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2-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. He worked. For. Yeah holes to look. -- and welcome to the New York City that they -- indeed extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- Did all of the. There really is nothing like a short time now. Today it's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. I'm sort of like a lawyer for radio station about ten minutes ago we have players they erupted in a giant -- Bob. As then beat team Canada women's. Hockey team that defeated team late in my is that gonna be. You know what if you're really care about the game you were watching it anyway so this is an upset you. Korea. -- wins the goal over the US women now here's the deal. The entire United States of America right now you guys can feel what buffalo his belt for the past thirty years. Team USA. On top over him -- third period. As you know -- a hockey game there are three periods. It just to clarify this for those who don't follow -- with two minutes left in the final period of hockey. Team Canada gets on the are making it too to want. Team USA. Hits the post on an open. Team -- It up with less than a minute ago score is the game tying the gall to -- it goes an all time. And what was that about five minutes and overtime. US -- that -- a penalty trouble. I was at four and three. And Canada wins the goal coming down now folks. And there's. Use this as a metaphor for life. First of all when you have your opponent now in the strangle your opponent until he starts the decomposed. That's number one. Don't think he's got to wrap up because you got to leave because you adult. As long as there is life in your opponent your opponent and still. That's number one number -- you know if your dollar. And if somebody wants to be a soccer and let you back you know it took advantage of the game ain't over until the game is -- and I have to applaud team Canada for what they'd have -- USA got cocky. The top they made they took their foot off the jugular. And candidate ends up with a gold and the USA ends up Ryan Miller. So oh I'm sorry I don't think it was gonna win when it went to overtime because. When that when they went into overtime all I can think of was Sidney Crosby V Ryan Miller. And I just know -- team yeah it was gonna win it oh man women women man Vancouver's Sochi I get it but. I I applaud the Canadians. The United States. It was a nice try but. You're gonna play into what you gotta play it the way you don't play for a -- -- in -- stoplight. So I'm not penetrate -- -- -- -- name five women's hockey players. Thank you. Anyway. And disputes that but sort of the now that that's working team -- forgive me America but. The Swiss they got the -- right. OK did you see the Swiss lining up to get the bronze medal. All I am -- gee. Let's put it this way there's a hockey stick to ensure. Pretty much describes where I felt watching the Swiss women's hockey team you know -- -- I'm allowed one for days -- at him like can resist but anyway congratulations to the Canadians you guys deserve that team USA did not deserve. And Canada you set a lesson. Canada -- the huge it was a metaphor. For not giving up the ship you guys did not give up. Eighteen minutes. To slap. -- And you guys come back the scorer and that is score again and a new way to winning the gold I'd like it was like that when my kids play hockey. Where are -- -- a championship. And second federal activists. Because I mean obviously not at this level but when my daughter playing hockey -- situation hurt it two nothing lead over something Abrams give. -- -- -- And wouldn't you know it. Our team got real sloppy real cocky the other team scored all are no big deal and the team just fell apart the team scored another goal overtime. An argument that up losing the whole game they dominated the last two minutes they fell apart. We know it happens a flight. But the real story is not so much at the American team. It would added the real story is the Canadians. They absolutely positively deserved the gold like this but. The Canadians acted like Americans used to act. They never gave up they kept -- Maybe Americans you -- is. Maybe American culture now is designed for the losers maybe that's what events. Maybe maybe America maybe team USA hockey women maybe they felt that it was wrong to walk away because of income disparity with the gold medal. Maybe they wanted to help out their Canadian little. -- that would take something away from the pride the Canadians must view on the women's hockey game. All that's right because that tomorrow as if the man I USA against Canada and you got -- -- -- -- -- right. Anybody doubt that Arctic -- who's gonna win it. Sorry that they well. It's just gonna work that. Eight this. But I agency that's out that that all falls out it's Canada's world we're just living. And plus they get the -- movies or TV stations anyway it's at 315. At WB yen. Sorry guys I'm proud Canadians -- what I wanted to say. The Canadian us like we used to fight we don't like that way anymore. We become a nation of all all for it's also rants. We've become a nation of they would. We don't really want the gold medal because that would mean that somebody's better than somebody else and everybody go to get a trophy for playing. Well congratulations lady you're -- silver medal and the Canadians walk away with the goal. Well I'm a -- between American life in the 21 century and it's. It's in the 21 century. And plus I lost a thousand bucks a -- bella heads probably. A