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2-24 Tim Wenger in for Sandy Hour 1

Feb 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- this is where sandy says something witty and funny and really engaging and I and Tim Wenger I'm not funny I'm not engaging so I really don't have anything to -- right here and I'll tell you what we're gonna talk about. When we come back here in just a minute. -- talking to the postseason and he did it for years. Yeah when I grew up I used to always be amazed at how the disc jockeys like sandy beach like Danny never -- Jon Summers and all those guys enough for the most part he'd be that's what I was listening to. Would be able to do that they would be able to. Talk rate up to that that they call the post where the the -- start to sing on the song the record. And then when I got into radio I found out that they have these fancy little clock that counted down -- they stated they Italian you know 109. So you knew. So they weren't as good news mobile -- Now actually they really work but at any rate I'm Tim Wenger and here for sandy he is under the weather. He was sick on Thursday. And he made it go -- it on Friday. -- he's just not feeling up to it and as I mentioned with John and Susan about fifteen minutes ago. I'd rather someone stay home when they're sick especially around here that you know these microphones and keyboards the phones. You know there's stuff everywhere that we touch and I gotta tell yeah I'm absolutely terrified him and be sick by noon today because everybody else around here. With the exception of me is sick or has been sick. So -- out today and hopefully he is back tomorrow and that Tom was out and Friday. For some medical stuff and he's back today. At 3 o'clock here on WB -- and you know I was I was thinking about sitting in here today because by the way by the way Michael computer though. He's sick too because that was my first call this morning was Michael computer -- if he could command talk. You know all the days we've got the governor in town Michael would have been terrific today is he is any day but that today with the governor in town. Would have been interesting to hear what Michael I disable it Michael too is sick and is he pointed out on Twitter today. That he has Vietnamese radio bug in apparently. A lot of folks whose self. Here you go you got me here on WB and and to my anger we've got -- a lot I think on the on the plate as they started to think about. What to talk about and as we kind of like kissed the Olympics could buy a kind of categorize things here into the gold. The silver and bronze category. Those you know I'll tell you that I've got a bunch of bronze topics here today won silver and one gold and I think you are you know the gold one and that's Governor Cuomo we'll talk about it and Depp plays some audio. Coming up in just a minute or maybe maybe after that first break a miniature. But on the bronze medal side of topics today and you know if any of this. Strike Q and you you wanna check in today candidate 030930 and -- 9:30 am also on Twitter. At Tim WB. And an outline. Do my best to keep track of of that. I'm a little on prepared today just a little on prepared. Partly because of the late notice of doing the show but the other -- they couldn't read the Buffalo News today because of the curled. Newspaper I was not able to press the paper before air times so I was unable to read in prep in in the Buffalo News today so. If I'm a little behind I guess that that's why. I'm illness in the workplace. OK we talked about it with John and Susan we have had so much illness here. In our workplace Tom talked about this last week. In in and really kind of threw out there what do you do when you are sick how do you use your sick time do you use you're sick time. In what is the what it what is the the policy where you are you feel guilty when you call in sick. Is hitting courage to for you to call in sick I mean when you arsenic. There are those out there who made you sick time is vacation time I don't know any of them but. You know we're fortunate around here we've got some pretty dedicated folks like you mentioned John that came in here last. We guy I don't know which dale was but he just wasn't feeling that he came men. In the heat of ultimately you know -- everybody it's on and he talked to them he just turned around went home. But that we've got a dedicated crew here but what is the the sick work culture like -- are you are in what is plaguing everybody where you are. Are we unique here at WB EN an intercom we've got an awful lot of illness crawling around this building. And I think we might get into that. A little bit. Leader another one on my -- list today is the Olympics I had a ball watching the Olympics following the Olympics and social media. And yesterday for about that ten minutes I clicked on the CBC coverage of the closing. Of the the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Which by the way cost 51 billion dollars the largest ever Olympic Games in the most expensive. Olympic Games getting pretty good reviews and for the most part I think the of the games were good. But the closing ceremonies I thought were really weird outside of the the the really cool you know parade of athletes when they -- walking and I think that's pretty cool and it's fun to see all the different faces that we've come to known over the past couple of weeks. But the rest that was weird if people dancing in the ceilings then I don't I'm still humming the the Russian National Anthem to. But I on the left for about ten minutes I did not watch the entire -- the thing Nancy BC or an NBC. In the replay last night but 51. Billion dollars imagine what we could do imagine the things that we could cure. In that the ills in this world that we could cure for 51 billion dollars you think it's worth is 51 billion dollars should we spend that much money on the Olympics. You know that money is is raised though