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2-21 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. Walls down upon you would write. That you. Hold up to mark the end. -- no one ponds with an assault rifle no. And it's got talent. That. And. Winds up takes his shot at seeing iron handed and I -- -- parade in last night. Tom -- I don't know how to put this. But. Kind of a big people know me. I'm very happy for him right but he showed that there is bought and used -- 930 check out the big brave program. Welcome back. It's 609 PM. Here on news radio 930 WB and it's as Michael could put two and for Tom Bauerle who was out today. We back on Monday. You've got me for this. Just until 7 o'clock. We've had a very eventful. Shows and three we talked a lot about the governor -- mostly about the -- we switched up. The talk about the downsides. Of the things that are happening to small businessmen and news. Hurting them that's forcing them to cut jobs it's it's stopping their growth. These are all after these are kind of converge in one place right now for us and that's in Albany. We're they haven't found the job that they wouldn't kill. Accept a government job of course goes there planning. But you know it. It really the one thing I -- mention before we don't hear I think it's it's just breaking news right now that. The president of Ukraine has fled Kia. And in to a town caught Clark. Which is right on the border of Russia which is probably a good place program because when the people come to string him up only has to do was walk across the border. And they'll protect -- Russia looks like things are turning the way that the peaceful folks the democratic folks one of them ago. In Kiev so keep your eye on the news but here. Here on WBE and we're talking a little bit about. What you'd think. Of the coming government -- governor's race what you -- opinion is on what needs to be done in order to. Let's say for example grow more jobs here in and in Western New York because we are by far. I think our unemployment rate has dropped a little bit. But it's mostly because more people have dropped out of the workforce we see some greens in the sky here in in buffalo. Are we don't seem near as many cranes that we as we need and we're not getting as many people employees we want to. Andrew Cuomo has spent a lot of time in buffalo recently dropped a lot of money or at least promises of money on the region. Bringing companies here that aren't yet profitable but they're in the -- solar industry which is the cool industry for Obama's. Formal rights. But we're at 8030930. Star 930 on yourself on -- -- of big disappointment. Two of the art voice crowd -- that we're not talking about trump anymore. Will take your calls on trouble if you want that. Let's talk a little bit more about. About the problems that we're facing what do you think he's that obviously we need to. Get rid of the government we have to we need to get rid of the president that we have because they're doing everything -- camps run us down. We're losing jobs as faxes as and there's certainly some of the 1970s that's documented. We've got a caller and John from -- thanks for Reagan and I don't. The globe awards -- tonight. Thanks. You know the thinking about this whole thing and it it -- -- -- from I would almost crashed regional and this is what I would tell him. I told you you have two options here. You know if you -- primary lines of if you. Because Donald Trump is not good at any ball PD. Costa Rico primary for the Republican nomination Saturday that they kidnapped spent a lot of one. Probably it's been very little could you only have to spend as much. The spending is relevant to a relative to. You or the name identification. In order it it's also spending about bringing down your negatives so we have to spend. But he could spend money preparing for the general I mean if I were to advise and I will not by the way I will not be involved in the governor's race whether it's mr. trump Dudley do right I won't be in all our. Well what -- trying to change if I'm Donald Trump I'm not -- I don't believe he could still attached. Real interest after seeing his name -- -- to breathe his name. Right I mean if he's running a primary just pretend it doesn't accept. Orton could -- your second option is to basically run with me as a lieutenant governor and not -- to watch it's. So people wouldn't -- -- -- -- he chooses could be squished by trump will be squeezed by cool but either way he's going to be squeamish. You know he well there's no question. And and of course since he's got chairman -- relief finch Cox the -- fingerprints all over me he will then disappear from view. He watched. That's true slider on the standard -- -- -- really you'll probably do. Among the children Donald are going to be huge lieutenant governor I'll get on the -- would you wouldn't go after Cuomo that's the best thing he could do. -- here it would just speak from. From -- -- point of view it's hard to do from six foot tall he's quite a bit shorter. On impact if you took Donald Trump expert -- if you actually folded Donald Trump and half. He would be is -- -- Reno so now you can envision the diminutive county executive that that the fact is if I was advising lucky -- I would tell him. I would say mr. county executive. Tell mr. trump to run -- primary Thomas interpreted in the race tell mr. trump I'm getting in next week. Because. You know what he's done this before. He's not run for office and you know first of all maybe you'll be able to block them -- And secondly if he gets out doesn't give him and you're in here then you'll be perceived as the guy who is a giant killer of course. But we you know hospital still. He -- into global I would not look forward to debating Donald Trump because. You know. Trump can can bring out a lot of bad points