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2-21 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello hello what is -- governor and I'm sandy beach and I'm back in the saddle again and no I was not here yesterday. I did my part to make it a better show and yes I'll tell about it after the jingle singer get through listening. Yeah I feel an obligation to nine to noon even when I'm home. Skills on whether or not ready to carry on and I'll tell you now. Yeah I was not and yesterday is I was -- noted yesterday it was the first that they have taken and -- pilots two years you realize that last time I was out you know -- broken an ankle. In I was walking around with a walker. But that was not that not able to do the -- I had the car keys in my hand to let it. -- -- -- And I put them back up on the idea up on the shelves and now now forget it from today. But I also know my dedication to Entercom communications required me to do something. Because I feel very close so what I did is I found out from a jump. That Michael good photo is gonna fill in -- so why I. Hate to admit this but. I placed the call the Donald. I said Don I think I column. Odd duck and I want jewel on non yen today some time in the last hour -- vote -- -- eleven to twelve we said sandy I'd like LP out. But I'm really busy today I've got a full calendar -- had done. This is -- request this is an order I want you talk to Michael -- always that I he's well I said CA PUTO. And I want you to be a compelling. And you can do everything and if you'd like to you can announce injury the running -- not running for governor -- well. -- I realize that a -- means a lot to -- it means Toomey. And so it was on the showed yesterday Tony as a matter of fact. That's great today I mean he -- it a couple of favors here and there is our guys as -- as I wanted to -- of feel right at home which and I understand to a really good job and the Ukraine is certainly is a very different opposition knowledge argument that was is great. I also called behind closed up on the Ohio whom I asked him not to be unusual but he showed up any. What can I tell you doesn't listen very said he was that day he was looking for a new job I said aren't you running for -- -- -- that two brigades that the -- it's gonna come -- -- now. Stuff -- I -- -- these ideas. In the later on they show up and they make national knows. I told that was the one who came up with the idea of bank robberies. And years and years ago I said you know. When when some robs a bank and they go out the door I said there's usually tool doors they have to go out. What if there was a button to be pushed. Then after they went through the first door is locked both facilities suddenly there they are they can't get out there in a box and the police arrive. And somebody invented that and they did that okay that was that was my idea really was. And now I had another idea and that's worked out truth. Tony Stewart is is racing in a NASCAR again he owns the team and lot of the people Iran's Iran's form is Danica Patrick. Danica Patrick was dissed by Richard Petty Richard Petty is known as the king. He's won more NASCAR races and anybody wears the -- with a little feather and whatever he is the king. And before the Daytona 500 about a week ago he was interviewed and somebody says will Danica Patrick ever win the 500. And he said totally dissing her. Only if nobody else shows up which is a total deaths okay. So I reminded the audience that even though Danica Patrick is and has not been super successful. In her career she has raced at much higher speeds than Richard Petty ever has because she used the run car. Indy cars much faster than NASCAR by like forty miles an -- -- even close okay. I said she should challenge Richard Petty to court to match and have -- -- good compliment attract a lot of run against each other. Guess who suggested that. Tony Stewart -- Yup it's being reported Tony Stewart told editor Patrick she should challenge Richard Petty to a grudge match. I mean I'm not making this up and I heard on national sports and I think you -- them -- Tony Stewart was in my show that maybe now. I don't know if Richard has -- rhyme for awhile so maybe that's not really since the Paris and but it was my idea what exactly is our -- Adobe does. -- meanwhile something that. Well when I was dating this stuff wasn't around. When I was dating you know I had a be sure the bigger home early and we weren't eaten by dinosaurs are but -- things OK but now. With social media there's a poll in today's -- USA today they polled a thousand adults and it was very painful for themselves adults but the question was. Do you investigate your dates on social media before meeting them. You guys are both married but say you weren't married right now -- both social media guys. And and somebody said -- up with somebody you don't really know that well would you go online and investigate absolutely. You'll want to know as much as possible. You do a check yes about your Chris I would as a matter of fact when I get those emails from from management about new employees. Electricity or a -- I had right. Well what was it about three years ago ointment. I was somebody suggested that I have once was another person. Not not a romantic -- just another thing because we have something in common you know what I did. One on line. Absolutely a dead. Not -- not a baseball agreement but I went on line. Put the name in there to see it but -- you know what what happened that whatever it's worked pretty well nice so it came out though with various star idea -- it's our report. And end up a pretty well meanwhile. Meanwhile somebody that it didn't end up so good for maybe. You recognize the name Marshawn