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2-21 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- And that we're back a bit. This is Michael earlier work Tom earlier news -- nine -- WB and. Mr. beamer just total joke I'm not repeat so that's -- and I get a lot of let's say. Crap. I think that's the leeward. Get a lot of crap. On Twitter about my opening remarks here. One of them comes from this Nantz who works for who's the chief of staff for this assembly -- downstate freshman assemblyman crushed. Running for congress. He's now alleging that. That I'm -- this whole thing is about me wanting to lead the Republican Party in rebuilding in researching I could not care less. About the Republican party's rebuilding and resurgent as far as I'm concerned the state is shot full of holes with time ago. Too -- at -- floor taxes anywhere else. And has a better. Value four residents. Arm I'm not interested in running anything in the Republican Party or in government. I couldn't care less about it. It's. It it's it's a -- and it's also for younger man assembly and age of this twenty something -- millennial -- Whose first job is for this assemblyman here in the in downstate. New York. These people who were the ones who take the greatest amount of umbrage to things they say are the ones who rely entirely upon the system for the job you know what. I don't oh you people in Albany or Manhattan anything. I owe you nothing. I don't get my money from you I don't work for you you can't control me. You can't buy your -- because of from the water authority because like upset you because -- -- joke about your mom. Now you can't do anything to me because -- work for the private sector. You people -- leeches. So you go ahead and and assign all kinds of different nefarious little. Back room things that I might be doing but the fact of the matter is this you people Christie on this state in the toilet. You two assemblyman Kieran Lawler. The assemblyman who has absolutely no job. Goes Albany every day and sits on his -- because he's in the Republican minority and they do nothing. Did the Democrats who run the assembly don't even call them when it comes time to do something he's sitting there waiting his -- so he gets picked -- the congress by. Edwards relief -- -- the Fuller. But. It's a it's a -- it's funny. I enjoyed a Twitter 'cause it gets me an opportunity to look at. Really Smart things people say really dumb things people say it's nutrients to say dumb things that say Smart things. But in the meantime though are we got it -- chance here to take a few calls drew thank you for waiting so long to really appreciated. You get some comments on the potential properties. Yeah I think that -- not going to be in the race and he's got nobody to blame but themselves. And -- you gotta do is put yourself in Cuomo issues. Early on trump said. The only way that I'm gonna run is -- the entire Republican Party lays down. And I get you know -- claimed the candidate that there's -- primary challenge. All run. Well. If trump does step biggest threat -- you say it's been -- just have to support one Republican candidate to make sure that he won't run. You've made it clear that there's plenty of Republicans that are willing to shell out. So. Put two and two together that's exactly what separates us. See -- drew what you're saying is conventional wisdom it's what's what people are saying because they've been listening to liberal critics of Donald Trump for twenty plus years. They nobody's tremendously successful and other projects why would he take demotion and run for governor there's a. Into what I heard on WB and I'm looking into a UN compound earlier today. Well understood but let me tell you from from somebody who actually is in the middle of all of us. I am not convinced that Donald Trump won't run now I still think he might in fact when I called him up and told him. My thoughts work he said thank you are appreciated but I'm still kind of examine. So maybe he will maybe he won't but just because. You know the media says he won't I mean this in the media is mad at -- So I'm not talking about what immediate sense though that that's what Donald said right. Speed that up and I'm not going to run into somebody challenges. All but CC I get -- You don't trump doesn't speak. Bureaucrat -- -- -- speak government ease he doesn't speak politic means you know. He certainly doesn't speak Republican he use he doesn't know this -- the process of running for governor. So when -- first -- -- said he wanted unity everybody thought he -- unanimity in the and I I explained to mr. trump. -- don't need unanimity in the Republican Party. You just need you know a certain percentage to block the other guys from getting in the race rate. And -- talking about -- at Cox needs to help you know needs to step up include fields in the it and it. It was wasn't until later I I was able to explain and the Ed Cox means nothing. He works for the county chairs the county chairs. Bidder will that are ours are the ones he has to go to some he's gone to the county chairs and now they've laid this out for him. Two of the fact of the matter is drew if trump stays in this race I'm sorry if trump gets in this race right. And goes all the way to the convention -- renewable died of asphyxiation. There will be no opponent. That's