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2-21 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's where movies go when -- -- -- the -- show is suitable obstacle to -- -- sandy beach street cinema Bob's reviews on FaceBook listened to the movie show online anytime on demand. WB and our common listen to a live right now Bob -- was that that. Was mr. Oscar himself Bob Hope. From on 1953. The very first televised. Oscar. Oscar awards and then there -- it was the 25 anniversary of the Oscars and in those early days of television in the early fifties. The competition. Between TV. And the -- world was. Fierce drug dealers or from what we've got a bit they they really did that they had a big campaign. Called movies are your best entertainment. And they they just did whatever they -- to put down TV and all that Martin and Lewis though. There Colgate Comedy Hour. They -- is seen talking about they did sketch talking about the competition between the two. And they had Jerry Lewis was setting up. The outside Markey and he had that phrase there movies are your best entertainment. And he started taking down the letters to change this picture sign but he left the first. Letter of each word and it turns out. Movies are your best entertainment. Equals maybe I'm not. But. It really has changed it really has changed I mean in. In the old days. You you'd ever having a film. Be available on TV or other formats before the Oscars they were waiting for the ball pure in the box office that's the whole reason. The Academy Awards were invented to help out but this year. Four of the nine best picture nominees. Are already available on on video you can get a hold of them on demand or wherever. And two of them are coming out in the next couple weeks or two really are really changed a lot of people are. Are seeing the movies up for the Oscars in their homes. Our computer's been taken over -- It it I think I think is an essay on a year ago it's just went blind and then did this but it is different than most of its interest. Okay yeah I read in the early days of television there relied on movies a lot like before the late night shows I mean. Outside of that tonight show. Any station that didn't have that tonight show -- late night movie remember NBC is that Saturday night at the movies Sunday night the movies so. These were staple of early television. There was a big deal when they first started during that showing them in prime time because early on they showed. And there were the early. Talkies they'd show movies from thirties and maybe some from the forties didn't get the bigger. Prestige pictures. That changed and yeah I mean look at -- All of your premium channels are the -- although it I mean I have like. Thousand channels and about four of MarketWatch. All right big box office nobody got that supported president yeah his vision yes indeed number one for the second week in a -- the Lego movies. Of like a movie. 62 million dollars it is now at 143. Million. Incredible. Box office return for an animated film not released in somber Christmas when you usually see movies do big bucks like this film. Just norms it. At number two out of the the 380s. -- remakes. That came out last week and the winner was. About last night 28 million dollars this is the second. Huge hit -- haven't heart this year he had. Huge hit in January with right along and now a huge hit with about last night in January. Only twelve dollar budget so every party of course loves that. A number three. Robocop did 25 million dollars it -- on Wednesday switched down thirty million cents though last Wednesday. -- and studio expectations. But a disaster. It has a 130. Million dollar budget so thirty may make you a little nervous but. Overseas. Expect big you know ready it did seventy million dollars in its first week. Overseas so we're definitely going to be seen Robocop to witness new cast. A number four monuments men. Did eighteen million dollars it is now at 47 million it is doing nice steady business critics be damn. At number. And the -- did fourteen million dollars. Horrible horrible reviews just just just. Terrible terrible reviews but it. Young female filmgoers who is the group you were going after a lot of analysts love love they love it they gave it a cinema -- rate of a mine so. He would do it there. There who we soft center -- as the ultimate goal analysts -- -- twenty minutes of the vote really I -- I -- maybe ten. Operable Wheaties and I had my god. And maybe if I don't have a nap after -- he's gonna say it. Numbers six were dialogue Kevin hard did another ten million dollars is now 117. And there was a VOA and. Dead on arrival flat as a big gig was going nowhere. Turns out winter's -- The big sixty million. Dollar. Romantic fantasy in which. Colin Ferrell war a bad hair cut on his head and rolled around on a -- -- horse. Turns out that wasn't what people were looking -- little day weekend only eight million dollars. Which if you compare that to. Eight million dollars for Kevin -- romantic comedy. That's