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2-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- no one ponds with an assault rifle no. It's good yeah. And. Fourteen and winds up -- -- not. Seeing iron handed out. And heart rate in last night. Tom -- I don't know how to put this. -- Kind of a pick -- people know me. I'm very happy for him right -- he showed that there is boxing -- 2930. Check out the big -- -- -- -- -- I have one simple way. That. -- buy it throws for every hour to be upbeat. Do have just brought me down a notch. Now look I realize the fraud broad scored the last two goals for team Canada at the B team USA. But I don't need to be reminded of despite the fact that the fraud broad and your humble host are probably related in some way I'm pretty sure we have laws in the family tree along with -- gold band and every other frog -- from Montreal. And for those just joining the show who never listen for who were getting all set to complain. My ancestors were among the very first settlers in Montreal. The -- so apparently the bill ball family at a whole bunch of other frogs. So. You know sorry I've got the fraud shield. And anyway and some them gonna Mary are really hot blackjack and I'm gonna have the black church so you won't be able to touch yes. Are right now anyway. Rush Limbaugh. -- thing at the agency building at the French shield the Canadian shield the German shield the French you'll. That is that it. Beginning shields fight Biggio then is that tablets. Only on vacation that does this issue that's more like a piece of Nobel. All right now it is. Ten minutes. All right ten minutes after six at W via salt. Ladies and gentlemen. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh to. And he got a new conversation that I don't really see the need to go into context or repairing beat. But the analysts. We now live. In a post constitutional. Country. I've been warning you guys about this for years. Of course I'm just the paranoid mentally ill delusional. Tool on WB yet who has no clue. About anything involving world history tyranny just minutes were dictators. You know it's not like my grandmother left Germany in 1923. And I dropped after -- -- listening to horror stories about other Nazis destroyed country. Not like I have that growing up that I had to do when I was a kid. But we now live in an error that I never thought -- experience. You can kiss America goodbye it's over. I know most of you don't hear. Because as long as you've got your two cars. Your second wife. Your two kids. Your fence your house your health plan. As long as Jimmie -- at the hockey practice by 630. And Susie gets to cheer leading by 10 o'clock Saturday morning your life has pretty much just like your parents. But there's one thing missing. And that is freedom. And that is a constitutional. Republic. Ladies and gentlemen. When you have a man. Who is the chief executive of a country. Who is stealing power. From other branches of government. Power to which he has absolutely. No legal right. And the other branches of government from whom the power is being stolen. Don't say do squat. What would you call. I call it what and it's it's a dictatorship. We no longer live ladies and gentlemen as a country of laws. We live now as a country of a man one man Barack Obama. He and and nobody wants to criticize him. Because Barack Obama has the black shield. If you say anything about Barack Obama you automatically are a racist. And I knew it was going to be this way back in 2008. I talked a lot about you know people would call me and say. -- you realize -- starts to -- little like the black under the plan. Say I would laughed with than they Eva K I was here. Because I correctly called it for what it was a scam. And I told it was gonna make. The situation in America worse not better. -- because here's how it operates. You're criticized Barack Obama. Your racist. You say things like Detroit. You're racist. You use words like Chicago. And you're racist. You use words like thug you're a racist. Actually if you know anything about world history the original bugs were black. They were east Indians were subcontinent. It. What we have ladies and gentlemen. Become. Well you can sleep. Well you've been busy worried about the Seahawks and the Broncos. When some have you -- all piled up wondering if Ryan Miller was gonna get traded. Whether Darcy -- gear was gonna get fired were Ted Nolan was gonna come back to be the coach. Or who was going to be the next big thing on the voice. Or exactly how big -- card questions asked was gonna get. What you been all tied up with that. A man named Barack Obama has been stealing your country from you. And the media which is squarely on Obama's side. Hasn't said anything. To impede the because birds of a -- And I don't know why it years. But a disproportionate. Number of people in the media are absolutely positively. Dyed in the wool Communists. Progressives. Liberals Democrats. Label him as you will. They're not exactly freedom lovers. They're not American liberals that