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2-24 Tim Wenger in for Sandy Hour 3

Feb 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning once again it is 1107 at WB Vienna to linger here for a sandy beach sandy is -- -- -- a little under the weather today and we're hoping he's back. Tomorrow we've got rush coming up at noon and that Tom -- the end the year at 3 o'clock until. 7 o'clock this afternoon and -- Opened things up today by talking about this whole prison university thing and opening up the lines for you to send a message to Governor Cuomo which were still doing here. The governor will be in town. A little bit later on today early in the afternoon delivering a budget address and also. Delivering the news about 500 jobs that are coming to downtown buffalo which I think is terrific news. And will have more on that throughout the day WB and will be at the governor's address. If you -- at the governor's address we've been that taking your phone calls what would you say to the governor what would you ask Governor Cuomo about most of the phone calls. Have surrounded this whole prison university thing. But there are other things you can ask Governor Cuomo I've told you what I would ask him is why when you wake up every day do you think about getting reelected wise -- the only thing. You seem to think about because every program that comes out of Albany and it's not just Governor Cuomo again it's not just him it's many a career politician on both. Sides of the -- Democrat and Republican and everywhere in between. That all they think about is furthering their own career. I think that's what I'd like -- the governor and many others is why is it that way. Where do we go wrong why is politics so messed up. With that regard you can call and would your message to Governor Cuomo your question for Governor Cuomo. Right now -- 030930. And start 930 will go back to the calls and he got treatment a ton of FaceBook comments. That we haven't even touched and also. On Twitter as well something else with sandy out sick today they came to mind is something that Tom talked about last week and that is how many people out there are sick. I'll tell you this building right now is played with illness I mean there are so many people. That have come down with it seems this whole congestion thing they're losing their voice Alan Harris most notably and most recently. Lost his -- last week John -- was sick. Brian as a Rouse he had -- so wild that equal blame him he's the new guy I think he's he's the the reason that this all happened. -- WB and Michael computer -- collar yet calling it the at news radio play because when sandy told me he could work today. I guess Michael computer to work in Michael says he's got the news radio play. So it's out there is are a lot of buildings where you work -- feeling you what you got. What is the illness of the week of the month that seems to be going around in how -- -- handled your workplace are people encouraged to take sick days. Order is that taboo. Do you take sick days are you one of those I haven't taken a sick day in 25 years and again. Or girl 803 or 930 and start 930 we can starts sprinkling calls in has promised. On that. As well the right now we'll stick to politicians. And why they wake up worried about reelection Jason is out in cherry creek Jason -- on WB yen. Hey good morning them -- good to see the Kolb didn't catch you I suppose. Not yet but behind this microphone you never know what's gonna happen. That act colonial so were killed anywhere it's less than an hour -- thanks -- -- You know listen the politicians I mean that there's an old saying that politics is basically theater for we people who can't make it in Hollywood. I mean these people say into anything you know I mean never empty promises and speeches. The only thing that truly gives me hope is that half of the population that Smart enough to know that there's no difference between Elvis theater that they keep people divided let's. And you know if it's it's popular politician or sending a message a formal XP into a brick walls and with any politician actually get anywhere. And I got a big checkbook respect heroes are and it. So honestly the only thing that the American people can do I would suggest. It is our founding fathers knew that the constitution the only way you that you control government through its purse strings and how much revenue -- can bring and we had a revolution against taxes. So if people realized that both property taxes and income taxes were originally in the constitution. -- that unconstitutional. And government was only allowed to run an import export tax and capital gains that's the only way is if people started standing up. And then learning and teaching their neighbors. And a return to that as the only way you're ever gonna control this government because Democrat or Republicans you know it's it's such a it really has. It is Jason you know the password you use there is theater because that's what politics seems to be it's become a theater right and the actors are the politicians and they will do -- they will act however they need to to get the audience reaction of reelection right. Yeah exactly and and I said I mean the whole point and that is to keep you distracted from the main points. You know they can only -- political -- on out there that they know we're never gonna have watching site says people always have people bickering debating whether it's. It'll abortion or immigration or whatever all these upon its armed Rania you know people hog the ball and -- fight amongst each other