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2-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB -- -- that he would. That. -- -- -- -- No one ponds with an assault rifle no. Yeah. If they are -- bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what -- happened to that. Gary -- Is strong silent. That was an advocate. The morning. Brilliant -- -- knew what to eat greens -- 8930. And I like you. You have loans. I'd like -- It is hourly on the radio I'm thirty WB EN that and that's just a reminder to athletes everywhere. If you -- Hockey game to nothing and there are five minutes left in the third period. Generally speaking it's a really bad omen the start hugging each other on the bench as if you already won the gold. Yeah I haven't won. Neat thing. Until the game is over. And now one of our actually -- former coworkers who now has a real job rich wrote. Reminded me of that bat -- is over five minutes left when team USA women's hockey started hugging each other on the bench. -- -- -- Canada comes back scores two goals in the final two minutes of regulation and then wins that you wins the women's -- hockey medal read it to. In overtime. -- the entire United States of America knows what it's like to be a buffalo. Been there done that we don't let us. As my friend the Bulldog always edit. We lose it epic Greek tragedy style and that's what the USA who women did. It's -- show. Because don't want -- they sure want it. But you gotta get my aunt at testicle should be my uncle. 8030930. Start 93180616. WB ENN it's simple irrefutable logic. Another nation but I didn't. And I also by the way I don't wanna be absorber and a loser. Because I think that's bad form. I think that you also have to give the Canadians the plucky Canadian women plenty of credit. Because they didn't give -- So they play the way this country used to -- The Canadians the women's hockey team played. Like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the twentieth -- played at Gettysburg date too little round top. They kept fighting and fighting and fighting when the odds were against them and at the end but they ended up carrying the day. How did they carry the -- by sitting back on defense no. They went on the offense that put the Canadians did today that's what Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain the twentieth main the Pennsylvania guys in the New York guards -- at little round top when they swept down that hill. Like a door hinge to cleanse the little round top upward hill of the confederate the invaders and the Canadian women. They didn't give up they didn't say -- And for team Canada women's hockey this is probably like the greatest day ever. So of your Canadian you have every right to be -- your hockey team they played the way I wish my country still play it. I don't we just hockey I'm talking about life in general. Just because you're ahead with two minutes left doesn't mean you won a damn thing. You know in this business we have ratings. No big secret. And I always laugh. Because some people actually go by. Well let's see the trends look really good the trends look good. -- I kid you not every time the trends come out and they look great. You know you're gonna have a horrible book. I've seen that happen every single time I've every single book I've been generated. You get to trends you think the last one's going to be the same and it not join your bought. And conversely -- and where. Is listening all the -- that last trend comes out your number one. So. It ain't over till it's over and that's a metaphor for your life folks. An outlook I'm proud of our team USA ladies please don't get me wrong no she came in in winning a silver. But I have to -- -- and I can say this because basically all of us are related in some way shape or form to a Canadian. You know bring in -- apparently I Q down and everything but. In in in some way shape or form were all related to Canadians we live reporter city I have to -- us up and I'm proud of those Canadian ladies. Because they didn't say die they won the game they won it with two minutes left they didn't quit. And you know there's a lesson to be learned on both sides of the fence for that. I also learned something about the Schwartz. They are so hot. I mean really I know they speak German in Switzerland and I think that Zurich needs me right now. All right it is up fourteen minutes after five to say that. This movie needs a tune up out of the boys at Rolex and Switzerland to reforming what effect. Under his radio 930 WBBM. Or it just never buy another one all right let's that I get back. Let's go back to the calls here's Anthony in Warsaw. Anthony -- for myself -- we're talking about calling in sick actually what's on your mind. All right got it down the does like a column that my -- a couple of instances where well wanna follow my first barn that was -- a few months