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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

2-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. And he would rate. That. Hold to a the no one ponds with an assault rifle. No. A if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. It happened to that. Gary -- To strong silent. Was an American. About our brilliant move Tenet knew what to eat. Sweetie and -- thirty. I'd like you. You have loans. I'd like -- yeah. All right well today that I've outlined these migraines. The computer system here that's what it's. I. This paperless world right and we've got this corporate policy. Don't use paper in fact the only one sheet. Of you know this but that we operate by the Cheryl crawl. Technique of a toilet paper -- in the men's room. It'll ever so slightly bullish Oprah on the computer. And the idea -- -- and there's now. And it's all couldn't find that the -- or the computer in the computer says we could not blog on. And that you think yourself. You know I have a hatchet in my acts let's have a I have hatchet in my -- round. Maybe -- -- in my -- to mature right now it's -- field. And I feel like expelling it and using not only the current system but on the so called paperless society in which relent. Anyway it and it item in the in this you'll agree but yeah. Anyway we have a show ends up happening you -- right. You've got to work on a Monday sometimes accurate. Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever and for some reason your computer says. -- -- My first thought doing this for a living as long as I have usually that's the first sign that you're getting clipped at the first sign that you get whacked you kick it into your computer okay. Now the second sign that you get -- is subtly your -- stops to work in yet at people with whom you work to open up the door for your and then the third step is you see the general manager around at 6:55 PM. See you put all those things together and pretty much -- -- Clint you're getting wet. Oh and we've got an engineer now taking a look at things do you think that we could cross pollinate our pacemakers is that a possibility or -- it's. If if we're to hug -- we give each other mutual heart attacks. That we do that. No -- our agency you spoke to logon now. -- try. Our guys would you have would you mind terribly. -- myself. Our case our guys I would not be doing this on the -- if I did not have to do it the air. Here here's the password if you wanna drive. There's no space there by the way. You know -- -- is my password so I just watch it -- George if if a site period compilation video pops up here and it's on my blog and -- know that -- year. So this would be the time for you to check out my girlfriend. Object the site -- you -- is also a period. You don't Steve Wyatt THE RE and she's a sweetheart -- lover. Anyway pretty fun apart anyway. Actually you know you have sector he donated dishwasher and future of the -- -- well. Anyway we have so many things we're gonna get it -- -- it until you've via. First of all look I appreciate your interest I appreciate your concern and at all the stuff and I know that there's a lot of people were dealing with a lot of different that things right now. But I always told you guys will be honest with that what's going on with the me in my damn body. And the bottom line is. Thursday I was -- Because I had another Spinal Tap which by the way I'd rather have a Spinal Tap that Albania. That -- field which are you. -- that I am absolutely insane. That I really really like my neurologist so just say you know. I always got to be honest about there's always going to be honest about this. It there's no there's nothing wrong there's there's nothing wrong with my -- nothing wrong with. I know it might be an issue but there's nothing -- no fluid build up in my brain and more importantly I did not have a stroke. That's something that I did not tell you last week that was kind of bothering me they thought I might of had a stroke. So I did not have a stroke so now what it is idol well wolf figured out all -- know is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't waste of money I'm fine I'm strong and tough I mean nasty horror and I can pretty much deal with anything thrown my way. In any event. I mention well that's so I don't really have anything new details except again to see the doctor again on Friday but it will be on the year on Friday unless he decides to do. I say he should just do the section of the brain while I was why. He said that might cause some issues in my thought process like your attorney basically to a vegetable. Well pretty much -- I mean who knows the difference -- but that. Anyway I promised you guys honestly honestly honestly don't know what sells cosmetics RO you do have to deal. And actually this is the good part of -- -- it'll have to deal with any -- whatsoever because of the natural endorphins released by being close proximity -- and juniors