over a long period of time it's it's you know Russia took a lot of pride in the expenditure. You saw. Gluten. It could quite. In the limelight throughout the games you know there are very proud of what they put on and I think they did a decent job. But he's 51000051000000051. Billion dollars. A little bit over the top when it comes to the Olympics -- make it into that little bit later. This silver topic today Donald Trump you've heard an awful lot about it and you know we've taken some hits from folks how they're saying we're talking and too much about Donald Trump. I don't think so. I think Donald Trump might be talking a little bit too much at this point and is time kind of went off last week. You know -- Donald Trump is is basically saying if you clear all of the trees I will. Populated the forest so to speak you know I will run if everybody and everything gets out of the way. And I don't know how realistic that is I wish he would run I wish he could run I wish he will run. I don't think you will. I think he should I think he would do a great job. The it would be it -- entirely different type. Of government and kind of plays into some of the things I wanna talk about today with what I'm calling the gold topic. But I really do wish Donald Trump would run and maybe later on in in the show today before -- we get into a little bit of Donald Trump talked. Are you done with Donald Trump do you wish he would pull the trigger one way or the other. And do you think he ought to runner do you think you -- -- just get out of the way and pilot mr. history you know or whoever else wants to run. To dive in and in start to build their base. So to speak which brings us. It is two that the gold topic today speaking a political bases and we'll talk about Governor Cuomo he is here today he will be here later on. This afternoon WBE and will be there he'll be just up the road actually from our studios I'm Niagara Falls boulevard right classics five. Originally billed to come to town. Basically to. Give a budget address that he can travels crosses the state does these things. Gets more interest thing because he is going to promised 500 jobs announced 500 jobs in downtown buffalo for IBM. At that announcement today. So that is interesting and certainly a good thing but you know what this is what I wanna talk about with Governor Cuomo. -- when we come back it's all about building a base is that. These guys if you if you look back in in history in our founding fathers the reason someone runs for public office is to give in to office. Do some good. For the people for all of the people are for a majority of the people -- and get out and get back to what they were meant to do now it's become a career. And admitted it became a career is when politicians. And politics went right into the sewer. You know because all the governor is doing is trying to seal his career he's you know his it's no secret. -- you know we want to publicly but no secret that he wants to be the president of the United States and he will this continue to do whatever it is he needs to do. To get reelected as the governor of New York State. And you know if Donald Trump doesn't run it'll probably be a landslide victory for the governor. And then he'll try to run for the president of the United States and that is the motivating force don't would have -- the motivating force every single morning for Governor Cuomo. Is what can I do for me today what can I do for me in my career and my organization. And I had a problem with that and I think a lot of you do to. That's wrong that's not what we elect people to do. It's it's it's gotten out of control this whole political sewer that you know that people just. That there in it for themselves are in it for their own careers and that's all he's doing and I think it's great we're gonna get 500 jobs in downtown buffalo. Why is he announcing here today why is he you know the -- The reason he's doing all this the reason prison university came up. The -- the reason he proposed it is to solidify his base of support which is magnificent. By the way and he's he's doing it to continually climb his political latter when we come back. More on Governor Cuomo I'd like to know what would you say the governor today if you were classics five if you had the opportunity to sit down with Governor Cuomo. What would you say to him. Give us a call at 8030930. Star 93803. 0930. And and a Twitter at Tim WB and the and also when we come back we're gonna play the audio from -- something that the Erie county GOP produced regarding prison university. And I think you'll be interested. In that I look forward to it and your phone calls next here -- linger for sandy beach on WBE -- Governor Cuomo he's here today he's just up the road classics five off Niagara Falls boulevard originally. He was to come to town. To deliver what he does that pretty much every year he goes around the state delivers a budget address. And he makes it a little more interesting for buffalo today when he announces 500 new jobs for downtown buffalo and I don't wanna. I don't want you up put that down I think that's a great thing how much teachers the principal for that I don't know. But at any rate I think it's terrific that there's some life in downtown buffalo. When you think about it I mean we've -- that entire building -- HSBC building in downtown buffalo empty. So you know we'll take whatever jobs we get I think that's terrific. That we're gonna get those 500 jobs. Today but the real problem I have with the governor and I guess I'll tell you what I would say to him. Today if I had the opportunity. Is you know I think he's really a good politician there's no doubt about that -- he has become a good politician he knows how to work the system. But I think he's gotten lost is so many do and I'll say so many Republicans as well so this is not. Just. A slap that a Democrat I think so many Republicans get lost as well. Another person who