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Artvoice's Geoff Kelly- NYS Election Hijinks

Feb 23, 2014|

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-- for context the proposal that was put forth by Governor Cuomo a pilot project at ten prison statewide to give college courses to. Criminals while they're in jail. The argument there and there's a lot of national studies the supporters say that it would cut down on recidivism. At the same time though it has been opposed vehemently by many Republicans. Many of them. Are are saying it's just something we can't afford right now. And leading the charge on a lot of that early on. Was state senator mark resigned -- a Republican in a very democratic district. A guy that has been criticized in the past for being perhaps. A little too liberal now coming out without a fairly conservative position at least on this. I wanna put in the context of politics and this is where we bring in our voices Jeff Kelly. Jeff is more of my favorites he's been on the show couple times before the politics coverage and our voices pretty strong. And a part of the reason Jeff apart from that that I wanted to have you on. If you had some interest in commentary this week about resigned these very public opposition to this measure thanks for being here talk a little bit about what you wrote. What is my pleasure island bit of the thing about this proposal of Cuomo's -- that it -- That the Democrats. And group grew by alert to supporters of the program are by and large Democrats and put them. In a tricky position because of the arguments against -- are. Our emotional and resolutely emotional if you don't mean sort that that that's really tricky. For Democrats countered because the argument that the -- Is that. You know good potentially good to have Bard College started that this is -- decided Goran is an accurate. And college degree earned in prison -- reduces the likelihood of recidivism by it and pulled. Bennett save money over the long term potential I didn't benefit doesn't have that doesn't it's a failure what you've done good being. And you know -- market -- has put himself in the position. Where he can make that emotionally resonant argument. Against something that is an and it's hard to countered that what you -- kind of weapons that -- -- facts and numbers. Which don't know is were quite as well. And at the same time you also put forth the argument that if if if he's looking at it is from an economic point of view that this is just not worth that this is not money that we should be spending. Well then where was he on some other issues that you say he -- come out in favor of supporting Sunni. Yeah exactly and in that that is that actually came from other comment on our blog and one of them but that expose it. And the -- but also I thought that was your writing but since it really good that is -- and my column for -- and and what what this comment -- settlers you have. Why are you jumping on this now you're not where where you went there when -- went -- raised tuition where have you been rather advocating for. Better situation occurred tuition help or or needy students outside a prison in recent your life by -- Working harder on responsible spending within this unit system in the -- put -- toward the new football center a -- which cost like 25 million dollars and one could argue it's not. Really you know part of the educational mission. But the school. Greta is you're sort of suggesting. You need something. That will rally Republicans -- interest rates upcoming because. You know he is going to be targeted on the right. From there it -- effect look again under the -- to regressive tax marriage. He is going to face some sort of opponent from Democratic Party party as well what is certain is it an intricate position. And there is talk of possibly. Having a Republican challenger Kevin Harvick former host this program Tony legislator professor at -- -- -- just. Has talked about may be challenging was on -- in a Republican primary. Two to bring out the more conservative side of the vote and Rus Thompson even though loggers county has gotten independent backing right now. Rus Thompson the Tea Party advocate has talked about challenge him and an independence primary perhaps so he suddenly finds himself. In an ice independence party is so wild and -- around here you're -- political independence party at our national clip and independence party which -- it. You that their endorsement at the local. There's this sort of local factions independence party which were sent at the count and I knew we could have our own candidate tourists and who believe that you're willing. Do you think the issue is being taken up elsewhere on the campaign trail beyond -- it was on -- race. Because of leading question because of the makeup of the state senate. Yes certainly absolutely. There's a question I mean I mean good a lot of things -- -- if you put every -- -- now -- these big controlled state senate -- so. And every every sort of potential wedge issue like this its own. Into something much bigger than -- remembered as a pilot program at imprisoned it's not. It up and sweeping reform. The big changes everything's in -- If for putting in the context of politics let's ask then why Governor Cuomo is putting it forth. Earlier this week we have Bruce Bruschi on the air he's a professor of buffalo state college he says. Where the rubber hits the road in the colleges this doesn't make sense he'd be pulling. Professors