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2-22 Buffalo Means Business

Feb 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is paid programming. It's time for buffalo means business with -- -- -- on news radio 930 WP ENN. The only radio show devoted to local business in the people who make it happen. Now your host and local buffalo business advocate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on radio now. That we hear enough. Saturday afternoons at 6 PM. You can join us and that we talk about all the great stuff that's going on here in Western New York as far as local business. And the people who make it happen we have a great show today and some of the guests were around. That are making a difference in western new York at buffalo community. Is -- -- have a stroke who's director executive director of the wellness institute. In buffalo we also have. Dug -- Croix who's executive editor of the Western New York heritage magazine. And our third guest today will be John Williams CEO of the OSC group so we have a lot of good stuff to talk about what it comes to business. In Buffalo, New York again you are listening to buffalo means business my name is -- Shula. And we kick -- -- debut show here in WB yen. With Phil who's the executive director of the wellness institute a buffalo I don't felt. Great wonderful to be here buddy thank you girl and great. My him my brother -- -- radio -- That Britain France and great -- they're gonna have some fun here what's the wellness institute of greater than I am looking at the show's cool what is it right the institute is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and somebody this year we're celebrating our 25 anniversary of service to the community. -- were a little more than just physical health. The social or civic health of the community environmental health and the economic wellbeing are also things that are in our portfolio of initiatives so that's an interesting that you say that because you know when you think wellness institute. It right away act in fact we're talking of the year right away without incident with physical health. Which it has a little to do share. Absolutely yeah I mean we have a portfolio of initiatives in the health promotion area particularly may be of interest to your listeners -- the things that we do. With employee wellness programs -- -- well live well challenge which we market in the region through wegmans. As the sponsor is one of the programs I just look at the data we've had over a 150. Employers in Western New York participate in the program. And people go online -- for training coming up February 26 may be welcomed content so -- -- does every major city have. You know. Things like this going manner yeah I would say -- and both not only here stateside but also in Canada one of the other things it's happening is this 25 anniversary years also the 25 anniversary of the launch of the healthy communities movement and United States. And it shows up in communities in different ways in some communities healthy communities will be a little more focused on May be the environmental. Our portfolio was pretty well balanced amongst follows different aspects so -- buffalo stack up against the national average regarding just fitness. While we sit pretty good in one area the American college sports medicine does an annual assessment of fitness for an in the buffalo Niagara region came in in the middle and right on the 25 however if you look at some of the bigger other institutions the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation major national foundation. Sadly unfortunately. Erie county is ranked 56 that the 62 counties for health status in in god in New York State so we've got some work to do there. Now with buffalo fooled is so pot and let's face -- we great food and do and we got a lot of it. But basically. You know a lot of it's unhealthy. You know -- feisty -- for a listeners. You know earth I would say two things I mean I mean the more simple thing from most devices is moderation. So I'm as much as any other ball falling in love chicken wing now amendment in appease -- about it think simple thing there's moderation and things that if you really need help. In an area we have an outstanding group of registered dietitians in the Western New York -- -- we have Western New York dietitians association. In my own office I've trees that Jackson was a registered dietitian she's -- outstanding dietitians in the region. Three of our college -- but he have dietitian programs. So if you're really somebody who needs that kind of counseling and support I would Anchorage you -- make sure that the person you speak with is a registered and what what's what's the major health problem in in buffalo is that is that to do with her hair and tigers -- I think. I would phrase it this way and that's so much with the major health problems with the major challenges for us to get into more prevention and health promotion. We've got great. In the medical campus in hospital systems and all that to a great job on the treatment and cure side. But where that health -- -- has to changes we need to increase the prevention and health promotion that's with a cost savings. The outcomes if you look at the American health system globally. We spend more per capita body than any other nation in the world yet were ranked as Siemens has ties they're unique and house of mortality rates -- Number one in the US so we we have work to do there and really it. It's just we need to shift the paradigm focus from treatment and cure to prevention and