pretty impressive answer this -- may we hear about our movies going overseas and doing 800 million dollars a series -- got. But as far as foreign films to come here many of them are claimed and many of them went Academy Awards but do we have any big box office movies that come from overseas because I can't remember many of. Very rarely very rarely I mean you'll have. You know some films that are that are possibly British. Which often American films that just made me -- right you know with them. Things like dumping more electing him Harry Potter film all OK don't have that. Probably. The most successful. Imports that I -- she really do have to consider them for and you know nobody. In this. This year -- Sergi. -- on western all players in the ugly anyway hazardous for all of dollars is no -- melodies with. They still showed -- so watch them I mean those were done with I think Clint Eastwood. Has talked about how awhile. Everybody on. But in the cashed in on the crew nobody spoke English language -- -- you have you know an all Italian crew that a lot of Italian actors but so -- actors were Germans some -- you know. That -- and nobody really could understand each other they do that sometimes with the the bond movies. Dirt for all who play on our gold finger -- and I'm bald bigger yeah I -- injured -- he didn't say that. He can't speak English somebody else and somebody else added I don't know whether he said fanatically the actual lines so they can do a bit more cleanly. But no he didn't speak English are you -- occasion there and several -- about adversely films. Could outrun a lot of money -- you know that could -- those that wanted to ask problem if you got forests. Actor Anthony Daniels. Turns 68 years old today name. The legendary scifi character he -- most famous for portray. Is at eight. Cue from Star -- beat C three PO from Star Wars or seat. Another robot from rock -- -- -- -- -- or 9875. A movie password any -- and dinner. Valid through April 30 funny -- -- funny about dollars and period to send flowers pizza pub and grill on Miller sport. Or on transit no expiration date total value 43 dollars general content -- rules apply. Lot of stuff going on well thank you thank you mr. own party. -- doubt that it says he has now actor Anthony mills turned 68 today. In this -- territory's most famous fourth were trading. C three PO from star war about that and he even. Portrayed him in a movie that's out right now he does the voice for the Lego C 30 in the -- all school yeah. That's big he's in a big strain OK I'm ready and -- hockey in -- yesterday I'm already ready for defeat. The last time I told you last week a lot of -- the terrible reviews I wanna see this one true and I can hardly wait to hear what you say about three days ago. -- February. You know I. Tell rough month for every week statistically shown that is just the worst month for for movies as were movies go to die. And this is. Kind of be with and that that ball park there. Kevin Costner. Decided he wanted some of that lead in the -- and taken action humor. He that's slightly older grizzled guy who's got that. Get in there and take care of the situation. And here. Should -- sure as -- himself in good shape specials. Play. Rock Island and her Angie was very good and pull this off when the occasion called where. This is produced by. Lupus hall now yes yes it was done. It was done in in in France or Paris France. Had done not he became emotional as as it repeatedly on the professional. And fifth album and he's very talented director in the last. Five years so he's taken to producing. Just hours of of action films. He did take it taken all of de grace. He also did the family. With Robert De Niro Michelle Pfeiffer that was about for all. He also dead from Paris with -- From with John Travolta was not a good in the transporter sequels he's been doing he's been doing -- is. And direction wise they went with -- G. Majority yes. Meg G is a guy who basically who's doing music videos for years and and got hired to do to true Charlie's Angels movies. And he decided to do those action films like music video. And his career has been pretty spotty sensed that the latest one was this means war -- Reese Witherspoon. Chris -- In this one. Kevin Costner. Has kind of story that is all over the place first off let's establish this. The film revolves around one of our favorite movie cliches all times that. One last job. Yes yes he is a retired. CIA agent he's he's not gonna do it's him he's become a strange term his wife. And his teenage daughter over the years and he's going to. Get rebuild his relationship with those guys. But he finds out that he has. As his doctor reports that. You've got brain cancer -- move to your lungs Altman has -- and so that's fun right there rarely. And he tells them you have three months to live. The CIA comes to him and says. We have an experimental drug. And were gonna be willing to give it to you if you do the job if he'll do this one last job and kill kill a bunch people forced you to do