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2-21 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE yeah. And he would -- Hold up. The. You know no one -- with an assault rifle -- These kind of country. Yeah. That. And. Fourteen and winds up takes his shot. And iron handed them. You know heart rate in last night. Tom -- I don't know how to put this. But and kind of a -- people know me. I'm very happy for him. Right but he showed that there -- -- use maybe 930 check out the big brave program. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen 509 PM and you're getting your car after work welcome to news -- 930 WB and this is Michael Caputo import Tom Bauerle. I know you're disappointed. But he'll be back next week. Listen I know I've made a huge. Mistake last half hour. I could not remember the name of the Republican candidate the United States senate who I thought was an amazing person I think is an amazing person. I got I think from looking here right 45 tweets but I got about 25. Text messages. And I'm gonna let. John. John. From buffalo set these street John tell me who that person was so I can be completely bears. No 100% positive but I didn't even look at operating a single member name is when people. Right on the money right on the money when he long and you know I forgot that because I've been to wage too many Grateful Dead shows. My friend wait a minute and you know what. Rich stadium and that he may think. Aria yeah and every. And by the way little known fact Wendy Long is a huge dead -- Waistline. Is something that would trump look you know out I point -- you from arguing -- liberal Democrat -- to report. It seemed like. But he's accused Olympic spirit has been compared commitment he went to go right to the gold medal game. He thinks he deserves to be in the final. And it anyone who observed the panel between. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the primary. Before he was elected in 2008. I mean that. That -- it meant mentality peca and metals make it all the way you -- an important part of the democratic process. It can you write it can't but it can also -- Peter shreds like Mitt Romney. Well I mean it wouldn't -- -- primary I have ever. Governor he. Of them that these are all ones one looking calmer than the other. I don't know who speed event for the Republican Party but. I mean here you -- -- too serious candidate in 2008 slugging it out. -- and -- tell that your your. Serious candidate in the -- let -- Which arguably six of the little book -- -- battle it out on national television and party kind of away have to expect when you're paying. That's true but listen here's the problem in your -- -- I love primaries as a former political consultant that's where I need my money. You know primaries -- our waste from B. To feed my family. You know this is it starts everything a lot earlier right in addition to that you hold your teeth sharpened your nails and you and in -- ready to come at the Democrat the problem we have in New York. Undiscovered. Tell you this John. Is the Republican Party is on life support here. We're on life support if you have candidates. Running what effect there on gurneys being -- and pushed the finish line. A primaries not healthy. It is not helping and across the country and even in foreign countries when times are tough and things need to be I got together. Here in the United States the Republican Party can clear the decks they du Quebec and John thank you very much for calling. You know wanna before we -- -- breaker wanna get some of these calls -- a full board here. Madonna thanks for -- again I don't. Michael I'm really glad I can argue element -- daughter -- -- what went on she was correct package. We love her she was vibrant and -- Yeah I'm a bears Packers early and by the way I have my -- listening put two fingers in yours when you -- -- very very attractive. He she is she was hot and and had a great personality. Has a great personality she was that the complete ticket -- as. Anybody will tell you they didn't open their wallets downstate for. And it's -- a Michael redirect outlet and it isn't at all about what Iran to her operatives in -- I would that the Lincoln day reception ID. -- -- -- -- You that I'm -- that was not program others under -- there was excitement in the room and you know bring that excitement. Just the same hand -- just -- And whole. And really is a. About it I think what I electric in the room when he spoke and that surprised -- up and realized that that you get up -- -- it will be. Now people were -- a lot of it was ultimately are we here this week congress a couple of elements that we should only works. But it was electric excitement in the air and I don't think our -- and really. I think we a lot of the local level ready to work hard. We we that we are life support you -- you would say we knew we are mean and counting not a county not a -- -- you know. A arch park. Well you know that there's a little bit of -- is -- a little bit of. You either -- -- there's not enough excitement about routine basis and we need -- We need somebody like outsider into our community -- -- -- Not competent and he talks. The talk and we understand when. Yeah I'll tell you and here's another thing and this we keep I keep bringing this up and Donald promptly raised tens of thousands of dollars for the -- Republican Party in order to fight it out on election this year. He went and he went to a New York City fund raiser a couple weeks later I went to that and it's all the same thing that wasn't as well run and it wasn't as many people -- -- it but. But it was. The electricity was in the room many raise tens of thousand dollars for a party by the way in New York City which is comfortable life support. You know and Edward you know right now mr. trump is looking at other Republican Party events upstate. He's pretty close to deciding on one and I know of a book state and they generates