health promotion in the institute looks at that from a systems approach. For the parents that are out there listening we're talking about being sure that your schools have quality physical education programs that -- compliance with state education regulations workplaces. A workplace health promotion program and as I said earlier in the shall we can help employers with that. And finally is as we get to our retirees in the community who are wonderful asset. One of the major initiatives were working and right now it's falls prevention falls -- a major issue for our older adult population and it's preventable. Situation like fall when falling down like all -- the most kinds of things and and so there's a lot to can be done to -- we're working right now with the pilot in the Fillmore district in the city of off won't reduce falls there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And as I've pointed outward. We look at it from the institute perspective is a systems approach what are we doing for our children. So that when they come out of schools they're well educated on how to keep themselves helping a -- healthy when they get to the work force if we have a large number of employers all sectors all sizes today with computers and everything we can get an employee wellness and any organization. And then when they retire. We wanna keep them here in western -- can keep them out the item the mantra for older adults Tuesday but he is healthy aging in place. So we're here with Phil have a stroll set he sees -- and it got and its German half executive director here of the wellness institute. Of buffalo and give a web site. Yes if you're listeners would go to triple W creating healthy communities again that's creating healthy communities all one word that a -- You can learn a lot about us there's a membership program available from the institute we've done a ton of work we just finished up with took a cub scout -- talking to little boy is about -- Teresa and I route and all -- just in the last few months so. Were available to support the community and its efforts to be healthier and all the wasted that we've talked about and it's addressing and and you sell those series you mentioned. Image in the signs as you come down on the thruway right I mean I notice of science and a -- for Rochester buffalo the all American city that I is that you. Yes the you have the program how we started twenty years ago and it's about civic health in the context of our people and our community getting involved in creating their own future rather than letting it happen to them so. We have great history here and I have a guest on -- it's gonna talk about our history. And you've got people on your show today or innovators it's a combination I think both of those things building on our past in creating -- future that that does that. In all America city program is the oldest and most prestigious civic award in the nation. Interesting connection to buffalo one of the founders of the national civic league was Teddy Roosevelt and Frederick law Olmstead who have great ties to large city. How does someone become a member or donation out of a -- how to become a member of the wellness and they can go online to the website or give us a phone quality 514052. Minutes 8514052. And feel free -- -- -- and talk to us if there's something we can do to help these children to help here. Place of employment or for an older adult group were happy to try to see if we can be. A resource for you that's our purpose you know is healthy community will look at it from very sensitive very broad spectrum yet and it is a prospect because again you would think just by just by the name alone. I wouldn't think that year. I mean going to broad areas such as the physical one person wellness but. Again you're talking about -- -- there's companies there's a real easy way to look at I think most investment community you know certainly we've been out Hawaii's in a lot of other groups advocating for her. Population be more physically active so we come go down the river and walk on the river walk consider them but at the same time I think men many of us know a few years ago we found a company down there that was polluting the air. With carcinogens and they were taken to court and and convicted and so that that. Puts together the idea of how environmental supports. Now one of the programs who came out of the institute that we incubator it is the goal blight program just in both is doing a great job in the city in the community and encouraging more bicycling and more by sticking points -- we get data that is. He's an environment that supports healthy choices and that's really important to helping people have to be healthier. You know why -- wired so this is more proactive -- help before it's too late for somebody writes absolutely prevent king. Things from happening to somebody. Before it actually happens of preventative. -- Yeah if you look at the literature particularly if you look at in the context of let's say school performance with children we know that physically active children who can do better in school. It affects their grades so that's a plus for our community we know that employees tour healthier miss less work. And it can be a cost benefit of the organization and reducing unnecessary use of the sickness care system. And again certainly aging in place keeping their families in their homes and older adults healthy has cost benefit to our community. What events. Are are you promoting right now. Well -- got a couple fun things coming up we are working and now we have