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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>CBS's Steve Futterman in Sochi

CBS's Steve Futterman in Sochi

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WBM live line now let's go off to Sochi where Los Angeles Kings fan Steve vitamin. Is covering the Olympics sports CBS news say Steve. And I get many fans go for the U will be authorities wage should merger in which will start in goal for the work that you. Don't go in three of the four games like another look at goaltender in the fourteen that you were excellent goaltending but also that the big advantage that you are over Canada. But you know go up the play the game and goaltenders that are typical level. A poor financial stream would be. What happens later on but just over four hours from now the local or stop a big semi final match whoever wins moved onto the. Championship the gold medal to launch under. You are a fan of Jonathan Quick how does he match up against the Canadian goalie. I think or other you are what Carter what or why never if you are our partners there urged. That it could be one area becomes and the plate to date for. Yeah it would then there's so many games before watch against before. Like you never know what's going to happen in the game there's there's there's always something unexpected rebel and so it sort of play all the all the pressure on the goaltender right now they won't play well obviously a big robot got airborne and searching for. Steve the miracle on ice game was 34 years ago tomorrow. No one of these teams was alive and but this tested beyond their minds. It's I think it is undermined to some degree. Opera I think they're thinking more about why aren't a lot of our the Canadian woman coming back I can get anyone or any doubts. They're old jeans can be can be turned around shortly I'll get to you what are and so what what they what are the Internet. Good luck it's completely in all they have fewer problems so what should not be you was that you look at that site we're going to have their stability it lost so anything can happen. Reporters are supposed to be objective but you're pulling your hair out last night no doubt. Not really I mean actual court on when that that you gave up that first goal. Immediately but my goodness the Canadians could try it it would hurt growing in culture you. All credit they're good they were very wonderful game watch. Go off the mortgage both teams shooting constantly. And that. And portrayed by each goaltenders. Google are working it as well the overture was pregnant and you would get a bit of what's in the Canadian Scott got what. Hey Steve what is left on the Olympic schedule. Beyond hockey. Well it's sort of it but the U all especially concerned about you have a couple of Alpine event that we place. Under the lights I don't think should happen orbit. Alpine skiing but wouldn't follow up to date and that meant well tomorrow it would be look I get a chance in the men's slalom report. All Americans are open at that we care about Sunday's. Gold medal hockey game. That was played at that you're in or edit them. Clear who would like Bilbray the winner of the Finland we figured out that we get which right now. As any word leaked about what we will see during the closing ceremonies Sunday. Hopefully you aren't so sure which order they will try to lead in that. We'll. Look at green. Get it all worked for the reward for what shall we can not open into the ring. It would be fun to feed the merchant. And felt that there will be in their. The culture like that you that may be lectured the Canadian Q4 years ago in the Aldridge didn't work. They're opening ceremony at bay Covert nation are locked themselves. And certainly don't think that that would be sure acting under a country like. In our country under the truck that. All right thanks Steve we will watch some sir you do too thanks that's CBS's Steve but him and covering the Olympics inception.

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