here at WB yeah. A lot of point out -- them away. Just a short time ago. Got information about a situation happening in Hamburg. And I'd like to give you more information but to imagine that all of my -- wrap I put on my computer which current time I'm unable to get into I think you can just exit out of these two and just hit FaceBook thing and log me in that way. If if you wanna try that because that that's gonna take like a year to recycle. Yeah I don't -- this holiday -- George you know. Kellogg -- I mean. You know I got mine you know I've I didn't go to tech school I -- the ads for a ITC on TV so I think that makes me almost an expert. Joining us right now on the great -- -- controversy. Is Steve -- dot president of sculptures committee on political education -- before this controversy and Hamburg. I'm sure we're looking forward -- looking forward to the next four years of Andrew Cuomo -- they'll actually be five years of Andrew -- ball governor of New York State because it's obvious now that Donald Trump has been jerking us. A round. And I went even Michael cook food though. And Carl Paladino start to distance themselves from trial and now they say well he shouldn't run we we don't want him to run now. -- to me that's just the giveaway that he ain't gonna run and they're trying to cover their ground there trying to cover their tracks as if it never even happened. So anyway Steve this is not exactly encouraging news for a those -- Us and you guys in scope who've been lobbying tirelessly against the ill named NYC. -- we are certainly not looking sort of notice or your commander global. Which. And and -- helps our resident or not sure what they'll wherever is Youkilis it's. We've got to I'll get I didn't get -- static. It is the first four years -- formal repayment clips in -- league which UC when he doesn't worry about elections anymore. -- yeah he has not been vigorously. And in and forcing some aspects of the same sex and things like. Well if I think it's unfortunate but it's a foregone conclusion Donald Trump is not going to run for governor already Paladino and Mike -- food or backtracking. And unfortunately. That's what we're gonna get because -- Reno has about as much chance against Andrew Cuomo as Rick Lazio had against Hillary Clinton so I I think you'd best -- in those who view planet staying in New York State. For four more years of Andrew -- -- Well. I don't know I mean you might as well you might as we'll try to fight -- -- bomb with a pea shooter because -- get Robin history and it will be the pea shooter in this hardly encouraging news and I hate to be a Debbie downer but. Quite frankly. Drop is wasted a lot of her time waste a lot of his time waste a lot of time of other people. And the mere fact now that those who were in the forefront of trying to get him to run are now backtracking tells me all I need to know that he -- running. Did you disagree with by a thesis. Well. I don't know that he's not going to run yet. It making that statement. What. Looked about it and it looks closely as possible. What. -- actually it's it's. Are -- what's potato what's it out of Hamburg you guys have been at the forefront of course of these sides thank you George wonderful human being would you like that attract. -- you can call and -- I'm gonna try to login while you're speaking yours or George if you could just backups like a log in and just make sure I can get him I don't care you know my password. I don't hear -- just don't go to any site if you go to any sites dot. I know if -- C dot argue -- and opening those sites well okay because there's just so many Russian built or -- So let's get back to west -- out with that -- scope. The you guys have been at the forefront of the repeal analyze -- movement and the signs tell us what's going on in Hamburg and -- has why has our people upset. The -- mentally. Well it's -- not -- than he's been very active he's been now at putting up I would go -- so different produced from the you know have been true. Leadership that the science to friends and neighbors and he has signed up this is so that's their. Essentially neither is -- saying stop school deserve a right. Eric there isn't any. Sign ordinance in the town of Hamburg. That would prohibit you from putting -- sign of that size up on the on defense but he's there for quite sometime in. Nobody bothered him the until after the election. When -- Hamburg -- board worst switched from Republican to Democrat control. And now apparently the call up certain hamburgers. Taken him to court over. You'll be happy though that -- -- -- -- -- like and have access Foley to the fully to everything that I put forth before the program and I did giver and -- -- manly hug. For making me a priority in getting us back up online so now I can see exactly what it is that we are discussing so. Basically what it sounds like you're Steve is that. -- win the Republicans were charged in Hamburg this these this guys anti NY safe signs if