we had in the 1940s. Great patriotic American liberals. These are people who believe that freedom. Is a bad thing your freedom to have -- on meat is bad your freedom to order a big pop is bad. Your freedom to live your life unless of course your day is -- These are people who are anathema to me and everything for which ever lived my life. That I despised them. I pray for. I send them positive energy. That they may see the light at some point. Because the dirty little secret of totalitarianism folks. And you can ask your friends from Ukrainian. You can ask your friends who grew up in Latvia Lithuania Estonia the Baltic States. You can ask your friends who had relatives killed in the cup team forest. You can talk to your friends who were in the Warsaw ghetto is Jews under the Nazi he'll. You can talk your friends from China. Who were executed by the Chinese Communists. And communism's legacy of blood running. And the tyrants desire to eliminate all intellectual opposition. The dirty little secret folks of totalitarianism. Is there's. It doesn't matter. If you are a leader of the Communist revolution in America. You will be considered a useful idiot. And in the words of that great political philosopher Robert -- Your time is get a cup. Because there's one thing all dictatorships and pirates haven't -- And they've had in common ever since the sun first rose. What is that one thing. -- think people what dull dictators and tyrants one. What is the biggest threat to a dictator or tyrant. The biggest threat to a dictator or tyrant. Is -- George Washington. The biggest threat to a dictator or tyrant is -- Benjamin Franklin. Thomas Jefferson. A James Madison. A George Mason. The biggest threat to a tyrant is people who are educated. Because there comes a point -- even. The Communists and the progressives. Realize. That what they've built is a Frankenstein. I forget the Hebrew word for a but it basically is a Frankenstein. Might it might be Yiddish word I'd I'd though I've been OK if accompanied it three Clark is more but. You have to understand something folks. If you -- and heads and shoulders intellectually. Above other people. Eight tyrant and a desperate regard you as a threat why because you think. Why because you -- high IQ quiet. Because you're willing to call if you have the ability to call -- baloney. That's what. You know when Stalin took over the Soviet Union. And there was a power struggle. And folks I know that ominous sound like I'm rambling and I really don't give a crap. Because you got to know this stuff -- and learn in school teachers held it and -- and college. When Lenin died not John but Vladimir huge Lennon Israel in July and off. When he died -- the Soviet Union there was a power struggle amongst the Communist hierarchy. Guess who -- the power struggle. The guy who was least afraid to kill his opponents. His name was Joseph Stalin. Again about his real name is real name is very Russian and very Polly's elaborate. And one of the things Stalin did it when he came to power two things you need to know number one he purged the army. He basically went through the officer corps of the red army of the Soviet Union. And he murdered or had murdered. Anybody who would be construed as a threat to the state people who would not. Go along with his master planned for the Soviet Union. Along the way he also made sure to kill people with brains. People who were known to be very intelligent whether or not they were Communists didn't matter. He didn't want people who can think. In a position where they can control tanks cannons and a fledgling -- airports. Why. Thinking people are dangerous to tyrants. And there's something else Stalin did. He killed forty million of his own people because they thought. The ukrainians. Twenty million ukrainians. Were starved to death. Because of Joseph Stalin because they were not down with the program. In fact Stalin was such -- no good bastard that when the Nazis invaded Russia and went into the Ukrainian. They were welcomed as operators. By the people in the Ukraine. Until they found out meet the new boss same as the old books. Let's find out about traffickers that Ryan has -- And AccuWeather -- it between the up high wind warning and the potential for flooding. It's going to be biblical. Over the next 24 or so hours. And I don't mean that in a good way. Especially if you have those fraud applaud aircraft fraud. -- And that's why I'm having this final -- in the flood prone areas. Be very very careful obviously you know where you are. The temperature is so what does that mean it's it's -- forty degrees -- 4030. Or 33 -- or you know just said that I medals sidetracked there with some. Doubt about my own memory there for moment. But that in any event wins and high temperatures so be advised and you know to park your car tonight at myself really silly and stupid that. If you see a big tree overhead. Move the car somewhere there's not a big tree -- It's not going to end well for use your car or your insurance rates for that matter. All right now I'm talking