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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-24 Tim Wenger in for Sandy Hour 2

2-24 Tim Wenger in for Sandy Hour 2

Feb 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey good morning once again it is at 1007 at WB BMI in Tim -- in four sandy beach sandy is off today he is. Feel a little bit down and now we would talk about. Illness a little bit later on it seems like it's all over the place we've had our share here at news radio 930 a lot of people. I have come down with the bug and it's really difficult here. -- to keep away from one another when were all sharing microphones and keyboards etc. but. Sandy is out today as he should be and hopefully he gets them arrest in his back here. Tomorrow Michael computer oh who normally would probably be sitting here today he's also down and out. With the as he's calling at the end news radio 930 bug. And I think there's something to it dear Allan Harris. This morning you know he's a lot better than he was last week. But he still sounds he says he feels. You know pretty close to OK but them. His voice still taken a -- and then maybe later -- We'll kind of take a survey among you listeners what it's like where you work are there a lot of people out sick -- you called in sick do you call in sick and you know some someone who work who might just abuse -- it's that time or not use this sick time which is an abuse in and of itself. It is -- awaited WB yen but where we've gone. Right now. Is to talk about Governor Cuomo because he is in town leader today. And in I think maybe in the next segment will play that audio again from a video. Concerning prison university but he's not here for that he's here to -- to deliver a budget address of the classics five on Niagara Falls boulevard. In in in a part of that announcement will announce 500 jobs for downtown buffalo. Which of course is a good thing I don't know who would argue that's a bad thing. I can't you know say that the governor was wholly responsible for it or irresponsible for it but that I'm happy to hear about. The 500 jobs in downtown buffalo but what a lot of people wanna talk about is this prison university in in I think some of what's getting lost is. Is my premise of the whole thing and that is. Not simply the issue of prison university but how politicians. And politics. In general. Has lost its way and I'd love to debate this and talk to Michael computer about it Sunday. Sometime I mean who will do that here in studio but it seems like politics and politicians now is all about the next election and that's it. You know you you want to think that someone runs for public office which I think takes a special person. With special talents. And they do so to make life better make the culture better the economy better. For you and I the people that live here in this case were talking about New York State but we can talk what you town council person your village trustee. You know whoever it is that we elect. Should be there in their sole goal in the wake up in the morning is how do we make this a better place for me and everybody else. Not just how -- we make it a better career for me and how do we protect my next election. And I do think that's what Governor Cuomo is doing here I think that's what senator Schumer does. Each and every day. I think that's what a lot of long time politicians do in some disguise it better than others. But I think they live for the next election in every waking breath is taken. I'm concentrating on what they can do. To win the next election prison university is one that really perplexed as me because there is some sort of a base out there that apparently thinks it's a good idea. Haven't heard real great. Argument. As of yet so if you -- classics five today I'm Niagara Falls boulevard and you encountered Governor Cuomo which won't happen. What would you save him what would you ask the governor what would you want to say 803 on 930 and start 930 no holds -- here on WBN and let's go to. The calls this is -- out in Hamburg KL -- WB yen. Well I don't I don't think -- can review on the radio I'd like to staple. Maryland please don't look now. What is written. It required and -- okay. Years -- admire I college. They're. The suspect in the whole Al back in the seventies are you talking about the program. Article in the 80s80s and ninety okay. I start working for us we -- stated in the early eighties okay. And they came out of prisons there in the popular democratic governor would thought it would protect. All you can't differentiate bid to Democrat or Republican. What we've -- good show because. Trust me I was there very. They're learning what you learned in our school. They're not being taught -- a college. Here. The recidivism rate that they give you think all the liberals talk about all what's gonna keep these guys out of jail. It's BS. I thought the same guy come back to prison. In the -- pictures I work there. Some their college degree. It -- matter. One out of a thousand you're gonna get there you can reach an actual -- artistry it actually uses degree. Because he wanted to. But it's a -- And I learned what you would I would learn in college they're given any -- is sheepskin or whatever they call it and they come right back to prison. Before I retired. They had computer thinking. Same area up they did away with them without full report because of the audit but they wanted to bring it back. -- you know it's -- during your time working in the in the prison system. You know I know there are a lot of people in prison perhaps it don't have a higher education degree but there are a lot of people in -- the do right. Not really all I mean you care they're sure there's so warm -- all that had seek a crime on his. So the broader topic called earlier Bob account numbers are like -- got caught the wrong thing. But that's the exception -- all black 95%. Of them are. Our fort Pitt