that we would think that's well and will give you this. Experimental drug. Now the CIA bigwigs here. Is played by amber heard. Who is young twenty something. Who wears -- stiletto high heels and any future. Big wigs. It's like having the head of the CIA. Be a cross between Kim Kardashian Ian and -- lease -- -- hot -- -- there and she is Kevin Costner is boss. Now laden. He's he's trying to reconnect with daughter but he's feeling sick from. The drug cancer and the drugs he doesn't let his daughters you know so he's trying. To. Take care of his daughter -- wife says I -- be -- and you watch her daughter for a few weeks here in -- one -- yes absolutely we -- he's got to get her ready for the problem. And he's got -- kill all these people. And -- dinner on the table. Without her knowing anything I mean does some Tim Allen Disney comedy from my nine year old who is and it's filled with all sorts of things I mean there's one scene where. He's got this guy he's trying to get information from he's got the guy duct taped to his toilet. -- And he's holding a gun on him and his daughter calls -- she wants to know what's for dinner. And he says I'm talking to a -- here right now is that Italian -- these cats sitting there. And he has the guy while holding onto his head. Describe a good. I don't way to make pasta sauce and all that and that's what he's gonna fix that's where he's gonna fix that tonight. The movie basically wants to be an action flick. And in the drama. And comedy the bad guys have names like. Wolf the albino accountant. And it. And some parts of the movie just make no sense at all this is a good. Gives him wild hallucinations. He's expected to go pull off these very sophisticated day of the jackal type killings. While he's flipping out but they let him know or don't worry. You can counteract. The the drug. By drinking some vodka. So he's taking this cancer drug trying to kill people and child and -- -- at the same time. The movie also because it has an international cast has really. Really bad dumping I don't think there's any concern about having. The actual audio lineup with -- it really seems like you're watching Kung Fu theater on Saturday. And on channel 29 yeah. Had -- bit better than. -- -- -- It also has one of my favorite. Movie cliches. Of all time. Which is movie did you -- one whenever you're in Paris yes. Eiffel towers always visible all yes just about every other hard. The tower is. Right between them and unassuming people holding larger bags with a French bread stick and I exactly and a bicycle I will be back tomorrow -- -- -- and above those enemies editing John is right united there is WB. Almost Sean Hannity in buffalo we -- seven told ten news radio 9:30 AM. WBBM. It is a -- shows cinema Bob's still some -- says he needs. Big -- hitting the big screen he told about three days the killer Kevin Costner not -- not that great maybe he'll like. -- -- is a Palm -- to. Not just bomb today it's just -- Hey but it's Pompeii in 3303. Gave -- hot block actually I did there is this is that for the most part. The 380. Looks kind of awful 'cause in mostly sequences it's late at night it's it's darkness of night. You've gotten dark red and black -- a move -- which is already murky. Looking to be when -- read the 3-D glasses on top of that it's just hard to see a lot of the times. But I guess. The one effect that is fairly effective is. The little floating bits of gray ash they come out of that we aren't well yes yes what's left of grammar yes yeah aid and as indeed. This is basically Titanic. Where the Lama. LM would have loved this movie -- -- outside the venture towering inferno that is right in his sweet spot. This is directed by line. Director Paul WS Anderson. Best known for alien vs predator -- I -- that which knowledge not a video game that was an actual movie. And it was written by the writers of and her ever so how can you lose our our you lose you you basically. Have. A lower class. Black creator kit Harrington. Who plays John Snow. From the wall. -- -- Game before Rollins he's the one that's with the red head in game -- the redhead who's just dynamite she's mr. replica battle warrior and she's constantly telling John -- You know nothing. Job and -- explain what an idiot he is. And it is a bit of an idea I think he walks around his mouth hanging open he's our lead here he's a gladiator who say it horse leave. Who even though it's 79. AD. He obviously has access to a lot of hair products and appeared -- And body oil locked her body oil. He's fallen in love with Emily Browning. Who is an upper class girl she can't help herself she's fallen in love. Where this gladiator and wants to be. Together. With him forever which they might get a chance to do. If there are encased in hot -- Tom pay. Kiefer Sutherland. Plays -- his character. Why -- Leo over the he's just big and bold I I keep. Thought he was in Hercules unchained with Ali -- as he is going for the balcony here. You've got a lot of mass killings from a lot of gruesome. Sword fights and just so