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Sabres VP Mike Gilbert in Sochi

Feb 21, 2014|

on Olympic Hockey

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike Gilbert Saber spokesman in Sochi assistant US men's and women's hockey teams he summit WBM lifeline as we get set. But his big battle later today between the US men and Canada Mike good morning. Morning after the morning that he set the stage forests of what is the atmosphere like before this game. You know lose a lot of buzz right now and I think part of that is after the devastating loss last night in the women's game probably look at this bubble uttered back to back nights. You know what a lot last night. Like in the certainly most. Talked about Atlanta today and probably. Most talked about. Well you know final event here a bleak at such an outlook that the Russian men's hockey team that knocked out a lot of focus and put on. US and Canada meant peace where you at the women's game Mike. I love that the game last night and it looked like everything was in order. Upton off it was just a few minutes and then they portable kind of on the flute you bounces probably seen by now and then. You know it just goes to show these Olympics say you know some the puck have a leg of the race if it goes probably an inch to the right to get policy goes into the net. Instead it hit further and still a lot about low post and little while later the Packers look back hard that 22 so when they say it's that the intervention there really is. It was just it like the most thrilling and and the most agonizing at the same time. Which eatery. It really wasn't an and I he you know being down at a level when the game to see very different in the NHL with the games. Whether figure skating you know hockey whatever. Yeah athletes before they retreat to their locker room. Have to go through an area called mixed so that's for the media kit that pocket every player after every of that have to go through this and the talk is that people are. You know 25 minutes or soccer game and that it actually got the battle that was in all the US players to treat. You know that they were just they're devastated cry in your emotional so very difficult played a loose. And that was really humbling to see it I guess that's one Havoc with the Olympics is all about that. You know I tell were actually playing on the world stage but it was registering to see that was you know I felt bad well there were shall shall close the the ultimate goal of men you know I am over wasn't good enough. Has vote women's loss changed the attitude for the man do you sense that the teams can be more aggressive over. Or feel like they have to snarl because of it. I mean you there was there was it was probably twelve or fifteen of our players that the game last night you know all of our coaching staff was there a management staff. You know the PR staff was helping them as well won't work wise. And that it will all one country I think everybody feels that they lost but promoted to a linked at all. You know our team practiced this morning. They're extremely loose group of players. And a very businesslike but there are not uptight or tense I can see that. Throughout and condemn files like it's created a very relaxed atmosphere among players and thirteen of these players were on the ice last year or years ago and they lost to Canada. In overtime and so while more than fifteen minutes it looked you know combat opinions and can't pay it back so a lot. I think that. It is admirable more fuel fired after the US about you know get candidates right. If the man to win today why will we have one if we lose by what we have lost. You know like I think. For us tonight to computer game that uses a goaltending. And B if we continue to play our game. And that's a very up temple. Very quick. Most violent I think if Canada. I think we'd lose knighted as you know Sidney Crosby Jonathan Kaye. Some of those types of players have had an OK tournament. All of a sudden they turn it up underscoring touched. Canada has scored a lot of goals they scored enough where it looks pretty. They they really become offensive. I think that's you know that the key you're damned if it would it would be tough for us tonight. He might youngest teams waiting to play it it's at 9 o'clock game there at 9 PM what are they doing all day you mentioned that they've already practiced. It's a long day at. It's really odd because we did this a good thing is we did this. But you know the sabres used to play games they've o'clock Friday it's you think that was really late. Well we played Wednesday night at 9 o'clock. I had to look at duke muscles you know late you have to really neat event. And the game where or have really tireless look at my watch 11 o'clock or should I mean it. It's different and it it's a lot of it's based for the TP. No back United States you know and if you watch the so Lola. You know they do they're back into a routine. But you know it is an odd time but you know. Canada has to the same thing like it or intercept the deal. Hey Mike would glad you could join us again with this update thank you so much. Thank you it's Mike Gilbert Saber spokesman in Sochi is assisting the US men and women's hockey team.