just happens to be a Democrat who I think is lost to is is Chuck Schumer he's on the other side of the border today and if the peace bridge. Using the peace bridge is a backdrop to do the same thing the governor's doing today. And that is to use an issue to use a local issue to solidify. Their base to make sure that they get reelected. And when we go back to our founding fathers I don't think that's why or how the system. Was set up to be we elect these people to do some good for everybody and certainly compensate them along the way and they might find a better political job along the way. But along the way it's become their -- passion. Is 22. In advance their own political career their egos get so -- enormous. That it is really all they want to do all they do and every issue they do. In in support is meant only to support themselves. And you know you look at prison university and that's a great example. It seems so outrageous doesn't that wind when you wanna pay 5000 dollars for every every eligible prisoners to. Get a college degree or college education inside prison. You know it seems outrageous right. Within the Cuomo base within where you know as political strategists have told me within the people that support him. That's something that they think is a good thing and something that's important so he will. Just feed them to continue his support most of us don't wanna see prisoners get college degrees right. I would challenge you -- if you really if you really think. That's a good idea I'd love to hear from. You can give me called today you're calling -- -- guys than a year. Because I'd love a good argument. Of why we should do it and why it would work because it didn't work the last time and that's why they stopped doing it. The Erie county GOP. A tier nickel mine where the and the folks at the Erie county GOP came out with a video today. And it features some college kids from across the street here at the university of buffalo. In their opinion on prison university in what they think about it and I thought we'd play some of that video for you -- that some of the audio actually from the video. I'm in you can see the video. On the FaceBook page as well but here is the audio that is -- I have not played that well. -- -- -- Yeah I know. And I. -- here. I call my mom's favorite in the actually out financially we can get. What did criminals and higher preference. Why you want to reward bad behavior at home. I'd pay taxes and I'll -- and spend -- year of fattening and I think even higher education. I mean it can't not I ended. Good fun. That is the message from some college kids to Governor Cuomo concerning prison university what would you say the governor today he's in town you can do it right now 8030930. -- -- now and also star 930 your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now 803093. Cell calls are free and -- 930 -- all free line 180616. 9236. Good morning once again it is 938 at WBE NN to linger in -- sandy beach he's a little bit under the weather as our a lot of folks around here and I think a lot of places maybe where you work too in that we might get into that little bit later on and talk about. The -- -- environment where you are you work when you're sick you force yourself then I and I knew a guy -- from a guy. Who always says I have been taken sick days since I started work you know 27 years ago is really good thing. I'm not sure that is a good thing might be good thing for him but only as good thing for everybody around -- because at some point. He was work in sick so they might be something we get into we're talking about Governor Cuomo right now and just kind of watching Twitter think. -- Another Tim has tweeting out to me that great news is 500 jobs for our region he doesn't see anything in or cider Twitter feed just GOP release. And and B does that he didn't -- any other site but he did see but GOP -- so there's something on their about it. And it's like we would be happy to have buffalo and its citizens fail what that means Cuomo looks bad when I don't think Tim was listening to closely because. That's not the case at all. And have you complemented the governor's I think being a really good politician I think he's dismissed directed. In many cases I think the 500 jobs for downtown buffalo terrific news I think it's awesome. I don't know that that he's responsible for I don't really care but you know if he is terrific congratulations and I will welcome those jobs. It's the other stuff that just doesn't make sense to me. You know why would you push a program like you know prison university he tell me how that that is going to be the help you and I. Did you do your income taxes yet did you file your New York State income taxes yet. Tim did you because if you did you probably pain. More would you rather have a lower build there than this and come through through college while they're in prison or give them 5000 dollars. The average college kid as you heard in that video. The -- it was a produced by the GOP has a debt of 25000 dollars after their college. Yet we're gonna give 5000 bucks worth of college education to a guy or girl. Who's behind bars still makes sense to me does not make sense. Not a good thing and if you disagree or agree can call me they go 30930. And Starr at 930 in on Twitter can be reached. At him. WBE and let's start the calls out. With Nancy in buffalo Nancy you are on WB yen hit there. I am well. I think there are better ways that we could spend the money at them at a discount program where. And then made. And our -- right now are very overcrowded. -- pain I have heard 60000 dollars. For each person and there. I per year. And that's a lot of money and so I'm thinking. That some of the money could be better and doing what they're doing in California. They -- so that overcrowded prisons in California and they're going through the records there. And commuting the sentences of prisoners who have committed. Relatively