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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-20 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Hour 2

2-20 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Hour 2

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back. This is Michael Goodwin for sandy -- -- out -- them to -- today. He's -- 930 WB yen if you've got some say -- call at 8030930. Or star 930 on your cellphone. What a -- are right no we talk a lot of a lot about this. This. It's college diplomas for -- idea from. Are. Quickly governor. I don't know really if this is the most important thing going on today I've been up for several hours I've had trouble sleeping. I don't know if your catcher in the news it's been on our news break our. They are murdering people on the streets of Kiev today. On my in laws are in Ukraine my brother in law. Who lives in Q if he. -- -- -- with the protesters and luckily for our Finley he has not been spending his time recently in the -- squares there. Com. I woke up you know -- you know my and my wife and I have an eighteen month old at 51 years old that was not done there. But. She woke me up a little bit this morn little early this -- I have not it would -- back asleep because the images coming out of Q of the frightening. Just frightening. And and a very important point was made on Twitter today by somebody who -- -- forget who needed that. This violence in -- in just the last couple of days as far worse than any of the violence. When the wall was falling back in 8999. It was time frames if you violence was happening then it was wall to wall -- Auburn news stations. In key they're actually firing right into the crowd with AK forty sevens firing straight into the crowd. The hotel that's right on -- right in the square -- of Tokyo. Q how is now in emergency. It's a triage. People are dying. By the way the so -- the police the police are mostly being injured and killed. -- firebombed by Molotov cocktails. And what -- -- bothers me is I have a direct connection to discuss my in laws are among white is from there we spend time there. It's a frightening thing I've I've been trying to talk to my in laws about coming in -- release danger now we may escalate that. It's it's really frightening I mean we don't know here in the states of this that the kind of like that the lead. In places like Ukraine which was devastated whole -- level during world to. And now. That you know after after that -- then suffered and the local communism for. Many many years and in the last several years they have suffered. Under the old parks and and the relative fascists who run the country. And to basically do not respond with the people we've seen. Democratic oriented leaders poisoned over there we've seen people killed journalist murdered. And now of the people in the square in Biden square being shot down like dogs. And you know why they -- that I can tell this after and I spent the better part of a decade living. In the former Soviet Union I actually wrote the first draft of the democratic election law Ukraine. It was lobbied to passes doesn't really resemble what I wrote in the first draft but in my time in -- I was focused on. The democratic transition. It's you know white you know whether doing it right now and I think this is cricket maybe I'm wrong right now I'm thinking. They're going in there for two reasons number one of the president of Ukraine. Owes everything to -- and he answers to keep the he's Putin's puppet. Absolutely no question I know the guy who used to run back and forth to Moscow on the airplane to carry. Our briefcases full of cash from Moscow to the president's campaign. I know the -- And he's absolutely. Would be important to -- But here's the interesting part I mean if you look at the Olympics in -- a major project obviously. There are thousands and thousands of media or media organizations don't have cash. So instead of setting a bunch of people from you worker from London where -- big east they send them in from nearby bureaus in Moscow. And Kia. So the Russians who dictate everything that happens in Kia. They understand the 25 to 30% of western reporters are actually in Sochi for the Olympics to help. With the big coverage responsibilities there with 25 or 30% less western reporters and cameramen especially cameramen. The cameramen all gone -- With less of them in Tokyo to watch this in Russia to want the money flow. They -- a perfect opportunity to go ahead route the protesters out of the square. They'd been in the square I think I think it's almost end tickets are ninety days or the war was long before Christmas. In fact when I was on the radio for Tom -- back around Christmas time I thought. I said Pope publicly that I thought the protest was over because the holidays would of -- of liberty home to their families and then they leave the square and then. The police would dismantle the shantytowns there. But they didn't they stayed at least enough to keep it going now entrenched in the way. That even the well armed vicious. Russian sponsored interior police cannot dislodge them. It's really turning into a mess and so at 1030 today I have a friend of mine calling in from Biden's square. To give us a live report. After the 1030 -- break and at 1045 I've invited. Us upon by Lou I Erie county comptroller but today he's gonna put on his Ukrainian. He's of Ukrainian descent -- family. It is first generation immigrant and and he's actually sponsoring event an event tonight at the vPro Ukrainian cultural center here in buffalo. Two. Encourage support. For the poor people were being murdered in the streets of Kia today effective being murdered as I speak to you -- we just met my finger. Another person just got shot and killed. To understand what I'm talking about. They're being shot like dogs in fact as you know from watching the Olympics wild dogs are roaming all over Sochi Russians don't care. But the shooting human and a second. That's we're looking forward to. On the sandy beach. This is Michael Goodwin for sandy news radio 930 WB Adam. We'll listen. We have -- a caller in here. Talking about the on. Stable situation in Ukraine this is Michael -- Jason and