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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-20 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Hour 3

2-20 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Hour 3

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It we're back. This is Michael Goodwin for sandy beach who's out today he'll be have to know he'll be back. Tomorrow. He's not feeling so well I think a lot of people got that funk it's cold it's not about the flu but it is taken away voices most of all. In -- radio station that's deadly. He's reunited thirty WB and Michael Caputo here with Stephane behind Lou wearing his Ukrainian had today good morning good morning. And -- we've been talking -- disastrous beer around a little bit after the break and you gotta go and a few minutes and and I appreciate you staying around. -- tell us again about this event tonight. Yeah we would like to see many people in the question your Cuban community come and support our Ukrainian community so tonight 7 o'clock. We're having a prayer service and candlelight vigil at -- -- though. Ukrainian cultural center that's at 562 Genesee street to the corner of Genesee in Jefferson in the city of buffalo. And it's important that we support. On democracy and freedom. And it's heartbreaking to see our Ukrainian Brothers and sisters being killed in the streets of my done an attack at the square there in in Ukraine. And so we -- we'd love to see a good strong showing of support not just for our Brothers and sisters in Ukraine but for freedom and democracy. Well I think. But let me ask you this I mean obviously we have a lot of ukrainians and hello there this is one replaces. Where the arm and what can Utley you don't have to be Ukrainian to be used to be concerned about this I mean. What kind of person do the its attitude to show their support I mean obviously go to this event tonight but that can make of the call their congressman what they need to do. Well I think a lot of things we're trying to do was lobby members of congress for actually tough is nails. Sanctions not against Ukrainian people against those those political so called leaders or actually oppressing those were fighting for freedom. We're talking. Tough tough sanctions with teeth and not economic sanctions with the congress do that with the -- ski act and 2012. When it comes to those are trying to suppress freedoms they can be economics. Sanctions freezing bank account freezing travel. But I think another important one is is even as a practical matter for the might supplies right you know will will be collecting donations for supplies to send. Overseas for people when it comes to. Clothing blankets things of that nature for people were fighting for freedom overseas and now unfortunately we're losing their lives. Well I I think. Let me ask you this I mean you your parents I mean everybody knows Ukrainian. They're hopeful that this price they're hopeful but you know the question we have is what's the end game. Right how is this going and and we hope. Whether it's the European Union did the UN or the United States of America. What needs to happen for someone to -- in from the international community to stop the -- -- When there has to be an end to -- other has to be and game of okay what's the next step how -- we stop killing innocent ukrainians but then longer big picture. How do we put a democratic foothold in Ukraine because that's what the people want the -- or asking to move away. From Russia move away from Putin and actually have closer ties with the European Union. They know it's interesting you know we we talked with this with Phil Griffin who was on the phone from just on the group from mine you'd be in near their. My understanding is that is something I've heard him which was really -- to. If you're an international person. If you have a visa to live there a resident visa which anybody who works there like Phillip or anybody else. And you're going to might in square you cannot -- yourself. Because it for you turn it off because if you're cellphone pains anywhere near my gun he removed her piece. And they send you home how scary is that that's frightening absolutely scary and even more cell. You know we were in with this technological age we live and we're getting updates from Twitter YouTube videos about snipers in the streets targeting peaceful protesters are targeting. Medical personnel and we're seeing it firsthand and in real time what's happening right now in it's it's disturbing it's heartbreaking it's scary. For the listeners out there it's important you understand that we have not seen this kind of bloodshed in the former Soviet Union since the eighties this kind of bloodshed it. It rival Syria. If it's heading toward that kind of situation. And it's quite serious and and at the end of the day. We don't have a lot of influences Americans. For two reasons number one it's not considered in the diplomatic speak in our sphere of influence and using air quotes here. In addition. Our White House has completely neutered our ability to to intercede at all I mean. Moon president. President Obama. Has drawn a red line in the sand and pick it up and Syria and moved it a couple of times made it actually worked where nothing and now he's on another red line. And in camp. Are we gonna have -- -- as -- have any influence at all. Well even you know what's what's