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So Long From Sochi

Feb 24, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live not in Sochi Russia and CBS's Steve Ottoman. Who's been covering the Winter Olympics for the past couple of weeks Steve good morning. We're doing fine and I hope you are to avoid the Russians heading into these games remembers two weeks ago. Getting nothing but -- march nothing but criticism. Boy and other getting nothing but high praise as well the difference two weeks of. Well a couple of weeks ago issue or that security concerns and they had -- Google security breaches -- all we know there was also a concern out -- from -- let me tell. Completely which in fact true. Are there are being -- are worked out the official posts. Well look first where it would never come about -- in the -- is that urged the Olympics it. The big huge war will -- -- compete fairly and again and it was reported a -- -- thanks. Steve is the rush on to get out of Sochi. Yes I'd heard the airport is. What do they say a group of eight I'm leaving tomorrow -- trial -- the next day because of their. But -- it will be champs are beginning -- the security issues still. Over the Olympics because it takes a couple great for people in the Olympics next week. It won't have seen. Our culture and that it's electrically but there are still some -- court heard such trouble paralympics conclude which has -- mid march. Has there been much -- could there about what's gonna happen all these venues in Sochi. Is this area a terrific there were it'll attract a lot of people. That's the big question and you'll spend the money and some people think -- shouldn't have a picture upbeat. What they've had problems in Australia with some of the facility they built in 2000 in Beijing. The facility they built in 2008. They always or -- great ideas. It takes awhile to determine if these things will work or not yet and number ears. They've -- done something is true the computer which will obviously be long lasting -- built in trying stations which will serve the public for decades. That that we always say it's something that will be a good investment but it's -- that they knew what -- -- you have the big. What we have all are a lot like that will be what ever charge for the woke up which I believe this year in 2000. Eight orchard. And I think it's about security. -- only true but. -- so -- that will be used eventually former football here but there and the other issue apple tree. Steve you covered lots of events what are some of the most unforgettable moments for you -- big highlights that your bringing home with you. Out -- -- -- -- -- sort of a sad moment for the US -- Gold medal hockey game which -- thought was sort of desperate that card ever ringing nonstop action both -- this -- constantly that you. We literally about to win the gold -- first 1990 in the event there are libel the Canadian. Putting it together scoring twice what -- But seconds left in the game to try it and then we're going over our unfortunately for the Americans who knew what that was the ruling that. Did Gorbachev -- you thank you by the way you getting any -- coming back to cover the Oscars and Hollywood. -- -- all you're -- are now and everybody I'm thinking more about. People like. -- like chip that I am about a much dealership. Written. -- argue anybody talk to you talk to you later on -- in the way have a safe trip home. CBS's -- thought of them live from -- and Russia.

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