out rob your house in the back door. You know and and that's that's essentially reform people really added up all the taxes -- -- on gasoline -- cigarettes alcohol property income. You know I'm really just it would they would realize that this -- look and -- reality of how much they're finding destruction and the only way to stop it is to grab the purse strings -- bring back from the people. I data. Jason has its -- Don cherry creek. Yeah we have some bands that actually -- to you all the road I drive about 200 miles -- -- because I worked pretty much slot buffalo. And have to drive through the -- out here so much better but oh my gosh are so many areas in buffalo I heard in to replace retiring yet you Tyrod. -- he had Jason you bring up a great point if if I'm sitting in this chair tomorrow and I hope I'm not I don't think he's feeling better -- potholes on the agenda. I've done a lot of driving over the past the few weeks down into the southern tier and up around here in the metro area. For hockey and other stuff for work and I'm telling you is absolutely crazy the roads -- like a mine field. And I think pot holes could. Be another subject that we could do a tackle here on the radio show. If I'm here and I hope I'm not because I -- sandy beach is -- your message for Governor Cuomo and how sick is it where you work. And I'm not -- about anything other than the illness. As far as that's concerned that what's ailing your office what kind of a bug is going through the office do you call in sick. And how does your work candles sick time is encouraged or discouraged -- -- three on 930 we'll take some of those phone calls. As we continue here WB -- go to frank on the cell phone frank you're on WB EM what do you say. It's got you watching the world -- people growth and make him write a check quarterly. The government for their taxes but they didn't accept him. Yes frank that's a really that's a good point you know I know people that pay their property taxes even even if they have the mortgage they just don't escrow their taxes so -- They're they're forced the annually to pay that. That that town tax village -- -- -- it's better. Comfort there were terrible -- it but I'm disappointed that we need that because people should be part of the vote these guys out. If you let it -- BP -- the evolution of a politician take a look at this Tim Kennedy. -- who put -- -- a kind of -- helpful and then he gets a big legislature. Now open and the other the crow like abortion issue -- an average ever get there in front of they are Chuck Schumer you're here in the I thought you you're so right -- -- to perpetuate their jobs that -- bad. And we allow them to do I don't understand why. But in what it's meant to be that way it was meant to be good job of people who are well bill which would go in computer try and go back ultimate farm. And it and it been critical of the community and it's so backward -- -- offer them. Which -- -- I think I'm in a millionaire that 90% of and that went in there and not being million. Yeah you don't -- what are we doing frank we're spending the time when you know talking about prison prison university and whether it will worker won't work. And really at the end of the day who cares who cares whether coworker network because we can't afford it. It's almost everybody who says -- big do something about. A problem because we should do something about -- but it's the government we are the got -- open court we forgot. And and we just the people that you want somebody else did and then that they talk about how much money -- -- in the district. Let me take it out -- -- -- are a -- anybody and again I don't want anybody else we aren't that commitment to global. Well you know won't go away. Alone where where -- -- she was going to -- a whole trick up the garbage. And -- -- a separate country we have an army there were to defend. Well but is that the tail -- in the dark in the way and got to change. Real problem that green -- and show. -- -- here frank thank you very much for the phone call today and yet that's that's it that's it in a nutshell right. Because you know the tail wagging the dog because you know we can sit here and argue all day long the pros and the cons of something like prison university -- you name whatever of other issue. And the bottom line is we should figure out a way to save money to cut expenses not spend more money what would you say to Governor Cuomo. And if you work in a quote and quote sick workplace where everybody seems to be hacked in a way. What is the the sick culture where you work what stealing your office and are you encouraged take sick time or discouraged to takes it time. We'll take phone calls on Governor Cuomo and that when we come back 8030930. And start 930 right here on WEB. Tim linger here. For a sandy beach until 12 o'clock today then we've got Russian and Tom buy hourly after that. And we've been taking your messages for Governor Cuomo today. The governor is in town WB and will be there the governor will -- review his budget. As he's doing in a tour across New York State and additionally. He's expected to announce that 500 jobs for IBM I believe in downtown buffalo. And -- kudos to that that's terrific news. Regardless of how it -- of occurred or happened so that's good news. But this whole prison university think it seems to be what most people want to talk about. And send the governor a message for. Or two in about and part of my whole message would be you know it doesn't matter whether it would work or not. It's the fact that we just don't need it we can't afford