what my feelings. The fact of the matter is if he wants the nomination it is I think he knows that now he has to go to the convention for it because that's kind of -- process. Are you can't really upset that because the convention as a matter of law. It's not something we can skip because we have a transformational candidate. We can't we have to assume he has to go all the way to the convention and by the way there are so many snakes in this elephant grass. That are right now I would say if he entered the race he would have. 76%. Of the weighted vote of the Republican chairman county chairman. Over the years the party I know that because I've talked to them I knew that because that -- their heads I know that because they gave me that commitment holding that coalition together and tell me. Is difficult. It's hard I mean especially hard at the county are of their of the state chairman is stabbing him back in view in the back. The diminutive county executive from Westchester is out running around aren't aren't aren't trying to make parents of minorities. You know it's it's it's hard to hold that together especially when a very tiny small group of those Republican -- important ones. Will buy directly to your face it's a hard thing to do very possible especially with nick -- were to be the chairman of Erie county I mean he can hold together. A strong state chairman coupled together but it's very very difficult so. I don't think when I don't think he's on that you know. Position that he was on when we first spoke to a mid December drew I I think is closer to. But you don't you don't think that these. These chair people that are such a fragile coalition would be would be -- -- But but but we don't want a real Republicans counter. Well that's true that they they might beat. But they have to beat me at the convention in the got to beat the guy like and they -- review these guys will hold that coalition to -- you don't know I mean. I I know. A -- Langley has balls the size Moroccans becomes the work of his -- chairman. He'll hold it together it's just very difficult to see how we know with -- and a few if you're not in this game like mr. trump is. You know. I feel like that it is from eyes and realize he doesn't speak your credit or politically or whatever you're saying but. I I think to say that he wasn't that he's saying what he's had a couple months ago it is putting it too kindly. Most of don't don't speak. There and let it -- language here there and what we heard them say pleasantly was well you know if if anybody has anybody called them a poker game I'm gonna fall. Well they could. That's nobody says that's not what he says it's I mean look I'm I'm gonna put this another way he said that one's. That's not what he's been saying before after that he said that once he said that to the Buffalo News and he regrets having made that final point it's not what he said. As a Astrid gets in this race these -- he's moved it up from the end of march to march 3 if he scared the pants rate. So he's probably gonna get in the race in with it within the next two weeks that won't stop mr. -- gay men and -- -- used to that he thought that automatically -- a primary. But it doesn't react to get 76%. At the convention and then -- Reno -- ago. That's that we have to get and it's it it's not it's not just get a ball he has that already. But mr. trump has to say I'm in this race they're not just gonna give it to him so he'll get in the race that's. Expecting too much I think that's what people believed in the beginning. If you go ahead and clear the decks I'll declare for office. That might have been what he meant in the beginning it's not what's happening. So we don't stay tuned but I don't -- Agassi are trying to talk him out of it I think that's. That's a waste my time you know and because he's really on our directional path in his own decision making and he'll reach that point. When he's darn good and ready and the reason why is because he's not a politician. It's some you know county level. Diane for our for our race as not what reasons for. -- And I future saying about in a -- I would. I would wager that is not in Iraq. You know John I've said that from the beginning if I had to put a hundred dollars on yes now I've put a hundred dollars on now and the reason I've always said that is because. He's just has such a great life. And there are so nobody. Things that he could be doing with that light instead of running around with these roots. You know it's just I I'm I'm on your at the site there but it's my job -- Republican committee and tried again. And so listen thanks for your time I really appreciated thanks. You know we've got a bunch of callers that have called in on this and I and I and I wanna give you all some good time on this news. You know we've only a couple of minutes left until the break him I'll come back to you after the break -- so hold on year. You know I think it's important for people understand. That. That trump candidacy. It is what trump asked for clear the decks and I'll give him that's totally possible it's completely possible happens all the time and other states. Where they have strong street chairman. Where the -- in the county -- have leadership at the top happens all of our. They say look you know ams and US senate can't -- all these statewide -- this