six -- educated. Well they're they're street people. I mean don't be fooled with all the liberal mumble jumble spot I'll always gonna keep these guy -- -- -- -- out of jail is. They get older people if they actually get back -- arch street. You know you have to return well obviously if it's great for our engineers like you're going to be in jail -- -- okay. All the a lot of these guys get older rock and indicated your late fifties and sixties they are we snapped out of it it'll come back to jail. What they do I don't at all. But the college degrees to show a lot of the learned skills in the prison that they can take carpet -- -- Malaysia and not think you can actually used by. This -- it from a college degree. I -- protect your trust me. These guys are not learning anything that you what I would learn in college and learning stuff that you and I learned in high school. -- -- Are they get I get the point and say you know its interest in what you what else says about you know that the level of for the lack thereof of college education in the united think that the prison was overflowing with with college graduate. But you know there might be a place for this there might be a place in a perfect world. Where if you educate someone who's behind bars not all of them but says some of them it might it might help I'm not gonna argue that -- and I'll accept that. But we can afford it. Right I mean as I mentioned before at 10 o'clock. On how many things is that you -- are there that you would like to have in your own life that you just think would be better for you fear your family. A he'd be better off with them. But he can't afford. We can't afford that kind of thing in New York State we can't afford. Spanning 5000 dollars on -- prisoners for college education might be a great thing in a perfect world. But believe me in New York State regardless of who the governor is by the way which side of the political side years. It just being a perfect place at all we don't have the money. We didn't have that four years ago we years ago we certainly don't have it now it's only getting worse and not better so. Now whether or not it will work I guess really isn't even the issue we can't afford it so why proposes. 803 on 930 would you talk to the governor today what would you have to say to him if you were classics 54. The governor's address today. As he is in buffalo and western new York and when we come back we'll hear from some local college kids on a video produced by the Erie county GOP. And prison university and it's kind of eye opening with the kids have to say the students have to say about what's going on in Washington I'm sorry in Albany. Albany that is I'm Tim Wenger and here for sandy beach and wheeled Sandy's back tomorrow right here on news radio 930 WBE. How will play the audio from a video that the Erie county GOP came out with a concerning prison university. Issue. And they went over to the university of buffalo I believe. And talked to SUNY students about what they're thinking really is kind of a slap in the face to. Regardless of who came up with this to a college kid that comes out of school with you know 20/20 5000 dollars in debt and that you know obviously a lot lot have more debt than that some last. You know we wanna give 5000 bucks to each. Prisoner but my whole premise my whole point this is not really whether it will work or whether it won't work I don't think it has a lot of merit. But regardless of that I just don't think New York State I know New York State can't afford this they cannot afford spending that kind of money. In to do things just to solidify a political base just to get reelected. It's how politics and politicians like Governor Cuomo and like so many others. Have lost their way do you agree and what would you say the governor today. When he comes to Western New York in just a couple of hours in 030930. And start 930. The numbers to call Dave is out in Orchard Park Dave you're on WB yen. I simple solution for your problems with the prisons. I'm I don't support governor or more on the gun owner I'm not concerned that period. Get the power back to the people -- limits for everybody no more than two actors no matter who -- in government. Your elected by your peers that doesn't mean spend election there and option is that your New York State extra shirt. Just like your president stroller your you're this year -- -- -- give a dollar for the presidential. But her presidential -- I your tax return if you -- and you could spare check that box now -- extra period be it duck and go to your vote at prisons. They -- a liberal can get a dollar and -- whenever they want to support this program. If you can afford it yours to your old won't ever. You know you don't have the. David -- that's a great point and never heard that one brought up that is really interesting to put one of those checkbox and who to check the presidential fund to begin what I'd like that I would like tally. An hour spectacle people monetary tiger teacher. You're having trouble making -- -- like -- well you're probably not with the best package. But if you if you feel you wanna continue teaching. -- I don't towel you know it's it's you're teaching your partner for thirty years. Retired. There. It says reactor core collected and -- If they do you know they get out nobody can move their spot and it's still. You know and they want ethnic attacks and there's another option I mean you were open people through the system. And it's it's got for the prisoner and I do believe they probably don't come back I mean. I quit the program for Asia. Her out like her I mean there's no reason it got life in prison is gonna need eight year decrease and exit the waste of money but for. Or secured I want to you know pre school education so like that no problem with me I don't mind at all just. If I can afford it object the boxing -- bought. I mean it's pretty -- a pretty simple get power back to