about global when he was and had a hard all the sudden they won't even say that about Donald Trump you really can't go in munition again. Well there's a lot of Victoria I disagreed John. And I I I know of the people who are voice or largest gleeful but for peck on the -- topic that are I'll go there with yet. But again there but it's eagle threes -- to restart 930 in your cellphone if you wanted to in the conversation. The thing is this. Mr. Trump's point is not one driven by arrogance I mean. I had no idea. When we started this thing that the -- would have problems with would be. Mystery -- know I thought it would be in media mean -- -- -- -- -- well actually. I've spent a lot of time with the -- homered in his office he is not his egotistical as. The caricature that the media's plea painted him states. But you know for example it is as -- Renault and its allies are now pointing out there are some down sides you know -- He's filed for our corporate bankruptcy. 34 times. And a number of times. Of course the bankruptcy laws they're protect job creators people who. Who were on the -- -- news is that in fact feel withdrew to protect them from being totally destroyed it's a part of the American dream unfortunately the downside the American dream. But that's -- -- about is about but that's something that point another thing John. Is that they'll point out that he. Was questioning. That where the president was border at least where is his birth certificate they call that -- at least that's the left calls. And another thing John you know what that was brought up by that. Down state assemblyman in his article. The post this week which you can find on. Politics and white dot net that's my. Website -- along politics. He was talking -- -- the fact is. The only people out there. Who. Feinberg theories emerge very kind of you know that questioning the president's provenance. Offensive are the ones who are ready never gonna vote for. It doesn't increases rights at all. Like the postal people will never vote for sure there's nothing you can do but I don't think that the general public. Is really gonna care about a lot of this kind of course I mean he's not gonna have any problems. Like I said. Washing Castro read that not even an issue -- -- -- not even a binder -- block for him. Shall work for him to say I'm not gonna accept the nomination by at the runner primary against Esther -- I think pollution. Well you know I live at we're gonna have to go to -- few seconds don't wanna say this okay. I get -- thing. I understand the criticism that people don't want it they don't understand why Donald Trump wants that doesn't wanna -- before offices his suit coat on the way to running in the general election again. But the fact is it's our Republican Party in the state level is in shambles it's on support. And he knows that. He knows that there are a lot of insidious people in the party were actually working for for him well. Chairman of county organizations who are have publicly. Bin labeled a Cuomo supporters and and and refuse to deny it. These people arm and they know of these people he's trying to get organized these people is trying to keep unified. And a private eerie situation. I can promise you that there will be money that will find its way to answering his account. That comes from a wave you know around this corner that corner bounce off your balance are there and it's gonna come directly from Cuomo or supporter. So the Democrats are going to be funding answering his campaign and because he's he he thinks that this is news. It is time to run for governor he will use their money to tear down Andrew -- that is just a -- I know you have to break now -- one last regular you have to remember that in two years Hillary's gonna run for president if she wins. She's probably a mistake at all the three years that they all wanna wait that much longer before he runs for president. Right right but you know I also -- -- -- aggressive but they're gonna spend that money to tear down mr. than spend them when it is accurate arm Donald I agree with that I understand what we already see problems that are inherent in the Hillary. Clinton. Election attempt but I think she's gonna run for them and just because she's running doesn't mean Andrew -- not run on right now elementary -- right now we're gonna have to go to Chelsea go for traffic. 36 degrees here in Western New York. High wind warning in effect very windy and cold tonight with a few flurries around the wind can gusts to about 55 miles per hour a low of thirty. Some sun the turning cloudy and colder tomorrow with the rain or snow shower in spots the wind will still gust between forty for two miles per hour highs of thirty plenty. Clouds tomorrow night with a couple of snow showers breezy. Moved when he won Sunday windy and colder with variable cloudiness. A high of thirty and of course it's going to be even colder next week our number here. Is 8030930. Star 930 in your cell -- here and news radio 930 WB in this is Michael proto. I'm in fort Tom Barrow will be back on Monday. We've been talking today about the governor's race we've been talking a bit about Obama care at some other issues and we've got raven from buffalo. You're called -- to not talk about unemployment. Yeah. I've been here and orders suitable. It for. Up to monitor them are in trouble for bird. The right. I -- -- All small article and -- crawl vote on the orbit you today. -- it was at Tuesday. Pitcher yeah yeah I've read that capture all. And monitor are among our. 44 on. The other. Column assertion saying that it. It's such a great -- Being like 2.5 million. People. On -- And jobs that are gonna be a part due to our home audio video. Barometer mandate. On people more time with directional they'll be -- and an amazing night. -- shouldn't and and get you are marked for sure. We can't knock on our results. I read it. -- Everything that console they call the people read this and and it's -- that should not just say this you know this is our administration. Yeah that's a better attitude. And. Oh well they think they called a jobs law. You don't but C -- here's the problem in. Your article mentioned some of this mean unemployment is is is a driver of many different things. It oh the the import unemployment rate right now I mean I work with. A couple of dozen Arlington. 