thousand bucks for a start betting on women's hockey shoot me now OK to shoot. And it hockey's always have -- that. Football's worst hockey's pretty bad out. Where was night. So when things get -- again I gotta turn these Canadian -- off sorry Canadian women you're not nearly as hot as the Swiss women. But I have to get to all -- my TV because for some reason I cannot stop swearing at your sweat dripping phrases. And c'mon get this why won't the TV go off. OK great now stuck in Canadian television for the rest of my life. OK already at what Canadian team it was all about -- -- -- -- that I not get the memo I'm sorry was an uncle Bobby. With his shorts septa is just okay. So -- anyway I've got I don't mean their rector is the story for you here but they're a team USA blew it in the final two minutes of the gold medal game. Which are Brad May interestingly enough to my next. My next question that I wanna get into your on WB Ian. If it's all the same view that this came up during the rest of the bush. So I cannot claim. Originality. With this question. But. My blood pressure shot up considerably. When I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about this maybe an hour hour and half ago. I'll watch it and well. That. My blood pressures usually 120 over seventy without any medication whatsoever. My blood pressure rocked it's OK seriously. It rocks. My blood pressure is better than most twenty year old without any drugs whatsoever not even a week. It rocks 120 over seven army medical miracle. Now. Here's the year here's the down side. Because that is usually so -- I can always tell when it's getting a little high. -- Rush Limbaugh. Looking at the future. When Eric Rush Limbaugh. Talking with a caller. About the possibility of Barack Obama's in need no -- election the president. I suddenly began to hyper middle. I suddenly began to gasp for breath. I suddenly found myself in age are all more seriously I almost called 911. I couldn't -- I found my entire being choked up. Because I see this now is a distinct possibility. Ladies and gentlemen set the table forty just a little bit. -- a mock talk about the culture of the -- with the ultra. Until trump wants to make an announcement I'm not even talk about the ultra. Done. I think Donald Trump acting like a baby right now he wanted to be brutally honest we'll have to get away packet against -- state. Yeah will Carl Paladino had eagle at Rick Lazio he didn't have an attitude but I got -- drop. Sorry it just that doesn't work that. It's very unrealistic -- he's acting very much like a baby and it really sucks because frankly if Donald Trump does not -- You know -- -- big boy pants on. The State's gonna get stuck with four more years in group mobile. I'll be out of here but you guys will be stuck behind. I'll be enjoying my extra however many tens of thousands dollars a year I'm going to be making because it will be in New York -- income taxes. You guys are stuck. So sorry. But Donald Trump had better learn how to grow up a bigger. Otherwise your life you might -- your life is inextricably linked to Donald Trump's decision. And his immaturity. In this political process I have to tell -- it's that. I want to like Donald Trump I want Donald Trump to be the next governor but every time they have these thoughts I get very mad at Donald Trump. And I just think to myself basically. -- at the point now who the hell do you think you are. You're just another billionaire. I've met billionaires before really last time I checked you stink up the bathroom just as much as African construction worker. Last I checked. And this idea that unless people don't get out of don't get out of his way he's not getting into the race. Crude. -- nations went out a long time ago even in England. So really either grow up become a mature man or just end the sure rate. Let the Republicans lose as they're gonna lose but don't titillate us don't give us an extra hope. -- things are really gonna change if you can't put your ego in your pocket. And if you can't grow up and understand that's just -- how the system works. Carl Paladino. Carl Paladino saying. Well if -- -- -- all -- -- the primary outlook for our outlook for our well the party behind me. -- didn't play that game can't help won the primary like 75%. Against Rick lose. In a -- -- but she's just gonna. He's just -- traipse. To coronation. As the Republican candidate seriously I don't know what can blow he's gotten. But it's sure going to be better than mine because he is the state of euphoria that I've ever achieved. By the way the preceding does not indicate in anyway she performed that ever done ever would or ever have considered doing blow thank you now. Ball flight yet but not blow flight we've got -- outside windows right now. I don't wanna get Donald Trump -- the truth be -- I'm sick of talking about the world for. I feel like you know I feel like -- feel like cultural -- this cat in the tree. And I sit there with a tree like -- -- my temptations. You know little bag of cat treats. They're getting. Deputy left 33. -- and the cats discuss that they're the breads and stupidest human. And it's their look at at the Catholic. I thought -- -- to come out. Veteran -- warm up like the based on streets that patients who chicken flavored bottled. And Donald Trump can't just sit in the brits and ages don't play. Come down from the brain actually feeling. That effort goes by I just look at the -- and say most important side. That's like it would ultra right now on its side. Pummeled with my life but you