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2-21 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon. You hear -- news radio 930 WBA and the Tom Bauerle show. But unfortunately you don't have Tom Farley the microphone it's Michael Caputo I'm in for Tom Barrow for the day the -- on Monday. She got me until 7 o'clock. Got -- talk about today with talk about the governor's race talk about a few issue -- Obama care little bit of giving college. Diplomas to rapists and murderers the new Cuomo program. But first are getting a lot of emails asking me how I got into this whole Donald Trump thing. So many I think I wanted to address here. Just as we start this day. I get the sense that most the emails come for people who want to get involved in the community and end and do things that can help change this state. In a big things. So I wanna tell you why did this little thing and and and because maybe you can too. Here's what you need to do if you wanted to get involved in politics. Joined the Erie county Republican committee or for that matter join your democratic committee. Because that's -- this starts. I've been around a little bit more than most people in this political game I've been in global politics for about thirty years but really this whole trump thing. Came about because I was doing my job. As a member of the Republican committee. As an elected member of York county can be here and Erie county one of your jobs is to recruit and vet new candidates that's especially true. Really difficult races and it doesn't get any harder than trying to beat Andrew Cuomo. As a committee men. I called rob -- Reno's office shortly after Election Day last year I told them. I had heard he was interest in running for governor and I've wanted to attend a private event he restore old buffalo so right here amount there're several dozen people. Invited I -- in November but I want deceived -- residency visa to and -- -- is opposite sure we'll get back few. I think that was in November few days after he won reelection as west Westchester County executive but I waited and he came to buffalo and had his meeting and then -- went home and I'd never heard back. Remember as a member of the Erie county Republican committee it is my job to recruit and vet candidates it's any commitments. I take that job very seriously so when assemblyman David DiPietro and bill know -- asked me to help them -- Donald Trump as a potential candidate I agreed. Any committeeman wooden -- but here's what's important right turnaround I asked my Republican town chairman first. I followed the chain of command it's laid out for committee human and he said go for. I may have. A few more phone numbers -- myself on the you do but remember this when we hosted mr. trump in buffalo with small group of hard working volunteer committee men worked hard to make betterment happened and they did a great job. And for their efforts they learned a lot about hosting an international celebrity and pulling off a remarkable event in record time. And that goes on their resume and and that's no small thing. These committee men and women. Also got to spend some time up close and personal with mr. trump and I don't care what you think of -- guy that's interest. So if you want to get involved and do something like this join your county committee and then volunteer for interesting things in your wife could change to mean. I have a lot of friends who were now professional. Our political consultants even here in New York State who. Really -- -- now they are -- and breathe and die on on whether or not they can get campaigns. To work for it's very funny actually if you watched Twitter. If you know -- these professional campaign. Consultants are they're doing this very careful -- between the trump. Campaign and asked Reno campaign there or mr. trump -- great on Twitter and then -- mr. history no you earlier the candidate it's it's. It's comical but you know. You gotta make eleven yeah you gotta do what you gotta do fortunately I don't work in campaigns anymore I want to. So the Donald Trump for governor draft took off about seventy days ago when a small group of Republicans -- arms among them travel to New York City to ask him to run for governor of New York. That's important as you know we asked him. He did not ask us any reporter out they're -- and Jimmy video content at the time it via a capital. He did not ask us we asked him he's I started this we started this he did not start -- and -- When I tried to get the meeting set up there where there wasn't easy he really wasn't interested he'd already said no through the media. Still mr. trump was gracious enough to CDs in the small band of Republican committeeman and elected officials back in December. He changed his mind right there and he said he would run if we could clear -- the nomination without bruising primary he just said. He didn't think we can do. But you know what that path is now open in front of -- the Republican nomination for governor is his for the taking. Is that's right if he declared his intention to run for governor today I'm here to tell you with great authority. That he would have county -- support of 76%. That very day the magic number that kills the at the -- -- Campaign dead. Importantly he's got time to his Republican challenger Westchester County executive rob mastering it has been talking about running for governor for a year. And he's not yet declared since mr. trump is on the been talked about this for seven -- got plenty of time to declare. But to all the people out there clamoring for him to didian. Or -- that's pretty silly. Normally your candidates for governor and every declare before march Carl Paladino declared on April 5. It Cuomo didn't give in until May why must mr. trump for his decision. But here's the problem. As an architect of the path I don't think