the people -- center site. Mary did I like the idea it's a great one that's probably the best idea I've heard concerning this and you know he he brings up a great point that can be a whole topic and and I'll bring that up to time but -- -- you know in sandy for another show can you imagine. I would love the tally of how many people actually check that thing. I'm lying when you're doing your your taxes -- on paper if you do it that way. Forward for donating to the presidential fund after he's just filled out your taxes where you're giving all this money to the government. -- for being you know your taxes than they ask you you wanna give a dollar more. But yeah I mean if if if you feel that passionately about giving. Money to of a program to fund university within. The prison system you should be able to do so I guess. But I don't think it should be on the backs of everybody not well we can't afford it and they think c'mon everybody out there listening right now do you think New York State can afford this right now. Well we have a huge deficit. If you're if you if this was your own household budget. This wouldn't even be the list of things to do you think of all the things you'd like to do for your family for your house. For whatever. To make your life better. You know you cannot. If you can afford something you don't even entertain it if you're responsible. And you know I I don't think the governors being responsible in in proposing as George is now on WB and he George what's up. Yeah try you don't know until greatly if you will you hear about the increase of about hypocrisy. Just looking to get reelected but your -- I don't hear what these prisoners were technically come out. The remote we stricter background check -- there it's for reporting it. Even if you apply for a job. Or who ever exam if it had you ever. If convicted of the misdemeanor or quiet or federal job application to sit in the last seven -- peaking year. Have you ever been convicted of misdemeanor or a felony. And that it will rhetoric fits -- -- need our help these guys come out of here with a college degree because near state background checks. Well job application -- ever sit there and you've ever been convicted of the misdemeanor core clock. Some states like that trip to -- and apparently -- in the last two years of investing in some states and their impact report that apple is their. It would be required in bombing they'll below twenty I felt. -- certain things you don't let the check off that I've been elected Oakland -- a problem listing will hear all felony depending on what type of climate blood. A good job application -- you. What can you beat me. You know you come out of jail you would you need to view decree which we hear about the job application OK -- help you -- You probably want to change our life. -- you know I got my degree or went to school and not in a race in the last two to five years from misdemeanor now elect our foot -- and now elected go to college. OK if you look at epic and it can you would think they. But -- -- instead of ripping it meant the instructional better out here -- let. OK in the background check and you try. Whatsoever to back to a paper and it is -- -- side willing Americans -- your job because their background check. So -- structural barrier car and he cured. George thank you for the point it's a good one and got to cut you off there for. The news when we come back. After the bottom of the hour -- play the audio from that video of us who these students who are. Have a message for Governor Cuomo I'd like to know your message for the governor and 8030930. And star 93. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona. WB -- call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Okay you about their ready for the deal of the day for my buffalo -- it's a ten dollars certificate for a cot is pizza and elk and William in the city. And also in Cheektowaga I'm sorry oak street in buffalo and William in Cheektowaga elk and buffalo William -- to log it for five -- you get the ten dollar certificate. We're -- this pizza voted best pizza in the ultimate pizza challenge go to WB and dot com. And click on the -- buffalo -- -- I'm Tim Wenger I'm here for sandy beach sandy under the weather today and hopefully be back tomorrow. Here on WB -- And go to the governor Cuomo's in town today and I'm taking the opportunity to -- open the the lines. If you will and let you deliver a message to Governor Cuomo what he had to say the governor what would you ask Governor Cuomo. And I really most of it is surrounded. The prison university thing but the you can broaden it out if you like. And we'll get back to the phone calls in just a minute I do want to pass this on that Randy bush over just popped in here we got a call from west valley central schools. They are closing early today at 11 o'clock some just to there ready to close at 11 o'clock. And the reason they did so is a gas -- no problem no no Harmer. Danger to the kids but they had to shut the schools down early. At 11 o'clock at west valley so your kids. Will be on the way home. Early if not all race so that's down that -- especially -- -- back to the governor he's here today for a budget message to announce 500 jobs in downtown buffalo. My whole message to the governor today would simply be this stop. Working simply for the betterment of your own career work for what you were elected for and that is all of us and make. New York State as a whole better make life in the community in the economy better for all of us. Not just trying to get yourself reelected and I really think that's what he and many career politicians do politics is gone wrong. I'd really like to talk to Governor Cuomo about that in many other. Career type politicians. This is what they do they work to get reelected they wake up in the morning and think what can I do today. To get re elected tomorrow and I think that's where everything is