ago. They want to -- I -- For her first -- Now. Okay well wait wait -- about first of all. There's something about your first born child. Obviously I don't even need any further with that statement but. Was this delivery. Was it a planned delivery was at C section was induced or did nature just take its course. Among. Also in other words nature took its course meaning your wife was probably in labor for about a week. Not quite a week couple days now. Oh my gosh. I am I'm one of those unconventional site. Well you'll -- it -- the child support dudes are kissed goodbye -- -- percent of your adjusted gross okay now let's or 17% but what I argue. But anyway you're there obviously you love this woman I just got a rag on -- a little bit so you're there. And did your employer know that this blessed miracle of childbirth was on your horizon. They acknowledged commented I -- and at all of the month early but now I'm. I'm my street guys that I mean they don't have a lot of manpower but it's not too difficult to get a might become violent army but. Well that's Richard that's Richard girlfriend told me just last night. Separate. That's a catch him I can't help myself would you forgive me. Page. Thank you brother I I'm glad you guys have a sense of humor and I felt that helium look at cell. Does does the guys who runs the company or the guy to whom you must reports that does he have a family. Now -- -- -- or greater or a sudden they have children. Problem do want them. But OK here's the thing anybody who has experienced the birth of a child their own flesh and blood. If they do not understand. That other people care about their children as much as they cared about their children. These are not necessarily the people I wanna stay employed with for very long. I can't blink when there man but out here in Wyoming county at scanner up to by the doubt it's like this. Nature might trial got good health benefits despite what Obama pared those. -- don't get me started on that by the way thank you for calling infamous scene county by the way where being a Republican or a jury having a repeal -- safe sign is not an invitation for speeding ticket or something like that so. I applaud you for that. So. Limbaugh -- that -- talk about the drop down or to. Is it 120 always forget. Play -- so I don't know if it's covered with snow now but to keep on the subject. Did you get any time off at ball. For the birth of your first child because child because. -- Well because you're you're the lady in your life the mother of your child especially with the first one. Really need Jews there as a coach I trust you went through the classes together. We went through the class does well and it took up -- because it and get registered until late ma'am. Then he came a little early out so it's you're not stayed -- culprit is true. I did read a narrow the -- didn't. Uptrend. You know. Did they had today did they allow you to cut the cord if you wanted to. They asked me if I wanted to buy it. I didn't have found that. Yeah I did too I said you know what everything is gone so flawlessly but I know I will somehow screw it up if I have anything to do with this process at all. Why also demur on that. So. Are right now as far as calling in sick for other reasons I can only presume if your short staffed and frankly don't downgrade what you do for a living because not may not just anybody knows how to take down a big -- there's an art to it there's a science to. Pressure on National Grid. A year now exactly so do you. It is they're basically accepted -- number of sick days where they don't give you -- problem or you pretty much expected 365. -- expected 365 I mean I've heard. I haven't had a completely witnessed that myself but I've heard guys all I'm Buchanan got Iran thought he'd get me -- meant that on the and stuff like that it. Well yeah I mean hang in there there's certain things you can work with a cold you can work where. Maybe a sinus infection you can work where we used market that the GI symptoms I'm sorry you're useless I'm worthless I will not work we GI symptoms no way. You bet and the preceding reference to GI symptoms brought you by my friends in the Dominican Republic. It shouldn't really wanna lose may I suggest the Dominican. Republic. On -- and microbes. You'll enjoy the rest of your life. Let's find out about traffic right now here's -- mr. -- brand. And any major traffic issues we always like you and help with with traffic because you've got more eyes than we. The traffic hotline number is 80303218030321. That's for big time traffic issues if not because. Oh my gosh somebody had a flat tire on -- courts golf we. -- really care because that's not expecting great number of people it's only used to -- do with a split either. Why did the of the flat as -- -- went down bright road by the boulevard that's why I wanted a flat by the way mom and at the bottom of