minor -- violence type crimes. Oh I don't see why we shouldn't start -- similar programs right here in New York State. So that we can relieve overcrowding and also reduce the amount of money taxpayers are having to pay for it is that the inmates. RE NT I agree with you there you know. I'd rather just not spend the money period to be honest with you if we've got 5000 dollars per inmate disband. I would just assume. You know not -- it you know -- let's not spend anything but it I guess you know I would agree though if we're gonna spend 5000 bucks per head. In prison and on something. We could find something better. I'm thinking the tribe have balanced or -- portion of that could go towards. I mean some people to review of the records so that they can get these guys who really shouldn't be in -- out of jail. Right okay Nancy thank you very much for the call in you know. Something else you know for the record what I would say too is that. I don't even you know maybe it would work may be giving. College prisoners some college education. Maybe it'll help them when they when they get out of prison you know that's not necessarily a bad thing but we can't afford it how many things do you want. In your personal life how many things do you think you could use in your personal life. That you simply can't afford and you don't go out and do it right because you're responsible you don't go out in just buy it and do it and spend money on it because you can't. But when you're the governor when you're the legislature. Route which finally is trying to pass but you know wind when you can just spend someone else's money. While sure -- you have everything you want. And that's that's what's going on just keep giving out all the cookies as sandy would college. And hoping that you know at the end of the day it just turns into votes. Made the whole prison university things just crazy it's ludicrous. Again if we had money falling out of the sky. And in it was just that you only 51 billion dollars for the Olympics if we had all the money. And in could just use it for something okay maybe it's not a crazy idea maybe it might work maybe it would help those prisoners. But when you rank everything in what we need to get done in New York State you're telling me that's the most important thing you can spend 5000 dollars and I -- I mean it's just I don't know you can't argue that with me you can try. An eagle three on 930 and start 930 Davidson tunnel and a big day here on WB yen. The assistant other distressed. Or in person panel about doing okay. I what was that other that was intended to Twitter. Yeah to admit that kind of cherry -- the word that he wanted to make his point. Yeah I haven't -- the couple just a couple of quick points and a and a quick question. And it and it and then now being capitalists and I might say if it if you don't want people owned guns and if your pro abortion. And it -- in extreme left Winger there in little place for you in New York State. I think I think -- -- Governor Cuomo and Brian Higgins should you know maybe go drink some vodka and get a hug from. Good I I really big events and Maybelline. And and my question to everybody out there especially to liberals in the audience a challenge to them as. If they can call in and tell everyone why they feel they need to be controlled by the government and why do liberals always know what is that. For everybody else. -- okay -- thank you very much and you know in here when that the word liberal its product for or conservative left wing and right wing but it's just gonna happen and it's that whole sewer of Blogosphere that his only passion makes my skin crawl but. Anyways it's gonna come up you know and the reason you don't want the reason why someone. On the laugh. Would like prison university is because it was proposed by someone on the left. Can you imagine if if a Republican came up with prison university they probably wouldn't because of their values but. If if a Republican came up with -- they'd find a way to say it's the worst thing in the world it's it's terrible it's awful they be making all the same arguments. I don't care what side of the islands from it's a stupid idea. You know I don't know and in a lot of Republicans have come up with some pretty stupid ideas to. But it just seems of played that New York State capital Albany in the governor's office. Is just a plethora of really bad ideas. In this this prison university seems to be one of them the governor he's in town today he's just up the road. Little bit later on he'll be unveiling 500 jobs for downtown buffalo I'll say thank you for that. For whatever responsibility may have played for a prison university on the other hand I hope he gets asked about that. And isn't isn't there a hidden away from reporters he's in pretty good about. Answering some questions I'm going to be interested to hear what he had to say. About that maybe Donald Trump. But if you had a chance to ask Governor Cuomo questioned today if you were there are classics five. You can do it on the air what would you ask the governor today what would you say -- Governor Cuomo. 