our walks that we do in the area malls and again these are targeted their Friday mornings and in the malls have been great partners with so that's something people would call him -- 51405. To go to learn about that. We've got this coming summer -- ago looks like we're going to be doing a whole who put thigh and and that sounds very pretty fun event. And then towards the end of the summer we have a wild women united initiative which is so women only for the ladies that are out there and your audience that there we're going to be doing it over to teach them how to work in the woods in and and two fishing in those kinds of activities so. We've got a pretty exciting we're calling -- our summer of wellness body and it's again it's part of our 25 anniversary and we hope our gift. Back to the community it's so important it's so important help being healthy and tell -- tell me about pop -- are shared out of work. I've heard of any have there one of our affiliate programs one of the things that happened of the institute over the years kind of comes under the economic development side is we've. Which had people comment toys entrepreneur or social -- -- -- if you would with with ideas and -- Often times we've been able to intimidate those in a couple of young men crane Randall on my cows in all their recent -- with a few few few years ago -- Had this vision. Car sharing is that. Something that they totally innovative but he the copied from other communities in -- now here in buffalo and it's in -- -- that configure up to sixteen carries now so they're fleet has doubled in the last couple years. And they also have a bike sharing program. And they're working with the university of buffalo on couple the other colleges to make that available to people so that's a really strong peace forest. From an environmental as well as physical activity side. The wellness institute of buffalo providing consulting services to individuals. And employers in communities. Again like -- said you can call him at 7168514052. Or you could go to creating healthy communities. Dot -- and their we have about a minute left fill time goes quicker and he has an appetizer anything OC biker and I -- I just I would like to say thank you to UN and in your team here I know this is a debut show and in the media plays such an important role in helping us to get them particularly in nonprofit sector to get our messages out so we really appreciate that and we wish you the best -- official on moved to -- have to come back some time. Thank you thank you very much I appreciate that very much Phil. Have a stroke the executive director of the wellness institute of buffalo if you need anymore information I'm telling you these are great folks 716. 8514052. Or go to the website creating healthy communities dot org which is what Buffalo's about witches what this great institution. It's all about will be back with our second segment. 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Welcome back to buffalo means business here in news radio 930 WB EN my name -- -- Shula where actually got to bring Phil back here who's from the wellness institute we forgot to mention aryan. Orton out fundraising opportunity. Explain it gets your body united way of buffalo artists I think this is their third year in this is not just only for the institute the wellness institute of greater buffalo but it's also for nonprofits it's called spring and and it's march 20 and if you go to the united way website. You have a choice of many many nonprofits and community to make a donation to so again it's united way. Spring and march 20 visit the united way web site of the Wallace institute website you new information here thank you. Thank you very much think and thinks her remanded me to get that we're here now with up. Western New York heritage magazine executive director Doug -- Roy and -- first of all things are coming on the show. Well thank you buddy for -- appreciated -- -- -- these magazines. Are nice looking magazines. She's in Western New York heritage magazines. -- of even publishing. Well the organizations had a a bit of confusing history I suppose that that the magazine itself for started in late 1990s. But. As as you see it here today we've really been publishing nonstop since about 2001. There you are the island looking at right -- hitting six period a year in paid six from the editor. The winter issue was just put out it features an artist who some beautiful paintings of early buffalo reminiscent of like Norman Rockwell. For grandma Moses. Is that kind of typical of what you feature. Yeah of this is the story was on Claire -- about -- is one of the many artists from the region that we featured over the years and it but he really art are. Mission statement for the organization as well as for the magazine is to try to build the a pride of place them in the eight Western New York counties through an understanding and appreciation of the art architecture and history of the region and so. Really those are the three types of stories in -- and features that we typically focus on. Your obviously owning -- of one of the -- stories we also are well known for our stories on on buffalo and western New York's Greek architecture. And things that are purely historical as well so those are typically that they -- final with really great illustration I mean in it it is great architecture is -- and I mean is is it and it is it really primarily in the city really architecture is. I for the well are I'm a bit biased I I'm I'm from Niagara county and soul I don't cut. Certainly nothing against -- wonderful architecture is spectacular but both from a personal perspective and also from from an organizational perspective we try to look a little farther afield as well -- -- buffalo but the rest of Western New York also which has a tremendous. A variety of architectural richness and mean and and really it's. It's phenomenal from a sense that you've -- course got what we look at some of the great master teacher Franklin writes -- Richardson through Sullivan's and all these sorts of folks but. You know you've got more vernacular architecture. You know in Polonia. Very functional structures and you've also got some great chronological variety as well coming up not far from where I am. You've got -- and anger with some of the oldest buildings in North America certainly the the largest collection of original military architecture in North America so there really is a tremendous variety. What what are your personal favorites in Western New York beat your three favorite. Places. Of heritage while you're gonna put me he would get calls and letters now I can see this coming oh boy. You know I I've got to say the just from a proximity standpoint that's the south recounted at fort Niagara is going to be one of my favorites is one of only two in the entire world it's really a special building. You know I I love city hall -- a huge art Deco fans and you know so anything that that -- that style you know so much like lake city holders has got to be a favorite. The guaranty building is phenomenal. You know I'm I'm not a huge Frank Lloyd -- fan I'm sure people. Chris -- out there you know men I -- what he was trying to do is just it's now -- I wanna live but I -- again from an artistic and in architectural. Appreciation standpoint I certainly. In interest in -- from that way but -- You know it's it's so hard to choose because you know as soon issue you come up with a list that you discover something else that's really the great part of being associated with Western New York here each. I learned something new every month about this this region it's phenomenal. You. Have another article coming out about saint Anne's church and shrine. Which is which is an incredible building. So what do you thing of the churches is -- in trouble with -- and it's breathtaking in this was another story in our winner issue. It you know it depends on your perspective and I think you know for better or worse the saint -- story. Really illustrates. The the two sides of many historic preservation issues and I'm I'm happy to say that Western New York has really done a turnaround I think philosophically when it comes in -- preservation at least. We've gotten away from sort of the sixties and seventies Urban Renewal and parking lot generation and then not that it never happens. But I think there are so many more organizations. Are both from the development side as well as for the preservation aside and understands. The importance of security each tourism the importance of the architect role of resources that we have -- Western New York. And so you're seeing more success stories that we use to but -- hands this is still very much in doubt the in the local diocese of course. Close the church for for structural reasons and again. You know this is that a problem in Western New York for some time with either the the the diocese schools of the structures and things the neighborhoods are changing. They're parishioners are or are dwindling and and they have to make some very difficult economic choices that I certainly sympathize with that. But anyone who's seen the interior of the structured certainly the images that we have to bill cooks great article largest leap off the pages. You know what what a treasure and I think the point that bill makes is that if you take the things out of the building and re purpose that for some other. Purpose. You really lose the essence of what -- hands and so many of the other religious structures that are region are all about insult. You know it's one thing to say that however and I'm gonna go to play devil's advocate for just a moment I just saw an interview you know that the bishop. Handed him a few days ago and you know he's got a point to where where is this money gonna come from and I think that's something that preservationists and developers and things needed to do more coming together and we've seen some great success stories here recently with the hotel Lafayette and -- -- just gonna ask you -- a fabulous final position and that's that's probably the quintessential success story for us here in the last year or so I mean anybody who's been down there it's just phenomenal and so we know what happened -- -- absolutely and but it takes that special. Again alliance of preservationists who understand the history appreciate the history and can. Really consult on the history of these types of structures and I think that's where western your carriage consent. But matched that with the economic resources and that's always the problem we've lost some wonderful structures here in the last couple of years in it's it's for one of the economic resources to do it and so it's not as easy. As simply oh we need to say this building it's gorgeous or it's important. We've got to have those resources available to make that happen -- to sustain the buildings once -- -- you know once we stabilize the so again we're here with Doug to -- executive director or -- -- -- Western New York heritage magazine. And you can go on their website which is Western Europe heritage -- -- WNY charity each press dot org actually you know where they