Lynch. -- okay. Marshawn Lynch will plead guilty to reckless driving charge. Bringing closure to a nearly two year old driving under the influence case all -- leopard changes but as a Marshawn Lynch changes team. He changed its name but he's on the same stuff as a result of the plea lynch will pay a 1033. Dollar fine. In attend six drivers' safety classes now these drivers' safety classes are rarely because you know anyplace where Seattle. So Oregon has burnished amber is tough on that what they do know is they put you in a simulator. And it's like on a street with a lot of bars on it and people want to route you see how many can hit before the game runs out where it times out -- and bad if you managed to hit one. You go to the suburbs and hide your car in the garage for a day and then they can't prove you were -- right it's it's a new game is sweeping the nation -- -- it. It's gone viral it is absurd like that. Quiet this. Must lead it's viral it's. Back after this hang -- -- I think that seriously I think the meteorologists here. Tried to impress us like the engineering staff goes by using terms we don't know arms and only -- now and they are too complicated. Have to know where the metal bars are and stuff like that -- have to -- is some going to be out. What's the temperature gonna rain and snow is going to be slippery a basic need. I don't have to track it from Keokuk Iowa here I just don't know if it's coming here. -- -- you probably Thursday after mail every Thursday evening I don't know I think a much simpler forecast. I'm meanwhile struggled a bit like I know all the weather people that Jennifer's been known as the -- one and all -- about. -- but yeah they go on and on meanwhile sports gets ninety seconds which is ridiculous -- -- -- -- Olympic times there and nine cents. That's that. What I don't get is that you know you have. With local sports. Yet ESPN and all the national exit basket -- the NFL. Major League Baseball you know and all that -- -- -- timed it to covering local sports instead colleges high school nonstop -- I must have done some kind of reserves says says people do not want local sports on television thank you Chris thank you very much. Because all all of them do it they all do it and I'm a mess that but they do you know like fifteen minutes of whether out of a 28 minute -- -- summer that. -- right now we have high school up playoffs -- nine instruction with basketball I would rather see highlights of the game. That little high school game then highlights of random pro sport well that I don't really follow. Today except remember this that the only people are really interest in him that are people who have kids in that school and -- basically did you go out and alumni. And alumni -- -- -- Rubin an argument but -- -- not a total winner. I think you'll look around you'll wide right miles wide right now that game broke my heart yesterday on camera and the women via Thursday shut out the first period shut out the second period. Most of the third period was gone there are already saying well at what point will -- after pulled goaltender I'm thinking this is a ride home but. I've lived in buffalo through line through it just expected to be a winner and when they scored at first all I don't and that's -- This moment to. The front of the building and it's like can't that account and a lot more. Fans in the stands and we didn't. I mean there were rooting for -- continues to pay too much attention to the crawled in the united. Again and it was but it was sad yeah. It's it's tough to be in a position where you go home with a silver medal and your devastated right in remained. But that's the that's the culture of sports now let's get them back today either first or or forget it. That's just the way it works. But there's no there's no pride in in silver medal which is below -- But I've felt badly for Italy's should have been playing well through all of a sudden boom just felt it hit the post outlook if they want. And that's goes right we're noble goal wide right if you hit the post I mean Mike. None of them very devastating you know wells was disappointed. Was arson at all. Are -- Rahal was disappointed because Brian Williams NBC of course. They're carrying the Olympics and may have a problem is the reason networks pay the kind of money. Four events like the Olympics is. Just not just from the advertising but the promotional value to the shows that are on their network. That's why in the Super Bowl gets -- -- you see every siren of every auto show that you've never watched on that network. There in the stands -- both I mean that's what -- -- And that's part of why they pay the money. Well and these day was a bit -- feature on late night talk show host simply because Jimmy Fallon was going to start -- Jay -- all right. And then. Of the talk show hosts. Across the universe who would be who have been in prestigious positions of dark except. Arsenio hall and Arsenio Hall was not happy and yes he called up Brian Williams. And and and I'm Brian Williams had to kind of do America help on the -- that -- it was a late night veteran. And he took us that that's gonna show an even urged his audience members to call our news room. So in apologizing and apologizing to -- we just wanted to point out at least you're in good company years ago. They tried to weasel way -- -- -- our president was not happy about it. Do you know anybody who's watching arsenal. Easier on TV obvious last time anybody wants us in the all. President Clinton played saxophone -- That was the last time. Nobody seems one but that's he's back now I love this story I love this story and it's out of Iowa. And I wish I -- a bad guy. You ever put yourself in positions -- Bush