80309. -- -- that's the number -- 930 and to Wenger I'm here for sandy beach today on WBE and we're talking about Governor Cuomo he is in town later on today. And now he's gonna deliver a budget message he's going to comment on 500 jobs that are coming into downtown buffalo which I think is terrific news. Don't know whether he will talk about the prison university issue that seems to be. Daunting him right now by a lot of folks out there myself included. I got a attacks from someone Jack who kind of really puts everything in a nutshell how I'm feeling because. To me Democrat Republican. Whether you're familiar with the Governor Cuomo or governor Pataki I don't like the way politicians today. Are climbing the ladder and Jack says this I tell Cuomo to stop climbing the political matter. On the backs of New Yorkers. And he heads into repeal the New York State that we're not really talking too much about that today but that's the thing that whole political matter thing the governor is doing. Anything he can't get reelected and then he's doing any can. To get noticed to be the president of the United States he's not doing anything he can't just for the benefit of everybody. In New York State he wakes up in the morning and thinks of one thing and that's his career. It's him his organization. In his career and he's been pretty successful at that but I think it's misguided I think politics in general today. It simply miss -- that's what I would say the governor. If I was over there classics five today that's what I'd -- to Chuck Schumer. If I was on the other side of the peace bridge where he is today that's what I'd say to Brian Higgins that's what I'd say two a lot of career politicians. A Democrats and Republicans alike what would you say to the governor. 803 on 930 that is the number to call this is free and pay for and you are. WB yen aria. -- -- Yeah I got a couple questions for the governor. It is ultimate goal is to save or spend 5000 dollars in and -- 60000. On the cost of keeping an inmate in jail what guarantees does he have that if we even do -- given the the college degree. What that -- record compact digital is that is that the idea of. Yeah I mean there is no guarantee there is no guarantee comedy college graduates. Yeah how many college. How -- college graduates are in prison to begin. Voters scored a -- You know here's another thing if this idea is to. Ultimately saved the taxpayers money won only -- how many commissioners yet. Should -- and an up and he's probably added twenty or thirty commissioner job for Barack corrections. Yeah good point. Somebody has dual that a researcher and I don't think we need deputy commissioners. It's just -- -- technical. The democratic. Always put on a good face but it's always about spending money it's ever -- cutting back -- All blow over expenditures and stuff like that it just doesn't make an exceptional. One more item. -- idea they can raise more taxes. Why don't they put attack. And political donations. That's what I don't want pile of money that has never been attacked. If they want to raise some money. Fair -- pay pay your fair share. Protect -- -- political donations. OK Fran thanks thanks for the call appreciate it and I get make some pretty good points there. And you know -- The whole thing he. I go again I don't wanna get too weighted down into just Democrat or -- bored just just Republican you know because they're all doing the same thing their all. Spending money you know the Republicans tend to cost money but they cut it further reason to. Build their base. The Democrats tend to spend money in the do it for the wrong reason I think to build their base. And the -- side they all day all of -- do what's best for all of us so when you fill out to New York State income tax you're not sending a check. You're either breaking even or your -- get medio a little bit of a refund can imagine that New York State. The last time we get a refund. -- -- New York State income tax at Diana's been holding for a long time Diane you're in buffalo and now you're on WB yen higher. Good morning -- Yes things Cuomo. Long and make it a bit efficiently. I'm trying to make -- -- Mac. Bug into a book my. Parent and I don't think. You know it's in a lot of those people out. That he -- on demand and confidence studying ants and the other bidders get collapse and you know it what you -- even if you get an education. You know like a corrupt accountant. It would look at that about the money from the company that working for our continent is kind of -- still -- -- the hot but up. You know it it's not gonna improve you know -- -- It might improve. What we think about down but I think is still going to be co -- And yeah maybe they could teach them how to be right about a number four and build a web site of little program. Is an in the what -- I know what the I don't think Cuomo. Stop a lot of the police and interrogation. And you know patent gone from somebody who was killed at city in the world including accounts. Deliberately and if -- -- -- -- like to torture not to put the -- on so tight. I that this kind of manipulation of the camp I think people and and then -- -- permanently -- damaged span. And cut out on speculation. And. -- -- -- -- and you just think the governors -- you know and waiting in waters where it is really need to write. Right I believe that he I think you've just kind. You know there's a certain segment of the population that is China and about. Absolutely that's exactly what I'm sorry Diane what we're up against the clock but that that's exactly what he's doing and I talked to Michael computer about this last week when he was in. I think it was that they -- in for sandy. And you know I just questioned him as a political insiders and political strategist. You know why would she come up with a program like this it really -- doesn't make any any kind of sense and it is to solidify the base. And I guess that's where my comments are born in today and that is that shouldn't be that should not be what your elected to do. We've lost our way with politics we've lost their way with what it's all about. When you're elected if you choose. To do public service and I don't know that I was cut out to do that I don't think I could but if you if you elect. No pun intended to do that. I think you've got to sit back and think what is it I can do today what is it I can do with my decisions today. It will help the overall. Quality of life in the governor's case. For the vast majority of New York State. And when we have a deficit and we have high taxes is really to spend more money is used to spend 5000. Dollars and teammate for college. I don't think so they 030930 and start 930 will be back after the news.

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