45 dozen CEOs very large companies. My advise him on public policy. And to a man -- woman in the group they now think that the unemployment rate number is absolutely meaningless it is meaningless completely. You know why because they don't no longer measure the people who have completely given up on trying to -- That you six number that's called -- six and you six is actually over 10% unemployment. We're seeing that warrior and we are what they've and -- just this therapy group shouldn't hurt true there are looking at. Arm the only big that hey -- the way you look at it unemployment. Has. The wait for -- aren't -- -- -- logical. These people are work work. And I'll tell you eat your Smart guy that that article was interesting and I argued the -- right into the Buffalo News a lot. A lot. Possible while their keeper and aren't so happy actually wrote that the. Well I -- -- let me tell you something. I got my bones to pick with Buffalo News. But they are very generous with their time on there are under opinion page for people like -- And also if you're in my business here you're any in any business that you were you need the news of the day I don't see how do you survive without. Subscribing to the Buffalo News. What you want and the in this city that's the only thing you know you're only one they're pretty -- -- some sort of. That's right and and I know people voted down pirated down in my times to put I gotta tell via I think they they put a lot of effort in and the fact that the publisher. Everybody's -- -- It speaks to the fact that they are open minded on that page and I hope to continue reading and thanks for -- and very much appreciate it. But some work and gonna have to go to a break here a few moments and we got some callers on the board here don't want you to drop off because I wanna talk to after the break. It's going to be a short break so. Don't worry about it too much. We'll be right back -- we pay our bills here on news radio 930. WBE. Aaron. -- Nancy. -- Show me nothing. That's. And oh yeah. 634 here. Buffalo, New York. News radio 930 WP and this is Michael completely for -- that was Jerry Garcia is rendition of amazing grace one of the most amazing. Renditions of that -- him I've ever heard I actually didn't hear and so. After heated passed away in 1995 with hungry and cold pizza tapes. An incredible rendition I don't care if you would just not that's a strong -- and one heck of -- strong performance. We're talking about. The state the country we're talking about the governor's race we're talking about. Any issue we give us a ring 8030930. Star 930 on your cellphone. And our last half hour here on news radio 93 WB and Mike in Cheektowaga thanks to -- -- I really appreciate it. And I'm like go good getting -- -- myself -- got a guy talking -- hang -- okay I'm very disappointed. Hollywood influence on your state elections. Cuomo just went out western -- 600000 dollars. So you know argue against just the culture they're influencing in the morning it's not people -- our lives it's -- -- that -- by the events. It's their children's school. The word -- got a New York State likely have a good weekend. Thanks Mike thanks on you know it's very interesting I was talking to. A Republican county chairman some weeks ago right after. Andrew Cuomo went on it would raise 600 -- actually they think that that money and could end up being closer. Two million that is right now because some checks accompany afterward the look. Or maybe three quarters of million dollars trees and the one thing we you know. Is that if Donald Trump -- in this race. Andrew Cuomo is gonna have to do about twenty more of those dinners. On Hollywood. And I think the folks out there -- get sick of priorities. He's got a reason other 1520 million dollars in the right now even compete with Donald Trump and the fact is if that -- against him. Is -- mystery no he won't have to raise another Andrew Cuomo won't have to do and -- funders can focus all of his partner all of his attention. All of these are all of his means all of it is in absolutely. Vicious campaign focused on one guy and that's promised. Not to say he's not going to be vicious on Andrew Cuomo. It's not receive a three vicious on on Donald Trump any advocate UB vicious but -- A well financed. Candidate with a limitless limitless. Campaign fund. Gets hit it whether it's Donald Trump. Horror or another. Person who consult at that. Andrew Cuomo has to start fundraising at a pace he's never done before he would have a whole new race that he's never had to run before. He's always been in. The favored candidate he tried to. Run nightly for governor once before. Under the -- it was governor and and prop up the game are actually turning -- -- But it says that he's had nothing but are down he'll sweating. Ever but he has looked him as the heir apparent. When he was running for attorney general one when he was running -- for governor. It was almost the coronation. And the Democrat party nobody geared to primary him. When they were people talking about running against Andrew Cuomo. They ran them out of the race. Ran them out of the Democrat party would not allow a primary against him well now of course. How dumb would you have to be -- -- against Andrew Cuomo for governor in 2010. I mean he wouldn't have gotten invited to any