heartbreaking as you know the president telling -- -- well I'll have a little bit more freedom -- when this action you know I mean that's scary mean. Saved from from the eyes of ukrainians he he is a that you dictator who was trying to basically take over. Our country. And so I think is Americans we need to care it's about freedom it's about democracy it's the values that make. Our country great and I think if you care about. Living in a free society if you care about the human spirit. In the areas of interest and care what's happening in Ukraine. It was a scary character he really is I mean I I actually. I know I've heat he I've worked with him when he was deputy mayors Saint Petersburg Russia. On on a voting rights law he was the Russian side that was the American -- we were cooperating to write the law. And then. He just disappeared -- -- -- we reasons kind of wouldn't unknown bureaucrat and then just before I left Russia in nineteen. 99 I had a party at my house and very beautiful home in Moscow and and all the different politicians that I knew came to my house does celebrate. And I got photos taken have professional -- -- about. Two or three years later at look at those photos and and check amount -- leaned against the wall might dining room drinking a glass of water would Vladimir Putin. Wow and and he had this look on his face like. I -- -- I tell you get it back then he was nobody and now he's the most frightening man on the planet. I mean even his ties -- KGB and now that he's you know leading leading your country. And that's what for people are familiar with the schooling and are now -- Ukraine and that's it really boils down to that this started. You know back in November when Ukrainian president was literally about to sign an agreement with the European Union to move away. -- Russian influence to move away. For Vladimir Putin's and that's how this started with a lot of people are asking me able what's going. Right a lot of people are tuning in our seeing the violence in the bloodshed and saying why why is this happening. -- that was really the the birth of the of the movement in my guy and this is you know -- the ukrainians bitter disappointment. Over breaking that agreement with the European Union now I think it's more. Morphing into an anti corruption anti government anti crooked politician. Movements in the make sure that we have a more free. Ukraine away from corrupt politicians away firm Russian influence. It's true any and nothing is very interesting news. I've been asking my friends and -- of my friends in Russia and I know a lot of people in the Kremlin. Because he's the work there and and an end I estimates of how did the Russians would cause these people who. To take radical turn all -- away from the EU toward the Russians and they said basically they threaten the president's life. They said go ahead and do that if you want. But we're particularly. Unbelievable. This way at age are now in this day and age of -- that's why people here in America in even in buffalo and Erie county in Western New York. Should care. Listen before we go on break -- reality one quick call okay. -- stamp from Rochester thank you very much for calling in and for waiting for so long he's still there Stan. Thank you we're gonna go on break I wanna catch you because I know you were you have a real concerns about Ukraine and we have. When Buffalo's leading Ukraine hints here and Stephane by the got a question for us. This that I deeper than we think if you look at the Ukraine history initially but there they were beat up by the Germans the poles. The Russians are -- I think started thirty million ukrainians in the Internet and now. We would steal a little weak and big winners on the Iraq much Palestine that American people and you granular Brett that hit the stand. To them all and you're going to write back to Joselio crazy and quite another dictator they went to the Hitler came out some of the shouted -- to -- it out to the Ukrainian people the armies of people. OK we had enough. And I can keep the American people who careening into boarding because it was the direction and it Stalin -- than having any shoppers. And they feel like -- suffering of the concrete. Well hello the more the that we family mansion my grandparents survived it where millions of ukrainians were starved I mean rampant as its -- -- protect even think. A rampant cannibalism even. Oh yeah we have real quick before we go Tony wanted to open a stamp thank you for calling -- you really appreciate but. My wife's grandmother on who we named our daughter after. When she was a child hid in her family's home in the covered because she had been selected by the villagers to be. -- -- Isn't that amazing to me you literally. You talk about this half or -- -- that. Winning that. Drawing that lottery to be eaten our national we have such. Disdain. For Russia as as ukrainians I could even see that word in my house and I was a kid there could even say it. Well -- -- -- at a lot today here on WBN news radio 930 based upon -- -- my pilot for common and they aren't a lot of important issue will be right back. Well that was adjusting our discussion about Ukrainian notices something I hope everybody listens to -- watches their people being killed as nice as we speak writes I said listen my fingers. Another person just got shot and killed on -- square. Someone that could be your brother your