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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

2-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES. -- -- you would rate. The -- looked up. And -- no one ponds with an assault rifle no. It's good talent. That. And. Fourteen and winds up takes his shot at the Steelers. Handed them. In -- bike parade in last night. Tom -- I don't know how to put this. But. Kind of a big people know me. I'm very happy. That's right but he's shown that -- boxing news 2930. Check out the big braves overhead. -- -- -- as severe as well I. With that particular throw. And unfortunately I don't -- -- before -- -- a lot I'm sorry if you're really gave a damn about the women's hockey game you were watching live anyways no. I don't really think I'm gonna spoil anything for -- team USA did not win. USA -- but they did a Buffalo Sabres. They did a Buffalo Bills the entire country now knows what it's like to be a buffalo it. Team USA women's hockey was winning. To end up with eighteen minutes gone a while to that the left in the and so you studio with two minutes left India third here. Canada scores to want team USA hits the post and opened. Team Canada. They had scored. They score one goal with less than two minutes left then they tie the game with less than a minute left. Goes in overtime team Canada wins. And you know what I could be a sore loser. I could be the ugly American. But I -- if I'm proud to care. I'm proud all those young ladies on team Canada. And all the young ladies on team USA. It it just happens that it wasn't -- the US -- It would women's hockey. -- did not deserve to win the Canadians deserve to win the Canadians played like the Americans used the -- You know we used the -- in it over till it's over keep fighting until the last man. Not all our culture is. Winning is bad everybody gets a trophy. I swear it played a role in the aliens they roared back. That fraud -- law. She ended up with the last two goals for team Canada I can say fraud -- by the way to -- pitcher all it's your no underwear and up in a role because. My ancestors were hungry for founders of Montreal. Did the blues soul so bite me. Anyway 1644. Born -- France were actually -- France. And came over to Montreal at 1660. And that would be by like eleven or twelve great grandfathers so I have the I can and -- French people card. There's very few people -- can't insult given the Motley crew that is by genetic make up. Even Asians I can go either. Most people can't. I have the -- can't pick fold improvement. You don't know that is looking up online at all or -- place at the obstetrical but I actually have to do PI OK let's get back -- the couple holes. We're -- calling in sick to work which I think beat the USA women might have done that it would about two minutes left in the game. Open. I'm sorry I -- but I thought I was watching Ryan Miller against that Crosby. Old old but that hurts but anyway well whether it's the game outsider whether it's the Olympics you know. Right exists as it looks good. Anyway. By the way. We just. Yes and it's worked toward this please be honest we just quit saying. Buffalo -- Ryan Miller can we start corporate him as soon to be ex buffalo sabre Ryan Miller. -- -- Aside and again what that contract a move. So any time you hear the words and sabres goaltender Ryan Miller what I -- is soon to be -- sabres goaltender Ryan Miller that's what I hear. Because it's a rebuilding. Era and it. All right back -- the calls do you call in sick -- you're encouraged to call in sick. And iPod or just real quick aside. I'm I have to -- this company has been excellent. In terms of the company for for many people not just your humble but for -- folks who seem to have drawn the short straw lately with the -- -- The company's been terrific I've never abused it's a very well I've taken one mental health today in twenties. How -- of a bigger one that the -- my entire career. -- regular partner was on vacation and I didn't feel like working with the tool to work with toward their -- Anyway let's get to the calls on the WB and hey at least I'm honest and have to admit it. There is Jan number diamond again you get to work. And you basically. It's it is delicately. You bombed relentlessly project I'll vomit into the waste -- at work your supervisor has the nerve to look at -- says why. Well I think you need to go home. -- You know the response that I would -- given the I don't think I could have without dropping a few choice bits of Anglo Saxon curse words. Yeah you know what do you that there is. I'm I'm the curtain closes the store our elected killer right now. Everybody else's they're during the -- require somebody to working a sixteen hour day at our -- and now. It out over yeah -- it would mean I just sort of side. Hey you know I AM Hugo -- and the story. You know that hopefully now I'll be trying to figure and UK are sitting here that I would. Yeah but how in the world could you possibly be an effective employees. Under those circumstances. Where you are that sector I can work with a lot you know what I can work with a lot of physical pain. I really candor shows that I've -- and when he retired but I've been in a great deal of agony doing shows that's one thing. But