Democrat. Parties you would not have been invited to any kind of count the events he would have been traveling around the states. As a red headed step child. Because they were stopped from running in the primary against him now. So if the Democrats can do it in 2010 I don't understand whether Republicans can do it. And 2014 but of course the process was designed to encourage. Candidates to run from any. Level of the party. That process. In a punch a ticket to every single county. In the in the state I think when. -- and Carl ran for governor he visited nearly every county but not so -- mean merely. I've said it many times we put 30000 miles -- All around the state. And never left the state. Com. I had to sit there and -- it was not smoke in cars and 30000 miles there's smoke and like caffeine can sit next. Rus Thompson -- Smoked those those that those -- from the witnesses. But I got back in the smoke and of course dropped since then -- -- be things but this is a big state and in getting around it costs money. But for some reason it's not good for Republicans to clear the decks for community. Pats earlier calling -- one that you argues he had some commentary about trump. -- and I'm computer argues it's argued that doubled our current single handedly by this election result. Remember -- well so on doesn't need support from anybody else that's is that number eight. I didn't say he would buy the election incidents or fund. Right so -- and where -- that need anybody's money but how can. Nobody detainees are released support and in fact I've mr. trump has said he would rate it would raise money because it's important for people have some by Ian. But maybe I think he understands that Republicans don't give money when it comes to running against and local brokers are scared. -- second thing that's truce between Israel and trump. We construe that as -- these two different historical legitimate political debate. Now not really I mean this is really something the Republicans try to stick to we have since. Late seventies we call Ronald Reagan's eleventh commandment speak no ill of another Republican it doesn't always stick of course. I understand but as you pointed out shouldn't we know that -- answering all of over the highest extraordinaire stay mr. trump what is sabres before the stroke -- controversial broken. Or shouldn't shouldn't mr. terino. Before anybody -- and county chairmen are commit to mr. trump. Well or not some of the floor so that we don't get the candidates. Well you make a good point -- you do. That I guess what my disagreement would be. That. Well first of all nobody knows -- mystery from the hole in the -- So we don't knows politics we really don't know his record in Westchester I do because -- Amadou and he's he's -- strong conservative group. A good account executive power perhaps one of the better Wednesday and the last couple. Decades in Westchester. I don't politics I know what he represents -- -- Another thing you can say is that if you don't know about Donald Trump you have really been paying attention last 25 years. Well you don't position relative to respect and of course and I don't -- Donald trumps that he got -- market it doesn't tell us what is specific objections are. Well he's he said more than once and on par and public venues and it's been reported arm that he would repeal -- back. But he'd gotten Kallis is that that's cute. -- he doesn't Alice is specific objections. Republican conservative Republicans say they -- repeal obamacare but it's not only should a cart a -- No that's not true their most Republicans who have been talking repeal in Washington DC have been talking about repealing all of Obama -- of course are smoking crack. Could you can't do that when you don't control the senate. And until we control the senate we have no chance of changing it in addition until Obama is gone there's no way to repeal so repeal talk. In Washington is news it's fantasy on Obama on the -- fact that's not true. All our agreement and they aren't so to speak Kirk says that there are parts of -- that you agree. So my basic point is as we don't know anything about either candidate because not positions except it. They don't like they don't like that and don't tell us -- you know my guess they don't count it's just because political can be huge expediency -- What order they think our constitutional scholar. It's in violation of the constitution. Right I I I think -- I think you. Might be correct about mr. trump could just started talking publicly about running seventy days ago but I don't think you're correct. About rob restaurant he spoken and in some books level of detail about his opposition to the -- fact he's a a fundamental conservative. And that constitutional us so I think you might be incorrect you are correct about mr. trump he's only started talking last night. -- point is that there and conservative I would pull up and Serena are believed. But now I don't know because you you know and others have told me how. Must -- quote almost. Because he presides over the lurid county. It would higher. Property taxes. And for goodness sakes they're warriors and -- -- So why haven't hit it I'm I'm decides not to run. Why would conservative like me want to pull for rock history just -- home. You know what I have no answers that. In fact your question is the reason why. As a committee men I went looking for him. But -- -- don't you think by destroying. Or hurt considering. Attacks are all well and special Reno and sit allowing them to. A result. Legitimate. Political debate and sort of having their. There are -- -- out there shooting from -- the pushers don't think it destroys. All the. We'll listen in OPEC can you hang on 12 I want to answer that question I got to go to our hard pre Q can you hold on second. -- thank you very much this is