is please look. We know you want around let's get you in the -- at another time what did you run for lieutenant governor as a partner. And it happens all the time the problem we have is we have -- leadership that's not so from our perspective all of us in the draft front movement. His request was reasonable. But unfortunately. Impossible but he's he understands and he's looking at this from realistic perspective and a account teachers are behind. A -- get back in just a minute this is Michael Wood in for. Tom hourly on news radio 930 WB and are we gonna go to -- ago for traffic. Well you're accurate forecast. It's 39 degrees there. Very windy and cold night with a few stories on the winds -- -- to about 55 miles per hour low thirty. Some sun the turning cloudy. And colder tomorrow with rain or snow in parts. The -- will just between now forty miles per hour with higher 38 when he clots are right with a couple of snow showers breezy vote when he won. Sunday windy and cold with variable could variable cloudiness and a high of thirty. And of course next week it's gonna get bit again. We've been talking about the governor's race Rome AM. About Donald Trump in particular. And I wanna talk to Tony and I don't want to get the rest these growers -- thanks for Conan. And Mike you know it 11 thing that has never been brought up and I think -- truly -- part one. When Mario would governorship there was a big bond issue for four rebuilding alternative video straight that was over -- he rejected by the voters. This with a big slap the face the Mario. Bill and people like you -- you decided to make the president of the corporation and attention particularly authority they don't need -- voter approval for the accurate article borrow money. You don't realize that you know I had such here forward toward note so it's -- passes go through. So all these years I've been paying for prison bond issue when I should be any purpose you know for -- -- Michael's. Regular for highways. But that's that's -- secret to good to being governor of New York greater mean you have all these -- authorities that the that are barring money -- we we have so much debt Tony we don't even know how much we -- Nobody can tell. They'll think about it sure you you know ladies of -- of a better expression maybe like a simple man O'Leary's Politico that it was pleased he -- things he does tell the voters themselves and get this thing Carol. About issues related to other look good. Yeah yeah -- -- you know should do what the characters this guy has. He's he's giggling out. You know he's dribbling up bits and pieces over here like he's now he's saying above -- billion dollar goes to buffalo forward -- years. And you know that before -- you'll be in very easy and therefore ought to try to run for president. Well I don't argue with that I don't agree that -- opponents and you really appreciate it. Michael Michael wanna -- Goldman. You know one previous callers. Able points -- is still not where you're still hanging on site. And I'll make another point. I don't think it would be emotional. Become the next court. Effective. In the next you're in that job. That would be his thing yeah that's what you think that's what he's told me -- I hope that it is attitude that it would be it that's mine that's not once we know they'll say you know it would be huge. Accomplishments especially if he's getting that job. You know I I I I want to rephrase my words it's a good point -- very good point. I think the process. The process of of going through all the backstabbing in all the all of -- trying to walk through this elephant grass and give it your meals at your heat your heels. I think that's ignominious I think that's not worth his time. I think the governor of New York is is a very important position I mean that if Rockefeller can do -- prompted right I mean. And and let's not forget even toward Washington had his critics okay Americans stop that. No you're right and I'm Michael I thank you for colony and because -- I did not make myself clear I think the governor of New York news. -- -- most important positions in the country. But unfortunately. The path there is fraught with -- -- thank you very much. I takes up so I think so too Michael. I have to go to break your pace of these bills this is Michael Caputo in for Tom -- here on nine and news radio 930 WEB. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Tom -- show your news radio 930 WP -- I'm Michael Prudhoe in for Tom Tom is out for the day he'll be back next week you'll be glad year I'm in with you until 7 o'clock. -- -- -- I'm interested what you think here at -- number three as humans are starting their cell phone. I'm I'm not sure mr. trump did -- I advised him to get out of the race economic did not enter a race. He still quite interest and I think he's taken over what I told them. I think he's also looking at other issue other information that I haven't given -- a lot of information from teachers who know a lot more about what's going on the side. Comment once again I think it's important people understand it out of the 62 county cheers here in the State of New York. The vast majority maybe even you know. High fifties of them are honest to god -- people who were trying to win elections. And and they are in their local counties I mean. Look at what's happening