mother your father your sister -- daughter yourself if you just had the accident of birth. In Ukraine instead of buffalo. A lot of ukrainians here in buffalo a lot of them very concerned. But listen. -- take one more call here on the Ukraine situation before we get back global politics Rickie Lee thank you for holding on. I was born in 1945. And then went to a lot simpler. -- -- local ambulance. Virtual blocks -- but. This. I really feel. Very. Strong in Ukraine. But I'm also very concerned about where I live is what used to be what is becoming the Soviet states of America. It is so -- -- in the White House. -- Point blank. He was going to fundamentally change America. Well he definitely happens. -- Asia Asia started. If you worship. The culture of idealism. And -- -- anarchy. And circular movement right. It and what's happening Ukraine -- not happening here because he doesn't want to get a little bit. He wants everything intact. So he's doing it you know bite at a time principle and -- and -- and ice ice ice where. People in this country are so dumb down. They can write their name they can't I mean right -- They can't read. Read books. So extend their technology. And that government. Can turn off at any time. And what's gonna happen everything you know I'm you know everything runs on technology computer. This supermarkets. Transportation. Everything. When they pull the plug and can you mention what could be equally industry. Now I know what they were all captives of technology and and the thing we we really have to worry about here in the United States to protect the freedoms we have. But we can't ignore the freedoms that we do that others have and are being taken away. The problem we have here Ricky is that that. That we the United States were were were kind of helpless not just because this is not on our sphere of influence because our White House. Has completely I mean I think the mistakes that. The Barack Obama will be known about more than anything will be his international mistake we don't talk about the much here because he's stirring up so badly at home. But at what he's done on the international stage has absolutely neutered this country. So we can't even -- we can't address the democracy in the problems we have the United States. There's no way we're going to be with discuss the democracy in the problems in key. This this show this so called you know well foreign policy appears. It's totally dysfunctional. He is setting -- up. -- -- By get in competencies. Is gone far far beyond -- the level of incompetence. You know the the Peter principle. -- He is setting up for disaster. Well I I I I gotta tell you Rickie if if you set this up for disaster I think it's thirty and listen I really appreciate column thanks a lot. We'll listen. But what -- -- get back to domestic politics here I think Rickie is right I mean we're looking at problems overseas that we got plenty of problems right here. And one of the things that we're to talk about -- and is the governor's race joining me at 1145 here on WB and will be Donald Trump. Trump who is considering. A run for the governor he has told the Republican Party that if we would unite behind him that he would run against Andrew Cuomo when he would win. I've actually you know full disclosure I've had a bit to do with that I asked mr. trump to run for governor right I I was. Got involved with a movement that existed before I. -- was part of it was started by David DiPietro hand. Bill noted both assemblyman from Western New York. They actually thought this up I don't know people really know this but the whole idea. Of Donald Trump running for president was hatched in the -- that I say president are well see that's what we're having some pro. At a whole idea of Donald Trump running for governor. Was hatched in the parking lot of local rallies. The two assemblyman were eating dinner there and -- talking about who could run for governor and tried to beat Andrew Cuomo because we have so few. That could in this blues the Blue States. And -- trump came up while I sit in the car talk. So if trump does run for governor. And he does beat Andrew Cuomo we have moved rallies to thank for that apparently they had a very good and -- -- But. So mr. trump is just. And got a hold Meehan says he'll be available about 1145. One of things you wanna talk about is that he had a truce until recently. With rob master Reno who's running who says he's gonna run for government public -- but yesterday. Asked to Reno and his associates broke that truce and started calling means. And telling mr. trump to get out of the race. -- -- of mr. trump thinks about that will know about fifteen minutes from right now we've got a commercial break here on news radio 930 WBE. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- That's right folks we're not to be treated this way. Not gonna happen that's. That's my favorite Grateful Dead songs and has a little bit to do with what's going on right now Tony thanks for -- It's funny you know we're all very worried about the governor -- recollection. Democrats and Republicans alike that the Democrats are hoping that there. There. Hero Andrew Cuomo can continue his green Republicans. Want to take him out they're doing everything they can't just select the candidate. It's very difficult obedient Cuomo I think he's got. Probably lead the most but likely reelection of any governor in the United States then -- Donald Trump. -- Donald Trump recruited by a couple of assemblyman freshman assemblyman from Western New York. Went from saying no on the interest at all. To same baby and he's still on May be but he's getting closer we have organized several different meetings with Republicans. Leaders. Or with Donald Trump and he's gotten closer and closer to yes but we have a small cup ball. Of establishment Republicans led by. Our hapless. Now state chairman of the Republican Party. Edward Ridley finch Cox of the fourth or maybe the third but the fourth the -- there is there the me for hours in the somewhere. And he's done everything he can hand to stick a knife. In and Donald Trump over and over and over again because he has a hand -- candidate a guy. Are a good. Who is the Westchester County executive he's one and a 211 count me. Unfortunately nobody knows who he has got absolutely no money and won't be able to raise any money because everybody's afraid to give money to somebody running against into Cuomo because Cuomo. Is very vengeful and that's a shame because -- it would make a pretty good governor at least I thought he. Because he's pretty good. Andrew Cuomo answering Donald Trump and our rob mastering you know I have a a truce they were going to speak ill of each other. But they rob master Reno and Edward -- the finch Cox of the seventh. Broke that the a -- truce this week. Com first one of Cox and asked Reno's allies. A freshman assemblyman name Kieran Lawler from downstate we know down the right arm he wrote an op Ed in the New York Post. Saying that Donald Trump should get out he used relieved to risk of language said it was a site show. Wouldn't take off all of -- a good number of got Donald Trump's negatives none of it false. Except -- a very stupid and and and sophomoric. Analysis. You know something an amateur would do on the numbers as to how this would happen and an -- himself. Yesterday and interviews. Was calling trump a circus -- or at -- attempt a circus time to end the circus so the truce is over. The truce is over and I'm really wondering what Donald Trump's gonna do because now bit. The diminutive. And county executive from Westchester has decided to take shots at Donald Trump and heretofore unknown. Mainstream. Kind of you know moderate Republican in Kieran Lawler. This assemblyman from downstate now that they started attacking him I'm wondering what he's gonna do -- to find out in a few minutes when Donald Trump joins us. After this break live here on news radio 930 AW BZ am. This is Michael -- for sandy beach here on news radio 930 WB and I'm joined on the line here. By Donald Trump he doesn't need any introduction mr. trump thank you very much for taking the time to call and WB yen. Hello Mike can you do that's so professionally it's like you do it for eleventh. -- until I still learn and listen to the pistol. Well you know we really appreciate you come up to appear to buffalo and help them. Been the -- the Erie county Republican Party that you know let's get right to it I know you're busy in in the show is coming to a close here at noon. You have a truce with rob -- you know the the Republican county executive of questions -- who's been running for governor for about a year now. Me and the truce is now broken -- Reno yesterday talking to reporters calling you or effort to join the governor's race. A circus. Freshman assemblyman from downstate -- op Ed in the New York Post calling it a sideshow. Does this mean the truce between the two review is over. You know the funny thing the assemblyman like never -- out by the way. And nobody else seems adults but he wrote that article in the post saying that I should they be and not do it where I originally wrote nobody that's what he wrote. But he wrote an article in the post that is very interesting because I have a -- that has section. And it was assailed club that I've -- for years ago it was ready to close it was a disaster. A big golf club. Fantastic course one of the best courses in this state of the -- and I took it I spent money I've turned it around we have 350 members it's a totally. Sold out. Incredible success I took this total loser and made it a winner which by the way is what we have to do with the state and I was sort of laughing because I see he's a Dutch capital national. We -- trump national Hudson Valley. And it's it's such a big success at a -- you know that's surprising that a guy in that area. When he had a club there was literally ready to close a lot of jobs would have been lost I bought it made it great. -- -- right negative article like that and so I was a little bit suppressed by the fact is you know I've known rob best to Reno for. A long time he's a nice guy I don't think is a chance to win I think I would absolutely win. I don't have to worry about raising money whereas other people do so that's strictly an advantage to big advantage but. -- daughter for a long time if he wants to run and you have to understand and I've been saying you know better than anybody like I've been saying very consistently that. If the Republicans unite would stay would have to do. As if they don't go to that nonsense that but frankly primaries because if you have a primary. You're not focusing and -- three to one Democrat to Republican. You have to focus on -- a big target. And if they wanna play the game of wasting money wasting time wasting effort I said. And