can call us at 8934011. -- -- -- -- our offices while so with the revitalization. Of buffalo in these buildings -- and mean. You know -- use your peers kind of historian Tony. In -- mean that you like that. You know that is academic -- right works out nicely and is that a good thing or bad I mean you gave the example of hotel lot he would downtown which is good thing looks the same. I mean -- almost but I mean -- Demolishing some buildings to -- Yes and unfortunately are we lost the the lack wanna -- office building recently. You know assumed the office or the canal where houses and so forth. And there are many others out there are so you know it's. Each -- case is almost unique in many regards you know again it's it's what condition is the building and what are the various options and sometimes repurchasing her world you know what's called adaptive reuse in the business can be very. Very advantageous. Obviously the you know the supporters have seen -- feel that because of its unique purpose sitting in its unique history. That that would be. You know that would be an ill advised choice to make but we've seen other examples where. You know it's safety structures of the developers have been sensitive to the historic nature of the buildings and have you know incorporated that history into there. Repurchasing in those can be very successful ventures as well finally and at this magazine and am looking at -- hands I mean it's incredible but. I mean this magazine as a really really really nice Tellme a little bit about Western New York heritage magazine. It's sells for seven dollars working working to get that shirt -- -- available at Barnes & Noble tops wegmans. A host of other places around town and directly available through Western New York dirty of course on. You know but -- one of the best kept secrets I think about the organization is that we are not for profit organization where not a commercial entity despite the magazine. You know front and -- But Western New -- carry each press which is actually the organization. Is a cultural organization where a 501 C three and you know really. It's the subscribers to the magazine that really keep us going they are our bread and butter we courts have some wonderful supporters that purchase advertising in the in the publication but. You know we always encourage people to subscribe not only do they say a couple of bucks for four issues or something like that but. So much more that money goes back into the not for profit and allows us to keep doing what we're doing here and done to you know again and continued to increase this cultural awareness and historical awareness of the region. Where do you actually print this magazines. Actually we have the magazine is pretty by dual printing and Cheektowaga it's again a local publisher we feel very. Very strongly about him being a regional publication and we wanted. Printed regionally and they do want to put -- -- we've been with them for a long time do you have to oversee obviously anything that goes on -- -- rate in the -- articles of absolutely if people have suggestions if listeners have suggestions you know there. You know they think that. You know King -- grew up next to their house or -- of them like -- -- do they get older you -- they -- you'd get a hold -- -- email is always the best way to to start that kind of conversation and I always tell people when they when they bring these types of things to our attention. Great stories that come with qualified authors usually get down a lot faster than great stories that don't can you give us. Well today you know were were kind of they can spring here when mr. Jordan that is you know horrific winter what these give us some details on the spring issue. Well we get we can throw a few pitcher direction actually Indians. Thinking of the warmer weather in that we've got a great story coming up on Ellen Herschel who was the king of the -- cells -- down the -- want to carousel or north I don't want to carousel industry. We probably get a baseball story coming up sort of minor league team from Laporte during the war years and how that sort of sustain the public when many Major League teams were taking a hiatus. We've got very evocative story about the -- damn project and its impact on the Seneca nation's soul of a wide variety of things coming up -- a few more surprises as well I mean could could stuff fear anyone interested in. He inherited you know of Western New York matches Kyrie -- absolutely and what should -- haqqani and seeing some stuff here about I mean. It is business magazine you just have to see in these pictures of saint hands. Are incredible -- in what is a subscription cost a subscription is 24 dollars a year and and we are quarterly publication so that's four of those glossy. Coffee table style magazines and -- and you know what we thought we would do since this is your inaugural chauffeur for WB yen and then it's just allowed another offer for your listeners if they wanna call our offices again that's 8934011. Between now and the first of march will block four dollars off the subscription price of they call us they can get it for twenty dollars instead for new subscribers you can't get it on the website you'd have to call is just mentioned you listen to the show and a I would got to prove it to you that someone listens eviscerate your show so -- okay well it's a great publication makes a great gift to mothers' and fathers' -- coming up. You know if you've got parents that are from the area a lot of our subscribers are not in Western New York so. You know they