it we have better things to spend our money on the money that really frankly folks we do. Not and a so if you wanna send a message to the governor or asked the governor something on the radio you can do that right now. -- 8030930. And star 930 and additionally today. You know we've got some illness hanging around here at the Entercom radio ranch we've got people stick up and down the dial. And sandy is out today and hopefully he'll be back tomorrow he's under the weather a little bit last week to that. -- Harris if you listen to the morning or afternoon we've heard him under the weather there's a lot of sickness going around is it where you work how sick is that where you work. And I'm talking about the illness that is. And you know what what is ailing you and your workplace and what's the sick culture where you work encouraged to take sick time or discouraged. Too sick takes that time what you do it to a 30930 for all of that. And WB and kind of humorous side remember Gary MacNamara. Gary MacNamara used to work at this very shift on WB yen and now is the host of the successful overnight radio show. Called red -- radio in Gary checked in on CDs FaceBook page today instead explain the criminal college program Toomey. If I get two years for robbery and I guarantee & Associates degree vs a Ph.D. for first degree murder. -- -- youth was a little bit on humorous side and that's when we look at it today. And I say the only way to look at it is we can afford it and that's plain and simple Diane in Amherst -- you're on WB ENN. -- him I'd like to comment and Governor Cuomo he's interesting to observe you know he he throughout the photo -- I'm camera we're gonna get absorbed billions we're going to build a stadium. And now IBM and you know arrested as a great that he should get a little people the people who import. The -- hatred for the disabled have not had a raise in six years. And you don't want to give them -- And that the court and in the news. Have brought this out and -- whereas in a perfect world people should get erased when they deserve a raise. It's not a perfect world -- at a perfect economy I'm sorry if he -- These weird thing -- I look at that the. And -- that he controlled the money around for other things why immediately support people who -- in the in the trying to chip. Taking care about it they're able. Yeah I get a good point die and you better go get the phone though I'm convinced what happens is people here -- on the radio. And they say oh my god it's Diane Allen Collins -- I -- I just hear on the radio and that's what they -- the call waiting. He clicked -- that yet you know Diana get the point and thank you for the phone call and hope he grabbed. The other calls while you had a pair only got a time for a quick call here before the break Jim in north title and a gym here on WB yen. Good. People got to start getting shot that the problem. He's talking about I get. Here. And I never get. You know I guess if I get the flu shot every year end I guess I don't get real real -- but I have gotten -- -- this year knock on wood haven't gotten anything but I've gotten the cold and in stuffy or when it. Yours and I started my flu shot before it got a flu shot every year. You know whenever it -- council. Well good for you Jim -- -- your health is that what you called about today the sickness and what the golf are global shear tech guy. And diet but cannot be let out. He -- -- -- on the way. Turn the ball in the late in the world order also watch. And it's not happening -- -- give up our arms theory. And in the public and they. Evolve power. Well mr. -- out over Ukraine. You know a lot of power. Where's -- right now. Ade Jimoh we ask you question because we're short on time that you worked in the prison system ground. Yeah I know you're retired or were you did you work in the system when they had -- programs. I work that I was well outside of the earlier years I worked. I spent the rest of my time working -- cell block. Well does this type of a program work as you know it. I don't really think so because it's a totally different cultures that you're great call from -- until -- change that culture. I don't think there's any hope. Am probably a good point Jim thank you for the for the time and I -- I am -- -- stay healthy okay. Our thanks for checking -- him from north kind of want to former prison guard and you know he's he's not a big fan of the prison you program but again I am I still would reiterate it doesn't matter worker not work we can't afford that we don't have the money for it. So why bother in boy if you heard the college kids what they had to say about this whole thing why -- they paying back all their college moans when we're gonna do something like this. What a nightmare and it really is just all about the next election right your message to the governor. 8030930. And start 930 here WP he. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. -- now 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine -- -- toll free line is 1806169236. Good morning from WB the end it is 1137. And I'm Tim Wenger here for sandy -- sandy outfield today and hopefully he's getting his strength back and he'll be back here. Tomorrow we've got rush coming up at noon and then time -- here. At 3 o'clock up until 7 o'clock and and Sean Hannity he's haven't quite a time Sean Hannity and in another talk show host. We don't air here on WV and he and Michael Savage her like duking it out and out. It's kind interest thinkers here you only hear them the the Sean Hannity side effects. In in the industry I read it all the stuff that though Michael Savage is thrown out there but that. They're both great but Sean is on here and WB and from 7 o'clock. Until 10 o'clock I wanted to read about the a 500 new jobs in downtown buffalo in the Buffalo News. But the people were curled I couldn't read it so I'm gonna wait until the weather gets better and in the paper won't curl. And I'll be able to read it so I'll wait for that but we don't have to wait because the governors here with the news he's going to be and it classics five and Niagara Falls boulevard. And he is going to. Announce that and also talk about the the budget. And a lot of people if given the opportunity. Would send a message to the governor concerning prison university. Pro or con my message to the governor would simply be this. Work for the people and don't work for reelection. And if you did that if you really but it worked for everybody's. Cause I guess is what I'm saying -- -- you would not propose something like that. Regardless of whether it will work -- not work and getting Twitter messages that would mark it would worker it would work. It really doesn't matter. We don't have that money we don't have -- money a lot of you wanna put the money elsewhere. I guess that'd be great but we don't have the money to begin with so. You know why not concentrate on making things better for us by not spending as much. By cutting by acting like a private business. And in non used to digging us deeper. And is simply doing whatever it takes to get reelected or put yourself on a national presidential. Stage eagle three on 930 -- 930 if you've got a message. For Governor Cuomo Kevin -- and hey Kevin your W the end. Maybe could swing by -- thousand penalty in there and I drop off some chicken soup. Some chicken noodle soup and NATO that's in your home. You know -- I have a formal what Charlton. Jason said that they which were announced I am very you know it seemed to be a brick wall to these guys change something because. Your -- your general of the system that is the money follow the money. Because it seems that those who are the money he accepts it doesn't matter EU. Average it'll double I don't think. I am but you've written in our Obama says he will. You know fundamentally transform. This -- her country you know transformed our record though that your country right -- think of it. Are you know under what part of -- that two people already so treated. -- -- It already infiltrated. There other aspects of both society and endorse treat. What you think of it was very etiquette and all of this thing for prisoners. Academic year the processes all of those guys it's it's Morton you know -- while. Corruption where beer and every structure -- -- -- -- -- ABM it'll type Roger jobs. Deeply into it if it did definitely -- -- -- sit in the car you know all we know they may -- contributed towards accounting koppers. Somebody's searching politicians are here. So I think if we really you're fundamentally. Really you know fixing here that school up to the money in order to Ireland even playing field. For everyone who wants to run for public office and you see you're gonna get dedicated people who -- -- but unfortunately. The bigger corporate. You know there a chance you have been in going out there. -- -- Currency -- you're concerned that you're going to be which is not -- secure situation. Particularly agree you know in your right -- that the governor in this case in many other politicians are playing to the base you know he knows that. You know all of those those college you know employees -- Arab professors -- -- the academia. They're gonna support them and support an even stronger and more. You know if they know there's money gone into a program that's only gonna benefit them at the end. We're at a public call for example. It's act I think you've been that itself worries some things that issue is that the entire thing yet children. We're into words -- haven't Britney -- eighteen children and an assist them. I'm looking here at a -- you know something's not right and and again. You know there was no big you know. Organization's. Involvement. BI agent technology and so warn them the -- for what you know. Those guys are definitely contribute towards it'll pull more and others and -- countries pretty weak that's just -- two piece -- -- Kevin thank you appreciate the phone call and checking in another call before we take a break and then -- -- phone calls. Coming up shortly here on WB and this is Pall over in the west side Paul you are on WB yen. Very well let's remember regret that your -- that infected and then there's the other yeah as -- now. Had a couple -- plays that way thank you immensely for your you know well you know I made forecast that this here is a one term governor is to clear. To understand why they got to -- so many forty a promises. Political guess what whatever happened a billion dollar. That he gave the buffalo I don't see anything and it being spent for the 500 up to 500 job should have been done to three years ago after became. Governor. To show some clout. I mean if you are good -- governor. You're not going to be therefore only contribute to go for higher up maybe president of the United States of America. Think that -- father he runs you've got a lot of skeletons in his closet is that gonna make it. Yeah you know it's it's intoxicating I guess Paul because true you know I agree with you I think that the you know obviously he has his sights set on Washington and running for the presidency -- question. I don't think I think he has a great chance to be reelected as the