or is out of him OK obviously this is not a Milford Iowa. Guy who works at a factory Eagles to a vending machine. Puts his money and vending machine will not give them. Of the stuff they -- -- so first he does what everybody does they do it here he shook the machine back and forth. The reason I know it. Is -- one of the walls of my office is shared with a vending machine on the in another -- So I hear that thing go off three or four times is more than Pam Anderson. Movies. But I mean this Boeing and -- nothing mapping of the guy gets so angry. He goes out into the into the factory common shares off laughed. What's up up underneath the machine and brings it up and -- drops and announced six times not -- over such attack with a forklift. Three candy bars fell out I don't know if it was good arm. Big Robert -- Kevin 27 years old now is unemployed. And is not eligible for unemployment benefits. One would think that would -- -- called bending rage. He but that's that's the way it is that's them I heard about that -- allowed to do that gas because we. Have the kind of vending. That puts things in those little circular things. And as you put the money in the circular thing moves and it's supposed to be coordinated so it just drops whatever you -- down into the tray in the and you pick it up. But sometimes those things just won't do they get right to the each. -- And they won't drop so that's when he got to I've done it myself. And machines get lucky and extra stuff wells yet it's usually with the chips in what is the it's a -- Senator -- is optional yet McCain mama hides the cookies to regenerate and drive that. Federal investigators say Wayne -- yacht sank. And -- made they say October 18 is 65 foot vessel lol that's a man Lehman. Yes would you like to go to middle -- have a 65 -- vessel and I got a big boat while that's great. -- that is great. They say it was failure of two opposes. You okay. Did you divisional did you do that to -- 65 foot vessel that. To drain water from a rear storage compartment on keeping moving when next. But if you want to -- really root. And don't care at all about McCormick and storage compartment to thank you very much but it's a -- -- up to July. Because today at 11 o'clock. We've got the movie show. And at 12 o'clock we don't Rush Limbaugh at 3 o'clock we're got Tom buy -- -- tell you something about Tom Marley I like his Friday show the best. When I tune in tomorrow and Friday as the ones I enjoy the most I think he's all stoked up ready to go. Check out this afternoon. All works out we'll be back Africa. George Noory -- one -- live news radio 9:30 AM. WB and religion governor you know I feel sorry for our big. On the the pond hockey tournament. Every year the weather gets warmer and nice and sunny here and and less pond hockey like ish. Whether it's seems like it's it's almost of the weather gods -- to get him. I'm thinking that if the chamber of commerce. Of the Western New York. A really wanted to promote buffalo as a tourist attraction they would book the pond hockey are going every day during the winner. Because we just if you believe it kind of what they're having now they have refrigerated ice this camera and refrigeration system. But it's not going to be a great weather for every other thing they have a couple of weeks ago when it was well below zero that that's fine yeah exactly let's say. Turning a cold weather gusty winds tomorrow with snow shower and 37 and then from Sunday thirty was sunny weather. It just seems like they can't catch a break to -- guys know what the problem -- -- -- got smacked -- tournament it's not been okayed yet. It's pass the time there was supposed to OK and terrorism Panama. A glitch between the of the people -- -- on the tournament in the city of your and I have not heard a thing but you know -- you I haven't heard anything either usually at tournaments a really big deal out. It's a big it's a great attraction and you have different aged people applying it seems like a fun thing I mean. There's a lot of coverage of it seems like a natural thing but. Maybe it's something to do with the money yeah usually gets down at the mountain so that's that. Are right. Mark my favorite people in the world is John Rosemont. John Rosemont writes a lot on on raising and rearing children. He's a realist he's the kind of guy. That tell you that you might say he's a bit of a throwback although he has certainly modern of thoughts. The things that he suggests are very logical things and most of us can identify. With what he likes to what he likes to talk about. And occasionally -- bonds in town for -- for a lecture he's an author. And and and we we like him a lot when they call remember what do you we talked on the air. And I'm a big fan he has one of the things that he's talking about in this column that I have by John Rosemont. Is something that I think. Is really true today I really truly believe you this. He says where are we say -- we're paying way too much attention. To our kids. Now I know those of you out there who believe in in modern parenting thing how could we possibly pay too much attention. And so -- we're bringing -- -- -- -- a little bit of some little buffet where brand name and daughter's boring events or driving them here and there. And go away we want them out of the finest things in life we want them have a better life than ours and what they do -- talk about it we can't ordered out of there. Home early on -- we asked them for time -- don't. Once they take the timeout and they they put the thoughts through their minds through their four and five and six year old minds and they realized the error of their ways and really works a lot better than old fashioned parenting. Baloney. Just baloney you see it every day over indulgence of our children. It you ever ever. Your columns by Rosemont. He brought -- a good point you know children used to be. The entry level members of the family. That's the had to describe it. Where they didn't get a say. As to what restaurant you go -- They didn't even get as say as to what flavor ice cream if you went out rice grain. Dad I just simply ordered the ice cream and handed it back to you sitting in the backseat and you -- what was that you you also didn't have a choice a menu selection at eight. Because there were no microwaves. 