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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Donald Trump on with Michael Caputo

Donald Trump on with Michael Caputo

Feb 20, 2014|

Donald Trump spoke with Michael Caputo on remarks by Assemblyman Kieran Lalor and Rob Astorino

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is Michael put in force sandy beach here on news radio 930 WB and I'm joined on the line here. By Donald Trump he doesn't need any introduction mr. trump thank you very much for taking the time to call and WB yen. Hello Mike can you do that's so professional is like you do it for a living. Yeah and -- still learn and listen to the obstacle. We know we really appreciate you come up to appear to buffalo and help them and the buck the Erie county Republican Party output. You know let's get right to it I know your busy and in the -- coming to a close here at noon. We do have a truce with rob -- Reno the Republican county executive of questions -- who's been running for governor for about a year now. Com and the truce is now broken -- Reno yesterday talking to reporters calling you or effort to join the governor's race. A circus. Freshman assemblyman from downstate -- an op Ed in the New York Post calling it a sideshow. Does this mean the truce between the two review is over. You know the funny thing the assemblyman -- I never heard out by the way. And nobody else -- that don't but he wrote that article in the post saying I should they be not do it there but originally wrote nobody that's what he wrote. But he wrote an article in the post that is very interesting because I have a club that has section. And it was assailed the club that I've -- four years ago it was ready to close it was a disaster. A big golf club. Fantastic course one of the best courses in this state of the -- And I took it I spent money I've turned it around we have 350 members it's a totally. Sold out. Incredible success I took this total loser and made it a winner which by the way is what we have to do with the state and I was sort of laughing because I see he's a Dutch county top national. And we -- cup national Hudson Valley. And it's it's such a big success at -- -- you know that's surprising that a guy in that area. When he had a club there was literally ready to close a lot of jobs would have been -- I bought it made it great. That he'd -- negative article like that and so I was a little bit surprised by that fact is you know I've known rob best to Reno for. A long time he's a nice guy. I don't think is a chance to win I think I would absolutely win. I don't have to worry about raising money whereas other people do so that's certainly an advantage to big advantage but. -- -- -- for a long time if he wants to run and you have to understand and I've been saying it you know better than anybody like I've been saying very consistently that. If the Republicans unite which they would have to do. As if they don't go to that nonsense of the frankly primaries because if you have a primary. You're not focusing and -- to break a one Democrat to Republican. You have to focus on -- a big target and if they wanna play the game of wasting money wasting time wasting effort I said. And let somebody else do it but if they united I would do it and I would win I'd I'd win the election. But mr. trump you know it seems that. That been pastor Reno certainly mean the attorneys and -- I was shocked me. If anybody would have told me the ego we were gonna have problems with in this whole thing was going to be rob best Reno I would form the reply and I mean now he's out they're taken swings -- Well I don't care about that I mean I I really you know look -- Does have a chance of winning the election he probably knows that maybe he doesn't that most of the Republican. Leaders now because you know many of the chairman but in my office mr. -- And I would say that you would say more than anybody else take over 70% and over 80% probably play. If I wanted to do it this way. I'm I'm doing it much differently and being very nice and I'm being very respectful and abstained you know you have the chairman. That has not won and is she you know it cups and recently since -- -- the art of winning it doesn't he has had a victory and. You know it can happen victory this time. I would give them a chance at having a victory and I think we would win and look at -- just text. State in the nation -- so many horrible sound -- if you happen -- -- governor but. You would have a chance of winning but if they don't want to unite and I don't wanna do it that way I'd say that line and I have plenty of other things to do. Well I'm here and you say that despite the attacks from -- you know and his allies. Are your critics that you're gonna take a hybrid you're not gonna go after the us and the the the Westchester County executives record. You're not gonna take off all of his negatives like his allies are doing -- Well I had a lot of property when sister union the highest taxed areas in the United States. So you know I'd love him to get my taxes because we have property there. And I have a lot of property to have trump National Golf Club which is phenomenal. Place and phenomenal success that by the way he uses a fundraisers and he goes to a lot and that's fine and I think that'll be continues to still go out there. That's in Cuomo has been won races everybody uses its -- -- each property but. But the fact is that you know it's it's not also -- out by it because he happens the highest. Taxes in the entire United States for county and it's it's astronomical. Managed to