it's not. All hot. You know all action you also have deadly tsunami. With plenty of corpses crash around the familiar Carla and here's our nominee and lava yes bring the whole family. And of course this film they wanted to have it be as. Realistic and authentic as possible so -- of course was filmed. On location. In Toronto or natural but the one thing that worries me about what it did have beaten by a hundred million dollar. -- budget years seller. It'll. Hopefully make money somewhere. Might do well -- overseas. Here's the biggest thing that concerns me about this thing possibly being here. It is brought to you by summit entertainment -- through. They made the twilight movies these are people who know how to take a really really bad movie. And make a tremendous amount of money off limits. Who knows who are close to -- they could turn out to be a hot movie on until it. Cools off also not songs up my ribs all week I work done all of -- well I'm exhausted. Statesmen members on the movie about this -- Elizabeth Olsen. Call in secret yes yes tonight Linda Bolton. She is all of the Olsen Twins dynasties -- -- of them she is no she's the younger sister -- under Harry needed nationally on no morals and now. -- My two two sons right now there in there and college they're college age. Which means an early ninety's. Just the right age for those were the only Gary Payton and Ashley Olsen detective videos for all pre -- young parents -- with a trench coats and sing little songs and that they were. In. This -- six mean a lot of people never saw -- -- they were on TV they were only you know you had to buy the videos or rent videos. And they like 150000200. Million dollars -- the hugely popular. What they would do it though. Is they would take there there younger sister Elizabeth Arnold and and they gave her small roles at times and Porter and there. And agonize would often look at her and just feel like. One. She did and get the acting Gina the other where -- Mary Kate and Ashley are dead after Russia. But here's the amazing thing Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as adults. Have not been particularly successful going into adult roles people still think of them as little periods. Elizabeth Olsen is a very successful she's actually doing pretty well and its gets pretty good reviews. Not in this movie -- this isn't an adaptation of the meals will lose 1867. Novel. To release -- keen -- I don't know American -- asked the asked. It was hot stuff in the 1860s. A little bit behind -- and -- Reese is there a sexually. Repressed but beautiful young woman. Who is living with her -- memory Keane who has played by. Just Golan. The interesting thing about Jessica -- character you can tell. She's truly aristocratic because apparently even in the eighteen hundreds she knew how to get faceless. Spears Jessica Lange does have that. One elderly hold tight look -- go away goal came on hand she did get away from giving -- on hand but she always looks like she's having GeForce tests with an -- -- but. So she's raising Elizabeth and she decides to have her marry her son. Played by Tom Felton who -- play characters actually called Camille. He's call Camilo he's called Camille and he's very shortly just like Greta Garbo is Camille he's he's just. Not well at all and he's blond and answer them. -- rather than us please could you hand me that daisy. Spraying. And he's their delegates so she eat. Gets involved with. Well what's his name here who aren't. She starts having wild -- national around -- Played by Oscar Isaak who outplayed when Davidson and tied Lou and Davis in that film. He did a spectacular job playing a dull and obnoxious jerk he pulls this movie too. We'll be back -- more of the movie show right after this. Movie show us out of above still -- that'd be interviewed like cinema Bob here waiting to use he cinema Bob on channel seven. On Monday there what do. That's right that's right -- -- talking talking about the upcoming Oscars next Friday we're going to be doing a big guy Oscar show I'll be making all my Oscar. Picks and all that. Monday to talk about it. The best picture race and best actor and best actors race a beyond and I guess at 615645. And I'll be interview I'm -- body like ran we love my ground. I am looking forward that's -- only going to be no morning anchors quite attractive and well people will be able to get a look at meat are behind a hero and they'll be able to say. Rome and that's why he's done a great way -- it -- makes sense and Bob it is going to finish telling us about the movie in secret just just briefly I mean we -- I was telling you know at all. Adultery and and content heavy -- stuff. But to if there's one thing. That the reviews agree on -- never before. As adultery -- this is doll I adultery. Yeah it's not quite as. Charged with electricity and emotion that you and I thought ya ya I say here's the shocker. Even Rex -- didn't like this one. What would guess that he likes everything about not concerning adultery and yeah yeah -- so this is a