for sandy beach thanks for calling. Like a -- you're talking about something of international importance that are -- -- -- like what's going around the world and I'm not in the world -- local marketing you know. -- I you know a lot of people don't know and not what I think the early nineties you know about it that I probably they -- like hyper inflationary situation with their current student -- Yet they didn't impact the entire former Soviet Union -- I got out of that they now it's my understanding though that allows the protesters arguing that big obviously -- -- the old Soviet black green and into the Euro and I don't think that. Getting into the -- probably isn't the smartest choice and you just acting that are not the big bad. You know -- countries that authority you know overview of our obligation. Right you know I mean I don't I don't know if the EU is the is that is the solution you can ask anybody in Greece that but in fact I don't believe that shooting people down on the street is solution either -- Are not the tight lipped out with the news being -- you know so close and so cute and they're not dispatching. You know hanging out more and more media into the area. -- they aren't they are but they're not getting their fast enough that's the problem. Well you don't understand I think is important that people are patient should really look at these events and I know it's our way. You think it'll happen everywhere hanging on by -- and that medical certainty on currencies. Once they reach a certain saturation point out of debt. And you know you know the better it is better I think it would be either at work here because at least -- areas where people have spent all of a long iron. That camaraderie -- fight and almost a little bit of artillery toward one another. Where -- -- you know you take away all the benefits like like moderate people -- -- people turn on each other like rabid -- No that's the I I agree with you completely but you know what's going on in in in Ukraine so much more fundamental than monetary policy and you know what Jason I'm gonna have to take leave review right now because actually have a call. That's come in here from. Nearby might be. Like -- we're gonna have. A call here from nearby maidan square. Philip you're on the line Phillip price -- Yeah that's a good connection every this is my friend -- Griffin -- and I have worked together in politics all over the world the united lived together actually roommates in Moscow. Phillip has lived in Ukraine for one how long off. I've been there I've been here nine years for -- togethers not quite accurate you were kind of like the the brother in law who came -- -- -- left. That's true my wife does the same thing -- I I. I'd love chat with ya I love. You know yankees took his chain but things are pretty serious the Arctic. Yeah all all kidding aside all of decided it's gotten from that worsened. You know you're -- ukrainians might like Ukraine I think you're for nine years you've worked here you were Russia as I've read both and fortunately it's gotten. You know very ugly and you know with the -- with the civil war Russia. And I never thought of Ukraine we get to that same point but I was proven wrong. And these last couple bases gossip about war and now we have probably close to a hundred dead. In the Centre of the capital your jet. -- You know at least sixty confirmed in and that you know these things -- we are well experienced. That housing there's probably about forty are confirmed in yeah there are some. Government snipers who opened shooting into the Mike Johnson and targeting medical personnel. I don't -- that. -- As a pro airlines all confirmed by photographs from numerous different sources. On the ancient. Well you know people on all sides of the political situation here Philip I mean you know anybody who's in there and RIR all of your friends safe. So people don't you. All right argenbright. Up -- your -- problems. So the party of regions headquarters words storms. Yesterday. We're used to work in the building. In that building vote. -- report cards without exaggeration. And that it went in their -- After the crown but. Stormed on the and you know the couple people -- -- killed one person. The news is not. You know billion -- Christian war. Shalala who -- over you know a thousand dollar -- -- out. On the leadership of the work one day and a you know the government protesters overs you know political party going until. And I mean you know these these. That under a hundred people -- -- you understand that are in mourning and a you know one like Austin. And we we crossed that rubicon. River or oracle from here. -- tragic situation. We wore. The Europeans for ministers here. Call. Sectors Victorian new and over there colossal characters station. Of the Europeans. I don't know which was at the European. Right where that's that's one of those words we can use it. On a cellphone by the way another brilliant move by another Obama -- of appointee. Talking badly about the opinion on a cellphone and it is talking to a guy in key of work. Yeah I mean you pretty much expect that your cell phone is being tapped there right. I like that but nevertheless I mean Victoria new orders -- then ambassador Jeffrey Parker spoke very. Very well -- US diplomats. Well no it is not a partisan I don't mean to say that she actually worked and did some great work him. George W. Bush administrations have -- brightly that was a bad state. Yeah. -- -- bad mistake of speaking the truth rank. As the year the Europeans are. Biden -- EEU. The Europeans -- -- organizations when you know you know actions we have yet. You know being part and it all senators behind everything. We were able to walk in Europe -- that's what that's like. You know European Union doomed -- failure or because run organization at this -- does that. Orton on the base and yet government Jordan where Edwards. You you know. What some countries are you want to work force or just each country has its own vote. But at a certain point your decision and the losers lose the winners -- -- -- -- -- positions and producers that it would take it. Well listen -- I want you to stick around after the commercial break we're