about security folks. And we have an amendment to our constitution in America. First of all my premise is this image of -- other people expressed. They've got more time to go -- greater detail. But we no longer live in the in the country of George Washington Benjamin Franklin or for that matter Harry Truman. We no longer live in that country we now live in a dictatorship. The sooner you realize that the Sunnis get your head. I digger but the better off you're going to be. Because what happens in a dictatorship use one man changes law unilaterally. Without due process that's exactly what is going on right now in Washington DC in the state of the union. President Obama's. Whenever and wherever I can put up pass congress and do thank -- I would expect to hear that crap from a banana republic. Instead I hear it in Washington DC. And it makes me embarrassed and ashamed. To be in America you know what else makes me embarrassed and ashamed -- most of my countryman and country women couldn't give to -- To darden's. Well our -- -- overturned the board's -- -- regards to borders. As if that has some great relevance in your life which I assure you folks it is not. Those who ignore the past those who have no knowledge of the past are going to repeat. And ladies and gentlemen. Even those -- you consider yourself to be among beat. Very best and the brightest of the left wing progressive Communists you've done your duties you've savaged me on your blogs you've got after Limbaugh on your blogs you've attacked all the right wingers on your blocks just what. The mere fact. That you have a boring. And you know how to -- which you actress. You've done your duty as a useful idiot. Once a tyrant is in power. US the red army officers in the 1920s under Stalin. How being a devoted Communist helped them. What they'll say is I needed that like and it all the head which is exactly what most of them and that up. It is. If there is a second American revolution at least get some kickass music. -- -- It's 633. I have to get one of those in every show by the way those of you wonder. If it's like just kind of an inside joke that shall never ever understand anyway. Where were we -- all my buddy Darrell. The guy who is driving the shuttle for the NF DA and who is now -- got to be a truck driver he's checking on from Richmond Virginia he says hello I just will be awkward to put him on the air right now -- -- in the middle of some really serious stuff. But Darryl is doing just fine and that dandy. Now we are. Talk about something that I have to take very very seriously. Because. I take this as a personal affront. And as a student of history. And I have to tell you as somebody which quite proud of his ability to. Kind of anticipate things before they happen. I don't like what Ramsey. What I'm saying actually I find absolutely. Riveting but only riveting in the sense -- look there's a freight trains. Here's a school bus filled with gifted children. I don't wanna look I can't take my eyes off it. That's kind of what I see happening in America right now. We just happened beyond that school boss the government happens to be that freight train. And it's very disappointing to me the absolute apathy. In this country -- it is being dismantled. At a rate that is I have to tell you absolutely. On the precedent that. And if anybody wants to call me for crap. If anybody wants to claim that I'm somehow -- you measure of where the new one mentally ill. What -- crept crack open a textbook. Or better yet go on the Internet. And watch -- look up Soviet power struggle after lives and dies. And by the way. Lenin would be LE NIA. End. Not to be confused with imagine all the people out that eleven the other -- There really are people like that the world folks and they do gravitate to positions of power because they wanna control people that want control power and they wanna control land. And it is a scary fact of history. That people like Joseph Stalin. Murdered his old army. Anybody who could think was eliminated. Matter that they were good counties. -- want anybody around with a -- Because with a parade. Comes danger danger they might finally realized what somebody's really up to. Please keep that in mind it is an immutable factor in human history. Pirates and that's that's we will attack and yes tell people. Who can think. Even if you think drugs -- -- right there and a and I double dog like -- -- bought -- To look up what Stalin did. To the ukrainians. Twenty. Million ukrainians. Debt. Because Stalin starve them to death. Why. They didn't buy into his program. They were proud people. They did not wish to be collective arrived the Stalin away they didn't want Stahl and here. Now. Ladies and gentlemen assures I'm standing here. I tell you this all the time. You think corruption. Died before you were born you think that the desire of some people to control other people is extinct. Because you -- in the world and it's just always been that way and it's always going to be that way. You were living in some kind of been a year of state of