he should accept the nomination. The best advice I can give Donald Trump is really pretty simple. Do not get in the governor's race. Running for governor is not worth Donald -- time for two reasons. The new York Republican Party is too weak. It's an effective. It's even disloyal. And then you have to face. Andrew Cuomo I put 30000 miles on a car with Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and 28 and that's wind a little something about -- For months we endured undermining and down right insulting attacks from Republicans all along the way. Carl spent immeasurable energy and millions of dollars defending himself. For and against attacks from establishment Republicans and that's before he ever got to face Andrew Cuomo. New York State Republican Party chairman. Edward and Ridley finch Cox the fourth. Tried to draft a Democrat the 2010 Republican primary -- we have some sound from Edward Ridley finch Cox the fourth here don't wing. I'll feel a thing as a free cars and go even higher. Most committed and who -- country club. That's ever greatly finch Cox support the chairman of the Republican State Committee but you know -- -- finch Cox the fourth. He tried to draft a Democrat. In the 2010 Republican primary he failed miserably. And then he climbed aboard Rick Lazio's -- the campaign the establishment candidate. From the area he helped lawsuit have been -- and a record defeat against Carl Paladino in the N 64% of Republicans here in New York. Voted for Paladino and rebuked the failed state chairman. But Edward Wrigley excuse me Edward at Wrigley finch Cox the force. So it doesn't Democrat. Clearly learned nothing. And his inept attacks. Would be hilarious if it weren't so counterproductive. For years later Cox is undermining Donald Trump at every turn and lying about it all the way. He's using Republican Party resources and piles of his own cash to push Westchester County executive. Rob master Reno on the 62 Republican county chairman. I've seen this movie before soon Cox who pretend to warm up to Trump's candidacy he'll make noises about welcoming trumped the campaign trip but really. Ed Cox is. The he will cut trump up. Every chance he gets all the way to the end with -- Reno gets out of the race and Cox. Boards the -- bandwagon his behavior will not improve he will never be an ascent the last downstate county executive. Edward Ridley finch Cox the fourth. To bring Clark. And committed in our country club. Old box he tried to guide. -- the last one he tried to guide into a statewide race has never been heard from again and think about. All the statewide candidates he is ever touched. Have disappeared from public life disappeared. It's as if the worst diseases of the main flower word faithful. And and remain highly contagious generations later if he touches you you die. Cox is set to similarly poison -- Marino's career I know mr. trump likes the county executive -- Cox's -- meg are in place. A politician's natural instinct is to get out of the way of well financed campaign even a bit especially a billion. But Cox is so averse to a trump candidacy that he will continue to plead with county chairs behind the scenes -- poisoned trump events. He'll feed reporters sour balls. And he'll work every angle to keep -- Reno and even at S three knows great expense. As chairman you don't have to be Smart to stop a winning candidate is yet to be dumb enough to throw your body in front of them. But there's no bets are but there's more stupidity the match is going on here. You see it's no longer about rob mastery you know for Edward Ridley finch Cox the fourth. It's about Edward relief since -- the fourth. That's exactly it's about not -- you know -- and do about as much -- -- as he can do good he's. Do you can do very little he's a net. Still he will not stop opposing Donald Trump until he is fired as a state leader and there's no appetite to push him out among those 62 Republican chairman not right now. Any attempt to fire Cox would fracture of the -- coalition and hobbled Donald Trump's campaign. To beat Cuomo most of the men and women who serve -- Republican county chairs are good and honest people. Actually all the women are solid it's a few of them and you have to watch out for. For more than a decade they have struggled to raise money and commitment are hard to recruit because Republicans and leaving the state in droves. Electing Republicans has become very difficult in New York. A county chairman's job is terribly hard. That's why so many of flocked to Donald Trump's candidacy. And trump they see a possibility to shift the paradigm. Raise money for campaigns. Recruit new faces of the party and maybe win statewide races again. At the January 30 buffalo event -- Erie county GOP. Broke all attendance records -- -- the pot -- cash for local campaigns that's huge. And something rob -- -- cannot do. A ball above all the majority of chairs believe mr. trump can be normal without Donald Trump -- know we can't and that's a cold hard facts. Most important chairs dolce and another opportunity objectives coming anytime soon. In the short time since he expressed an interest in the governor's race. Donald Trump has met more Republicans. In rob -- it was done in the last several months. In fact Donald company gave more Republicans in person in seven days then rob that's Reno has done since the November. The reason rob that's Reno doesn't draw a crowd think about it that's at the core of the problem -- have drawing the voters he needs to win. He's just not interesting enough. That's not an insult very few are. On in these early days mr. trump card in that almost all Republican managers who sandbag Paladino and 2010 and we'll talk about that after the break. But I'll tell you what. A lot of Cuomo's effort is going to are going to formatting subterfuge in the GOP. In the weeks leading