out maybe sending them to prisons or or either the prisoners to the colleges he looked at the financially and said he doesn't seem to think there's a great argument for there. But he also looked at a politically and scratched just hadn't said. He doesn't understand. Why Governor Cuomo will be putting this forth why do you think he's -- Well there's always you know you know Bhutto is sort of can't answer that Cuomo those looking to presidential politics. And for presidential politics needs to have big term -- There have been dramatic initiatives that appeal to the left leaning side of the Democratic Party that. You wee -- for your appeal to the primary. And so there's that there and you know almost everything he does is look Aetna Life. Do you really think that that he's still doing that all or is the commercialism I've always heard. Hillary's to lose if she do if she wants therefore he's kind of out of that is he's still making that kind of calculation. Churkin euros prepared for it and it's. There -- -- you know if you want to be ready the and if Hillary should decide for whatever reason not to run or capable and Korea of course you know I mean you're you're a politician like Andrew Cuomo -- for five and a bit might unfold in future. So so to your mind he hasn't ruled that out. No I don't think I'll trigger service situation. But you know if you'll react under situation. All right Jeff tell them. Jeff Kelly is with us from our -- After the break we'll look at some of the other interesting things that have emerged on the campaign trail and if you think people are really making their decisions based on what's going on. In terms of the state legislature. Will feel educates you on just what's that coming down in that regard after the break. We're talking for the next ten minutes or so. About what's going on in the state legislature on the campaign trail and there's more to come its hardline -- news radio 930 WB yet. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen coming up after the news at 11 o'clock. We'll talk a little bit about the New York State's safe -- local attorney Jim Ostrosky is readying a lawsuit. And it's different from some of the others we've heard about before we'll delve into that in about -- what here now fifteen minutes or so. But let's put it right back up with Jeff Kelly he's the editor at our voice their political coverages. Part of the reason why I've got him on the program today. Now we're looking at some of the interesting things that -- escaped under the radar in recent weeks perhaps. In the state legislature races and there are a couple of -- we've touched earlier obviously on my present in some of the challenges he faces but locally. The bigger challenge I think might be coming in the primaries where state senator Tim Kennedy sees a rematch coming up. From Erie county legislature chairman Betty Jean grant. Jeff you've been writing a lot about that lately what he's seen so far. I think you're threatening he doesn't -- cleared a few term but he knows it will be structure and Kennedy knows exactly what could happen and that's -- grant who. -- barely beat him in 2012 despite. Being. Practically unfunded and when asked -- -- she jumped murder and well. Are actually because orchestrated senator Antoine Thompson who mark is undefeated 2010. And who is -- along -- -- -- and you sort of African American base there in two content of these districts and front and kind of and then and so he might channel Kennedy. And then that the late last minute decided he couldn't completely keep a close but I was sort of similar somebody's from the Arab American community challenge and she jumped -- there. I'm prepared and and only lost by underdog. So that you getting ready to run again that time and in the meantime and in the years that he needs. In Albany Cortland sport but these Ingram and of course. Democratic headquarters with which -- -- we -- a coworker to actually get some -- should get much. -- the graphics are against Kennedy in that district is still got a strong base in how are low but that might -- Our challenge and a democratic challenger and in my leg you suggested his -- on his family and he himself well you know. He pick -- -- enough votes out of books. To make. To make Betty -- -- -- and besides mission to to unseat -- Sometimes in races like this there are spoilers that come forward. Secretly because they want to be the spoiler is he in that category -- is he legit. I think so I mean you know and I'm sure he would. I'm sure Blake would be it was -- -- but I think that's not there's been a motivation I don't know and I don't think it's been motivation. It is to make steady. Ingram. More viable I think this principle motivation as he doesn't think continued in particular. And equipment well well well and so cheapened. You know me that. Kennedy deserves to be challenged in commuted to answer the questions that like how about instant runoff. When Kennedy was on the Erie county legislature he was one of those Democrats that. Sort of jumped the fence and and became part of a coalition that helped then Erie county Republican executive Chris Collins. Not that he is in this state senate he's seen as someone who might even be part of the skewed -- independent Democratic Caucus. That is -- again pulling together to give. Republicans. Some traction in terms of leadership of the senate. Is he -- liberal Democrat this year conservative Democrat how. How would you characterize him in light of what