denial. And it's part of my job to wake you up. At maybe I'll bore the hell out of -- I really don't hear. Because things have to be said whether they make you uncomfortable. Or not. There is time not all that long ago folks. Went into an American president that said the congress. And wherever I can I'm gonna bypass congress and do things. There's a time that would have been a clarion call for revolution and impeachment. But because Obama is black and he's got the black shield. Nobody especially Republicans don't wanna touch. I'll be more than happy to touch. Because I don't hear if -- called a racist by people who don't know me and who don't know what I'm all about. It doesn't bother. It's like water off the -- back. I know what I am I know what I -- I don't like tyranny I don't care if it's a smiley black man. Were white guy I don't hear it's immaterial. To me. What we have happening in America right now is -- some. It is antithetical to the spirit. Of this country. And I don't care. What you look like I don't care if you look like I look. I don't care viewers black is the basis Speights. I don't care if you are as agent is my great grandmother looked in that picture. All of us and every one of our groups made a contribution to the freedom of this country. Unfortunately. For my black Brothers and sisters your freedom -- later the most of ours and that sucks and I'm sorry that it happened. And I wish it wasn't that way. But nonetheless. You acquitted yourselves magnificently your ancestors acquitted themselves magnificently in every conflict in which this country has ever been engaged. When allowed defy you fought and you fought with valor and distinction that you fought for freedom. Even when the white man was not willing to give you freedom. Or even a taste of equality. Your my people. All of you. No matter what you look like if you love this country if you would door freedom. -- you cherish those who laid down their lives so that we can live in a constitutional republic I'm talking to you. You've got to look past this fully cracked bat. If a man goes after Obama he's a racist. That is such -- crucified answer devoid of any intellect. Or rational thinking whatsoever. Praising somebody because they're black is as -- as -- somebody because -- black. Hussein. You're generalize. My question users. And it's hypothetical. We have a 22 amendment to our constitution and I don't expect -- you know the amendments in the constitution the -- I don't I look -- some times. The 22 amendment -- constitution basically says you don't get to be president more than two terms. Since we now live in a country where the law does not matter. And where an American president without any opposition. From any kind of political party. Can decide as a man not. Put by his opinion what the law suits. Since it is now a lawless land. There is nothing. To prevent. This man President Obama from saying. Whenever and wherever I can't I will do what I can't help the American people. There is no way I can possibly undo the damage of George Bush in eight years I'm going to need four more years and I'm going to take that. Folks. There is time. I would expected my countrymen that any -- well. Or background ethnicity to rise up against that. And to say no. You don't go there. In 2014. Truth be told. You know who's gonna care. -- care. If I'm still around. Restaurants little here. Carl Paladino here. The Tea Party will hear Sean Hannity we'll hear. Michael Savage -- -- Glenn -- -- care. And that's about it. Because I will place up. Past performance is the best indicator of future behavior. And there's not a doubt in my mind. That if President Obama said we don't need no stake in 22 amendment. I'm going to be president until I say I'm not president anymore. I don't doubt for a minute that that statement would earn a ringing endorsement. In the Buffalo News. A -- endorsement with most television networks. Folks. This is serious stuff I'm not trying to panic anybody. I'm not trying to upset anybody. But. Don't you understand how these things work. Have you know little. About what happened in Germany in the 1930s. Have you no idea what happened in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and thirties. Have you had no idea. What the pins were up against when it came to the Soviet Union or. -- -- And the -- and an Estonian cousins were up against. Have you no idea what tyranny is all about and how it operates and how it always is operated. Where is our border. Where. Is our boot -- Where is our William Wallace. To say. No more. Every man dies. How many of you can say you really. Or is it just all about. Look at me I've got -- I've got the Rolex. I've got the portion. Is that what it's all about. Because you wanna -- is up and it doesn't mean squat. The older you get the more you kind of realize. If you have any soul whatsoever. That there's more to life. Then you. You are just a spec. All you are is just a grain. You've got to think outside of your comfort zone and realize. That you. Need to be engaged and involved. Forgive