tens of thousands of dollars for that party is well. That's one thing that -- -- -- can't be too. He can't their. Answer you know enough to counterpoint to enter all ball. On many issues as well -- we can't they get an energized where or how the year working for candidates. Help in the -- camp and getting the word out where did yet we are -- our way -- in my takeaway OK on. To get people elected. -- -- before -- -- one of its hard to say one thing and please take this for with that levity it's intended. Only a Republican from Orchard Park would use the word on the week. A year ago. Today -- part. For Christmas. Out to be a -- that you pop pop. -- thank you Madonna. Thanks Carl are really appreciate it -- About a -- Sally can work thanks for hold on slugger really appreciated. I think about panel trump I think everybody knows your name. And name recognition of the architect in light with history don't go land at some lieutenant governor. He would need to money -- as busy as. And trump is. With all of holding them everything we can't. He would be delegate enough authority. Two or they let the day I mean after -- -- that you would get. He would gain recognition. And that chances are the ones that don't -- And I come out new York and the right past. He might -- want to run her out of Miami and back then mr. Leno would be now. While we. That's exactly what Michael Cohen from his office offered him in rather long lead the conversation a couple of weeks so. And I asked -- to -- past so right now with Donald Trump ram got in the race. First of all it would be all over for mr. -- immediately he wouldn't even run in a primary you have to back though could be embarrassing. How bad would be beaten. But in addition to that -- best -- has taken a pass on being lieutenant governor and now we can look at other things like you know an upstate. Lieutenant governor you know instead of awful downstate and upstate the -- someone from what city in Erie county where one of the western. New York counties lot of good candidates out of the program for the. We don't have enough publicity and -- from Republicans and and another thing I was thinking about I was black hole. If they're Republican parity would go to the local Republicans and send them information. And let them know. That they can help -- getting the word Al. And sometimes it's as easy. As. If if they know that they should be ten ballot a month. I'm -- credit has to come out automatically. If it every buddy I need to get rid of normal. Didn't ask for. For a year and our. Democrats here that want to get rid of Kabul. A lot of people don't like that they can't they don't want to support these they don't format and these prisoners at college. And down. But you know I I get it I I get it I think it's a great idea. I mean these incremental. Donations on a monthly basis in particular and your credit -- have been this evening. Grace of all. Political parties and all political movements the state. In the states but. The problem is it takes money to ask for money. And the -- Reno candidacy would have -- So if you wanna let's say for example go and register all of the people who were against the state fact it costs money it cost sometimes upwards for five bucks per person the registering. So in order to order to to register an additional half 1000003 quarter million voters it would take to affect the race. You have to spend three to four million bucks you know. So it's it's very very difficult has to start with money which is why David DiPietro in and -- noted -- -- assemblyman. I came up with the idea of perhaps -- convincing mr. trump to run. And what about Paladino if he ever thinking of running again her. He has said and we got to go to break here exaggerator traffic him in his second -- but mr. Paladino is said that he would of love a front candidacy. But if -- asked Reno was the candidate now mr. Paladino has said he will run. On his own line -- on the conservative line to teach mall west. Right now we got to go to Chelsea oh for traffic. 36 degrees out there AccuWeather. I would warning in effect very windy and cold tonight with a few flurries around the wind gusts of 55 miles per hour so poacher. Year lawn furniture in the garage but there -- already below thirty some sun some sun and turning cloudy and colder tomorrow with rain. Or snow in spots the wind will still gusts between 42 miles per hour high of thirty. Plenty of clouds tomorrow. With a couple of snow showers breezy or 21 Sunday windy and colder with variable clouds high of thirty even colder next week. Good well -- we all knew was in the colder. What going to be. Global warming for the next week's rate Dorothy and forty -- you get ready for that cold weather Dorothy. Well yes electrical outlet. And ideas and strong. Well yeah I feel strongly about the fact I think he's the person. That you should be we nominated. Him down and Donald Trump. It's my way of thinking. Picking -- -- he thinks -- And -- Yeah he set the bar high. And -- when he infant son having no primary. That's certain example of how we think. And I am hoping that people would. That and the things that he would have to tackle if you -- governor. You've been thinking state. And that's the kind of person that you need and there are and for Andrew Cuomo. I think he has attractive dimension. But at a relatively -- the that may explain some things but I'll tell you one thing. The only people in the Republican Party who won -- primary. Are the people who back rob -- you know rob mastery now. Before -- people down and did that vacuum to retreat creatures that back him in the states they're the only ones who want a. And that brings about our level. Yeah story. Yet it is it is. There's no question this I got to jump to another -- here were real quick excellent column and at the root. -- Jimmy got a couple of minutes real quick before we. Have to go one pay some bills -- what are you up to. Went to order older -- -- met. -- everything within the limits of your -- posted well but your guard -- you open proper. Properly would be yes yes you know I was there. I was People's Daily Rambo. Beetle Bailey when I mean when I was a soldier I wasn't any good edit my spent most my time complain about it but I didn't know my general orders back -- I watch Jerry Mike and starts -- a black was airborne ranger special forces. