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Ice Fisherman Denis Kreze

Feb 21, 2014|

out there today, despite the thaw

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Crazy weather today would you even consider ice fishing. Well the answer is gas from our next guest on the WB and lifeline Dennis crash as he's an avid ice fishermen in 40 area Dennis good morning. Good morning our great thanks for the time are you out right now. I'm actually I'm digging in the river it's pure need to be on the lake ice fishing but I am concerned yeah. You say it's too windy to be on the lake but the ice on the Lakewood be okay if you were out there. Yeah you know there is over over two feet I did very safe but when you get the win like this you know watch because it opens up pressure back. So generally aren't they off when he gave it other than that once we get is the trees it's going to be best site this and we got years there. So let's warm up doesn't by the U dozen best keep you from ice fishing. Now know actually where it's gonna do it's gonna help everybody because it's gonna actually clean up the ice it's gonna knock down some of the now. They'll make it safer to get out there obviously got a which should or ought to look through. But after that it is only help them actually. How many folks are out there with you a lot of sheds on the ice today. And I. No I'm I'm actually fishing in the river I don't think there's gonna be too many people are offshore as we gotta get out to three miles deep water. Are you you voter you. How are you fishing. I'm actually digging memory across from off Berry street. I'm on the there on the case inside and just cap and they're urging it. What would you say digging you got to explain what does digging mean. A big majority in Lancaster high and you let it in the bottom and then basically just snap your ears yeah you know pop up and you let it. And you just keep pre orders you know here were catching everything. Black. This morning at Scott lake Florida battle all irate that ought. The nagger river basically everything that's in the fresh water you have a chance to catch. Why I mean fishing obviously for a fisherman it's fun but why you do it now what's the difference between just doing regular pitching in the summer. And being out there on the ice in the cold and stuff that I think what. Scare more traditional fishermen away. Yeah you know I think if you say you're fishing and just like that there is there's some people there really enjoy. Com it's this just the chance to get out and and relax you know so you can eat the fish are there in the Phishing news. A lot of people do it's they can catch fish you know I think. There's people there for different reasons Gerri yeah you gotta love it you aren't doing at all on your column. You have a Dennis how close it out there now. That's not actually call that he just warm but like I heard on your weather reported did drop. The reason I'm out here. Is that it's gonna get a lot colder this week's so basically your time is very limited. To do this can open water fishing with you know with the winter we. Maybe extra rewarding and a winter when you when you Brooke we know real amendment at this time a year. And it's you know hundred dollar injured wording when you know by a lot of time Google Christian and you'll catch anything at all so yeah when you do get on it is it arms. While Dennys nice talking with it stay safe and and thanks for joining us this morning across an article equals I think we'll continue do that to filing ethnic profiling on Twitter. And I think that's how we we actually linked up with him we appreciated Dennis pres he's an avid ice fisherman and ease out the river right now.