that pothole on brightened by the boulevard. I'll get feel when I get the OK just stay hunkered down at the bottom of that -- okay. I'll come find you when I can't shined the flashlight beam up I'll track it down. Basically folks high wind warning is going to be in effect tonight through tomorrow. And the flood watch is in effect be aware that were gonna get high temperatures. Melt things some flooding and a top that wins. And you can find directions and how to build an -- -- just Google. Build an -- you'll find now it is bone up on your QB it's. It is 522. At WB editors Paul in south buffalo so appalled as your workplace have a policy on what you're supposed to do when you come down -- Yes armed Big Apple policy that says call it and this and do an. I lost you Paul what happened. Paul. Yeah whatever you just did don't stop doing your part is that I can hear. Start again let's go to Paul in south buffalo WB and Paul. Yes they have -- a workplace policies this if you have a sickness. That is. Possibly -- -- you have to call and let them know candidate do not want to commit at all the possibility of infecting other coworkers and maybe you even getting sicker it has not worked arrested them. I think it up for the Goodyear assurance to. Well I find that to be a very refreshingly enlightened approach. And by the way if you ever do have to call in sick Paul. Whether you're talking about something coming out of the upper part of your body -- the lower part of your body if you used the word explosive. Before. Describing it. Your chances of getting an easy day off increase exponentially remember that word explosive. Bomb explosive. Diarrhea. I'm glad to keep the three by five -- charting your mind certain you can thank me at the into the -- Well -- all I've got -- this is only a funny guy. Funny how McLeod and it'll make you -- usual 524 got a break WB and -- is coming up next. In. You. -- -- -- I'm sorry Jesus just called read cities expecting me in real a few weeks it's 535. Well excuse me. Excuse me. When what is going to preach one must go -- the senators are. Thank -- It is 535 -- for him -- -- thirty WBE and by the way I look. And those up and in all seriousness guys -- elect I got to be serious here for America's look I know humble wise and get that but it's part of -- charm. Because. When you think about. Look I mean first of all anybody in the public. You're gonna have haters. -- I came to terms with that a long time ago okay. And I'm only gonna say that's. Jury yesterday I made the point that in many respects I live a more Christian life than some people who call themselves Christian. I gotta give your real example. Of that in the real world. -- actually prayed. Or send positive vibes to my enemies are really there. And you know why it. And this is gonna sound like -- pandering to black people and I'm not. I don't say stuff the -- anybody. But the job -- doing a lot of Reading about Dr. Martin Luther King. And what are the things. That I love about doctor Karen. Is the fact that he was not a perfect man. He was not a saint. In some respects we have a lot in common. Doctor -- and in some respects. But. One of the things. That I find attracts me to Martin Luther King as a man. Is that. With all of the indignities. He faced. With all of the insults and the hatred he had coming at him from his moral and intellectual and superiors. He never let bitterness. Get the better of him. And he always took the high road. That to me. Is very. Inspirational. Now granted the N word it did not carry the social appropriate it carries today. It was more widely in use back then. But he was called the N word. More times and haven't called com. But he never lost his composure. He never lost his cool. He never lost his class he never gave up his dignity. And what I find especially moving. About. Dr. Martin Luther -- Is that he actually put principles. Into practice. And despite all of the BS. Big government gave him. The haters gave him. He proved himself not only. To be -- shorts were of the first order and the first magnitude. But he also proved himself to be at five foot seven. -- giant of the man. Who stood head and shoulders. Above his detractors. That. Is where that comes for a bat is an inspiration. So. When I say things like that it's hardly an original thought. When one refers to one's haters and one's enemies. Course I asked to be more practical about it the Machiavelli inside of me believes in what the guy who wrote the art of war -- assumed -- When he said. If your enemy is of -- temper. Irritate him. There's something be said for that as well not nearly Christian but certainly effective. Now we have. So topics I want to -- today it's just not. I cannot believe the one that's been the biggest hit -- Yesterday -- sitting there talking about Donald Trump nobody here. You know what I know why nobody here. Well I I said this at