slam magazine and I love the quote they said Lance yeah. The name them -- mega image good record coverage of movies and all that. They felt it in secret. Feels like harlequin romance comedy. Novel that often skirts into unintentional -- well sex can be funny at times right Tony. -- right. Now the next a lot of Stroud. -- -- Golan are done day. Day. And today this flying all over at the regal way we cover these every every now and then. The regal is. It's usually the regal with -- they do this. They've been carrying a lot of the movies from over in papered over the pretty here current films. This one is. Big escapist. Film it's kind of America hustle. Meets Indiana Jones while -- just how mores comes MO yeah yeah it's based in Calcutta. In the 1970s. Too young -- too young refugees. Become fast boyhood friends and as they grow up. They become heads. Of the underworld so it's basically. A Bollywood version of once upon a time in America. If you can picture. Once upon a time America. If only Robert De -- and James Woods would occasionally -- taken a break. For a big musical numbers. Kind of what you have here a lot -- -- a lot of action and -- -- -- shall I had. Yesterday with the -- -- have -- have rubber yes -- on each Oprah who is making a big cross over to American culture she's. The big I Guess jeans model. And apparently she's a -- releasing some markets Jewish students and singing getting on the radio here she is. Drop dead gorgeous she's another agency but if you enjoy it. Bollywood. This is one that is big and on an escapist and just kind of who. -- those of you would like to find something to rounds in new on the new release show Diana would -- only one. Yeah this was really this got a lot of attention last year as they were making at this particular movie big biopic of of Princess Diana. Miami want nanny nine and we want Naomi to ambulance. Certainly big guy. Big actor she's had you know several nominations this sort of thing and when the movie came out. You could hear crickets. It did not it did not do well I don't think it got to buffalo theaters. You're interested in checking this out flyers and she does a pretty nice job as Diana but this is not. The the big ultimate princes Diana bio flick that other people were hoping for -- Vista jungle book. Yeah Blu-ray debut on this one this is the Disney classic. That really changed things a lot for four Disney's approach to animated films and the approach of animated features in general. They took the route -- Kipling classic. And if this turned out to be the last film that is being worked out he was actually dying lung cancer while he -- Completing his movie came out several months after he passed away. It has the sketchy. Look that a 101 dalmatians. And idea. Winnie the Pooh cartoons has that sixties. Is need to look to it. Story wise somewhat. Meandering but it was a huge. Huge worldwide hit if you look at box office. The jungle book is right up there with Snow White and the seven boards as far as just enormous. Enormous success at box office all over the world. One of the things that was very different about this film. Is they decided to go with celebrities. For a lot of places they had always stayed away from that. But you had to Phil Harris as a balloon fair Sebastian candidates to -- tiger. George Sanders. As share -- the tiger and Louie prima. Lou a pre game -- as king Louis. And those are those the numbers that those -- things people think of women in the jungle -- those two songs to bare necessities by Phil Harris just to record number. And I wanna be like Q. With Louie prima until her -- just great stuff there and like all of the Disney animated classics. Lots of -- lots of games lots of making. -- -- -- there you're saying I want something a little different than the jungle book how about balls at all this gas well this is a fine line motion picture -- mr. McDonald and Mimi Rogers -- Mira. This is -- well as movies where you're like -- Can identify with that movie it's about it -- guy who is forced by his future father in law. Take a side job moonlighting as a male stripper. In order to pay for the extravagant wedding that neither of them can before I got to do that -- it's not -- we've all been there which we now we've all -- -- how do you think any of us you know were able to. To pay for the prom -- going to college -- as a heroic times. Really I thought you were just happy to see -- yeah. Roger premiere later I get a roll of quarters over here really only -- at nine I'm. He's got a five you are listening. True taste stakes solid day here out WB yeah -- -- out. You wanna -- classes -- act. Bob -- on channel 7 early in the morning to argue about movies on my among them Monday that about -- about Bo see you at nine. On Monday morning on news -- the united you have the opposite me are you. No there redone by now and beat them. I'm just starting it will be back Monday. It all straightened out I call my secretary make an appointment will be back after rose. How much they never dreamed could be used --