worry about the -- Trump's ego. And I can't worry about is unrealistic demands that everybody else it's out of his way so he can walk down the idol and bring the Republican gubernatorial nomination along with him as is right uncontested. Because it doesn't work that -- And frankly that's the coward's way out I think the -- is being eight Howard right now. Truth be told I think he's -- up pussycat now. That's why use the temptations analogy. I've got to put the word cat in there after I said the word because. That's what he's -- that he's act like a primadonna. And the more he actually confirm -- -- the last one of them as governor. What does he think the legislature just gonna roll over if it's governor Donald Trump. If you being unanimous report I'm not gonna propose a bank. Why. -- starts out like -- Speaking of which. Are so bottom line is folks I'm done I'm done dancing with Donald Trump for now. And I think he's acting like a baby I think he's acting immature. -- that he is he he's acting like a man is clueless about politics appetite. Is this is not the way the game is played well represented new candidate. What paradigm exactly would that be the -- or because of ethnic issues have been -- job. The unrealistic paradigm that's even. Because this is it. And all he's not always he's alienating people like me who can't stand Cuomo were looking for viable alternative. You know he's playing hard to get. And sooner or later -- how good -- you -- or sooner or later a man with common sense as you know a lot. You might be at ten you might be the center on the Swiss hockey team. You might be. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous without body that I killed I have just for one night. But frankly if you're gonna play this way. If you're gonna tease me and lead beyond and I wanted to take you to dinner and a little one and nine year old and a body gonna get a kiss on the cheek. Sweetheart. I'd rather dance with a double. That way if -- about Donald Trump right now he's acting like African babies. I can't get a get it and let everybody take a wait for big. Yup well guess what Carl Paladino followed that. Nobody ever what are -- And I think frankly to embarrass what it is that's the best we can do. A guy who refuses to run unless everybody kisses his dance -- that's where we are. Have no Texas. Anyway it is a 3.5. Coming up on the show speaking of kissing certain parts of one's body. Do people earn your respect what they work sick or do you wish they'd stay home. We need to talk about this folks because I'm distressed. Workers. Right behind them and the Mexican. By the -- I was on the best -- -- -- -- learn what what we used to call -- breaking man. Yeah. Gallon barrel racing drivers' views and views as your users on the right that he was old lover he was why now. Well he was dying of cancer and it didn't cry like a baby about it -- Robbins I wish I can imagine that you were African man. Now -- probably be called psychotic -- about the institution. Of feelings. Anyway it is not own poll it is -- 334. At. There's anything wrong with being in that through your feelings don't we are all. But if that's all you do in life that you feel to be a man united will check your testes at the door. Anyway like Joseph -- -- Nudge our public before -- they always told never life are right. You can check you for -- isn't school of all the doctor Barbara that all this was a traumatic experience of my huge argument not being a man. -- elementary school. Like 1970. The boys and the girls. They didn't give a heads up on this as far as how we did get a memo. And David the boys girls -- up. And we're supposed to like under the belts and undo the top bought or whatever of pants. And that is Doctor Who was about 88000. Years old. -- you know snatched back the -- and takes a look at our bodies presumably to check for a birdie. I don't know that he -- that he but. God this stuff we use to put up with its retired that's a lawsuit Whitman up. If -- are. Now speaking of -- Doctors and such. And now she's. Kind of ironic I probably healthy person at the radio station right now. That's it. On tape folks. Other question were. Tell somebody you work with that they really shouldn't be work anymore. Be honest. Be honest -- with this line of work it's kind of easy. Because you know when suddenly sounds likely. Well somebody sounds like crap. You know that they've got no business being at war. -- if you can't speak. Can't talk. If you can't speak and talk you can't communicate. At the end of the day how the hell could communicate if you can't get a kick. So all. These gentlemen. I have a big issue. With people who believe. That somehow life as we know. Or on the planet will. And unless they are sitting at their desk. Unless they are fairly ensconced in their cubicle. Every day for eight hours. What is your corporate culture like. Or your business culture like whatever it is you do for a living. Do you argue encouraged to call in sick so you don't spread it to everybody else. Or. Do you get the -- were out sideways glances when you call in sick. Or when you call in sick that you. Do you almost feel like oh my god I gonna get fired oh my god I'm gonna get fired I'm calling in sick they're gonna fire me I know they're gonna fire me I'm calling in -- all I got. You go through that. Does it takes time for really need. Unfortunately -- the lot lately. Probably gonna change. Sadly but. What are the short it is if you don't hear on the radio tomorrow HL. And it and watch it was John and Joseph because the