the beginning of the show I had a conversation earlier with the one of the lucky to lecture at the radio station about the news. You know why nobody cares right now about Donald Trump. Because you might love your -- What I've got a cat named him. -- half human half barrel wild. Killer yet. And if she is up and a tree. And I want regular down because I -- get her inside if I wanted to be safe and sound for the night. I'm gonna give it fifteen minutes. On the shake the bag temptations treats chicken flavored of course -- About Haley Haley who treats. Its. And if she looks at the utterly non plus unfazed and -- interested in what I'm trying to giver. I was interest. Like are kept you wanna stay out here -- ass off be my guest yeah his audience that. I eventually do feel guilty go back of five minutes later but let's leave that -- so let -- leave that alone for now but. I call it the cat in the -- -- With Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump and I hate to say that scares -- I want him to run for governor and I want him to be Andrew Cuomo. But he's acting like a baby. He's acting very immature or league he's acting like Mike kept the trinity. After awhile folks how many dinners and we have it's all the -- How many petitions can we signs saying do you run for governor how many bags of temptations cat -- and we -- for Donald Trump. And it just looks and says. I'm only gonna come down if everybody else's golf. After while you say you know what this game is getting rather -- I'm going inside to watch boardwalk empire thank you. -- let's find out about traffic if you're ever aware rocketed up absurd I am sorry at -- that we enough traffic today. I'm sorry what right as -- he's doing traffic you're sitting in for Alan Harris. So. Not -- hold off on Donald Trump shows. Until something actually shakes on the Donald Trump front. Because right now. I don't wanna say anything bad about him. But on the other hand IA I'm feeling. Like dude if you think that the -- is gonna part. Andy you're just gonna traipse into nomination without anybody giving you any grief. I don't know what planet era. Because that's not the way the real world works a joke could you imagine you I'd like to do the afternoon drive show -- WB yen but. Everybody else on the radio buffalo get off the -- from three until seven. Doesn't work that way you got to earn it. By the way if anybody else on the radio from three to seven wants to get off of -- my best. But I would recommend you guys -- jobs I don't want across your job so a lot of the Donald Trump topic the longer it goes the less appealing I find it. Because I don't like to be played for full. I don't like to feel as though my affection is being under required. -- how many times can you tell somebody that you love them. And that you -- married. And that you wanna be with haven't spent your entire life with that. And they say nothing. Before you say you -- lot. Did -- here. I'm start to feel like the I'm starts to it we've all. -- but I'm start to feel like somebody who. Is trying to date somebody who just is absolutely just not interested -- what's up. It was -- efficient this week. And Joseph looked pretty damn well. It's five the act got to get that I get that plug in for GO did you feel good doesn't it show really deep down our thoughts. Sherman is not quite at that level yet. So up we've been talking about you calling in sick to your job. And whether that goes over like alleged apple like a Led Zeppelin or lead balloon -- work. Or whether your bosses are understanding. About it. The holidays are you allowed to take off before they have to send a note with your doctor's signature -- Now I didn't know there's really not try to tell tales out of school this is a I I can't say anything bad about America on the company for which -- work. And I'm not trying to be a brown knows I just can't see anything bad but if we missed two days before we come back on the third day we've got to have a note from doctor which by the way I totally think makes cents. Because what kept just about this permanent death from a lawyer's point of view. I'm not an attorney but. What could have been I could've been a contender. But just put yourself in the employers frame of mind you've called in sick to days. You show up for that third day you have no medical clearance you're sitting in your office you pass out you hit your head in the garbage can you die. You'd think the employer is it gonna take some serious grief over that course they would they wanna be able to say hey the doctor said he was good the work. You know it's kind of a defense for that. And we do live in the CYA society. Like it or not it's the way the world the way the game is played. So. I just wanna put that out there if you have to come -- with a note after missing a day or three days. You're not the only one. And by the way if you don't hear on