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A widget tell me out what we can -- would battle -- Bible Belt Chordiant OK let my I would share also. And I caught the web part of kingdom -- have been lit -- me I am totally accurate about. You'd take well I don't -- you get the animal world you sit here and now you can watch kingdom of Avant he'll run for governor pat. I haven't seen wow all right. -- Workable or god. You're on the wall of the heavily involved. To the ground in everything right. Well we got to go pay some bills -- Jim thank you very much for comment this is Michael -- to whip -- hourly on. News radio 930 W the end. I'll take -- on Friday. One of my favorite Grateful Dead to -- -- switch gears here to switch gears because of we have some theory. As interesting challenges ahead of -- here with obamacare we hear a lot of problems with private business LC of the liberals out there saying that nobody's. Cutting jobs nobody's reacting it's all just hyperbole well. I have a CEO. That I wanted to bring in today his name is Steven Bianco. Stephen is -- of full disclosure Steve and I worked together. I ever present our whole group CEO is Stephen is one of them in the -- kind of public policy arena. Stephen is CEO of 42 holdings a company that specializes in the home and personal service industry Stephen. Thank you very much for coming on how you doing. Michael thank you very much I'm sorry. Everybody in buffalo right now because I am actually on the beautiful. Island of -- -- both Florida and it opened -- new location in new -- this year. Treating ten jobs within -- 102 short days so I start to all my efforts to buffalo my brother in law lives there. In orchard parks so he might be that city and sorry to him but now we are in the sunshine right now. Well you know what. -- dream of those days and and a lot of buffalo when he has it down there right now too -- -- -- break but. Not me unfortunately Steve now you have are a group of our business is all -- hit -- in in and a variety of industries that. The one thing that brought you to my attention is the work that you're doing. As a franchisee of the college hunks hauling junk. Business can -- so it's a little bit about that business. Absolutely well one college hunks hauling junk and college are moving. Art to land. That specialize obviously by the name. In the -- -- street in the movie industry. What what we're doing its findings to industries that have. Historically. Been sort of dead end jobs. And we want it to transform. And open this market up to new readers. Not just jobs but keeping young people and new opportunity to say. -- -- Who went to college I went which treats school I went to two years to school after high school I commuted shot I want a good career. Surely want to work behind the desk. I won't be outside and wanna get hands dirty little bit but -- Miller trade. And we open this market to find these opportunities. Where we need these great great motivated our struggles beard -- people. And sort of big change -- market in the job calling which is going to people or homes or is that it. And -- one item or higher state clean out retired dentist clean house. We don't want a labour consistently purple we do well actually going to do. An end this business it's in New Jersey Tennessee Ohio and Florida your opening a new one today you said. We just opened one yesterday. On this day number two in the Fort Myers Naples and dental Marco Island kept Cuba area. On southwest Florida. Well you know I I've I joke with you before you came on that you know new -- more people are moving out of a New York State quickly. Quicker than any other state so while maybe this moving business would be a good business opportunity for young person here in the Western New York area. So I mean it's the only growth industry in New York the moving industry. And fortunately. You know any time that opportunity to come into an area. And to create jobs can always be treated by those were allowed to create the. And given. Beat the media opening line to say you -- job creator. Please come into my area you know those jobs traders there was type of people can always are insulting. In any thing if it's an up market it -- the down market. Job creators can find something that gets hurt you know the date. And he. But -- gash in natural energy company in North Dakota and he was speaking on Hannity you basically additional and that sort. There are not Europe North Dakota port and meat -- Again and he wants to work this into what they -- Cory beat that date around the area in North Dakota this state. We have something special something that god people he gave us an actual energy he gave us PPP or we have a -- so. They've opened these -- from an area that nobody goes to what's the population of North Dakota that stated that the -- national TP -- Anybody can come here. That's an amazing job. It really -- you know Stephen the first time I -- heard review and I was watching believe and Nazis and people will find it really shocking the political hack like watching he's been. And there you were humble you. You were testifying. On the the impediments. That are being thrown in front of your business. Particularly in that moment of by obamacare can you give us. Mean we have a lot of people here in the west New Yorkers who were very supportive obamacare -- very democratic area. And they say this whole thing about it it killing jobs are stopping job creation is a bunch -- week. Is it. 100%. Now. It is not a bunch of -- it is