -- -- -- -- of water heidrick and at least a hundred ounces every bit. -- -- -- Then. -- I must confess. I find this exceedingly trouble. Because it is my opinion. Met. Donald Trump is the only person. Alive in New York State right now. Who could be Andrew Cuomo. In fact. I have gone on record as saying that because Donald Trump has celebrity status. He would capture enough votes. In the metropolitan New York City Long Island Westchester area. To at least hold the corps ball at day. In his power base area. The rest of the state. Our dear friends in the north country the southern tier the central southern -- the finger at the Lake Ontario shoreline. The saint Lawrence region which could be considered the north country but it's its own little world with -- Bergen places like that. Not to mention the great center of New York State. To the west of the Finger Lakes goes to view an amateur those who view in points west of -- You know. Can't -- and Andrew Cuomo because you see him for what he years. Donald Trump. Would have eight excited the base. West of the Hudson. Not a doubt in my mind. Donald Trump would not have been -- John McCain. Donald Trump would not have been a Mitt Romney. There for the polling data that have been done on Donald Trump I think is irrelevant and immaterial. Because it under estimated the appeal factor on election day of going to the voting Booth and voting for a Donald -- Sorry name recognition is important but it all comes down to turnout turnout turnout and how many times -- your Rush Limbaugh says it is absolutely correct. That if as many Republicans that showed up in 2012. And voted for Romney and showed up in 2008. To vote for John McCain today we'd be talking about president Mitt Romney. Again folks it illustrates what Jimmy Griffin always sent. And he was certainly no. Originators of this theory but he put it in the practice. It's turnout turnout turnout turnout turnout. And believe me -- Jimmy Griffin he did not exactly coast to his first term as mayor of the city of buffalo. Given well out of -- going at buffalo political history but the bottom line is it's all about -- So the polls that we're done about Cuomo beating Donald Trump. Were baloney they were bogus number one trump wasn't in the race nor is he going to be in the race number two if did not take into account. The excitement factor. Donald Trump is a lot citing the John McCain. Donald Trump as a law works citing the Mitt Romney. And the outrage. Of those of us who -- are first cousins. Have offspring with cloven hoops. Have no achieved pickup trucks and shotguns. And who only achieve height of five foot four because of inbreeding go Elizabeth west of the Hudson. We would have mobilized an army of voters. That would have been able to surmount the numerical advantage. In combination with -- sucking some of those votes away from Cuomo in New York City that Andrew formal I believe would have gone down in flames. In an election. I predicted it would have been a trump landslide. I don't think it would have been close but you know what we're never gonna know. Because based on the -- article. Today which has been forwarded by Carl Paladino. I now know. Without any doubt in my mind. That Donald Trump is not going to run when those who were the biggest advocates are now walking away from yet. Well. They know something we'd. So it's over. You agree or disagree. That without Donald Trump. Running for governor. You've pretty much need to take it to the bank. Andrew Cuomo is gonna win. He's going to win big in 24 team and he will be your governor for the next four years. Because asked arena there's nobody in New York State the Republicans can run. Who has a snowball chance in hell. A beating and Paul number one they're not gonna have the finance. Number two they're not giving -- the name recognition number three they will not be exciting. Number four -- shelf life is not yet expired. And when I say shelf life that's one of the reasons Mario Cuomo went down. He shelf life in New York State have run out just like can you recount. -- course he's shelf life ran out every politician has shelf life. And sometimes people just get -- -- in the over the -- Some people were able to avoid longer than others. Denis Watson. Nor was the other. -- -- But do you believe as I believe. Bat without trump in the race and he's not gonna get in the race it's over that dream is basically. It was the it was an opium dream it was a directory and you believe that. Essentially whoever the Republicans run will be. A land led to slaughter. Because guess what you're not gonna get a Tea Party person. You're not gonna get a conservative Terry and you're not going to get a fire brand for individual rights what you're gonna get on the Republican side is a first rate equal vacating dilution arousal. That's what you gonna -- 803 all my -- Start on their. 