it wasn't a big deal it was a problem. Now that the Democrats running amber suddenly. The -- code enforcement officer has a bug up his butt and wants the coming after this guy for daring to exercise his right to free speech. You know I know precisely when -- previous. On board. Was in urged the public and control they election's passed out or resolutions. Opposing. They're one of over 340. Some -- and local governments that have been passing resolutions opposing same system they can -- as well. But I slows knowledge they exchanged. -- democratic control. Let -- be supportive of the governor and and is currently in the situation. I know that. I don't that we live in 2014 and the law is whatever Barack Obama says the law is because we no longer live in a constitutional republic we eliminate -- constitutional republic which is basically like a dictatorship but. What does the war specifically say in Hamburg relative to signs and political signs. And what I understand on the mirror. Issue there's so -- is not an option to do -- and as a sign. Although I'm sure that. It is motivated to -- forceful. Now have to sign that apparently is the size of the -- potential -- or else. It's and this too large for. In the town ordinance it on the specifics. But yeah. The tone doesn't care if something that they concepts in in the town that's right on the it. That is that is a road taken by many western New Yorkers when the weather gets bad Steve and hang out -- this for a bit because obviously you know as much about this as anybody. And -- your -- a little bit because. In other there are a couple of issues your number one is the guy breaking a law. Number two is this guy being singled out for breaking law number three is the law even valid given previous United States Supreme Court decisions on what you're allowed to do. On your own private property relative to sides. So while I watch groups they would listen and try your best to explain that that to us we're talking with Steve all -- he is the president of scope. By the way full disclosure of a lifetime member of scope shooters committee on political education and any proud lifetime member of -- So just in case anybody says you're should've -- all I can't believe me I have wet dreams about stroke that's a much I love these people so don't go anywhere will have more. You wanted full disclosure I give you more information and even audit and who's right -- at 930 WB Ian. Yeah it's. News. -- News. It. -- -- He and -- 333. -- -- news -- 930 WBE. And its hourly and up folks hi I made the idiosyncratic. I guess that's just a fancy way of saying wacky but. Funny because. I found my rebellious side. Started to come out about three or four years ago. And out and I'm fifty I'm kind of proud to be an enemy of the state. Kind of proud to be Edward -- In buffalo you don't know the name lookup fort Sumpter Charleston 1861. Anyway. We have another Edmund Ruffin at render at Edmund I believe on our hands as they -- -- -- stuff is with the -- committee on political education. And if you're just joining us folks just some disturbing little tidbits over the weekend. About Donald Trump. Michael -- and Carl Paladino. Were two individuals who had an encouraging Donald Trump to run for governor of -- -- worst thing. But now both of those guys have backtracked. And they both have basically said that it would be a bad idea for trump to run for governor so I translate that is being. Okay about the evidence and information. It isn't going to happen so Andrew Cuomo is going to be your governor again. For another four years after his current term expires he will win -- landslide. Because the Republicans will put up -- Reno who will have his ass handed to him. In New York State. Because the Republicans in New York State -- as functional as the Republicans in Washington DC. So if you like analyze if if you like Andrew Cuomo if you like inmates being educated at your expense while illegal aliens get taxpayer breaks because they get the in state tuition rate. Well Andrew Cuomo is York guy. And if you wanna stay here and paid for that -- more power -- And there's an issue because it with this of course and involved and why safe. And it's happening in Hamburg where a guy he's 58 years old is your retirees. And he's a member of the shooters committee on political education otherwise known as scope. He has assigned actually budget signs on his property -- the intersection of South Park and square road which is big you know thoroughfare in the town of Hamburg lot of people have seen those lines -- people support those signs. But the code enforcement officer the building inspector in Hamburg. Is not down with the signs in fact. The guy who put the signs up head to appear in town court on feb 21. He will be re appearing. In a few weeks with legal counsel at his side so Steve I know you're not a lawyer. And I don't have access to the president's right now but. In terms. The law. And the -- matters at this point