real. And take it from somebody that that is like me that it would like your friend that is like you or rather that it like yourself. It is real. And I am not a massively large industry. Large company and not a Orchard Park and a lot of fortune 5000 -- I -- just a small business owner. Who's trying to create jobs. He family and -- who can create an opportunity for myself to -- work. I am nothing different than you and it has already begun to hurt in the region that -- that that it begins to -- is that I hired people. To help me. Control and run -- is this financially and those types of people. Think three sport like yours at. So they turn to -- its -- This is what we need to do this is scaring me right now. So we have to reorganize. How we're looking at our hiring. In our larger area so my new Jersey's location which are booming location our mother ship that people which. And they came just help meet the -- to slow down in New Jersey. We -- the amount of revenue were pre game. Because if we continue down this path. We're going to be hurt at eight -- -- -- grow. Optics. Were gonna get hurt idea obamacare implications even though. The mandate. Had been called off for a little while they're planning ahead. As to how this is going to back that sweeter. Right it's very hard to plan wind just when you think you're about to get clamp down on with like for example the one that I see hurting people I've heard you talk about it with -- with congress. Is this you know if you have fifty employees you or above you must provide health insurance if you have less than fifty employees. You don't so people companies like yours actual the try not to grow past 49 right. That's exactly what our financial group has told us. It slowed down and that. It in the harder in the red and now. It's it's taken what obamacare aren't that somebody like me who has to watch at least seemed open and I know everybody in the financial words the property that we what you would -- but now we have to watch the opening speaker. It's one penny goes in the other direction. We can humble. We don't have the support. Stalking -- stockholders and went in in major investment group's legal -- Every dollar people are we putting and he is is earmarked force. And that's the only way or small business grows so they're pretending that this appears. -- really cripple us and that's what they the bite that we have to slow down. Cut back. It's -- certain areas. And reduce the amount of -- I would stop and start screaming -- you wouldn't be reduced the amount employees where we won't. To create opportunities here is that on -- you wanna create opportunity. Well -- have to look at different areas but in your New Jersey operation we need to slow down right now because we don't know we the people not speaking to. We're also that the -- I can't properly advise you. Because I'm so scared about what the implications of this is going to do your small that. Well beyond Obama there and there's and that's just the beginning their -- it's it's a seventeen layer cake for small business like yours by the way. Ladies and gentlemen Steve object of the size of his business it's the sweet spot in all of America. That's exactly the average size of an employer. In the United States a small business you know they're not. Thousands of employees you know of their of their small companies work a young guy like Steven is air force vet you know. At a technology industry veteran you know is out there -- trying to trying to make things happen and he's right there and that's sweet spot just enough employees. To be considered a small business in any bigger than that and he's gonna have to import taxes he's gonna have to pay in the obamacare on that separate separate. But let me ask you this even before we wanna break your gonna have you back after the break. The house a few more things -- how does that this kind of idea that we must increased minimum wage affect. A 42 holdings. Well. Number one but take a little bit from the Obama care and roll it all over him and reached. On we're -- are Kirstie are the people. Portrait. There aspire whether they're inspired by what they wake up -- -- that morning the people sitting in front of them. The idea at the books they read something inspire that they're free gluten. Free enterprise people and what it has done that no. You're free enterprise person I'm going to get used that word I'm going to -- eight. What you're allowed to do. In America. All the free in the Brady I'm going to keep CU. What you need to do and how you need to supply for your important employers. And being crosses over. To -- and each. I believe that everybody should be given the opportunity. Those producer of work hard. The opportunity. Prosper and to make enough money to feed -- Feed themselves. I reach globally Burnett to the courts my mother and father raised me and they want. But to be dictated in hole. To what you want to take some but. For work. That may not quarterly. To those numbers. War just to hand out. What I consider we talked about this with with my employees at least in the morning and short -- but -- shot that break -- in the morning. I talk to our employer employee. A battle through. Through the employer to employee program that each -- network has created. I talked about the meaning. Raising minimum wage and what a I talked to them about what it is too. Had a hand out. I actually do actually take out money to them when they walk the ropes and the Taliban. But it if it did that figure. Every single day. No matter what you do it. You performed it did not perform I gave it -- availability -- might your friend. You look at the base while you're you're by Brad. So. Into that. Federal detention of preaching a minimum wage. Idiots that say no matter what you do. Don't want. You can go to work. And not perform. We you can go into work and not be the best but don't worry. We're going to tell your employer what they must