you've seen in that regard and to what degree is that an issue down the road. Well it up and so he was elected to state so that. He present themselves and act conservative Democrat you point out that he. -- with Republican and you're kind of legislature although that was more a matter Arctic and ideology picture. I'm. But. But he got elected -- here quickly. And I think that. -- -- is look at you could look at it as you know as. As Bob -- about the news put it in her recent on the discrepancy and and evolution appears of this but -- various issues. It is there's also more cynical point of view on it which is perhaps it is more politically viable for them in Albany. And in the district for the constituted now to be left wing. You know in order to stay about primaries and and survived. If it via if it is strange sort of mind trick in -- and -- player and that's when it -- -- -- Billie -- to cheer the bad Democrat who caucus with the independent democratic conference was continuing the nine Democrats. They. There majority in the vote in the senate given the given the history you point out that he infected the same thing here a couple of. How did the redistricting. Affect his district is it is it now more. Based in the minority community that would we assume perhaps lean toward Beijing grant. Yeah I mean it's it's still it's the campaign so -- beat a lot of different parts of what a lot of I mean we're -- and I mean to sound cynical -- group. We -- for their brokers are voting here. Breaks pretty cleanly on ethnic lines not currently but it but that's a good predictor and so. Thank you cut and they. Quite so pleasant south buffalo and Cheektowaga. But he needs high turnout in Cheektowaga. And so Oslo and support from now might -- this innate skill some would most and so Butler and walk one -- -- alerted to a known. As an organizer of a popular use -- program in Cheektowaga. The issue. Placing them Evers which might try about what that impressed with partner for about vacancy. That that brings us to the the final topic I wanted touch on here. Let's look at this election after Dennis -- act resigned because of all of those sexual harassment allegations that are being brought forth in court. Now we have somewhat of an open seat. And you have something interesting I hadn't seen anyone sort of put these pieces together and it was a bit of a lightbulb moment is soon as I read it in your paper. Lay out the cast of characters involved in the gap to exact situation. And tell me what you think might and I underline that this is speculation but tell me what you think might be going on there. Is is is there an unseen hand in all of this. Well look look credit -- -- used to that -- that the book on news also. Just a bit and it and a piece he did particularly -- -- up after her. But c'mon we don't like to mention the Buffalo News here's some good credit you -- They seriously. And but I thought I'd like to credit that would make it a so. And so he yeah if you if you. There's some understanding that the America predict behavior and -- been rumors about this behavior for a long time. But it should come out now. Welcome to come out eventually right. The sort of supposed -- look at the people. Could open it up especially the lawyers if you begin with a two the lawyers associated with the case and their charm -- on this you know. Both of Niagara Falls both very politically active and both will presenting some of the accuses. -- represented in the young women who. Who allegedly where where harassed by -- a movement got respect. And helping animal on interest in New York. We look. All of these people are. Closely associated with -- has -- Christie herself to become one of the accusers and has. Some court papers are pending to also. Current Packers who have written these and other believes such limitations. Forbidden -- the and acres. And she's talking about possibly running to replace him. Yet she is a potential candidate -- put so. There there is. Some pocket among politicos -- -- the ever gonna -- gonna have to resign if insurance. That there will be a primary. In his district which is you know or something -- well. I don't know where there can be really needs stability copy of large and white go to our. In hopes that they'll vote for whoever they want to replace every -- But for Kennedy -- Over over but it can -- And why would people think that is there I asked somewhat rhetorically. Is there are a person or someone behind the scenes that is connected to both. This Tino and Bartolo Maine and Missouri cool like Kennedy who could that be -- That is literally sit Tibetan -- Steve pigeon. And and do this event is sort of appears parents should be in. Bulk part is you wonder could you mentioned these so diabolical and and deeply -- and that he did. And grandpa chairman of the accurate or not. But it but if not diabolical there is at least some cause to think he's taking advantage of a really nice situation unfolding in front of them. This is a -- and is certainly trying hard working very hard to help and Kennedy's chances. -- -- -- All right in those things are interesting stuff we're out of time Jeff thanks for filling some reports this morning. Oh that's Jeff Kelly from our voice coming up next we'll talk more in this where I apologize sometimes we talk too much and don't taken a few calls. Next half hour we're gonna take you calls -- the same effect. We gonna bring an attorney Jim Ostrosky it's all straight ahead on his radio 930 WB yen.