governor I don't think he has any chance to be elected the president. Well yes from the way I can make a motion second in the labored to -- thing is it. He's been making a bid -- to the right to left you know I don't recall any governor I would draw my life. Is coming to Buffalo's opportunity that he'd lost. Buffalo and -- the other subcontinent. The drug companies. Q you alluded to get. And the safe effective now. Paying gives us that feel good. Get a good feeling he he's just I wouldn't do that and we do that all about well known filled. News radio the television. And they actually this. In his favor people believed it. And then when it comes to the general election. He's gonna get reelected depends how bad the opposition has burned recognition goes you know I think this time it's going to be different. Gonna have a billionaire one side or amid a millionaire the other side. You know I don't think Trump's gonna run but. -- does just sweep him out quickly if Carl Paladino does it for that for the conservative. Ticket he he did very well in Long Island New York. In any way he he opened his about the coat and black checked get. And then they -- -- more very frightened very scared about that should not quite -- about he was thinking you're getting that deadlier from buffalo. All I'm gonna get beat it to Asia nominated somebody up but it immediately turn on his favor to -- four years. In understandably so -- you know but you know Abraham Lincoln ran four times he lost four times until he achieves. Mean they're fixing president. -- so you know I never discount beat you moved once you pick yourself up a drag on. OK Paul thank you very much for the call. Her and appreciate that is while he and President Obama would like to run for a third term if if the constitution. Would allow you already mentioned you know that that the governor keeps feeding all this kind of stuff. To the western into the state to try to pick up support because he's in trouble on the western into the state he's not in the downstate area but in the western and New York State. A he's got some issues and then the NYC fact is one of them and in talks about feeding you know things like the news you know that's the body can you believe that the new who's endorsed. Prison university they got these bunch of guys that are sitting in a room over there at the news. And they look at each other and they say to go to do you think it's a good idea and they all -- on the -- rate this editorial in the mornings and say it's a good idea. That's what they do and I don't know it's just it's crazy but it really doesn't matter whether it's a good idea or a bad idea. The bottom line is is and it's an idea that is the invalid because we don't have the money. To fund it we just don't and if you make it up if you make the money -- you're doing is robbing Peter. To pay Paul your message for Governor Cuomo at 803 on 930 and start 930 when we come back on WB EN is on -- on Twitter that. Made me chuckle Tony and I fear we're talking earlier that the piers Morgan is leaving. CNN I guess he quit. I don't know what to if you would think he would have gotten fired years ago he's been there for three years I think and have you ever -- CNN. In -- I think he's out of nine right. 9 o'clock we -- returned CNN -- with piers Morgan and in running to anyone that's of interest deal. And if it is the he just -- the most bizarre question to -- -- it's no surprise to me at all. They might be the greatest guy in the world but that show. Doesn't surprise me he quit -- off the air I don't know what you're doing next but that piers Morgan it's pretty bad when you're saying Larry King. I I I look back to the days of Larry king and they were more entertaining and interesting and CNN. When it comes to piers Morgan. Back to the phones we go this is Eva in buffalo even here on WB yen. He has that have settled out of the -- anger I -- -- make two quick comments regarding the governor I don't agree with everything that he does. If he has all this money to throw around I'd like to see some of the come into the inner city. For more training program to get some of our youth especially black males. More skills for jobs and then perhaps we will see so many of going to prison in the first place. And then secondly. Regarding the education for inmates. I do agree that the idea. I have yes. The -- to take advantage and then that's the question to probably won't take advantage if the program become a reality. And if they do and they are successful. And they get a jab step there'll be some type of agreement that they would create bad. All of that money for some of -- money so that's what I would suggest that it planned to write the governor. And I like to see more money coming in the -- urban communities because I I never hear him say anything about bad so I just wanted to share. I'm like I'm an assignment. Yeah I believe I know you're very active -- you know in issues like this and I think it's great you call I appreciate it Indy you know the only thing I would I would I don't wanna -- argument that that we might disagree on is. We just don't have the money period whether it's to spend done intercity youth tour. In the prisons but. I mean imagine that your idea is to spend the money if we got editor can and someone before they make a mistake to get them into prison I mean that's pretty that's pretty good good thinking I mean I don't know it's very difficult -- agreement that. Yeah I strongly believe in that mr. -- nice talking to do a lot of guys. -- -- I appreciate it and thank you very much yet Eva always