gone wrong with politics just doesn't seem right. Prison university we can argue will work won't work. I'll argue we just can't afford it's what doesn't matter whether will work or won't work it's like you wanting to do something in your life at your house with your family. You can't do it because you can't afford it so you don't. Why in government we just do -- we borrow more money we print more money we. Tax you and -- war. And it's just it's crazy it's just it's not it's not Smart expenditure of money. And that's an argument that I would like to put before the governor. In any other elected official that tends to spend money this way you know that you -- the Erie county GOP came out with a video. Over the weekend. They went over and talked to some Sunni students about what they think of this prison university. In granted it was produced by the GOP and obviously it's bias in their favor. But to me it really brings out really kind of the craziness of this whole program we've got kids across the street here you'll be here at Sunni gulf state. You know coming out of school with tens of thousands of dollars in debt even more. In reading of 5000 bucks to the guys behind bars here's what some of the college kids and -- 820009. That. Think -- retreat. Mean breaking company. He's serving in the -- and I. Yeah I know. I'm wearing I'm feeling. And I. One year. -- call my -- -- and actually help financially we can get. Why did criminals get a higher preference. It's insulting thing. Why you want to reward bad behavior mr. I'd pay taxes and -- hot and then the year -- -- -- and I receive a higher education. And I need to get that I didn't. -- And that is. The work of the Erie county GOP granted but that brings up some really good points. Of why we would spend that kind of money on a program like that and again you know you can you can argue -- and I'll let you do it today argue the pros and cons of that actual program. But I really like to get into -- why we allow our politicians and why are politicians spend so much time and money. -- simply on their own re election on our backs. The letter is we're funding the letter that they use. Declined to the next level. In this case it's reelection. For in the -- the governor's mansion and no secret hopefully. For him. It is to the presidency in Washington so. I don't know I think that's that's where we lost -- way but I also don't think the prison university will work into. We're letting you vent to Governor Cuomo because he's in town today seeking call us now -- 8030930. And star. 930 let's go back to the phone calls for a bit here this is Lawrence in buffalo. Lawrence you're on WB yen. -- the very simple solution. He cared very about the tenth commandment. Thou shall not kill but of them I'm not murdered. Hundreds of letters that. I don't think that we need to do anything more that we have rules. That. Rules that can give -- -- -- -- -- society and I think we have filed -- Okay Lawrence thanks for the call I appreciate it and from Lawrence we go to -- David you are on WB yen. I I'll appreciate it -- all eat at an annual all -- -- in here. Stay on my only point here is actually it's two point. -- couldn't stop being a -- and and so are being you know on a rehab center properties people. As well as cool he's going to hire conducted count them most countries require college education are iron convicted -- Because -- job market they're -- jumpers so flooded with applications that. They either higher than that sort of backed into the corner these people are going to need at the end I mean they've made -- mistake in turn make them so the better but. I don't think that this is going to help and. Well yes -- again David I'm not I'm not so sure it will like I did I can't say with certainty that it won't but what they do it. I just we can't afford it right let's let's just stop there. That's it. I mean to -- not their search through the pothole Pete sell then that's out there are so many other things that we're gonna pull money out of America China. You know make me trees and more rehab on them and there's a punishment. And these people -- -- Internet a lot of the time it TV and I mean they now we're gonna get my college education I had to drop out of school because I can afford it. I don't qualify her for a lot of developers say I -- you just hope bush pitched by the great to god that I do and. And I couldn't imagine you know being -- Had a somebody who served meals -- -- getting a job as opposed at all when they have commitments aren't it's pretty pretty insane. Larry David thank you and you know David doesn't think it's a good program when we come back from the break we're gonna talk to frank out and Akron frank thinks. That this used to work out and Annika and he'll tell us about that but really my premise here isn't whether it works whether the present work. We don't have the money for it we just don't have the money for -- it's not Smart. It's not Smart you know you know we can daydream about the things in our own lives we want we can't afford and so we don't do one. But when you are are the governor when you're the legislature you can do it every one because it's not your money you need to spend it. To mean that is where this program is flawed we can't afford it so I don't really care whether it works or doesn't work. Because you can't afford 8030930. -- 930. Have politicians lost their way has politics in general regardless of which side of the -- might beyond. As politics in general. Lost its way to linger here for sandy beach 8030930. And start 930 on WB. And Tim Wenger in here for sandy today sandy is out ill and so hopefully back. Tomorrow here on WB and Governor Cuomo is in town. In -- here. Turn to send the governor a message in a bottle so to speak he's here just north of here classics five an -- falls boulevard later today for a budget address. And a lot of people would like to send to governor message about