let somebody else do it but if they united I would do it and I would win I'd I'd win the election. But mr. trump in opened it seems that. That that -- Reno certainly I mean let me -- that I was shocked me. If anybody -- told me the ego we were gonna have problems with in this whole thing was going to be rob -- Reno I have formed their -- and I -- now he's out they're taken swings that. Well I don't care about that I mean I I really you know look -- Does have a chance of winning the election he probably knows that maybe he does that that most of the Republican. Leaders now because you know many of the chairman of the in my office mr. Mitterrand. And I would say that you would say more than anybody else take over 70% and over 80% probably play. If I wanted to do -- certain way. I'm I'm doing it much differently and being very nice and I'm being very respectful and I'm saying you know you have the chairman. That has not won in this you know it cups -- recently since Cox the center of the art of winning. It is and yet another victory and you know it can happen victory this. I would give them a chance at having a victory and I think we would win like I -- text. State in the nation in so many horrible sound bites if you -- to go about. You would have a chance of winning but if they don't want it united and I don't wanna do it that way I'd -- -- line and I have plenty of other things that. Well I'm here and you say that it despite the attacks from last Reno and his allies. -- your critics that you're gonna take the high road you're not gonna go after the S and the the the Westchester County executive record. You're not gonna take off all of his negatives like his allies are doing -- Well I got a lot of property wishes to union's highest taxed. Area in the United States and so you know I'd love him to get my taxes because we have property there. And I have a lot of property to have trump National Golf Club which is phenomenal. Place at a phenomenal success that -- uses fundraisers and he goes to a lot. And that line and I think I hope he continues still there as in Cuomo has been won races everybody use its assets each property but. But the fact is that you know. It's it's not also good step by it because he happens -- -- the highest taxes in the entire United States for county and it's it's astronomical. Managed to cut the he's not managed to cut them so I'm not quite sure how we gonna make the case that he can cut the taxes in the state. I think it's a bad sound like you know I mean my whole thing would be we have the highest taxes in the country in New York but he has the highest taxes in New York. So it's not exactly good sound -- that continue this test so what you can win. But he can't use that SoundBite like I can because he's. Presiding over at the highest -- county. In the United States so it's it's really very tough thing for him but I like -- -- you know I think he's a very nice guy just don't think he has a chance to win. Well you know I'm not quite sure is nice to say is especially since he's now taken swings that yeah. -- of course I don't. Very seriously and offered him -- workers you're probably right I haven't I haven't read anything very astronomical I mean it was you know he can. He's got to say something. Right if if there's going to be a primary. And I've at this very consistently that you are probably agree to witness and anybody else that -- heard many times in front of many different chairman all wanting me to run. If they get a wasted time effort energy on a primary where two people and knocking themselves and I think I I think I'd win the primary very easily. But it bigger waste a lot of time and effort and money on primary and then go limping into a general election against somebody that. If you listen to what the world says you know what Republican as a very hard time of winning in the states. It just doesn't seem to make sense to me so I have a lot of other things to do. I'm doing many many great things throughout the world and I have a lot of things to do I love to stay. The state can be saved but the states in big trouble. It is and you know Alitalia. I have I I know the Republican chairs and the other people who were hoping for an honorable discourse -- at this stage -- are thankful that you're not gonna take the same kind of swings -- activist arena on his allies that they take you. I think that's taken -- is the right thing to do I also noted in. Fred Akers column this week. That Dicker says that you're working on opening. A an exploratory committee which is. That's not actually real thing but are you are you actually doing that right I ice. Not a very big deal and the answer is yes but that's not a very big deal but again. I would only do this it is unity in the party and as you know there hasn't been unity and his party for years. You have some tremendous people in the party and some wonderful people and some friends of -- really good friends of mine but. There's just not unity that they have to focus on Cuomo they can't be focusing on spending all their resources on primaries now I'm -- I'm a big fan of primaries you know appear. A Democrat and you're gonna win and you win the primary -- major guaranteed an election. Victory in the main election but but you know we have a situation the Republican Party where. If you get out of the primary especially become Olympic out of a primary and I don't know that