gonna go and in about you know 45 seconds or so but I want to ask you a quick question before the commercial and hope -- can -- and on. I'm what is gonna happen with the military that the -- the troops that are in the squared that are firing on the the protesters. Are not military their interior ministry troops. And I hear that the military may not be so much in favor of firing on the people of Ukraine is that true. Quick answer is yes the former head -- -- forward because it's just been replaced. By the president which is. Which can be victims of ominous signs the former head of the culture that we don't get all politics. And so up until that. We're you know until he was replaced yesterday apart by the present I was pointing straight at I've not yet certain military will stay in the -- Well listen Phil Griffin is colony in from from Kia Phillip can you stick around for a minute while we go to a quick commercial break. You don't want Michael thanks -- with -- hope your -- and cannot get cut off this is Michael -- for sandy beach here and he's reunited WBM will be right back. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. And we're back. Michael Goodling for city beach here on news radio 930 WB and today's deal with the -- from my buffalo perk is a 52 dollar certificate. For four tickets to select performances of the shrine circus at the fairgrounds events center. For just 45 bucks. Enjoy the Al affairs of trapeze artist motorcycle -- doubles clowns and more go to WBN dot com. And click on the my buffalo parks look let's agree that's a great deal. Listen now we're on the radio right now are with. Phil Griffin who is on the ground their -- of Philipp thanks for hanging on through the -- through the commercial break we were talking about the military. You don't expect them to line up against the people use these interior ministry troops are totally different right. Yeah but as I said that the risk is it's -- that the president replaced. City's chief of the military. And so ones what does nursery. Safety chief the military restatement. The fact that you know the military or not get involved that's -- -- With someone who is more client. What sort who might. Under the the you know rubric. Terrorism quote unquote would get involved in domestic politics. You ordered military to intervene -- take an active part. In in yet. And other parts -- -- and you know I remind you you're aware that you listen you know you're. Not happening in yet there are. The country is divided. Weston you know due -- of our actions. Which is much more Ukrainian was part of Hapsburg empire part of Poland up until 1939. In the western parties of -- fortunes. Been sort Russia centric we're orient it. And you know I I still submit that that even though you have this. This gives them or the supplies in the country that twenty years -- independent. Intelligence -- -- you know collapse of the Soviet Union. They have 100. Significance. National identity has been so. Then -- So the Russians are playing very are playing very simple here they considered their backyard. You know understandably so. Let's face it it is -- their experience -- it's not hours you know. Absolutely gorgeous you're just you know people's civil you know the American ambassador Torre wouldn't you war. And the Europeans taking -- the -- here. And he would be the same no so when the Russians or Europeans are taking active role in Central America. Where friends and each one of them all the so that America are. You know independent sovereign nations. But let's face it you know we could that be our backyard that the Russians. Comments are playing in Nicaragua as they have a right. And some Cubans -- We you know America's secretary did you know that or on doors or also where we are. So the Russian. I think you Ukraine. Like you know. You know who do you guys think you are coming in our backyard and the war are so. So the Russians have been very active here. I don't think constructively and so understandably. Right you know I at the same time mean you with this is a classic foreign policy 101. Concept of sphere of influence they have this year border with Russia so therefore Russia has an interest they don't -- border with the United States -- of their for the United States does not atmosphere -- -- interest and it. But there's the whole idea of the fact the people of Ukraine a large number of them anyway certainly of western ukrainians. -- fond of Russia and they are standing up against this whole move by the administration -- closer to Russia do you think that the sphere of influence of Russia. Really has I mean obviously you don't think it trumps with but what of the with the folks in my squares. But yet -- A very good point you may. I would say that. And that that return registry -- that has been in national identity for. Now what I see that each Ukraine -- Spoke to orient it towards Russia. That doesn't mean that there you know they wanna be an expert show that they have a national and historically. -- religion linguistically. And and stability over questions. Everybody in Ukraine has relatives in in Russia my -- use you know she's from all that -- She is there any she doesn't we are going on now she doesn't want Russia. Come in the vehicle Ukraine but. Her father not now listen in Moscow and also assembly hails from -- Republic Borden property or your mother was born in the in. Let -- hundred years Russians who -- but. You know she didn't -- like -- she's been here -- Ukraine so. I like Canada and America. Canadians are best friends are closest are content to. Using religion sweet news you know sports. Four girls fourteen. -- our Major League are you know he's in Canada. But then you go in there we -- going sumptuous art but when your picture too much of Americans that they didn't like it would. Well close friend of yours you know we -- -- you'll relations religious cultural linguistic equipment this. Sort. I would expect compare it to clean up very in very apropos here and he has. All -- it like you know -- -- right on the border with -- but. You know we never forget that you know there it's a country that you are. That all. It score. Well listen I we we've only get another minute or so