prison university. You can send the message about that or something else right now on WB yen by calling you know three -- 930 and star 930 and on Twitter today at him. WBE NN let's go to stand over in Rochester he stand here on WB yen. And then. To me I agree with you former. Got to get because they're retired out. Republican governor Pataki and Rockefeller tried all the inaction OK and it didn't work out it didn't hit the estate debt. And it's hard although I would -- is -- why would you leave it right for -- picture anybody run for politics. If you look at -- of that. In right wing bias media. We -- have an agenda. -- want to do -- beat up people are probably your weekend. Talk back and Iran I would have little it and get it it didn't write it horrible machine out of the political -- -- -- off. They don't stand you bring up the point that I've been trying to do is you know beat this -- all morning line in that is. You know I don't really care about the the the pros and cons for. No pun intended there for prison university. What they care about is you know when you can't afford something when you can't do something why even bother talking about it right. We have because Rockefeller Pataki proved it. The same old -- so that nobody. Yet in you know the other thing you bring up stand that I think is a really good point. Is that both sides of the aisle are guilty of this both sides. Simply work every single day. To solidify their base they don't work for you and I. Well what you're doing is they're both you don't portfolio and our own retirement and they careless and didn't let up -- -- paid. When you're ready and all the -- marketed to the music. Mary stand -- -- thanks for checking in from. -- over in Rochester and yet you know when Governor Cuomo wakes up in the morning when Chuck Schumer wake up in the morning when they wake up. You think the first thing they think of me besides her own family in their own personal wellbeing and their health and welfare is. You the New York State resident that's who they represent. Do you think that's who they think about how can they make life better for you and I how can make the economy better for you and I here in New York State as a whole. That's not what they think about they think about. How can I get elected how am I gonna make sure that the next time the polls open that the same people go there again my base will go. And reelect me you know what as a politician I guess congratulations you accomplished that because they're good -- -- they're both good at and there are a lot of Republicans. That are good attitude but I say shame on all of them because they think. It's it's as if they've lost the way that's not what public service is about public service is just that. Serving the public in making this place better for all of us and if that's not what you wanna do then don't do it. Go out and get another job do something else and do it on you know the private sectors time now on the public. Because that's not what we elected people to do we elected people to make it a better place. To perhaps lower taxes to increase revenues not to spend. More money to get your reelected and put you on stage four election to a higher office in this case. The presidency of the United States I think it's crazy frank is in Akron. Hey frank your WBE -- I think I misquoted you I I had indicated before the break that. You thought it might work in -- and I guess it didn't. Nobody numbers that idea on -- we took -- saying that come. -- look to to combat veteran with a -- college. Student loans. -- I looked at -- to protect yours are doing legislation for veterans. Benefits. I had to work both sides of the -- And I also did go one day a week and had a what. Counseling but -- that weren't there are not for long very violent prior to put forward drugs or alcohol abuse something like at economic control. Okay you have an education but there where people could take courses OK I irate they have -- helping. And I it just doesn't work. -- as far as cover called logo -- just. This is my personal opinion and the opinion of a lot of veterans. That. He's just -- popular. What Obama is putting the country you know socialism. Form of government. -- he played ball or driving to circumvent the constitution. Areas of patriot and a veteran and an American citizen are resulted very -- And the fact that I have to pay my response student loans. Well somebody -- opponent -- giving -- Free money for there it is absolutely certain it just goes to show you that the Korea -- option that's our political system that the board of dirt. Absolutely Franken you know I get it now you used to do some work in -- in the program doesn't work again it completely get it and appreciate the phone call. -- that is frank checking in from Akron -- misread the screen there but. Yeah I mean frank used to do some working you know related to education at Attica and that it didn't work. And again I'll reiterate -- he kind of did the same thing though you know that worker not work. You know what about his his college -- what about that -- what about that kid that's not in prison. Because he's doing what he's supposed to do see he's working to make it a better society. And he's got to pay back a student loan tens of thousands of dollars. You know that the GOP video we might play the audio one more time before 12 o'clock he'd get an online -- on YouTube. But and then audio. Or in the the video there's there's some graphics that obviously we can't show you on the radio where you can watch it on line. It says that the average that I think is like 25000 dollars for college students. That's an average game that means a lot of people have a lot more college debt and they do a lot more than that. Let's -- 5000 bucks to the prisoners your message to Governor Cuomo he's in town today. Call me they -- 30930 and start 930 here and WB yet.

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