here in Erie counties have -- the most successful Republican organization. In a Democrat dominated counties in the state. Absolutely. No question Westchester. We're. We're. We're county executive rob mystery it was from is also. Gaining ground and he won attitude one Democrat state which is one of the reasons why people think he can win. And 312. And a half 321. Democrat state. Like he's won in 21 Democrat county. Arm unfortunately. For him the State of New York is not Westchester. It's not even close. But I get a lot. I get. Over 8030. -- thirties -- 930 on your cell phone. We don't have. The luxury. Of messing round with candidates who can't raise money who nobody who's. I mean let's face it Andrew Cuomo is by all intents and purposes a -- He absolutely. Key as we -- we won handily. In 22 and I was a part of com key was absolutely. In control of the state legislature for all four years he has Republicans dangled. At the end of the golden thread. As the quote unquote. Majority. In the news the New York State Senate where actually the democrats' majority but the Republicans controlled news. Cuomo says it convinced the small group of Democrats to join Republicans. So Ali has to do was tell the Democrats to go back in those Republicans. Who were in the majority -- -- world will be back in the minority in the -- is -- office the assembly where they do not thing. Republicans in the assembly do not they try. And they got -- I think -- I've been watching and com. A bright cold for awhile ago Carlton that would be news. Critical of him I'm not so critical. Of coal. On I think he's a very conservative very Smart man and he had the reins in the assembly. We'd see some good things happening but he doesn't and he's the hold that the Democrats because. So the in the reality the Democrats have so many so much. The control over the assembly that the Republicans can't even. Get bills to four. So you know. This is this this state right now is it's such -- -- that because Andrew Cuomo controls that 1%. If you want to wrestle control from someone. Who has so much power you have to do with something completely different absolutely transformational I know because I read in many races. In the former Soviet Union where we wrestled the power from the Communist now if you remember the Communists from those days they were pretty powerful people. When they get knocked out by the fall of the wall they've been tried to run for camp on campaigns. They failed. Even though when I was in Russia that the Communists. And I was there for the better part of a decade. We'd we beat the Communist down the that democracy. Oriented Russians were. We're in control of the legislature they called the Duma. But Communists came back and in fact the -- service and are the number two power in Russia. But you know of the week we got them we we we took them down was through transformational politics transformational. Politics that's what. He's a celebrity campaign huge campaign. Like Donald Trump's would do if you want it if you want to Brian. A standard county executive against -- -- get which paid for it to pay for. -- -- -- -- -- You there yeah -- hear you hear -- yes sir. And really wondering. And again and our. And you know they let Gillibrand walked right in -- you'll become the center -- In -- anybody Schumer and be here. If they rants but he strong. Yeah. Right right with -- the whole thing Johnny I mean. What do you define his strong. We can run somebody strong redefined as strong. If you just run somebody without any name recognition whatsoever. Like these people Iraq -- reasons but no backing. Where it with no way you. Of even becoming. Unknown candidate. I mean why would anybody. Any district walked over by the Democrats. Really bad. It is -- you know that's the game that's the game in New York State I'm I'm I'm. I'm from here and Johnny I grew up here -- I graduate from -- price scored attended other schools in the including your court. And Orchard Park. My father tended to move -- on Thursday. And less when the army came back with you -- weapons music -- -- no no absolutely zero opportunity. For me here in 1985. And come back and you know thirty years and twenty fighters leader reverend uses came back and Tony tan. As David I want to be near my dad in and and I want to reason for him here there's no better place in the road victories there. Then western new York and in particular -- the most incredible village on the planet east war. The best place in the world to live and I've lived alone the world he's Rory is the best place in the world live but high taxes. But the best place in the world with I had no idea. -- Republican Party was in such shambles I didn't now. I had no idea I think -- wherever I've lived -- I've joined the Republican comedians said at the open today. But if you wanna get involved you join the Republican committee if you don't join the Republican committee. Well. They don't complain. You know if you don't join the Democrat comedian he -- they're committed Democrat and don't complain you you have no input except for Election Day so don't complain. The wanna help choose candidates. Join the committee so I join the community. We ever really strong committee here in -- county -- the strongest in the state but I always shocked at how weak we are in Albany. Week and the reason