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Money & Markets

Feb 24, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- with us this morning CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money Jill good morning good morning or use sorry to Sydney -- -- Bob but is all I have the and a three things to report number one John -- lost for the season and accused the US -- in Los humiliating style and number three we did not get a medal for the men what is there to say this is the worst Olympics ever make it. We're out. -- -- -- Right. He did hit did really -- from. Here I'm really happy for other people who won but you know for hockey fan. Well what a -- right I mean. Just unbelievable. And it was like seeing the sabres season. Your bad you know you are an -- You know those -- -- risks though when you send a pro players under the Olympic Games yet you know it's funny because the -- ownership is just going insane because they basically said this is breezy and you know short they wanna go play in the Olympics and you know the Olympic Committee wants to get -- -- -- players -- against getting her fine that's one thing but like I've lost my best -- And that's really something to consider. I would what I mean look at these twenty year old kids are not gonna think they ever get injured. But you have not just a season ending injury you could have a career ending injury so it's just seems crazy to me to go through this I I liked it better when it was -- -- -- like -- went when it was amateurs writes I really about that and you have to wonder what the world as -- gonna do with all these million dollar. Palaces there unbelievable I mean the idea that that they spent all of that money. It does bring you back to sort of the whole problem with Greece -- Greece's problems actually they weren't that they -- not a 100% linked to the Olympics but. They gathered steam with the Olympics the only difference is that the Russians actually had the money to spend. And it just seems so over the top increase need to be doing this and it also makes you think that'll those studies. Where they say even here in the United States O Whitney at the Super Bowl worth this much money. And lean years later economists come back and they usually not worth as much -- all of the folks at the NFL -- the Olympic Committee really and say that's sort of more of the political pandering that they do to get the people that spend the money to build these huge stadiums. As -- wanna talk about economy and finances for a second when. Listen I read this morning only a -- investors are willing to overlook much of the weak economic data this month. But they appear reluctant to push the stock market back above its recent highs. Before they see some firmer evidence that the economy. Sustaining its recovery this economy's got to pick up speed. Well yes well it's so because he talked to economists and they really are convinced that the recent weakness hasn't. A lot to do with the wet there and I mean I guess I could understand that you really gonna go out and -- a card shop for car when there's like. Frigid weather and there are snowstorms across much of the country so investors have basically given a pass to let's say six weeks of data. That it really runs the middle of January through the middle of march -- through the middle of February. The question is it in the next few months we're gonna end in the next few weeks rather when you get new -- -- coming out you say hey wait a minute did we reverse course or was there something bigger going on. And I think that is the question that we -- we -- not sure whether the slowdown is really weather related or there is something bigger going on. If there's something bigger than the stock market is going to drop -- -- guarantee that. Because right now stocks came into the year priced for perfection they really did not that we say that spot -- would go up 30%. But that companies would be able to make money this year because the economy would improve if it doesn't then we're paying too much for stocks very. I -- -- but talking with you this morning take care okay that's still solicitor CBS news senior business analyst. And most of Jill on money Saturday's four until sex on WBN.

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