when you start talking about stomach issues I cannot work with stomach issues -- I was effective at all that's for sure and well -- and they'll. And I eight in all I I think my feet I -- or when my children are you know and that way I can. They're just sort of like okay not problem you know we understand that they know it the other not massacre around that's it that's the case you know. Well understood the whole bit with these at Ebenezer screw issues. All about five years now and -- Real yeah they promised to buy you -- new furnace or additional coal for the told cold winter nights. You know now that that's okay. A new coal shovel perhaps. Actually got there it was written I'll be angry about a month. Holing out graceful he will be good for you and okay what other what other coworkers coming. And they are obviously not up to the task. Do you encourage them to go home because I don't. And it's it's really like about management -- but I love the people with whom I work I really do when I pride myself -- -- crying like an idiot but a watcher but. Honestly coming to work is the highlight of my life because I actually love the people with whom I work and when I know the one of them is -- is not feeling well. I encourage and -- moment to cure themselves. As sure as I mean not only that but we're also in the public I mean you can't have older face facts you know out there. You know -- people just it's not a good thing now. -- -- -- but I'm gonna write that out I believe you know that could be Russia's next big pop band after pussy riot goes this way. Yeah I guess that pussy -- twice in one show it's upon and in Russia I'm not only saying the name because it makes the fifteen year old in me laugh. All right thank thank you -- and I hope you're okay. All by the way one quick word in this might get into trouble legally but pepto busy mall. If anybody ever recommends pepto bismol to me again when I don't feel well in the stomach. I believe that that is under article 35 of the New York State penal code justifiable. Homicide. Oh who invented it and why if I want -- liquid bubble gum I would simply put an ice cube in my mouth with the zoo could show. All of you know what I can make you laugh once today into something new once a week I've done my job and I always had to learn more from you guys and you do for me but thank you very much. All right John thank you -- by the way guys it's going out. Here is that they get those. I heard that one of the police scanners but I did not get the twenty on this I did not get the location that there's one area where the snow is coming down and its stock. And some are you guys are having problems getting up a hill. So if any traffic problems are causing you any distress gastric or otherwise be sure to call our traffic command. If you can safely do it of course 80303214. Major traffic problems. Here is our. Ten more -- -- she'll love it when people come to work sickening attack over everything and they spread their violence throughout the office. I don't like that I didn't compare golf so -- they know I'm reliable. And if I -- and that. Never -- -- rail and ultimately it's because I don't mind bit there populations. In the clear and consistent with that. -- I even they would not -- me to Burke said that. And buys time that the 5% and. All absolutely and plus how effective could you be depending on how sick you get when you get sick of the coldest one thing but if we're talking stomach flu at all cramps and everything there's no way anybody can work I'm -- Now now I can't effectively take care my clients I mean undone all the times people. Legally blind and then I I Britain is that there have been sent to support their. Office. When you're dealing with alzheimer's people the most important thing you can possibly be is composed an even -- older. Because if you are in the least upset. They have an uncanny ability to pick up on that and that negatively affects the patient. -- -- -- -- I had built one that's about five words of English. Well. I know of when when I I mean because I am such a horrible human being has portrayed in the newspaper when I got that feeling. -- a couple of years ago that something was not read at my house and I went home and I found the lady with alzheimer's in my driveway. I said the myself the most important thing I can do right now is to not freak out and to be very mellow and very relaxed because I know. That the last thing this woman needs is to feel my Sparky energy in her body because it's gonna freak her out even more. So you know all's well that ends well. -- -- in a related story the Buffalo News also is that I went to the gorge and threw her into. Let and other currencies are thank you very much of magical. Aren't public. I am now let's find out about traffic right now some slippery spots and here is mr. -- has -- he's sitting in for the ailing Alan Harris who definitely needed some time off poor fellow sicker than a dog the other day what's up Brian. All right and thanks -- what told you before I heard it on the scanners and -- know where the -- team that -- -- spring bill. If you think that -- is it the old he'll use to be even it's going off of about 39 and I at least now when you get and a little further back -- don't think it's