have ties to the region and wanna stay in touch of the great gift to I beg you if you're listening. Today to call. This number right now you know call 8934011. Get a subscription and exclusive. WB and discount rate today. And you know that we will prove that people actually listen and and they'll and they'll get a great product as well this magazine is awesome. Again a few if you're in love with the -- to to Western New York. What better magazine which you go to than Western New York. Heritage and that gets skip his website again it's again WWW. WNY. Heritage press all one word dot org sorority thing else you want our listeners to know I -- I'm gonna be looking for this magazine. Absolutely -- again and you know if you've seen it on newsstands or something pick it up -- subscribe really our subscribers keep this in business we've done all a lot of other public outreach programs speakers series. You know programs to our website FaceBook and that sort of thing. We've also done two out of three commemorative Daniels on the bicentennial the war between twelve so it's not just the magazine but it really is that subscriber base that level of support that really helps us. To bill that try to place in Western New York in -- Participate in the revitalization that we hope will continue here for the region thanks a lot for being with us thank you. Doug -- Croix executive editor Western New York heritage magazine. Thanks for being with as many as but he surely you are listening to buffalo means business then news radio 930 double. You beat you you're listening to buffalo means business with -- buddy -- we'd like to hear from -- Email body could be sure look @entercom.com. Or FaceBook buffalo means business only. On news radio 930 WBE. And. Why wait to drive the -- yeah I am relax. Like wait to experience design protests and exterior so unique you have to see it to believe it. Finally to grab life by the meal we continue now with panel sisters in the and a -- I am -- when England 25 years to do what you want. The 2014. Acting and I am -- and we have a corner and I transcends. Visit re -- -- I -- Williams bill member of the upstate Acura dealers association. 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Apple allows you complete access to listen to WP. And use us be your daily alarm clock can access WP EN dot com. If you haven't -- download the free WB CNN today complete details at WBM dot com. UV and there's enough and it. We're back to buffalo means business with -- -- Shula on news radio 930 WBA. And if you want your business featured on the show. Email body yet be sure look @entercom.com. Or FaceBook buffalo means business. Welcome back to buffalo means business my name is what he surely -- WBN news radio 930 we do the show every Saturday afternoon. At 6 PM putting a spotlight and great local businesses that Western New York we have a great debut show this afternoon. Certainly appreciate you being here our last guest. And this is this is a group I had not heard of but as we were talking off fair. There's so much that this gentleman does and that you may be familiar with that John Williams who CEO. Of the OSC group based editors thanks. You are. You know the solar powered lights. And -- that you are them but you do dad explained to me. This. Solar powered lights to -- I will will. Policy is primarily -- environment Patrick. We work for the most part across North America. The company does some eighty million dollars a year in sales. And we primarily do work for large industrial corporations and here and year to see your here -- I'm Imus and -- -- dance show and I mean these and the and the janitor in the C press. Heard -- it's your type of company though that people sometimes don't know about that that it's makes such a difference. In our community you know I mean. But we started or buffalo seventeen years ago. Our headquarters still hear the the interesting thing about the solar lights which is where you started the question is that. We have a large fabrication. Equipment component to our business so because we do construction. We have a lot of heavy equipment. And the fabricated and welded components. Managed this from the medical campus was pursuing a project to put solar lighting and the new park. And the vendor he was working with was start a -- it was -- Kind of entrepreneurial. Individuals that designed to solar concept for India combination. Wind power solar powered. Light -- The fabrication that supported all the technology. Was not built in the area it was built out of the area. -- from major easier maybe North Carolina. And because of the way -- from set up they were designed to build cities so maybe the -- thousand summer 2000 them for project. The -- to get the campus was for about. Eight hundred eighties late fixtures so it was a smaller. Project engine. Com. But we got involved with the technology company helped them redesign -- people support for and and fabricated those polls -- -- buffalo. That. The buffalo Niagara medical campus. That's going to be that's a big deal. It's a big deal and you know I think. You talk about the the best kept secret Western New York. There's so much going on there every day there's so much. Spin off that's going to impact this academy in this region. In a positive way. It's hard one. I mean today do you think it'll make awful like almost like. One of the leaders nationally. Of this big yeah I think buffalo is quickly becoming come a national leader in several disciplines in the medical field. And they were also becoming a destination for. High tech companies. That