up to the Republican Convention Cuomo woke her up that he'd think about it the governor will gladly spend a million dollars behind the scenes the -- can save. Twenty million if you just not trump out for me if he runs against -- -- threes twice the money. As he shows in the bank right now it -- runs against -- -- he doesn't have to raise another dollar. I'm so I'm I'm convinced Donald Trump should not run for governor. A new York and not unless he was the state more than his business more than is fabulous life in the when he remarkable projects he has on the horizon. As rob -- in what does he have to lose politics is all he's got in he clearly wants more. And of course as chairman Edward Ridley finch Cox the force behind him. I'll feel. A thing as a free car and go even higher and most committed and who -- country club. Running for governor in New York is a huge promotion for county politician not so much for wildly successful billionaire known worldwide. But he has that fire in the belly there were more than enough Republican county chairman in his office last week to usher rob -- to Reno right out of the race. They have pledged to lock shields with Donald Trump for world class campaign of epic proportions if he gets them. When it comes to running for office I can do just about anything but I can't meet Donald Trump's decision for him because. That decision ladies and gentlemen. These huge. -- back here on news radio 930 WB yen in just a moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- And we're back. Guarantees that he -- 930 WP yen this is Michael who go in fort Tom hourly out for the date probably next week. Here with you until 7 o'clock which is going on my. While I no longer think that Donald Trump should run for them I don't think it's worth his time and I talked about how the chairman is a sand -- Com only those were against the Kennedy Kennedy did come -- apparently come over me so nobody can control. He did it. Back in 2010. Year -- when he was saying. Good things the Carl Paladino smiling in his speech with stamina in the line to space. But. You know it's not just the state chairman like I said that the majority of the sixty connectors are great people all the women -- -- made it seem to be focused on. Savings statements some of the manner. In some of the matter just like at Cox probably works just a few of them the vast majority -- And these early days mr. trump is our met almost all the Republican county -- Who sandbags and Carl Paladino 2010 already -- ball. Cox's. You know a problem of course -- but the county chairs are also problem. These people who sandbags. Paladino won 2010 they've already pledged their support trump and some of them are serious about it I mean. Mr. trump would be stupid to pros if you wanted to -- this thing. Others are going to stab in the back in the gonna cut a deal with Cox the forest for Cuomo and and take speaking get a few will lay down as we've seen campaign -- And do nothing for mr. trump all the way to Election Day it happened to Paladino. They will light of -- basis like they were wide to Carl Paladino space the whole time and -- -- work for normal because they make money off his governorship. Here's what laying down means. In campaign. In -- -- county for example were Republican needs a 100000 votes to -- to go on to statewide victory -- accidentally get only 50000 oaks. Because the local party chairman won't lift a finger to help it actually worked for Cuomo. Any end at twelve won't even ask you -- trump won't even know until November 5 that the guy laid down on them because the chairman what lied through his teeth right to space. Donald Trump is the only potential Camby who truly threatens Cuomo. So the governor authority working hard through his -- Republicans is to stop him. He sent emissaries to trump tower to talk him out of it some are Republicans fighting their loyalty in Cuomo. In the weeks leading up to the Republican Convention Cuomo will turn up the -- think about that Michael talked about it earlier before the commercial break. The governor will certainly spend a million dollars to avoid spending Taiwanese -- pushed around now. And if if trump runs he's got to immediately raced twice the money. As he shows in the -- right now if he runs against Esther reed though he doesn't have to reasonably dine. Not a cent. A lot of Cuomo's effort will go in the formatting separate subterfuge in the GOP's. He's got the ability to turn the party in side. With cynical manipulation and he'll do it. Expect his Republican legislative allies across monkey wrenches into the mix of their party doing. With Cox still slithering in the background -- Reno may resist reasonable request to step aside. The governor wisely urged them on of course. As -- will become a problem even though if he's nominated he won't raise more than six million dollars and he'll hand Cuomo a landslide victory. -- -- -- gift to America will be presidential candidate and Cuomo. This week -- was started attacking Donald from breaking the gentleman's agreement between the two of them that none neither -- dead despaired the other. That's what we Republicans called violating Ronald Reagan's eleventh commandment thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republicans. I know can I used to work for rate him. Who -- the ego that would get in the way here would be Westchester County executive rob Listerine notes that I didn't. Luckily is WB Ian listeners heard yesterday Donald Trump is not taking that -- he's gonna take the high road while -- Reno and his allies firing him. From far far out of range. Several county chairman of called me to say that they're very grateful that mr. trump is being so gracious about it. They don't want the war that Ed Cox and rob restaurant or trying to start. Still you know at the end. Of the early may Republican