the constitution because we really don't have a constitution anymore. Basically I think we have established that the law in the United States in 2014 is whatever Obama decides the law should be. Irrespective of the constitutional so called guarantees which reported the place by. James Madison in the founding fathers. But what exactly does the loss. About what this guy is able to do some wise on his property who has ultimate jurisdiction over others. -- The question is who won the Olympic gold in the swallow now who has the ultimate jurisdiction over signs on private property. The in this case it would be internal attorney Kirk -- -- -- it's the church and the talent that can -- the name of the judge. The conscious. Also -- farm -- are. The T town ordinance that was actually able to their -- is really they have files. That. The ordinance is -- violation of free speech. And they didn't cited being. US district court. Case that agrees with that that that the ordinance itself as a violation of the situation and -- actually teach. So that he has -- -- council on March sort of tightly. And what -- -- exports over. Okay now here's again here's the question this is eight how to ordinance but. If there is pre existing case law that can act as a precedent and -- higher court level is at the lower court bound to respect the precedent that has been set in the case of the do. Verses Julio. And yes should be. Of course you know would. There's a lot of things that should be decided in court that based on all that eight too much. It's pretty convoluted it's a decision so I guess we'll have to see what sort of -- what happened he doesn't very competent attorney and a little real world aren't informed electorate to court and and mostly there's justice. Ordinance will be struck youngsters. You know and now frozen don't know look like that look I'm not a lawyer but when my radio days are done I'm gonna go to law school and they'll laugh but my goal is. I wish to. Specializing criminal law. And my goal will be to represented with great philosophy. Goes who would be unable to four top flight council. That's my goal in life in addition to doing it Tom -- one man show in addition recording CD with my brother -- in addition to doing area. Eight in new strip -- in forty I mean there are some things I have to do. But I know in this particular case. -- Steve I know you know me well enough to know that money is it is not really my driving motivation at this point in my life I always like to tell people. -- nine eleven's do you really have to own lifetime how many portion is this really take to make you happy how many Rolex is does it take to make you happy. And the bottom line is he at a certain point in life where your own creature comforts as long as the basics are tended to. Really don't mean a whole lot compared to what you're able to do for other people who worked -- -- Having a representative in their court. And I really you know are really mean that a factor of one of the great. And I don't mean to babble here but one of the great turning points in my life was at -- -- ICD surgery. I've said this before but death can be a life changing experience and you'll learn to see the world outside yourself. Instead of focusing on meet centric world. You try to focus on and outwardly centric world -- try to realize that if god the creator has giving you skills you can use to make things better for other deserving people who may have been screwed. And that is a great way to spend your remaining days and by the way one of the reasons why Doctor King has become. Just I -- late to the party on it but has become really one of my idea when my all time favorite. American heroes Doctor King Frederick -- William Lloyd Garrison and a whole bunch of other people who lived a long time before you who. Understood what it was like to stand up for the little guy. Now this particular case. We're talking about. Not an amber case but the other one led to the GO ago. It was live -- Missouri. I did not live very far from -- due misery when I've lived and. The Saint Louis area. And it was a case that challenged the legality. Other city ordinance which restricted the placement of signs in the yards of residents of this place in Missouri called would do. And it went all the way to the United States Supreme Court. All the way to the Supreme Court and these Supreme Court. Expressed its suspicion. Our regulations which eliminated and entire form. Of communication. In this case law on the signs. OK so role. Bottom line is the court -- Found it and doing -- -- -- briefing of this case but the Supreme Court of the United States found that the regulations in the city of that do. Missouri. Prevented speech that was in fact protected speech and this woman by the way her cause. Was being against the war in the Persian gulf and she walked. Yes it will not affect you -- -- Said that. Are -- the Arab decision so that is ordinance -- its source limits but -- isn't commercial