that high that that that much abate an angle incline. Then again maybe I'm speaking with my -- And now my brain but. -- in the old days it was hard to get -- sometimes with without war. I'm just gonna show up now because you know what no matter which way take this conversation. In his -- and -- well for my career or your life are right. Basically folks we have. Looking out for wins and high temperatures -- flood watch for tonight through tomorrow afternoon high wind watch from a 10 PM this evening through tomorrow afternoon. And I'd be happy to help move sandbags. If you needed -- -- Windy with periods of rain and thunderstorms overnight low 37 temperatures rising into the middle four days ago. Be -- and look for those wins don't park underneath the tree tonight for goodness -- some of these trees in buffalo old. Now we lost a lot of them in 2006 which was -- at the end -- -- cleaned out some of the bad trees were gonna die anyway. But you've still got some of those big branches and some of those big limbs overhanging that are questionable the park your car under those because your insurance may or may not cover those just so you know. Right now it is. What does it Joseph degrees wise thirty. It's forty degrees at news radio 930 WB at it look out for black ice pass that put on the radio station last night your humble host almost in the left flat on its -- below it even notice the black rights. That does not make racist. I don't like white people on WB. You know you can never off with scattered end up by the way everybody goes to any buffalo bar or who has been in any buffalo bar for the past forty years the group ms. Leonard scattered. And believe it or not. They did more songs than just gimme three steps I just -- election -- There was an entire -- Analogue of scattered songs they did some work cover somewhere original but they did more songs then gimme three steps. Just wanted the buffalo bar crowd to know. Here's hole this Garber -- out there of scattered tunes. This has -- public service announcement. On behalf of all of us were sick hell a -- gimme three steps everytime we go out. Along with van Morrison's opera only so long brown eyed girl. It is up for 34. News radio 930 WB and the it's like today outside -- -- -- and I guess that's supposed ability. Anyway and -- thanks for making me part of your days seriously we're not always gonna agree on everything. And a sometimes they get in these moods and sometimes I hope that I can use my moods to make you laugh. And believe me I don't think myself that seriously but I can make you guys -- once today I've done my job that you teach you something to once a week I've done my job. And if I can get eight death threats a year I know of them manager so burgers that for 35 news radio 930. WB the end. The voting act and that kind of lesson I've learned how to -- a and how to count up the but it hasn't meant that these. Anyway it's. All right let's -- issue. Our -- that we're talking about people call in sick to work. And I have a very simple policy when it comes to people with whom I work. And and I folks seriously you ask anybody can small community okay. You're you are one step away from me if I don't know you you know somebody who knows me. And those rumors are true okay so it's spent -- those first but the other rumors. The fact of the matter is I actually love the people. With whom I work especially those with whom I worked on a daily basis and when one of them comes in and I know they're sick. In fact sure it came in a couple of weeks ago what I say that -- job with that I say lovingly I said John go poll. Go home get some sleep relax it ain't worth that this is not brain surgery the world will not come to and if you're not eager to screen calls we'll get through we love you will issue but we don't want to get even sicker. That's how -- roll. That's like that's our play of the game. Because. You know I'd rather have somebody out for one today. That somebody up for five days because it'd take care of themselves. Especially -- strapping young stud like John Sherman. That we're having a little challenge this summer on the street on which we both live who is better looking guy. It's going to be tough Gary thank -- bust up at that age thing going up got that personality thing going John you've got the body. I've got the personality you've got the but. I've got that fifty year old hot this you've got that twenty something year old energy. -- -- -- That's what they call these days energy yet energy. All right back to the calls on WB yeah let's say hi did you make enough Orchard Park AJ McMahon thanks for holding your -- WB yen. Hey how's it going to excellent low blow which are -- you're doing -- -- well I'd much -- that means more to me than you ever expressed in my -- series. Yeah that's not some well -- -- anyway yeah. I'm not sure that was just for my or most or anything by either way I think it's straight Malarkey but. It's. Any time that I or anybody called in sick. Three days in a -- We have to bring in a doctor's know or out though. Take it out of like our vacation time or anything or personal -- I'm like -- I'm not sure of that at my job no. All all you know what. Actually I'm so glad you brought that up Jake and I hope I'm not telling