Convention I really believe mr. trump would have the nomination and no primary challengers. But with a party too weak at the top to hold the line. It's just not a billionaire is bad it's just not. Andrew Cuomo has been an ineffective governor very partisan. Obviously he wants -- you went into another conservative in the state and leave town. But he is a vicious predatory candidate and that's really -- The governor has no boundaries he makes Chris Christie will Pollyanna. So taking them on with a weak party behind you becomes kind of a fool's errand. Cuomo was only comfortable when his opponents -- bleeding profusely on the floor. I watched as he came at Carl Paladino from all angles first through his surrogates and through all of Cuomo's aides and then. Directly and when Karl challenge Cuomo he sent reporters to tier -- part. When Carl didn't go down Cuomo and his allies viciously attacked extremely even frighten his children. One thing is for sure. If it Cuomo thinks he can out vicious Donald Trump I think there will be plenty surprised. Still like I said I'm convinced Donald Trump should not run for governor of New York not -- he loves the state more than its business more than his life and news release incredible projects he's got going on in the world. It's really. It's just like I said it's not a billionaire is bad. It is and I think that he could win I think that if he got in this thing the Republican line up behind number right now. We are seeing all kinds of Republicans -- make nasty comments about him I mean. There's one assemblyman from downstate -- reliable establishment. Republican he used to be kind of an out wire but after -- a head bashed him into congressional races he came -- patent and and became the party's man for assembly in now he's. Doing the bidding. Edward fit I'm Edward recently. Finch Cox the fourth. But he's also you know witness please wait in line trying to become congressman. But he wrote a New York Post article with particularly vicious taking a park. Trump. One issue at a time and of course that violates the gentleman's agreement and it's supposed to be all right. But mr. Trump's celebrity knock and I think -- but you also think he's not gonna give this. One works -- Assemblyman any time. Marketing given an opportunity -- -- back in game was nobody knows. That actually -- mr. Trump understand the ones. Funny yeah actually. Represents. An area were proposed very successful business. But you would know that by his article pro. Course. I don't know what you think about. I've caught with a company and I told my don't think he should run -- she did out of this thing because it's just ridiculous to think that this fractured Republican Party. With you know at the head of this whole thing the hereditary Republican. Edward Ridley finch Cox before. -- I'll appeal. I think has a -- cart and go even higher. The rules committee of the Newport country club. Yeah. Yep even Cox. For. It's really quite something I don't know how Cox's through the chairman of the New York State Republican Party hasn't won a statewide races he assume the reins. He hasn't raised any money outside of the money from his own family. He can't raise money he can't meet the -- in addition to that he can't define he can't explain a strategy for victory. Because all of us in the Republican Party who know what's the one on even though. Consultants who were doing the -- -- dance between the trump potential campaign in the and they -- Reno potential campaign could remember neither of them have declared. Those guys are funny kind of like we'd like to work for you by the way Donald we would love to work for you and there it's as it's unfolding on social media comically. But anybody in the Republican Party will tell you. That there is absolutely no chance the -- best Reno can beat. Dark. Andrew Cuomo there's no chance it's just what what he's doing and an ever you know this is -- -- -- the and of insider secret. Mr. -- Reno ran in at two to one democratic county. For county executive and lost set himself up for another run. One. And has since won reelection. So he's got to take that experience on the county level to this state level and he's gonna run against Cuomo expecting to lose except he's gonna lose honorably. And that is gonna come up with the Arabic the Republican count cheers -- able I almost beat Cuomo I could be the next guy and so he'll run again. In 28 team for governor because he thinks he can win that he thinks the State of New York is exactly like questions. But you know. That's not why I got into this thing that's not why I became a Republican committeeman that's not one Republican I don't know of anybody out there and any political party please. Not to win but to place or show. I don't and I'm kind of interested in defeating Andrew -- not escorting him. Into a national candidacy for president states. So that's my thing. I think -- mr. trump is is is offer better things much better things. And this whole New York governor thing. The parties not ready form. We've got too many people in the party were stabbed him in the back. Starting with the chairman we've got. Kind of the romance. Of late this gentleman from the assembly. Will you know. Homer around his face around his ankles yet the dog's -- -- -- And you know it's just gonna make it very difficult you come out of the Republican primary he still gonna have these people buy them because they really prefer Cuomo. Many of these establishment. Republicans they report the firm because. They'd get a deal cut in the legislature would give it a little bit more money because they're part of the majority in the senate. And they they get spirits -- In the assembly and and go along get along and you -- in the congress. Why would you go against the the county I mean the state chairman. Edward -- finch Cox the fourth while. -- to go against. I'll appeal. A ticket as a free cart and go even higher. The rules committee of the Newport country club. But. I just I'm not sure what mr. Trump's gonna do but he got my era he got my -- My two cents today. I'm not too worried but we'll find out soon as soon enough in the you know he has to get around this race before the the Republican Convention convention as early. He's got through February and march to think about it and maybe get him. Especially maybe even April that's Paladino did absolutely I think it's a little late but in her out before the convention any time. We'll be right back talk about this news radio 930 WB yen this is Michael put it in for Tom Bauer. 