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Back From Sochi

Feb 24, 2014|

Mike Gilbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and live line now Mike Gilbert vice president for public relations for the Buffalo Sabres. Mike's been doing a PR work for the men's hockey team in women's hockey teams in Sochi Russia the Olympic Games. Live now to New York City where he arrived early this morning at JFK from -- Mike good morning. Morning John morning Susan that's great feedback on US soil. The you know my you've been gone for a long time I know you're coming back with a lot of disappointment you -- of the way to the world. On your shoulders -- circle have been disappointing for both the men's and especially the women's hockey team. Yeah it is I mean you you know turn the clock back to -- last Wednesday night when US men's team. They want in the quarter finals and and recorded the final four as the hottest team they had outscored their opponents 41. The women she was favored to win the next day -- been going well and then. You know on Friday that women lost them and not archery -- that women lost that on Friday. You know we lost to Canada one not -- and then lost again that Saturday at a Finland so. Things change pretty quickly and it was unfortunate but you know there's still a great experience and to go that far to do that well is a real lot of the players were part of -- Sheridan and you know looking back Mike credit to the Russians did overall with the games or so many questions going into it especially with security. I thought they did find I don't have a basis compared to other Olympics like a lot of people do who -- -- -- One positive and I kept hearing is that everything we're all centrally located together. So you're able to move around pretty -- and that security was fine. And stuff like that so yeah I mean I think overall it was a success. For me personally it was a great success in I learned a lot of had a chance to experience something I'll probably never get another chance -- -- and its its its interest -- to interact with other people around the world and and see how they do different things -- -- problems so it was so very positive experience for me. Looking forward to getting back and -- home office Mike you've been gone for nearly a month. He had been got a -- -- look too -- to get home to see my wife and kids and then. You know get back to work tomorrow but you know -- the sabres we have three home games as we got Tuesday Wednesday Friday. And then the middle of next week is team goes away in the trading deadlines that I was busy I'm so. If you read back -- it here it started tomorrow and -- be an interest in you know week to ten days. You know I'm sure you've got lots of memories are bringing back the issue suitcase -- -- souvenirs where their lots of things to. To bring home from from -- you know. If I I I brought back to giant hockey bag slams you're JFK airport flew to Newark. Sheridan and -- a -- I got too big giant -- -- of the USC here's he's from over there and -- sit there looking at myself while a lot of history these banks here. I hope it make it back to -- OK so. That brings some souvenirs back but more just mental memories. You know back it was a great experience and you know something I wouldn't trade at all. Well Mike it's been great talking with you the past two weeks and we wish you good luck we had back to the home office. As Mike Gilbert the vice president for PR for the Buffalo Sabres.

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