tales out of school here because let you know I'm not gonna say anything bad about better come right you understand that. Even if they fired you tomorrow I'm -- -- bad about the company because it's been a great company for which to work but if we well if we missed two days in a row. The third day we have to come in with a doctor's office doctor's note giving us authorization to work. And I'd like to think that that has less to do with they're not trusting us. Or have heard that it's not because they don't trust us I think that is wanna make sure that were okay. Yeah I hope so in the mean. Personally like -- -- you know -- flu and I'm just really AT and -- Beckett Lester. Three days maybe enough that are you know her work and at but I'm certainly not a good -- that I know exactly where it is them you know distracting and everything and -- that that part of -- I don't really. I don't really like too much but I figured it was probably more than just my jab. I wonder how many people are in the same situation what is the time limit worse for your humble host its two days and once you find that out I have to tell -- it. You'll find most doctors are pretty accommodating because they've been down this road before. They'd be they're happy to fax a note to your HR person just say hey look. He was out he's good to go back to work like his school. Yeah yeah that's. Are -- lot feel about -- as my -- Now they're not just they're not just picking on you in fact the last that I had to have surgery. My doctor was actually nice enough to say because of Tom's muscular body. He needed to take extra time off because I couldn't get into the bat later because there isn't any so -- you look like a real stub of the ladies in the business office. To -- and that is putting it out did you feel free to pick up the ball and run with -- if you want. Yeah so let and I have one more point to -- what is. There's. Let's see sometimes are not sure at all -- that and I have heard instances where. So they'll call in sick and delegate. -- caught. They are not being there you know campaign. -- -- FaceBook. Is the tool of Satan I'm I'm convinced of oh the FaceBook makes two year old out of fifty year old it's it's like going and what time machine. -- don't let me just explain this you think the people are mature and grown up right. Then you kick somebody offered your FaceBook page and it's like that shallow part. It. Her brother thanks for the call it's not just it's not just you. I think places just wanna make sure that. You are okay so that in the event -- pass -- your -- asking you to fractured skull at least they -- you know at least they can say it will look that actually was okay. Yeah well I'm glad we're always together let. You know Jake we are all -- the younger and unfortunately or fortunately that's just affect the life and some of us realize that we too late. Doesn't mean that we give everything we own to somebody else but it does mean you got to look out for people thanks for any Goodwin thank you. Speaking of looking for people. On the -- team we have an issue with people not be able to get up he'll. On the 219 by spring Google. And can still access to nineteen from 39 I think he can't but then there's that other interest down by the NC place. -- have to pick the right and united team in the left to get on the 219. I don't remember which one has the higher angle. Which you must ascendant. But just be advised that was some of the snow coming -- sticking to the ground. Trying to gain traction going uphill. Is a -- like. I was gonna use a metaphor. And it was just got to come out X rated and it's just much better -- I just go to the next phone call. Thank you yes the word Magnum was part of it here is fill in Hamburg on WB -- I feel. He had nothing important and misguided loyalty. People come to work that -- not because -- they only really need me out in a situation network where we had a lot -- -- calls what do you want here. -- the following year the president. Yeah. Three duffel bag and olive. And people were literally just. And hopefully network like pretty. And it all while the -- -- -- you know if you're that he won't because you make other people that. You know it's so it's interesting you mention that because. A lot of the people Phil who listen to this radio station you guys listen in the morning to John and Susan. You listen to sandy you listen to Rush Limbaugh you listen to me illicit -- show on. And it's kind of funny with the local shows you can actually -- it's almost like -- a bend diagram you can Trace the overlapping. Degrees of illness between the programming department the news department the traffic department you can actually watch it wind its way through the entire staff of the station. That it looked tired and you know and. I don't know. Well -- -- I don't know what you would call it. It's gonna work but we got into a situation. Where he notes that the product note -- with the doctors. And it's the real situation and it replied -- called the vote. -- point. Ebitda we really that bird and an accord that would open union but yeah -- Through union held that should have been settled in court that's a totally against Tampa. Unless the guy -- -- the rights. Along okay. It I don't enjoy -- apparently