want any of that resource. Intellectual. Power next their facility him. It works half -- -- you seventeen years ago and again -- here with channel Williams CEO of the OSC group. How outage -- start the company what is mean what was your thought process I you know I I and I worked for several large. National companies it's similar services. And and one of those companies. It projects all over North America again a lot of experience as a result of it. And I just it was tantrum -- And is that a big risk. It's a vigorous but the you know the the benefit of being young as you -- its mark. Spotlight. It. If -- Uganda you know you carrot and things were looking at -- -- -- and I don't know given the same circumstances today I might have I might have taken a different path but and fortunately it worked how many employees here. Blows across the three three operating offices you know in the -- 250. OK so I mean that's that's pretty good size. You know and as we -- know business owners have the life of watcher. At which of course and beaten him I think he -- erect trade. Right you know as a as a business show you know I think it's important talked about you know some of the things you know. V8 it's interesting for me to -- to use starting out -- you'd just a regular guy here be here but 2.2 150 people I mean. Tell tell me about tell me about the risk it mean that was it calculated risk that did he like being your own bosses. You know what -- You know your -- like I I think it. Any level we all work so. And and even if an even if you're your own boss she still responsible to your customers will. And irresponsible to agencies responsible to insurance companies mining companies and a whole list of people. The the advantage to having your own company is is it you know. You're responsible for what you do is if you do things well. You know -- it typically get the benefit of that if you don't do things well well you know you get the consequences. What's the toughest part of -- out of business owner. You know I like it. So for me it's not it's not -- -- get up every dancing I'm going to work that's the toughest part that you like -- British and nobody did it because I mean you know and that. This is what I do -- and a lot of hobbies I don't gulf you know I don't that's gonna ask you that you know I don't you know I'm not a big wine enthusiast I don't. There's now a lot of things they do and you know. My businesses and I enjoyed them and you know I got four kids and they keep me pretty busy woman that you know run and around so. We have a website for is well that triple W always seat in. Group Beckham just OC -- always seat into that county can check out. -- chance company. Your newest venture is making. And -- we are talking about the stop -- to and it's just amazing he knew his ventures making a back -- that's electric powered. Quieter and non polluting -- -- prototype produced yet there is -- to protections that would college generation one generation to. And there in the unique thing about this machine is that there are electric excavated in the market right now. But all of those escalators plug into. Now all. -- exceptionally plug into power source that separate from the unit itself. This machine is better operated. So it gave me at a good analogy. 20 about an analogy of a kid. Yes of you remember if if you remember when you get your first remote controlled car remote control toy. And you know you charged up that ended in you know charged up and -- on and you took your remote ran around. That's what this this this is big -- But it's very sophisticated and in very capable -- Com we're excited about it we've been demonstrating that with a large nationally utility for the latest three months. On the job sites. I -- feedback and thinks they'd like to see done differently and some engineering changes. And this next generation will come here about the next six weeks so be the -- the third generations gentry. In its it's going to be great machine why how how did you get the idea for -- -- what was the first inkling. You know -- catcher toward this thing -- We do a lot of we do a lot of working confined space so we do work in -- plants and factories and things like that and the diesel fumes are always an issue when you're indoors it's health safety issue. So we've always looked for a cleaner machine. Machine -- a very low -- point. As reflected about this stock initiated Dennis -- back from National Grid -- the campus. And man has done a lot of outreach to. Venture firms. That are doing battery development. And Madison wanted to just make electric. He started arguing and I couldn't come up with a good reasonably could just make it electric. As a result of that beating and I introduced and you remember in -- -- the president of the state. Aaron passed away. Maybe six months ago. But his son -- pointless ski it is India. As doctor -- engineer. It was and cholera. I get introduced to -- as a result of this taxation. And Noah came how important policy. And really he's led the development of this machine technology. So he knew it was local connections. That brought about. And as it happens is gonna be produced -- All real and we can't finish a terrific. That's what that put buffalo means business is all about and it companies you have. Mean people were now so it is being produced locally it is and and you know I think. When you talk about the medical campus we tend to focus on Roswell in Fallujah where it. There's -- to Europe because that's what year. There -- so much more to the impact that they campus as -- region. And