39 degrees out there. -- advisory until 10 PM tonight very windy and colder tonight with a few flurries around the wind can gusts to about 55 miles per -- so watch out. Low thirty degrees some sun and turning cloudy and cold tonight with a rain or snow shower in spots. The wind gusts between forty miles per hour at 530 degrees plenty of clouds -- a couple of -- -- is breezy. Gloat when he one Sunday windy and colder with variable cloudiness. High thirty same old same all. Eve and getting -- next week about that that's. Well I guess we got to bundle up little more you know. Our number is 8030930. Star 930 on your cellphone. There's a lot to talk about out there we we can talk about the governor's race I I really. I believe that Donald Trump could beat Andrew Cuomo I don't teach I don't think he should try. I think the Republican party's so weak needs rebuilding and he's building very bad I've met. All 62 of the -- I think some of the new ones I might have missed but it certainly 58 of the 62. Most of them many of them during the last several weeks well you know trying to help mr. trump decide -- he should give him. They're such good people these Republican cheers they've got such high hopes for their position they wanna change things in their own parties in their own counties. And they're having a difficulty because there's no leadership from the top none zero zip and there hasn't been leadership from the top since. It would really fixed finch Cox before I can say that with a -- Cox. Not since Cox has become chairman there's just no leadership and they need leadership the need it. And they know it. I mean Dave -- I mean I've had tea how many of told me they're very upset. The Cox's. -- once again gone out and picked the candidate who can't win and tried to force him down the throats of the cheaters. You remember they did that in 2002 and tried to recruit a Democrat county executive. Into the governor's race and I think you if you think if you're wondering how that went just as governor Steve Levy. He has absolutely disappeared from view doesn't do -- month. And you'll never find. He's fallen off the map. And by the way so is just but I think every single statewide candidate that Ed Cox has touched been filed. So I just don't see it I don't see it I don't see the Republican Party unify. I hope they do I'd like them to. But I keep getting questions when's he getting in when's he getting involved -- that he doesn't have to give him right now nobody else is -- The governor's not even a candidate for reelection. So all this hand wringing about Crockett now stole it. Still it's somewhere really I mean I can tell you aware but still. Because I don't think he's got I think he's -- he's got some more thinking to do he's he's been talking about are doing some some. A some. Some research maybe ago. -- more pulling Mora. Of this kind of focus group research trying to figure out what messages might work to defeat to governor. Arm and you'll come up at his own thing you know. Ever before we go to the break here -- -- to take a quick call from Chris you're called on gun owners groups. Yeah like oh went to an excellent meeting -- -- night fantastic presentation. The list for governors. Yeah and that it was pointed out at the meeting and I sure hope mr. trump here. That indeed New York City area there are fewer than a million -- Christian voters. That in New York State we have approximately six million got. Registered. And that if you look at our -- and get out those registered doubters out there -- -- Will take it. Well I think -- -- they say what to six million. Governors I've never found out where they got that. -- -- that number. -- Well I'll take AA. Well here's the thing forget about how many there are -- courses were all targets of opportunity right. We need to bring a half million new voters and if you want to have an impact half million maybe three quarter million new voters -- wanted to have some impact now. Conventional wisdom of all the Republican. Consultants out there who've been in this for thirty years. We'll tell you that gun owners don't vote. On and Second Amendment will not turn an election. On the don't think about the recalls in Colorado that were victorious against the the gun control our legislators have been through. And they don't think about the fact that never before have. Gun owners. Had something to fear like this a fact I mean Chris you see all the signs that are peoples' yards. Yes sir ours too and I'm home you know that was an overflow immediately at night and it was brought up that if Cuomo win. -- better -- for your doorbell -- going to be coming around figure got. Well I'll tell yeah I've never seen signs in yards protesting a law in my career have been in this for thirty years and several different countries. So it's unusual if they get registered and they vote. It's possible. But it's gonna cost three to four million dollars Chris Rock mastering it doesn't have that money. And unfortunately. It's not possible and let's have a cellphone. This is Michael -- for Tom hourly here in Israel 930 WB and will be right back.

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