speech or noncommercial speech slower as it had. -- commercial billboard. In the area selling powers assumptions that in -- -- such as it was about eighty social issue. It was sort of let it was. -- -- speech. But not that that it orchestrated. Now what can you guys and again as Steve you're the president of scope. New York shooters committee on political education. For those who don't know I'm a lifetime member of skull and I don't want anybody saying you should have said that you should use full disclosure. Steve bought -- launch about two months ago. Other than that I don't think he -- any bribe. -- we actually consider western omelet a bribe Steve. I'm not sure I could be construed as such and -- more than that of my membership. They would say that violated do you have -- expecting to -- Lewis stepped -- limited a cup of -- on us. -- it actually was under twenty dollars on in the clear bottom and you and I have a track record of friendship so I think -- we both should be covered -- that one. But what exactly can scope do. Because obviously this person is a member of your organization as I am. This person is very much against. The absolute nonsensical. And -- safety law. And this person now has been singled out by a Democrat controlled home. For prosecution. Over something that they Supreme Court decision has already said that. He is not an issue. Well what we well we've done this week -- -- quality attorney the there is very confident. What we can do as well -- geez. The dignity and her. 2%. Did you ever come up with our buddy Scott. Those outlets got you -- launch. I bought him I think and and I bought him his -- Olympic world that we would bet. So obviously this is an issue of the First Amendment correct. Freedom of speech. It was -- and it should be protected. Speech. And and not be able to be a short former players and order this is and gentlemen I mean. He obviously he could -- could all go away and it might be a lot simpler if you just authorities. The trying Dalembert he feels very adamant that this -- This is an unjust law and that means he spoke out against. Steve I know that. If you are not an attorney anymore than I am but are there any other cases about which you discussed with Scopes attorney Scott -- forgotten Scott's last name because. I'd seen to be for reading a lot lately but. This I don't for Barbara -- last -- and governor are there any cases that would go against the precedent established by the Supreme Court in -- do. V Julio that. If you ban these kinds of lawn signs you're infringing upon the First Amendment other other contradictory. Decisions the prosecution. Will site. Well I haven't done. Research crafts and quite honestly speaking of sorts out recently. -- -- he's actually -- it's legal attorney in this manner that. That she's not allowed to discuss where we're due to return our approach. So we respect after the we're just gonna be supportive of connection and helpful to your seats. Yeah I mean the best thing you can do. Is first of all don't talk to the police under any circumstances. Without an attorney number two. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being taken some water. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your attorneys know exactly where you're going to be. That you want to retain them as your attorneys and that you'll say nothing to anybody without your attorneys being president. And that includes of course a situation like this it would be in the defendant's -- The best interest to keep his mouth shut in terms of the public and let his lawyer do the speaking in a court of law. Yeah absolutely it's a Serb front the some of the best legalization which -- when you're dealing with. Which a police especially if she who are innocent of whatever you're being church service. This -- just to. It shares little. -- -- at her littlest you have to and and get an attorney. -- agree that this is a zoning violation and this is this is nothing. The defendant is gonna have to end up spending time it addict -- dealing with getting a free education and watching himself on the shouts. No -- nothing like that and they don't it it was never the case to keep me here David please come back or -- That's your position summoned. Officers and ordered to appear course. But you know Steve I know the over German surname polish dot which basically means old collar old city. And I'm just got to wondering if you've heard anything from your guy who's a member of scope who has these signs up that. Perhaps the police might be interested in exactly how many weapons he has and are his firearms all registered dead does he have any weapons which might be considered dead. In neither of registration giving -- -- have there been any questions like that directed at him since he obviously is an outspoken. Opponent of and wise statement the police to enter frowned upon. -- in districts. Not to your knowledge in this case. But I know other cases where that has been an issue. I