but anyway you look I'm I'm glad you love I'm glad you called and that's. -- -- -- That that leaves me with kind of lousy feeling in my mouth you know that's and it's kind of like biting the something you think is -- dill pickle and it turns out to be bigger and and not quite ready for. -- been there done that it's the Asian all right thank you glad you could hold. You're buying it bill. Anyway it's up for 45 and any major traffic problems. You be sure to call the WB and traffic -- remember just the major ones that are affecting lots and lots of people. We don't need to know somebody's got a flat tire on -- and courts that's immaterial to us but. If there is somebody with great. You know card it's off the road and it's causing a back up on the 290. Not of course that between ninety would ever be backed up -- -- the big water -- during the afternoon drive -- that is never happened before the whole course of human history. If it's if it's huge let us know. It 030321. WB and traffic command you're just joining us. What's it like your place as your employer gives you the even. When you call in sick. And how did people call in sick anymore it's much easier to text. Does that -- have to fake call on WB Ian. I and you wonder her and I haven't heard anything about this but if there's snow is coming down in Warsaw. In others that road is it's 120 day that where you go down into Warsaw and then get worse I got to come back up if the snow sticking there. I can't imagine what it's like trying to get up that hill in the wintertime if it's any kind of slippery whatsoever that's going to be like the -- circle of Dante's hell you know. AccuWeather. Literary reference for you -- decided to go from Elizabethan literature of England to Dante. Anyway. You whether we have a flood watch from tonight through tomorrow afternoon and look out from high wins one -- it is now officially. A high wind a warning from 2 o'clock in the morning until 10 o'clock tomorrow night. Basically gang the winds are going to be strong enough we're gonna season trees coming down in -- trees come down and and power lines. Don't really have to say what that means so just be advised the overnight temperature will be about 37 but that the -- were gonna go up into the forties though. If you live -- those usual flood areas. Look if I lived by Lexington greens for example because that the usual players. There wouldn't be anything in my basement floor now. I mean maybe the wedding pictures of -- is getting divorced but nothing else I mean. Sorry honey they got wrecked in the flood. Anyway it is -- were 53 WB -- Let's go to Gary -- -- wanna carry are you dissuaded from calling in sick to work. Now you know that the biggest problem you have. You're saying about called directory of these places -- Dropped a tree tree daisy got a haven't actors excuse like all of that can get an appointment while they tell you well know K Vijay took two weeks. So there and you go back to work. And they consider that. Inexcusable for. All of you don't have the right to do that sort Ladish Co. are starting to do is dirt dirt or point systems. Of -- auto -- -- times and it's -- All. Not a bailout excuse even admitted dodge which came in here after all all the sudden start date they kept -- and point. -- get so many Q what's the point -- -- years' time they needed time off from work without pay or they just literally -- fired. If I were in your situation and I'm only gonna offer this is advice if you have a primary care doctor. You can't get in to see when you were sick just for a quick -- and it's some Cipro visit you gotta switch doctors. Yeah it's it's terrible all. And NIC it's our question of the -- trying to find decent doctors. We can't get your family doctor is find one near use that's why I'm switching my doctor because of my guy is and -- more. And if I -- you know if it's just something minor he's got to -- -- and frankly the last thing I feel like doing is driving twenty miles round trip. For something that really is no big deal. Yeah yeah I like the capital system that's locally here black water and well you get by trying to go through -- their -- recorded on default press want to retrieve or fired shore up. You know trying to get that huge source substance in the eighties -- sort of all all. He should command or you resolved through Asia under my care that sort of thing and also what is the point just -- big -- It's blue and another thing to a lot of people can't take to Taiwan because they -- money. Okay this is true but let me also giving and other alternative because of -- talk about your job being in danger. Don't forget about those places like urgent care or med first because given a choice between -- in the -- day and losing your job. I'd rather pay the high -- -- Now. -- -- hung up on our wall -- well because I think of those on the trying to get free -- anybody but most places our god cents seriously. I I utilized the services more than I'd like to admit in particular the kids to. Because there's times you know your kids are they will get sick Friday night at 6 PM. So it's the ER or it's one of those quick -- places I'll go to the quick dark -- -- -- 75 bucks and they're happy on W --

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