cut the he's not managed to cut them so I'm not quite sure how we gonna make the case that he can cut the taxes in the state. I think it's a bad stuff but you know I mean my whole thing would be we have the highest taxes in the country in New York but he has the highest taxes in New York. So it's not exactly good sound -- that he could you discuss a way you can win. But he can't use that SoundBite like I can because he's. Presiding over at the highest -- county. In the United States so it's it's really very tough thing for him but I like get -- -- you know I think he's a very nice guy I just don't think you as a chance to win. Well you know I'm not quite sure is nice to say is especially since he's now taken swings action. -- of course you know. Very seriously in all fairness to him -- workers you're probably right I haven't I haven't read anything very astronomical I mean it was you know he can. He's got to say something. Right if if there's going to be a primary. And I said there's very consistently that you are probably greater witness and anybody else that you've heard many times in front of many different chairman all wanting me to run. If they get a wasted time effort energy on a primary where two people and knocking themselves and I think I I think I'd win the primary very easily. But it bigger waste a lot of time and effort and money on a primary and then go limping into a general election against somebody that. If you listen to what the world says you know what republicanism very hard time of winning in the states. It just doesn't seem to make sense to me so I have a lot of other things to do. I'm doing many many great things throughout the world and I have a lot of things to do I love to stay. The state can be saved but the states in big trouble. It is an -- Natalia. I I I know the Republican chairs and the other people who were hoping for an honorable discourse in the at this stage there are thankful that you're not gonna take the same kind of swings bad activist arena on his allies that they take you. I think it's taken Cairo is the right thing to do I also noted in. Fred Akers column this week. That Dicker says that your working on opening. A of an exploratory committee which is that's not actually the real thing but are you are you actually doing that I'd -- -- Not a very big deal and the answer is yes but that's not a very big deal but again. I would only do this it is unity in the party and as you know there hasn't been unity and this party for years. You have some tremendous people in the party and some wonderful people and some friends of -- really good friends of mine but. There's just not unity that they have to focus on Cuomo they can't be focusing on spending all their resources on drivers now I'm -- I'm a big fan of primaries get -- -- A Democrat and you're gonna win and you win the primary -- major guaranteed an election victory in the main election. But but you know we have a situation the Republican Party where. If you get out of the primary especially become let's dig out of a primary and I don't know that anybody's gonna live data that but. It's a huge diversion of resources and and money and talent and energy. So you know I've been very strong and assertive from the beginning if they're going to have primaries -- they gonna do all that it wasted tax -- just gonna continue to get slaughtered. Look at what happened in the mayor's race in New York where. It was just a total bloodbath look at what happened. Yet in every race for many many years it's been a total -- the Republicans don't know how to win in New York State. And this is an election to absolutely be one but it's going to be very hard for somebody. Who's got the highest taxed county in the United States to say to the governor that taxes are too high in this state because his taxes are higher than anybody else. Right well mr. trump. What do you think about the governor's. Idea to give free college education to inmates and New York prisons. Well I don't like it I am hearing about it for the first time -- just very recently but I don't like it and I don't like to -- fact. You know they called the -- spectacle -- fact where he wants to take everybody's guns away I don't like a lot of things I don't like paying taxes that are. Much higher than anybody else in the United States. Mr. troubled. You have a beautiful home in Florida you can be paying taxes and four and you're not. That's true but many people are and I've chosen to be loyal to the state you know there comes a time when that ends it has and there's so many people moving down I will tell you this Michael so many rich people that produce huge jobs. Are moving to the state of Florida and other states but in particular to the state of Florida where they have no state tax they have no attack they have so many. Advantages I -- even talked about it because it gives people ideas but -- captains are giving them an idea and you don't have no money coming in in the years to make it yeah having budgets and going up all the time in your taxes are going up get a -- -- Paying taxes in this state and it's going to be a bloodbath that it's it's right around the corner so something has to be done. The right and mr. trump thank you very much for spending time with us here on WB and and you gotta go off real quick here and and this last minute invitation and thanks for taking the time and end. We look forward to hear more news that you about the potential run for governor and thank you very much opponent when you -- thank you very much seasons.

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