180616. WB EN. We will take your calls you agree with -- penetrating probing and brilliant analysis of what's going on here. Truck as it got to do agree that trump is not gonna run I think it's all over. Number one number two because trump isn't going to run. Andrew Cuomo is going to be your governor again. And if you'll love the first four years of -- Pall mall she loved the next four years of Andrew Cuomo. Welcome to the no New York. Where you extreme conservatives. There's just no place for it his state. Hourly -- WB. And as far as AccuWeather goes in and out. Do you witness to do this quicker because -- get -- taken an outward to the weather recipient ten minutes here. That's what it will be cloudy it's going to be cold -- your -- gonna be eleven tomorrow up to 22 and if you're in the wrong place you could see anywhere from three inches -- inches of -- three to six inches of snow or just a dusting it really depends on where the -- settled down its February it's buffalo its -- it's -- I mean publishers of snow -- I was gonna say a skier but nobody skis and read -- 21 degrees news radio 930 WB yet. All right it is up hourly. Right here on the radio on a Monday. And Jolie -- a couple of calls and that'll break and weakened to a leader of the other one in the next hour OK got you got to go. Let's first of all start off with about. With Steve in Lima New York on WB -- Steve tell me it is Lima and not Lima. Sorry come to Florida and Oklahoma -- would be. Yeah and you know why it's between you guys and Ohio I always screw it up so anyway what's on your mind. -- it had wanted to let you know about and -- -- next little problem problem operated with a base -- There are able fifteen probably. The assault weapon my preferred -- defense rightful. Registration going -- that are out patriots in Connecticut have were required. Register their assault weapons they've -- 10% or higher. Yes. And what it is and by the way Steve I gotta give some advice are at. Are you on FaceBook or are you involved in social media in anyway. Okay here's here's some advice. Do not under any circumstances. Admit to having or wishing to own. A so called assault weapon. On FaceBook because take it to the bank the fives are monitoring FaceBook pages and social media. And they're gonna use statements you make on those to get search warrants to go into your house to see if you are in possession of an -- registered so called assault weapon they get to the bank I know what I speak. I wanted to figure or more of them evil black. There are the recall in the media are these people work right low income. You know they went through my page try to find out if I had an ER fifty. They went through my I know this as an absolute fact he went on my page they were trying to figure out if I had any so called assault weapons. So if -- if I sound like I no longer trust the police. IE no longer trust the police that offers I can throw them. We have to remember. They're not police said he more than a law enforcement big difference anymore are like right. Well thing as what his law it's what Obama says the law is we're not even a constitutional republic anymore were dictatorship. Yet we've buckled in Russia are constitution and use of anymore. Well again I did but that's just walk -- has put out a word to the wise those of you with FaceBook pages -- made references to your air fifteens. AK forty sevens or any. Rifle any any gun which would be in violation of and -- say please understand. Your local cops. They are going in to social media sites to try to identify you to use that. As a grounds for probable cause to search your whole. Dwellings or storage areas for illegal guns. Don't trust that. I basically do not trust the police they are not your friends. Well. I can't target area -- let people -- I'd recommend not registering a and so the courts go through it and it pathetic thing or genetic it would ninety percentile but registration. Andrew Mussolini -- Haven't been a problem so that its citizens Civil Disobedience from about building -- -- Well here's here's what you must do here's what patriotic Americans must. I know that our movement is across the state but every zip code. Every zip code -- identify. Patriots who believe in the Second Amendment so that one -- one patriot is threatened with a search. Generated by somebody probing your social media sites that a phone call can be made and immediately just like they're doing in the Ukraine and elsewhere -- surround the person's house with people who understand the constitution. Unlike the cops who took an oath to uphold the constitution but the just more interest in in their pensions pay and benefits. Always Soledad and Ukraine that are picked up. Are there and in. Emergency responders that it is that this could happen here it's not obligated. It has happened here I put something much FaceBook page about how the glorious United States government under president Herbert Hoover. Attacked its own World War I veterans and the bonus march in Washington DC so if you think that American soldiers won't fire on American citizens including your fellow veterans you my friend are smoking crack. Because there is a history of that in the United States if you doubt me. Asked the confederate at Manassas -- by the way and -- Indian. I can't argue look at stadium and will know more batter earlier. Japanese -- -- -- -- well let's just so -- Now again you know your history and just know history did not stop the moment you were born evil did not -- the moment you left the -- Well right and the best thing that the rule is to organize your all of the local militia in the same zip code or neighborhood as you. So the when that -- comes on your door. You can get that phone call information out. And you can have minute men and men women at your place because you want as many witnesses that you possibly can be to counteract the lies the cops are gonna to. -- through apparent that supported reverse our Supreme Court today area it would take three or there are cases. -- and on the local so what we still got to be vigilant. I had John Roberts again John Roberts is a victim of Lake Erie water which obviously turns normal thinking people in two liberal. -- -- --

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