we're weak is because its own stock lock stock and barrel. By Andrew Cuomo the of the senate leader. It's Kellogg's. Deeds -- I don't know -- never met him probably a good guy spends will be too much time in the tanning Booth. But you know probably a good guy but he is the head of the New York State Senate gets all kinds of perks and and -- and staff and everything for being the head of the state senate. But he's not going to be you know if he won't be that of the state senate if he doesn't do whatever Cuomo wants Cuomo gives him a little bit of leash here and there. Here and there. But not often in and when it comes to reelection Andrew Cuomo is not gonna give him any -- debris anywhere any -- It. Well we did we did and she was -- a nice candidate good woman. It's such a good moment that I can't remain for the moment she was strong. Conservative. But here's the problem here it is here's the here is that the match. Campaigns in the modern area there are only as effective as there at raising money. Write it in unfortunately in in New York State if you give money. To oppose a Democrat you're your your business will be targeted. You know. They don't want to upset the apple cart because. You know I mean I'm doing fine I'm all right Pam my -- much brilliant -- -- -- million -- I'm not -- -- to -- community. Good is gonna make the democrats' anger and there are start lame fines on my buildings and taking their contracts away from me it separates it. So she ran. Gosh I'm really stupid to mean I'm I'm somebody's got to call on Monday. But -- -- -- of somebody that I admit thirty years ago in college really Smart and bright woman. And and and it has had a lot to offer but couldn't go anywhere there is nobody would open their wallet not one on me not one. She couldn't raise money saver light and by the way one guy who helped to raise money the feds -- -- Okay it's really at the Federal Election Commission after. He might have broken the rules I don't know but when did you when you can't raise any money the guys who do raise money for your pretty well. So it's about money and it's also about the power and and the people with the money your -- power. And that's why we have the -- the Republican Party we don't desert we deserve a much better party. You know that's we have Ed Edward Ridley finch Cox the fourth in charge. He likes to talk about how he's married to Richard Nixon's daughter. And -- let's talk about how his family came over on the me four -- Unfortunately. None of that helps -- reasoning on the Republican Party so we look for self funders. You know and those self funders they have a big decision to me for we can run people who don't have any money -- nice guys who -- would be great if they could ever. The governor -- it's like you know. Programs at lining somebody up on -- on the starting line at a marathon who never trained they're not gonna win and we'll tell -- we got to take a break your real quick. This is Michael dormant for Tom hourly here on news radio 930 WB. AccuWeather forecast here. I would warning in effect. -- -- -- Very windy and cold tonight with a few flurries around the winds can gust to about 55 miles per low of thirty degrees some sundin turning cloudy and cold tomorrow the wind gusts between 4050 miles per -- high of 38. -- clouds tomorrow. Won't when he won -- Sunday windy and cooler high of thirty even colder next week. Right now it's 36 degrees. I think we're gonna have -- -- guests on the phone here a few minutes. -- -- see here he's on the line right now. With us on the line here is Michael Cohen from Donald Trump's office Michael were you listening via Internet or something and you had to. You had to chime in here. Of course go. At a thanks for call. I appreciate what what do you think of all this I mean. I know you. I have to say to all the people in the audience in and we're listening and all the parts of the state country Michael -- news. I think you were on the biggest thing you are one of the biggest advocates from mr. trump to race. And -- in the office right next to his. Our things look at. Well you know it's an interesting scenario. It's. You would call. This entire process started. Somewhere around three months ago. Wait twelve individuals and yourself coming to trump tower in order to increase -- trump see you'll. All of the governor Mohammed to challenge in two Cuomo in the race right. Then followed about three weeks later would -- the people and then another three weeks that. Another twenty people. -- if you calculate all be. Individuals who all are on -- even trump you're talking about 72%. Of the wage -- people. Now one of the things that I'd spoken to you about in confidence in them. -- -- you audience at this moment. Is the fact that. I had a private meeting with Rochester regional approach from national question right at what point -- on Balkans said Michael I am running. I try to explain to him that it's my belief that it's not the right mobile. Tom I certainly believe. -- to do with ticket of trumpet the governor and -- that's -- as lieutenant governor is probable be a lot more intelligent. The reason for my belief is the fact that -- Baxter regional -- two things. Name recognition. And money. Two things that Donald Trump as a lot. So. Warning not to pass on to somebody who because of the name recognition. Couldn't