yeah I just I was on the sort also with a rather gentleman down in should talk Sony earlier today apparently just the other types. He was pulled over. And they actually had to say he got on what you didn't see this slice and secure area and he was treated very roughly. And safety issues just. This gunmen -- It was so. You know it does happen. Let me give me some words of advice gun owners don't trust the cops anymore. Don't trust them as far as you can throw them okay especially when they start asking me questions about your -- -- guns best thing you say is. I'm not obligated to answer any questions here's my attorney's name in my under arrest might detained have a nice day. Younger like to hear more about historical sort of at a he -- the streets. Canceled so. It was. -- Treated -- and you only reflects -- The -- of interest -- your license yeah. Well look at why stay if -- say it gives the -- -- cops then excused you know basically act like their testicles of the size elephants are right. So -- hole hold on just a minute if you would Steve. Because -- -- get more on this story and I got to pick your brains about the other one to Steve also out of the president of scope. By the way his website for the organization. Those who view north of the border -- -- -- south of the border still the organization. Scope and why not work scope as in the mouth wash even though it has nothing to do with a clean golf especially if you've ever heard Steve after -- scope and why dot org. Unanimously. That is the website we're going to be back with Steve momentarily on news radio 930 WB. -- hopefully you know we're always going to were from delicate bill is in one piece and we wish them god speed and giving -- back Allen I knew last week that your voice. I knew you're gonna be taken time off just like -- knew John Sherman was gonna be taken time often like Anderson did -- was gonna be taken some time off. Meanwhile in the irony of all ironies your humble host as the healthiest. Along -- -- AccuWeather for tonight cloudy quite cold. It'll stay that way tomorrow some snow showers you can expect an inch of snow pretty much anywhere heavier snow bands in the south counts and the southern tier will give you three to six inches up -- -- and a heavier -- can move into the city for -- tomorrow afternoon one problem here don't worry if if it happens we'll get home safe and sound. Tonight's low is going to be eleven so Haley cat gets to come inside. Yeah day and then that tomorrow's high 22 degrees and it's 21 degrees right now at WB the end just -- the driveway it was down the pavement. And I put sixty pounds of salt on the ice in my driveway. Yes Ed Jones and the very rich hardware company last week all right we're joined by Steve also out with scope and -- Steve you're joining us and kind of short notice and I know you actually have a full time job and everything you've got to be good for the first part of the next hour or are we gonna have to say site about a -- OK well that's I'm always happy to hear. So the next court appearance by the gentleman in Hamburg is going to be I believe you said march the seventh. Yeah. And do you have a time. And if not give it to me later opened up on FaceBook it's not the end of the world. Because I mean I know what you like is for every scope member who is free at that time. To go to the town of Hamburg court to show their support for that archaic notion known as the First Amendment. And that obviously. Anachronistic fought that we have freedom of speech in the United States. Yeah absolutely that Jason is going to be at 10 AM. On March 7. Thomas Hamburg court that she went on consult our as you know in campers. So anybody who would like to down and -- support source it was siege. First Amendment and Second Amendment. Which looked down there. Does that too far from my attorney -- just office. Even though it can be representing the defendant in the case. He's got a nice portrait by the -- the casino and third rounds ago by all the time get away and he's a good guy. We're talking with Steve also out with scope and -- dot org. And I wanna talk about some of the analyze say ha our stories -- read this one to this is a no brainer. And believe me I know something about having no Brett. But if it's a situation and a half to -- replies -- up Rory as we funny but today the Supreme Court has already decided this issue. And it seems to me that if the Supreme Court determines the constitutionality. Of being able to put up these non commercial signs on your property that the town of Hamburg is way out of its depth and way out of -- element and frankly is acting extra legally in enforcing this particular ordinance Saturday that they could you even make -- the court I think it ought to be automatically. Dismissed if I read this Supreme Court ruling correctly but stand -- Steve -- -- will be back with us a news radio 930 WB -- will also take your calls.

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