Michael but when these -- -- WB and we'll be right back. 649. Year Buffalo, New York. This is Michael -- in -- Tom earlier on newsroom 930 WB and I want to get right back in the Maxi pad pat by the -- -- where you from. -- you -- talent -- but let me ask you this. Do you think that they should be examining each other public that to potential primary candidates or you think they should not be. There are so you like the truce between the two of them. -- I wouldn't say that I would call it a source I think they're true implied that they shouldn't talk can decide who's got the stronger point. Now. I don't believe there should ever be public acts you curious exposing one record. They should probably do it privately so that we have the best chance possible. Well Michael you really believe for one moment. Parity in sight seeing here. And that's what we should really be looking for anybody says brokerages in this for publicity or his own and shouldn't we question. -- well ego aren't they playing inside game trying to unseat. Their respective chairmen. -- materials are well it certainly a couple of years ago when after -- long. During the Paladino and completely worthy sort angling to -- talks and take the state German -- -- Well I gotta let me two things Ralph re going traveled he was. In the truck all of us on the plane with us with mean calm him. In 2010 and yes he was. He was. -- nose to nose with Michael Long -- he didn't like Michael Long was doing which was forcing a candidate that he personally chose. Down the throats of the chairman that actually runs against. The you know spirit and the letter of a lot of the things that that the rules that run the conservative and the Republican right and and I want monologue and -- worthy in 2014. Is approaching it very much the same way now let me tell you in 2010 and now you know Ralph -- I think was under no. Illusion that he could have taken now -- along the -- might meet Michael Long a little uncomfortable but he wasn't trying to take him out that would have been. Of fools there and and and the same thing is happening here in New York Knicks not the only one I -- I is -- interested in being state chairman. I know nick young and has aspirations he's never told me that he wants to be chairman as the party. And I know anybody listening from Albany you might find that funny or whatever but it's -- -- May claim worthy and I aren't the best buds and if he's got aspirations to beat you know opera singer he's not gonna tell me right. So maybe he is maybe -- -- I don't know when he doesn't talk about it but there are several chairman around the state who were being talked about and he's one of the fact is nothing can happen to change the chairman of the state party short of -- resignation. And and it has to happen -- routine meetings of the county cheers and it's it's not happening now. And probably won't happen in the near future. Sure -- typical for New York. You know if -- there are successful in. Placing a candidate they're or at least you're not support -- and that there are other people. I don't know what would even. I -- -- -- -- -- dance or at talks contents. That certainly they go into the real art club stronger saint. I would we would have -- and Cuomo up for the my arm didn't go with Donald Trump or what but the fact that and it crops and go -- I'm trump I'm like why are these are going with Donald Trump. No he didn't -- -- statement he said if Mike if if for Ralph -- sorry if if rob asked to Reno gets and he's going to endorse him that's what he said. He didn't say he's the knock him indoors and be sensitive Astrid gets and he's going to endorse and Mike Long you know he's he's good for his work. An effect with Michael Long of what we -- we realize with Karl. Paladino is that once he endorses somebody he does not -- endorsed them until that person releases him personally from that endorsement. But my -- rep as a quote a -- logos Mike wants that it would. And -- is and when asked about Carl Paladino and threatening to run its conservative. Mike launch did you talk to Carol which he controls who gets endorsements forums are for people who are not registered and Serb. Are there I'm sure that that that the chairman did not say it that way but in fact you're right I mean Carl Paladino would have to get. What they called Wilson cola and exemptions if he's not registered conservative. -- run on his line so Mike would have to even though it's not his responsibility. The chairman of the county chairman of that party have always left it to him as a currency he'd never say it's up to him you'd never hear that Michael smile. Well I can only refer you to -- on our. Right I've read it I practically memorized that I can tell you what he said Carl Paladino. I hope Carl Paladino will -- behind -- as well he didn't say should will whatever he said he hopes. Well he's I think interpret each said that he called. Carl Paladino when they totally -- -- -- said Eric Green monster director ultimately up. Well you know you're back. Jumping out in front for -- you know. Through the newspaper. He didn't find out from Michael. To coordinate that game what's -- Don't think there's any merit to this claim that the inside game. -- I I don't think so I think that meets. What everybody's talking about here is winning the campaign for the governor winning the campaign for the governorship who shot John and who wants to be county. Our state chairman has nothing to do with that at all pat I'm in the inside game I'm talking and that's that this is about it's about. It's about defeating Andrew Cuomo. We're gonna have to go now pat thank you very much for -- This is Michael -- I'm in for Tom Bauer thank you very much for listening here on news radio 930 WB and you'll hear Tom back. Next week.

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