reaching out to us. Sometimes an agreement and sometimes in disagreement but there's some pretty good four aside their let's spend the money if we're gonna spend it. -- the kid before he goes into prison before he does the stupid thing that gets them locked up. Before we give them you know some sort of a degree or a college education and makes a lot of sense even thank you run in buffalo Ron you're on W the end. They -- -- could hear your voice I'm activists in buffalo under the on the -- stop police corruption. I've seen on numerous drug -- in buffalo that have been -- for decades. And the war on drugs as a flawed in its failed. -- might get the message from Governor Cuomo would be -- -- legalize marijuana. -- It's not be our research. So we -- slow around 101000 more people. Above the national average -- to break that down quickly on twelve million people arrested each year in the -- it's about 4% of the population. The twenty to 24000. That are arrested each your ball -- that's 80% of the population. It's double. All I feel we're just the question shouldn't be talking about media educating a couple hundred -- Inmates across New York State it should be that we should we should stop arresting tens of thousands of people across elected. The State of New York told -- necessarily. On the still war on drugs. You know putting too many people behind bars to begin when I get the message drowned in their whole marijuana issue. I think that'll be there is the subject of future shows and coverage on WB and two. Thank you okay thanks for -- in -- I appreciate that from buffalo we go to Lancaster this is -- out in Lancaster a camera WB yen. I can howry and well OK did the couple quick things sure I'm -- -- -- trying to get votes from people are. Actually entails you can have voted here at. So I don't understand why either. While these trying to get those votes I think he's trying to get the votes of the people that that would benefit from the program. Which another caller pointed out earlier. Okay in the other thing is and if Obama I think he's gonna try to run for a third term I think what you gonna do against what shall run and he'll be. On the back burner. Coaching career. Eat wild sounds sounds oddly familiar to the clintons does not. One more thing finally bow out Democrats are demo. In a more. -- can thank you don't necessarily agree with that at all you know. One of the things that I've set all morning long and they were really really firmly believe this and you know you can you can throw a dart at me and say oh you know he's on WB EN and he works behind the scenes -- the and he must be a conservative he -- -- -- you know Republican politics all the time. Not true. I just. I think that politics lost its way along time ago and politicians lost their way. If anybody tells me they're gonna run for public office. The first thing I would want to ask them this is one of the things I'd love to talk to Governor Cuomo about or anyone that is -- quote unquote career politician. I'd ask them question why why do you want Iran. What is the end game for you. Is the end game to get to the the next term because that's the case I think it's the wrong answer at least it is for me. Is that is the answer I wanna become you know the next level -- for governor it's the president here you know mayor you wanna become a county legislator you wanna become the county executive you wanna become. You know state legislator and and the governor. If that is what if that's why you're in public service I think that's screwed up I think it's so backwards. That is not what public service was meant to be by the founding fathers it just. I mean that is so. That they accused does not serve us well and -- that's why. You're in in public office I would say just look in the mirror and induce something else here all you know pretty successful people Republicans Democrats and everyone in between your pretty successful what you do. He can do something else just do it don't do it in the name of you know you're -- you're trying to do something good for the community because in many many cases not all cases but many cases. You're not so that would be my message. The governor is here today. Early afternoon -- 1245 he's up the road five Niagara Falls boulevard -- classics five he's delivering a budget message. It's not open to public by the way but. You know we've been talking about what you would say to him if you had the opportunity to. He also is going to announce and think this is exciting he's gonna announce 500 jobs that are coming to buffalo. I don't really know where the responsibility -- for that but I'll just take it is good news and he can -- that's fine with me -- 500 jobs in downtown buffalo. No arguments there and that certainly is good news what's not good news. All the sickness it's going around so many people sick in this building in this morning when idea. You know got word from -- that he wasn't feeling well it didn't surprise me because he was out last week. I came back kicking a little on Friday. And you know beat he got through Friday just fine but apparently things went down who over the weekend so I hope you'll hear. Sandy tomorrow afternoon whatever my portion is of prison university I would like to personally give the sandy to have them come back to. That's how much I want senior day here. Tomorrow on that would be yet rush is next after the news. With. -- has aroused he and then Tom is on the air at 3 o'clock and -- when you're thanks for joining me here. -- news radio 930. WB yet.

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