thrust you into the spotlight. And what worried about raising money something that -- Reno's going to following a significant optical -- If so -- statement to me once it's not what I'm looking -- not what I want and from what we just in and Donald Trump has been. He's been crystal Lee. In his statement that week GOP. Needs to get all into one person and one person who can -- and that it. And that's sort of been demonstrated at a local leaders that have -- to -- -- this in order to again in tight and rock disinfect. That the leaders. Can not gay guys like eight Cox or law passed to Reno to back school. And let Donald Trump do what he does which is -- down into Cuomo which everybody believes he can do. What's the point in two weeks he's talking. The energy and his money primary and somebody who has zero -- of success. Right and I think Michael the one thing that you and I've talked at great length about is that you know if the party. Is well first of all we know that of the majority of account teachers support wrong it's it's a true fact and you know anybody from the history of camp once the -- the way it's Ike Ike I challenged them. To invite all the county chairs come see him and a down and Westchester. And will find it very empty room. We did the same thing we got a 65% of the weighted vote in the now that the fact is though. If you don't believe that the bid though rob that's -- gonna get out you think he's -- our primary. Absolutely you know there's no -- sort -- -- Not running a primary again he's relatively unknown except to insular people in question. Were I mean the -- -- -- he's not. Donald Trump and I would. I will turn around and make this statement that Donald Trump our name recognition. Is far greater than that and even into all of curious people hate you know you governors. Aren't the people in the state do not know. We'll developers now it -- people you don't Donald Trump this by name recognition he takes into formal court and as far as money. OK so -- raised 32 million dollars big deal. Donald Trump has. It didn't go out of and that I know because someone the people that at this point it shall -- -- -- double that. And not even -- so we don't have to worry about things like you going out on. I believe. There it is at least people speeding Coke he didn't -- and that should be lots. I'll be very honest with -- many people how cold it. And and he turned around and expect watney is Donald Trump even considering. One. Governor right. He should be concentrating. On a presidential. Very much like. You know on in 2012 when he got out of the race and many people are into beat him for getting out of batteries because they felt that he could -- walked. Well that's cross. That's a cross current of the that the that for the -- that trump for governor draft is in has been fighting all longer. More people from the -- certain the national Republican stage and a lot of people in the State of New York think that it. But he he should run for president I mean the we've been running against swimming against sent from the very beginning. -- let me let me status. New Yorkers. And I know because two of my -- issues -- graduated from top schools. Both had to leave New York. He ordered foreign decent thing. At a college. And that's upsetting to me. Because I'm close with my nieces and my concern is that my children when they finished goal ultimately have to leave Google. Right post New York is in trouble. And only New York controllable. The court. Right and Vincent coming from. Who are registered not -- When they're pretty well you're only saying what -- saying because you know because you're Republican norm not from the government. And then sort Donald Trump. I would never say good things that aren't saying I am very. What the country and I'm very concerned with State of New York. And when people start talking about I wanted to jump back to the governor's race they talk about -- best of Reno Westchester. Is are you. In the State of New York. Somebody who stepped -- challenge in all. Week. Right talking about hey I'd reduce taxes well he hasn't -- -- need somebody might. Like Donald Trump who will -- out of the box you meet somebody had set we go to war. 101000. People who something which weren't it will and weren't able successfully. Well let me ask if we got to go to break here Michael let me ask you this -- mean. You know you were on the phone when I gave my advice to mr. trump and he wears yet right now he's he's still he's -- in this thing. Well actually. Can you repeat you broke our government. And on his way. Palm Beach, Florida. Right and not I mean where is yet what's what's he thinking on the governor's race. Still the same thing you could unite. Crystal. The statement. If you know on the should. -- -- And by all means. 72%. Of GOE. In the rule. One. Will be all. Well now now the responsibility. -- support. And what some more. To go. To be on. Which it's going to be. -- -- On. To something negative about. What -- great ought. We're not doing that now but hey listen we were got to get to a note with a commercial break here missed listen thank you very much for call that Michael really appreciated clerks. You know. We thank you very much as Michael put with Tom hourly here on news radio 930. WBE. Adam.

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