me for going out and out about this I just happen to think freedoms kind of important. And we also have stories now about the Obama administration wanting monitors in newsrooms. Folks. The handwriting is on the wall. I see it as clear as I see the hand in front of my face. It's on the wall. In all you Sharkey left wing bloggers. I assure you. You will be among the first to go. Because you will already served your purpose as a useful idiot. Once you've demonstrated that you have a brand and some -- you were very intelligent. There's one guy in particular I actually like him a lot because he's Smart. But I assure you he will be among the first to go. As a danger to the state simply because he has a demonstrated track record of being able to think outside the box. That's what tyrants hate. And I'll be damned DePaul while before a tyrant. As long as I. 646 at WB and 8030930. Start I had 3180616. WB -- I think our republic is doomed unless some of you wake the hell up. What did you try turning off the voice. And try watching John Adams. It's just extra theaters ready at 930 WB had met. Our gang I'm not gonna do the weather basically really windy at a flood watches in effect Justin Timberlake is going to be not in town this weekend -- gonna have to wait until July Justin Timberlake -- postponed. He probably picked up the cold from Alan Harris. And I Justin Timberlake by the way is a very nice guy -- like Justin Timberlake don't mistake Justin Timberlake for Justin Bieber Justin Bieber whose -- Justin Timberlake. Great guy let's go to. Issues but let's go to Jack -- a cell phone the WB and Jack thanks for your patience you are on hello. I -- but he's very much like I would I want to thank you very much during your program yesterday. I was 100% I don't let it go. Pick apart portrait and then all of planet. Well sometimes I think -- -- and a wind storm -- as we have. Well -- I'm more people to get where does the better but I like to say that I think should mention that that people need to Jordan which party they need to donate to Eric to -- -- -- -- -- They supported Obama here and -- -- people you know what I'm gonna cut you object because people have got to donate to were they feel comfortable donating. The Heritage Foundation supported something very similar to Obama here. How could I support the well again that this is why. You know it as far as the Tea Party I respect like you wouldn't believe. What you Tea Party patriots are doing. I come from a different branch of conservatism kind of a conservative -- and approach. And I I don't want us to attack each other we have got to join forces. To educate people. What do you think it's gonna take Jack because sometimes I feel like I'm a voice in the wilderness like I've accumulated all this knowledge like the creator has given me the ability to communicated in a simple way. And yet I go home. And I know that 99% of my audience is just gonna have the police. Well that's probably like I grabbed it like you remember. I -- what well what what are totally ignorant. Oh what they just -- -- and talk about. -- -- -- -- Well total we. Jackpot how do we how do we correct this my brother how do we correct. I. I don't know if it however I think what you're doing generate significant step or image -- -- -- -- -- it. I -- -- lecture. Oh went back and tell people what sport and -- that. It -- but not perfect. Yet but wait more or are able. Carriers. -- riled or corrupt people are just bigger. I yours. Here's one of the things we've got to we've got to did you my opinion my opinion -- The biggest thing is people who see the world as you and I see the world. We mustn't attack each other right now there's this big feud between Michael Savage and Sean Hannity and I think Michael Savage is acting like a complete do schnauzer. -- beaten up on Sean Hannity why do we do that is why do we insist on eating our all. Rus Thompson and I we had a feud we had a falling out but guess what were both men we work past it and I take a bullet for -- take a bullet for me that's what it ought to be like. -- -- I just. More local election on Hannity -- and oh. That screech about our. Like they're all right you guys still like but it didn't let these. Attempting to. People better I'd think or. -- -- -- truth or a lot. I cannot disagree and I see bill. Bill I don't think bill is a bill is not on our side. Bill is all about bill. And huge ratings I'd rather have fewer listeners but more dedicated listeners and try to be something to everybody. And when I say stuff it comes from my heart it doesn't come because some consultants that I should say something. -- Jack I gotta go I guys I want to go another five -- today and really I've got it and -- that they be pissed off via. Hey guys I'm league ought to hold a lot of pick up with this tomorrow I did not realize what a firestorm I was gonna ignite but you know what I guess -- rather be with you wanting -- If on the other radio tomorrow because of the Spinal Tap. Sorry -- yourself.

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