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Ratings For the Olympics

Feb 24, 2014|

Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Olympic flame is outlets kind of refuel in the past two and a half weeks Bob Thompson's with us this morning director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture. At Syracuse University. Not good morning good morning you know hit the closing ceremonies last night and this time they got the rings right -- a little. Yeah amid a little joke of the -- and they didn't -- which I thought those kind of. And yet we tell our listeners about last night you know their their way of kind of injecting some self deprecating humor and. Write well day is -- they didn't -- bring in their new -- -- iteration they've made a reference to be what was that the upper right one which didn't. The open the first time for -- -- Blake thing with put two weeks ago or sixty days ago whatever that. Whatever that want to that was one of the because stories being covered this morning with their little Olympic ring joke. You know doctor Bob when reporters began arriving in Sochi two and a half weeks ago. The Russians certainly were taking a lot of heat at the beginning of -- venue is not exactly ready. -- still drying and hotel rooms. Some reporters claimed they had no telephone service yet in Italy and the Russians. Is sort of pull the rug out from everybody getting high praise now very high praise for their organization for security true. You know they are and of course fortunately there were no big there's one person pointed out when your biggest problem was Bob -- His eyes and that's a pretty good. Pretty good Olympics there were worried about terrorism there were worries about. All kinds of things -- and in the end they did that the closing ceremony looked very nice instruction dated. Looked a lot better than it did win these open that we were talking about the -- -- the hotel and all the rest it. On the other hand there's still are issues. With Russia the whole game right. Business civil rights -- in general. And while -- he'd talked about it covered some of that stuff they certainly didn't do as much as some people think they should. Who tell the ratings with the Olympics. Well I mean they -- bad. Average viewership brought up through Friday for not including. -- left Saturday and left right. About 2122. Point one million people which is. Down from. Been -- 24 point four which is the last time we got -- they had course lot of live coverage. But -- -- from -- and in 2006 which was twenty point. Two million poll ratings are dead. And there were other reasons why this is good for NBC besides those. OK ratings could really help them launch. -- new sports network. And be the NBC sports network. And also of course if you would patrol -- doesn't -- completely loaded with promotion board. Your new upcoming shows and we're yet to see whether that was effective. You think that nine hour time difference for folks here in the East Coast. You know had a lot to do with the idea that the ratings. Well strangely enough it it doesn't seem to have nearly as much people would expect in -- -- as something to do with the the ratings are usually higher in the Olympics it would it would step in life but. On. Like who of course was considered one of the beat. People but he wanted to watch snowboarders and all the rest of the because they're very poorly it was copper everywhere everybody had -- well known -- know what you could have avoided yet. Keep coverage on primetime the of that evening got 23 point six million people so. It seemed like a lot of people even building -- PO column. Want to inspect. Watched anyway. At least he had -- resurgence that actually know the outcome increases the desire to watch it I'm not sure I'd buy that but. That's what they say. And issues Russia needs to address as you mentioned you know gay rights. How to address the situation in the Ukraine although aside now -- the Russians get more mileage out of the -- success. Well I mean a lot of -- is kind of hard to. Wrapped your head around. But certainly. The Beijing Games for example. Really we're in many ways kind debate coming out party for eighty new China and they really were effective in that way those opening and closing ceremonies there were apple -- taking it really received the expectations. Of every one. -- subsequent to that so. It if nothing else these things become too -- have weeks we're your country is in the spotlight and Russia I think he's managed to transform that from being basically negative coverage in the beginning. Two as you point out -- kind of miraculous turnaround by the by last night. At that point this stuff hey Donna nice talking with you this morning to you aren't as -- about Thompson director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture. -- Syracuse University.