take. Well listen Stephen Bianca were gonna be right back we have to go pay a few bills here if you could just hang on ones and Steve Bianco from 42 holdings. This is Michael -- -- -- Tom -- here on news radio 930 WB Aaron. Still 36 degrees out there are very windy and colder tonight with a few flurries the winds can gust to about 55 miles per hour than some sun turning cloudy and colder tomorrow high of 38 when you clouds tomorrow night. So showers. And breezy low of 41 Sunday windy and cold with variable cloudiness -- of thirty. It's gonna you're colder down as the week unfolds now we're here with Stephen gamco. -- Bianco is the CEO of 42 holdings. Are witches has companies have a multiple companies in the Holman personal service industry we are speaking about one of those companies in particular which is our college hunks hauling junk. Which is a very wildly successful -- New. New. Company in new franchise that is blowing up all across the country. And they obviously moving our people in new vocations. Holing out junk from their houses it's it's a physical industry it's a blue collar industry a lot of people in that industry. Art are being told that if they raise the minimum wage it's good for you if you vote for obamacare it's good for you and Stephen you're on the line right now. What do you do what I mean how can you. These people are voting against their companies. Have been if they're voting for candidates are voting for -- on issues. Did destroy the company they're working for -- they're not gonna have a job. They're not one of the -- take Michael's here -- that he -- he said they're voting. And wanna be one of our biggest challenges in our country right now that's a lot of them are not -- can vote. So these individuals who because they're just they they they they may not have the education. It in in especially in the workforce area. Two to drive them to -- to give them the information that make them think this debate we diminish. -- -- to the truth about many -- -- -- affected by the people that I US. As a public official what -- -- no laws or regulations of the country. I have an impact on this and and and in one of the great things that. The job creators and network does is is this per body this employer to employee. Information here. That gives us that numbers in all key information that you know. I know our trade I don't moving I know hauling and I know motivating. Don't employees but I don't you know. -- source so the -- -- network becomes a great source to employers. To be able to. Let this information out so that these employees know that. Think about -- you're going to vote for war. Because impacts you so. Know about what it is to raise the minimum wage you know what it is about profit in a company that you know when that didn't wait wages forced. To be released it's coming from somewhere. An accompanying need to tropic prop it goes. Property what is -- America. -- that's what gives companies the ability to bring more jobs. Two areas to cities to cities like buffalo that's what profit when a corporation does not profits a company did not -- They can not hire additional people so when you read that -- where -- to a forced government offer. You can sort the client back. Because that puts you well and that's not fair to the court. -- -- -- -- So that money pressed to come from somewhere to come from hunting jobs from comes from -- to see how it comes from. Just like we did what the market crashed all the big companies did think we don't like well armed force -- -- cut jobs. I'm going to try my employees to do more for me to want and I did not trot and then when the market we corporate they're realized. Jane and Jack are doing pretty well with the work -- I don't need to hire anymore. Export income and Middle East so. In -- he -- agreed to make sure we get from the job treated networking ET program it -- let all the employees know. It. Company. -- -- reached. -- program that we will pay you more we want we need to pay you more to get going we're going to do. It's the kind of the best employee. -- our core war. You're there read like customers come back to west it's not being -- -- christianity based see -- And that's how we get referrals that's how we profits because -- you and we need that -- that there are going to require request. The highest wages. So we're going to have to work or -- it actually. But when -- -- profiting. From hiring good trained employee. Let disputes that that the decision makers -- -- I hired great people and I had the money -- to train them well in their political reform. Just like athletes do when you invest in your athletes. And you spent -- mud in energy. And that you recruit the best athletes to be on your team you win a championship and when you win a championship. That more profit. And that -- in enables you to market more. Which ride with the sports world cold calls butts in seats to bring more -- into the seats in the stadium to try to increase revenue. And to get the better and experience. Right singing being small and. Well listen Stephen -- CEO of 42 holdings thank you very much for taking time to call in to WB and they were to talk about this in the next hour. How old -- these of government policies. Hurt business how to kill jobs what do you think of obamacare Stephen thank you very much for calling -- are really appreciated. Thank you buckets they won't say -- anybody in buffalo that it listening. Thank you very much listening out there and if you know anybody. In Cleveland. In future. In middle Tennessee. In southwest Florida if you know where the young people that needed jobs. Go to college -- dot -- we have -- opportunities. Recruit people were looking for them we are growing. There are opportunities out there are people how good paying jobs. Well thank you Stephen -- of CEO forty towards Michael Goodwin for Tom -- here on news radio 930 WB EN.

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