this is an example. If it was the ability to talk to somebody hand. Tactics and vision outside of the region that allowed us to you know can call us this idea and development here. Where you're also -- partner. In the river right complex. Oh were of that whole entertainment complexes going. I mean again you're you're aware and multiple hands here which is amazing well and this one and I'm amid stepped back and give the credit to other people it's. Our offices have been against street sense we start address -- street 33 Gibson. And we are about -- you know 910 acres of property there that sits on the buffalo river. Doug swift came into my office maybe year and a half ago. And he had this vision that the buffalo river should really be the next area with a great deal. Com and I was involved market building -- lot of interest here in Western New York. On Doug brought with them a felony rocketry in early news. That the developer pearl street. And the developer Lafayette hotel and several other ventures in this region. The two of them came out of the property and they just said this is going to be expected. Now you know. At the time we better equipment facility located there and hopefully he'll wired in August. And historic past at. And came up for the cats. The interesting thing is that went from concept to fruition very quickly there to -- sheets of ice and property are now. Refrigeration equipment to keep the ice -- in for the most part through all season. They partnering with the bats this. Hockey tournament yet and the terminal start on Friday and runs through the end of the days that. But if you look at the skater in your command. I mean it's it's solely the the entertainment complex itself I mean news is going to be -- round there's going to be around and it's it's really going to be the I'm -- causes it's it's the first can a private development here. And they're gonna leverage at buffalo river and all the access you have been -- now. And make it accessible for entertainment. As as a business executive. In CEO are you. Happy with which are seen down buffalo finally I mean I'm I'm -- It's been alone and it's been a long time coming I think there're. -- call the perfect storm but it's pretty close you get the influence of the population from Canada. You know coming into our market in popular restaurants hotels airports. -- -- a lot of young. Developers and buffalo is like Nixon that trend some of these others. Really you know investing capital in time and energy. And it's interesting because when you build a good product. People think. It will come -- and they will welcome you look at the -- right -- mean just just been incredible animation. And the spectacular -- walk into and it's fall. My friend his apartment there he loves it while it. So I think this. United we used to can be up on ourselves -- -- and then everybody just decided to go work well I mean but but I think we're when we were beating yourself appeared buffalo. I mean we it was for a reason -- really it was getting to mean that memorial auditorium sit down there for how many years vacant and empty. Where else but then -- but he come he you can only real life and laid off so much. A sustainable region and sustainable economy is based private enterprise that are functioning in managing. And you know drive. And government can only react I think they can only react to that needs at enterprise. And for community to be truly sustainable. You know we need to re use of the infrastructure in the property we have an in and rebuild. And we need to do it right I think that it's exciting news and world report. We have about a minute left that wanted to know what are your future plans for the -- group. In an idea of it is there anything on the horizon. Well other than this incredible. -- it took it -- but has pretty cool and an entertainment complex. For you and your brand partners and everything up during the outscored analysts he group now you know this this the -- of leaders really going to be -- her equipment division. And we've just moved the equipment division down aside at least elements. And renovating some warehouses and production space for two going to. But -- I think we're just gonna keep doing we're doing and then hopefully. I'm here in seventeen years we're talking about it. Well we really appreciate you being and the debut show here of buffalo means business and WP yen. John Williams CEO of the OSC group. And again you can kind of -- him if your business happens to need your business. You know someone can get a hold you directly right capsule actually threw what -- even through a phone. 8563333. And -- -- thank you for Afghan man it's great to see that -- take off and I wish luck in the world banking it's all about local businesses is is is you know and thanks for having your business. In buffalo and go to their website check about OSE ink the accountants OSE -- -- and that wraps up our debut show me. Thanks everyone for a coming out today was great show will be -- with another edition of buffalo means business next Saturday every Saturday we do -- 6 PM. And WBN news radio 930. And also our knack key beef 1520 ESPN. Saturdays at 7 AM so let's hear it for our debut show here yeah. And I will see it next Saturday at six straight year in buffalo means business. My name is -- shall have a great. You've been listening to Buffalo News business with -- -- Shula on news radio 930 WB he had. The weekly radio show that spotlights local business end of people who make it happen. To be in every Saturday at 6 PM all morning on news radio 930 WPP and.