41 thing you ate what was on the table and if you didn't see what was on the table the next thing on the table -- breakfast. That's the way it works OK it's not a home. We're having Brussels sprouts tonight Monfils I thought you might get a you know it the kids are running the show today and if you don't believe it go on public and it's. Or restaurants. Is here all the time if there are say five adults. And and say to children sitting at a table it's all about the kids there is no such thing as adult conversation on the Kansas there. So Rosemont is saying is that pay attention this is the headline but not too much and other words they are learning to be adults. Your job is to raise them in a decent manner where you know good foundation. Good morality as best you can. But they are not to dictate everything in your life has to where you go what you eat what time they go to bed. And dog and that sort of thing and I agree with a mom that I really think that we are way over indulging the kids. Let me give you a couple of vote quotes here from Rosemont. What journalists recently asked him what's the biggest mistake parents make. I had to think about that which parents the biggest mistake made by some parents is that they -- entirely too much attention. Two and two entirely too much -- children these children usually but not always end up as spoiled brats. I don't I have your attention that's exactly right because it's all about me is that all about me Tony and I had that moment. Number -- an Orchard Park Tony when we're on the stage. During the panel discussion about whether they should build a new high school and there are not. And they packed the auditorium with students and teachers. And -- doubt it it. One of the students stood up and this is going to cost a lot of money and attacks increased one of the students stood up. And said in effect look this is all about us it's what's best for us and that's what we should be discussing at that point Tony I think we come. We gave him a very valuable lesson in humility. We asked them when the last tax -- paid less Billy paper anything. Was the last thing he paid for nothing he's -- for the free ride. A mom and dad will load -- we'll appoint the right direction go to that school and learn then go to college -- -- category in the army and hard. About we told me he was not the center of the universe and I think you're crushed him it did a really -- him he practically a Wanda Wanda frontiers but I think it was a valuable lesson. He says that -- a lot of -- -- kids end up spoiled brats. Why not always because some children by mysterious means managed to do well in spite of less than optimal parenting and that's true no matter what. What the year over indulge -- under and bells -- not and dolls at all. Some kids managed to get by that and become decent people. There are exceptions including children who do well despite bad up growing up brings. On the other hand some -- biggest mistake is that they pay entirely too much attention to their heads. And that's what it's about it all gets transferred to the kids there is no such thing of what your partner wants to do. What you wanna do it's what the kids do. These folks are not generally. A file reading parenting columns and I'm not belabor their misdeeds the biggest mistake still made by parents is that. They think their -- behavior of a toddler is -- The math it's like a lot of people believe the things they're dogs -- Q. You know you walk in the house the dog will start company your leg and make a he just is -- can I tell you he's fighting all did you answer that they come up and I as I. Worry you want you know. That's what they think it's cute is cute is cute that maybe but as accurate anybody else. And he says that they rationalize their failure to discipline at that critical state by saying such things as. He's only twenty months old after -- this stage -- grow out of it left or right. As a -- -- parents of the pretty psychological. Error understand and did you go to net misbehavior in the proverbial bud. One at first rears its ugly head today's parents. Lulled themselves into dangerous inaction. And so that's what happens they they kind of find a reason. That the kid is not behaving well and they write -- -- is that when indeed it should be attended to. So they learn a lesson. And there's a lot of ways to do it and you couldn't decide which William go do it but we come back I'll get back to the Rosemont called some more. But the first question is your kids are you paying too much attention to. Simply over indulging them most people -- And I'll recognize that all they know is they want to give everything that they possibly -- their kid. They don't want their -- ever fall down a global never scraper and he never -- -- mandate and that's just unrealistic will be back after this. John Rosemont is a family psychologist he's a columnist. He's a lecturer and he's a common sense guy who knows what he's talking about as far as I'm concerned. And in a recent column that were using -- he says one of the problems we're having is that parents paying way too much attention. To a -- children. That did they devote everything every waking moment -- children the children get -- make all kinds of decisions that are better made by parents and all of that sort of thing and uses some examples. As I said in the old days. It used to be that. Children were the entry level members of the family were they didn't have all of the benefits of being an adult because they're not adults. And they didn't get to make all the decisions because they're not adults but that seems to have turned around now. One of the mistakes parents make according to Rosemont is they'll tell the children. A declarative statement. Of what to do okay Tony I want you to pick up your home and get your pajamas out change and average them -- read a story and go to sleep and then they had. Okay. Well when you bad okay to it than that it's their opportunities and now I don't wanna do that whatever the other way is a declarative statement. Here's what -- going to do -- Do it okay and -- answered like that but here's what you're going to do as opposed them here's what you're going to do OK and and you get approval. -- Johnny where here at the restaurant I just ordered use so much chicken and mashed potatoes and and and -- Okay. It doesn't work now what Tony do you -- -- your kids the OK and everything now good. Now he's he's told what he has to do and that's that and that's that in and there's times when if there's something different I'll explain why yes good. Birdie and yes he will argue he will focus said he doesn't want to and is too simple nick -- I just say drop in and it's like. And go to bed okay. I don't get -- event. If you know if and some of -- never go to bed and you wouldn't and -- more bad did you stay -- purple -- if you realize of the adults are. So a Rosemont. Points that out. He says that. Attaching the OK on the agenda thinking there. Giving them an opportunity for the children to react. I once had a parent count the number of times she did that in the day she reported more than fifty. Telling me that. Even though she was counting she couldn't make -- stop saying. Okay. Because you want them to buy into your plan. But they don't want to bind your plan because usually your plan is different -- and they prefer their own plan. That's the way it is I mean no Politico when Europe are conversing with -- another adult you don't do that. But you feel necessary to do that -- -- and it really isn't very. Very helpful actually. So are your kids do you pay too much attention to them now want to ask both of you guys before I get into part two of the discussion here. We've all been to restaurants where we've seen. The conversation. At the very least dominated by talk about the children with the children -- children children children we've seen children who totally misbehave. And the parents write it off. I think their attitude is look I have to put up with this crap all the rest of -- time I'm paying for the meal you have to put up with -- now. -- -- see much of that out in the public where the children are dominating the conversation and the action. Yes I do -- arm -- say all the time but I do seen enough. It's not the case when we go out to dinner. You know you -- -- in some conversation but. He's fine usually by himself and maybe at times if you know for a little bit slow in getting the food we might take -- for a walk around the restaurant tour or -- -- -- -- -- -- energy. And we don't have problem. That's -- argue Chris as an observer what do you think I see it all the time in the grocery store or you out west Norris plays and I know growing up I heated going to be Urquhart Stewart I understand it's just it's the worst -- of the world for kids what it is terrible. The you'll you'll see it in the Carter they have these huge -- it's now -- where there's like a little car at the bottom also added that ought to be sent to Russia. But why they invented I was -- shopping -- that looks like a car and I love cars right for -- wallets wider and longer than the other cards it takes up all the space and mom or dad wanders away from -- blocks the -- and those kids are the worst that are in there it's because I think that's step one asking for the and I think I. And -- there and you know their their grimace of off the shelves are screaming if you know what they want and then the worst of the parent will be like what I telling. You're not you're gonna get punished later router you know they they go through the list but they do anything they they threaten all the stuff but it never do and even drives me -- -- -- parents. Are afraid to even verbally discipline their children in public for fear of some other -- reprimand them. But when talking about abusing kids were just talking about teaching them good manners. Those those race -- things and Shimon Peres. Sneak into one of those markets at nine putting gas engine and no one like like a car now that when you step on the break. It is just the engine off okay as soon as you take for up the bridges are you could have that same technology -- -- -- so they wouldn't even know. There was an engine in there in army and and what you used album Johnny in there in the pages I'll think. And next thing you know -- payers make sure it's a big block with a really any bloodshed -- -- I'll. Call but I am I say the guy that invented that ought to be. Ought to be sent to Siberia. Will be back or part true. Part is very interesting because it's already in effect in California. And you know when we talk about things and -- California you can make that stuff out. But they do it in California when they don't got avoid doesn't take long before they do it in New York will be back efforts.

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