haters will be out tomorrow as it gets lonely in the sink in mom's basement in the big utilities say. So just -- the same page -- right. And just so Bob McCarthy does that come my neighborhood with dale Anderson we start talking to my neighbors and it's stuff. By the way knock at my door Bob -- be the last thing you do. That's not a threat. I I have powers to melt him with my beer rise I don't know you know -- but I I can move literally no people but anyway it. Trying to plan. Anyway. No I I would never ever on the peace loving man. I speak in metaphors not -- realities. But. If you don't hear me tomorrow I'll play exactly what that means. If I'm not on the air tomorrow at this time. It will be -- cars. I will have had a spinal step AK AE lumbar puncture done tomorrow. And that's it. So that means if you have fluid taken from -- spinal column. Cerebral spinal fluid what that means is you have to be in a reclining position. Until it replenish is itself otherwise you end up with -- one hell of a headache like listening to. This is something you get in trouble out listening to whatever your least favorite radio show might be. On W via -- Anyway 8030930. Is the phone number just just say you know so if you don't hear tomorrow. I just wanted it well it's all planned it's all taken care of there's a 5050 chance I'll be here I don't know yet. If they do the Spinal -- I will not be here if they don't do it. I will be here but I probably -- -- to be a real good mood I'll just take them match. So that's the long and the short -- right so again Joseph and John. When people call tomorrow and say you know what when the Buffalo News calls tomorrow and says Hayward early -- cowardly. Okay it would town. Where he gets on exactly. Thank you you tell them that in my bunker in the woods howling at the moon that's what you tell them. But to my audience you tell him that I had a Spinal Tap done because it's my great news. Pretty much. Done anyway. At beaver re entry. Will be fun. Canada and Ireland and live. You know when Rush Limbaugh says half his brain tied behind his back just to make a fair -- -- you the double act. -- it's funny anyway so let's talk about calling in sick because of my arrangements are already pretty much are set -- stone. Okay. Alitalia I was so grossed out the other accurately which today because then the person who did it might be listening going to be -- -- This woman in our cafeteria at you know. The cafeteria workers but somebody who was waiting for lunch. I was absolutely. Steve. Out. Took their biggest degree possible. OK you have no like this I'm waiting in line. Now every day I go through this routine just like you go through your -- -- I go through much. And quite frankly. The invention of the crazy. Marks the beginning of western civilization as I know. Furthermore the mixture of the prison and chicken salad. That really means the ball broke age of food is upon us in western civilization. That's my launch. A chicken with craze in the salad wrap. Every day without -- Now the other day I won't -- the days because it would probably hurt somebody's feelings and I really don't like hurting other people's feelings especially when they're just innocent people in the match looks in the media. This pearl. Was hacking. And it hacking and anti hacking. And attacking and attacking attacking attacking attacking enact it. Seriously. It was like I felt like I must have been an extra. In the doc holiday scenes in the movie tombstone -- Val Kilmer. I half expected to reach -- were person pull out a bloody Kirk chief. And expect great -- -- except it was a non productive -- it was dry. And she'd try -- this is what gets. She tried to. -- always late to the party. She tried the hack -- to her mobile which is the way you're supposed to call you open up your hands. Because guess what. If you're -- that money to somebody and you have just deposited. A king -- Lou -- in appalled. I don't want your five dollar bill as far as markets are you -- three abide. But but this is girl. Woman whatever. She turned her head of the side. And every time she caught. Her -- mr. elbow by about five seconds. And I realize that this had happened twice already. I said to myself. There's a reason I've studied artillery tactics in my life. At this because I know range. I know distance I know angle -- field of fire. So I immediately got behind her and let the black guy behind me take the brunt of it. Actors are you know serious in its original but -- So -- -- the way I'm all behind her. I will be harder. And I watch this girl and to god. I want this is something but she she was doing it to be malicious she wasn't doing it to be me. She was doing it just because I don't think anybody ever older rock opera. She was coughing. But again she'd caught and then maybe five seconds later she put her elbow up twelve -- Well you put your outlook -- well first you -- You don't -- all over everybody behind general don't act. I think I took the higher road by not saying anything to. Would you agree with that. Now I challenger. Ladies and -- To tell me. That's -- ha wow. It is a noble thing to work when you're that sick. Now branded it looked as though she was at the end stages of what we all have had this winner here at radio station. Look you know Joseph was off for a player to with this pole I was offered today with the cold. John sure it was off a couple of days with the cold. And basically here's how the cold works this year and frankly I think it would be count their lucky stars that this is all -- it'll make