anybody's gonna limped out of it but. It's a huge diversion of resources and and money and talent and energy. So you know I've been very strong and instead of from the beginning if they're going to have primaries are they gonna do all that it wasted talent they just gonna continue to get slaughtered. Look at what happened in the mayor's race in New York where. It was just a total bloodbath look at what happened. It in every race for many many years it's been a total bloodbath the Republicans don't know how to win in New York State. And this is an election can absolutely be one but it's going to be very hard for somebody. Who's got the highest taxed county in the United States to say to the governor that taxes are too high in this state because his taxes are higher than anybody else. Right well mr. trump. What do you think about the governor's. Idea to give free college education to inmates and New York prisons. Well I don't like it I am hearing about it for the first time I've just very recently but I don't like it and I don't like to say effect. You know they -- the State's technical -- fact where you want to take everybody's guns away I don't like a lot of things I don't like paying taxes that are. Much higher than anybody else in the United States. The trouble you have a beautiful home in Florida you can be paying taxes and floor. Figured out. That's true but many people are and I've chosen to be loyal to the state you know there comes a time when that ends it has to end. There's so many people moving down I will tell you this Michael so many rich people that produce huge jobs are moving to the state of Florida and other states but. In particular to the state of Florida where they have no state tax they have no attack they have so many. Advantages I -- even talked about it because it gives people ideas but they're captains are giving them an idea and you don't have no money coming in in the year at stake it yeah having budgets and going up all the time -- your taxes are going up -- -- can have anybody. Paying taxes in this state and it's going to be a bloodbath that it's it's right around the corner so something has to be done. Right and mr. trump thank you very much for spending time with us here on WB and I -- you gotta go off -- -- quick here and and this last and an invitation and thanks for taking the time and end. We look forward to hear more news do you about the potential run for governor and thank you very much opponent -- Thank you very much seasons from. -- committees and -- when you heard first from Donald Trump he's not gonna take up this battle. Whether it's is it's been. You know he's not gonna fire back to the people were -- -- that I think that's great I. You know what I haven't been as good as that I've been shooting. Add to the people who shot at him on Twitter and FaceBook and social media and on the radio and maybe I need to reconsider that because. If if it doesn't hurt Donald Charles fields on the -- can hurt my feelings. For. I I gotta tell yet if I wouldn't be as content as that. But I guess I've kind of got that reputation so maybe I got to start picking on key stop picking on Karen Lawler and and toxin. Rob mastery you know because if they keep she ended Donald -- -- it is gonna bounce off. You know and. That's just. I don't know that's that's an interest in politics when he got to -- well listen. That there's one thing's for sure we have to beat Andrew Cuomo. The only Republican in the State of New York who has a chance. To beat Cuomo is Donald from there's no question about that I wish rob mastery you know well. I think he'd make a great governor we ever got there I don't see the path. He can't raise the money nobody in this state knows who use he's got a pretty good politics. So let's take a look and see what's gonna happen I I just don't know Tony what do you think. I mean for me I I just what do you think. I've been saying all along and on record with sandy is saying that. As to Reno has zero chance at winning because he's an unknown. The fact that he may be good guy and I think mr. trump. Brought up great points and effective he's presiding over the highest tax county in the United States. Very difficult sell to the rest of New York like yakking I can do -- from governor and now if you can't even. The York county organized. I don't which I think they have a Republican legislature you know to do -- yeah I think I don't know why I don't -- say that I know that they they've they've won some some important seats there well if they can't get their taxes down there than how they can get. That in this of probably the number one. Issue outside of the New York -- act with New York residents. Wanna get -- Texas that we've got bills to pay we've got miles defeat in New York State is taking too much of our checks right. It's true I mean I wanna see Donald -- I really do -- you know I think you see any breaks up a great point. I think he's afraid of are hurting or tarnishing the trump brand I think that this is BS about him not violent run in a primary. Well we'll see Tony we'll see it's been fun Tony thanks offer help me out today -- this is really hard work and I'm getting. I think I'm getting better I don't know but I'm certainly learning. We'll listen this is -- -- -- went for sandy beach who will hopefully be back tomorrow here on news radio 930. WB EN.

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