the radio tomorrow the only thing it means is I had a Spinal Tap that it. I don't wanna get it to anything else right now I'm just not ready to but. I want a little bit more tomorrow. If I'm here tomorrow it means they didn't have the spinal that. If I'm not here tomorrow it means I had a spinal. If I'm not here tomorrow or forever it means and down in the real spending every dollar I have partying like a rock star. That's what that means. That's exactly what that Dayton's. All right it is -- 545. At that news radio 930 WB and what do you look at for Bob -- If you're looking for that's -- sunspot baby you know I looked in Miami I looked in the drill that's the -- at your party on Saturday got the lyrics were. So anyway. I don't know who's going to be I will not know this until 1 o'clock to world war. If the doctor says we're gonna -- -- I won't be your advocate happier they can't sit up clippers' final there. If he says we're not -- that your. -- -- He says something else that means. I'll via cashing out going to be -- It is up 546 news radio 930 WB yet we a lot of cool things coming up but actually are relevant to. Like -- what happens on WB. -- about a -- analysts we can expect some high winds tonight and basically it anyway every strong enough in some places that trees are gonna topple. And it might take down power lines the good. Is it is. These storm of 206. Not a lot of the trees that were questioned anyways so. Hopefully any power outages will not be as widespread as they were all those years ago because you know nature -- -- of taking care of the week. I'm. Some of the ever greens however -- very very shallow root systems so I wouldn't parked near those and I also would look overhead if you park your car to make sure -- not directly underneath a -- in my. Because that he can wreck your entire wax job. Are right now it is 304050607080. 36 degrees at news radio 930 WB and we're also keeping our eyes on a possible flooding because of the windy and the wind and because of the winds and the warming. Or put it together the wording. On WB -- Set the -- and sandbags. Jeff what do you think herb Jeff Joseph Gregory for Cuba. That's what it sandy okay it is what Republicans for pick up trucks joke. Out of practice at all like. We're gonna go to Glen Campbell we're gonna walk in the door to have my cowboy hat on a little walk up to the sales guy and I'm gonna say. So. Disliked that and until and you're gonna get a good -- 83 years in my Jeep 141000 miles that was a good investment. All right it is when it is at 553. -- WBN now. Via the -- call thing which interest wanna move on and get in to some other things. Folks. There are annoyances in life. And there are annoyances. In life. You know president. Of this country. Not my president it didn't vote for him nor would I ever vote for him. Obviously because -- earlier races. Com named Barack Hussein Obama. We now live in a lawless land. I talked about this last week. National review online. Column about it this week. And Rush Limbaugh was talking about it hypothetically. Today. In other words he was just basically music out lout hypothetically. About what it. Since we now officially live in a lawless land. Where we are no longer a nation of laws we are a nation of one man and his name is Barack Obama. And nobody who is that a Republican has the balls to confront him because they don't wanna be called racists because Obama has the race shield. Obama hides behind his race like a -- And he's enabled by an acquiescence and compliant media in doing so. I think this man as one of most dangerous people who's ever been in rule any ruling position in America. And every day he proves. Basically folks. It's one Obama sets that is now the law. You do understand there's tortured like -- -- really need to go through this again. Maybe I do. Ladies and gentlemen were supposed to have three co equal branches of government designed to act as checks and balances one upon the other. The executive branch you think of that is the presidency. The legislative branch you think of that as congress. And we have a bicameral system meaning two not thereby but to. The House of Representatives in the United States and it. And we also have the judicial system. Best -- and exemplified federally by the Supreme Court. And ever since Marbury V Madison the Supreme Court. Basically gave itself the power to decide the constitution -- constitutionality. Of laws that were passed and signed into war. We don't have that anymore. Whether or not you -- admit it or even realize that we now live in a one man dictatorship. Ponder that Portman. Because I wanna know what happens in two years if he says I'm not leaving the White House I cannot afford to -- this country. Honestly I think America is gonna -- Scratch its asses. And then go back to watching the boards.

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