you feel crappy for a couple of days. And then for the next month or two you cough. Eight dry -- maybe about twenty times today that that. Now given the choice between bat and some kind of wretched. Pothole blowing Poland situation. Take the dry cough for hopefully be a much easier to handle. If you while the other one I can recommend you go to breathless in the Dominican Republic. You'll come back with -- warm microbes and whoever knew existed. They consume if they want that they can look at the before and after pictures. Came back at different men. Have eaten by -- -- and and be back. But I -- okay recently upon anyway they don't it's -- 803 on 530 is the opponent. Do you pride yourself. -- office. On how few sick days you were your -- Tuesday. Or do you think that it's really wrong to reward people. For coming -- when they really have no this is coming in the school or to work. Frankly I must tell you there's a reason about a school teacher if I were a schoolteacher. I would think nothing. -- looking at a kid. Falling asleep in class. With a Green River running down their nose on to their mouth and saying sweetheart. You need to go to the nurse's office you'd need to -- hole. I'd be the most unpopular teacher with parents that ever existed. Because I wouldn't want that my classroom I wanna put the other kids at risk I would wanna put myself -- risk. In fact those of you don't actually agree to an F this question does it -- teach at the elementary level it's quarter to four read about now. I wonder how many -- you in your first few years to teach and suddenly realize that your immune system was not quite up to work heated debate. Because you know that's one of the most common complaints of new teachers especially at the elementary level. If you have daughters or sons who do this you know I'm not speaking out of my arts. I love that expression for whatever reason must be to tonic part of my heritage but Yunel. That your kids just starting out teaching in kindergarten first grade second grade they have never been as sick as they are their first few years of teaching. Take it to the bank. You -- disagree with us. You're not going to -- -- right. In your workplace. -- they encourage it to work when you're sick. You know basically shop til you drop. Or do they say look for the good of everybody else you're stable until -- field. And one of the things you're gonna fine if you ever know Joseph -- John Sherman. Or before that Chris Johnson off the year one of the things I've always set to everybody with -- I've ever worked over the past five years when I stop in such an. Such a two hole. And I started trying to be a nice guy and a much better person. I realized when I realized that the world did not revolve around Tom -- -- that other people actually have feelings and other people hit things that they wanna do with their lives. I've always been consistent with there's been saying to Joseph and John interest Johnson before look if you're sick. Really you don't win an award by coming in here and work. I need you. To take care of you because your health has got to come to form my shall. Or anything else and excited I live those words and -- that Minnesota my bosses. They they -- those words what becoming get a doing a crappy show. -- job Tom good question I've been wondering about that for 3014 years 8030930. About -- to a guy's phone calls team Canada one that beat the US women deal with -- they deserved the win that's snap out of that funk pick up the phone and called it. -- come to your house and all. Shall -- your driveway and say nice things your husband on WB -- Well brightest once -- for majors for your friend Tom I hope you just say nothing going on to say that for me please just say nothing going on. Thank you are at AccuWeather for today now I feel at home. Flood watch from tonight through tomorrow afternoon highway to watch from 10 o'clock this evening through tomorrow afternoon well I feel liquid that -- -- -- -- he's gonna get home safely and soundly. -- -- -- Anyway if you see any traffic problems at all. What you can do is call RWB in traffic command actually major traffic problems 803. 0321. -- -- traffic command number 8030321. For major traffic problems I mean you know if there's some guy with a flat tire on Parker's boulevard and -- Wanda. I really don't give -- -- fit me and I'm sure it's big deal -- -- guy but it's not really major traffic issue. If however you see my. My mom. At the bottom of the pot hole on Brighton by the boulevard and easier waving a white flag. If you could maybe to stop by just give her hand she -- away all that much is left to right out of there at a pre. Mom I'll get there at seven whatever -- up for work until that you're safe believe you're down part of the will be good. Let's go to -- in midnight on WB and hello -- Yeah. Heidi. Or in particular. Yeah are you encouraged to work sick or does your -- say we don't want -- herbs. -- I get there. On it. -- you may not. -- and you -- -- You know. Where were your boss actually said do you think you need to go home you know your response -- -- you should've said. No I believe I'm gonna take the big chunks and use of personal. We're not then I'm like the night -- but the united mean everybody out there. An all out -- -- I wanna -- you further but any woman who admits to you can in a trash can as my first caller of the day not only do I wanna marry you but I got to hear more of what you have to say OK so don't don't go anywhere on -- WB.

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