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Olympic Recap; 1st Look At NHL Trade Deadline

Feb 24, 2014|

Sabres Analyst Rob Ray

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WB analog line and welcome rob grant -- a member of the Buffalo Sabres broadcast crew. We're going to talk about two the Olympic Games and other future Brian -- sabres goaltender Iran good morning about attributed currently. How did you enjoy the Olympics -- say that. Well I don't know how it's because it was sort of disappointing for all of Israel's. Restarted wrapped up and hockey. On the hockey side maybe I think -- Are the American side they present. Big disappointment. Let go of the lady that was. Those kind of starting over. There it is or it probably on the men's side. They did -- do a little better than that be expected you know the sort of seemed to be open there for. Thirteen six -- because the injuries to his -- Governments we live with and they -- You're the audition but I have pretty clear path to maybe the final. They just couldn't put it together. What do you suppose happened in that -- -- everywhere two minutes away from winning I mean blanking them and all of a sudden. I mean it was just nerves you think. Probably sitting back a little too much. I think sometimes when you definitely you'd sit back and use this kind of run the clock so I think that mistake. I think you do listen to. We can inning game yes -- -- -- -- sit back it and and keep keep going forward keep trying to bury more out Serbs keep trying to put more woke up. And I think that's about -- because of beauty yourself -- spot where you're sitting back just opened the -- well they are you from back to attack. Sooner or later there can be a breakdown in America or to what they get Warren. In the momentum changes then that you're so often also. -- they but lack of experience in the it'll tradition out big gales and and and -- sitting back TARP. You know rob the demands are mayonnaise the men's team US -- -- seemed unstoppable at the beginning of the tournament. And then they just completely fell apart without any offence to finish what do you think happened there. Well I think Tina's car -- -- to what their weaknesses were and I think that the lack of offense probably came from spending so much time in their own little -- -- it didn't matter who they played. There are similar groups sabres spent an awful lot of Simon and in their own zone and when that happens things for our our chemical bad. This court to degenerate -- tension in -- I don't think that the -- Americans at the park nearly enough. And it does seem like a lot of times when they would gain control of optical on the offense. They were changing their retired there was one guy going down onto your four. Because they've spent so much sounder -- only couldn't get any communities sustain pressure because. You know every time they gain control what they're looking to change to get -- Yates because they've been trees per school. These sabres back to work tomorrow Robin the roster freezes over some teams can make moves again. With timber in charge now so there's your -- do we really have any idea what to expect around deadline time. I would expect to. I would expect some fireworks. I I do not -- -- it. Just. -- watching Jim in listening to him and -- kind of understanding maybe the plan they have down there that -- I would -- it's who's going to be looking to clear whatever he cared. Adhere to their establishing. Based that he wants to go around. And this is that this would be a pretty important time for him yeah he's got lots of am only to wanna say it's -- strap -- it's young kids and that. To move. But I don't think those Spielberg made great now I think that he'll make great now -- I -- your roster you know maybe. Adding to that torture as a stop going into the summer so. You know those guys that are creating -- now and I'm not even despite -- your archer most of Miller talk and probably anybody else from here on a roster that. That you know people have great interest them and willing to give up. Large amounts for -- I think it would be period arrests have been in dealing. Looks like sabres fans especially Ryan Miller fans are going to be in the suspense for awhile rob. Good to champ what do you think he'll. -- -- -- -- -- OK you do robber a member of the Buffalo Sabres broadcast group.