here Philip of your time thanks for calling Philip Griffin is calling in from. Just a few blocks down the road from maidan square -- the violence is happening Philippine star line there. Are we lost him I guess they probably found out his. Phone was being connected to these and stick it at this game. I was gonna ask them I just don't know it's just gonna keep going but it keep killing people on the square I mean there was a truce for about six or eight hours. And and then suddenly they started shoot a tethered and by the way com -- buried within the the of the of the protesters there in -- in margins where are some. I -- markets people who were looking for the violence and looking for. An opportunity throw. Molotov cocktail and always happens is not unique key of Ukraine. As it happens here in the United States is always a troublemaker in the midst so it if you throw one Molotov cocktails at the police. It's hard. Our great great. -- before we go to. I missed out -- arena. I hear about that. They're but it. I don't know how much -- what I said but you know I'll clarify and -- sit by for an additional questions. I just have a question for. Do you think this is gonna stop any time soon we thought it was gonna stop yesterday do you see an end to all this violence. You know. I -- By nature optimistic that an optimist and I -- shortstop on -- receive. Both sides. And there's talk with both sides right now I'm actually. It is that the majority of all lies with the president in the presidential administrations for not. You know they have all they could've sought. A compromise on numerous occasions. The opposition. It is quicker that also incompetent inept in the -- been offered the prime ministership. And you know our city of one of the has some -- main opposition parties. -- no I want I want to partisanship it was a given all the cabinet ministries -- forces you know not. You know sort like Michael. Politics you are a compromise. So when your position as I want everything you know that by definition they a non starter in terms of compromise. But when you're asking for something that you could not win at the ballot boxer you probably stepping too far. That's exactly. Accurate but the opposition has made mistakes along the way you know right now I think that you know enough blood has been still. And I think these people are around. Yeah I think these people are seeing -- up. And rational you know that they don't wanna take it back to further in one would hope and -- hope because I'm here and that means you know I've. Two miles away from the buy -- So learned this from either something very personal or close. Very close all. That -- that I hope that our way to stop the that this. And we let that we ought to look together in this country. Or some some political avenue. Q compromise. And and that's the that's the problem because you know we as Americans. You know we we started this. We we understand that that compromise don't -- -- there that -- that lasted over two hours your country in that was yeah. Don't like it. We always like the other side we don't we don't always like compromise we have been able to reach compromise. Do birdie you know innumerable crimes in our country's history. Well -- -- let me let me just tell -- we're we're gonna have to go off to a -- to a break here but I just want you to be very careful take care of those beautiful -- of years. And now we think about human praised you every day so stay safe okay bra. Thank you Michael and of your guess and Jordan. You know Mike Thomas and mine in my views and always a pleasure to be get additional. I wish you good -- conduct heat as well Michaels thanks but you're in Europe and the girl. Thank you news as they say for over we're gonna go -- quick break here come back -- -- -- I would talk about the Ukraine situation. Here and he's reunited thirty WB. -- -- from here in for sandy beach and review -- thirty WB and our telephone numbers 8030930. Starr ninth -- your cellphone we just got off the line with. Phil Griffin -- a political consultant in key live and spent some time on my -- and he's very concerned -- agreed update and today actually this evening. There's an event that the local. A Ukrainian some of the meet the need pro and I'm sitting here now. With stiff on my hi -- who is taken off his. His county -- hat for a short time and put on his Ukrainian which is nicely braided. And festooned with all kinds of metallic. Threads. Just like every Ukrainian has -- upon thank you -- on his radio and people can't see desperate. But in all seriousness you were here for part of that interview in and I know -- to -- -- your Ukrainian friends Ukrainian American frontiers in and in buffalo are very very worried now that that. The very temporary truces has been busted in the current number of people again. What do you think. It's disturbing in and heartbreaking quite frankly to see the bloodshed in Ukraine. Mean as as Ukrainian American there's been such disdain in -- trust. Of the the iron curtain the Russian empire and we felt. Brunt end of that for generations in now which is continues. When it comes in the bloodshed in Ukraine and we're very concerned heartbroken and sickened. Over quite frankly and that's why tonight in our Ukrainian cultural senator deeper though. It's a 562 Genesee street 7 o'clock tonight corner Genesee and Jefferson were handing. A candlelight service in a prayer service. About the bloodshed in the people who lost their lives fighting for freedom in Ukraine. It's quite disturbing that this can happen in this day and age. And it's not just you know somebody I was really don't try to find them Twitter and somebody mentioned that if this is actually far worse. Then. And what happened during the fall of the iron curtain meet people. That the Berlin Wall everything there was there was violence and remembers on the news every night. And -- that there's been more loss of life in this brief time and during that. Well we went to Washington DC many Ukrainian Americans from buffalo Rochester Chicago to lobby members of congress. And one of the members at will with us our friend -- they're -- she's a lawyer and she just got back from my down. And she heard from friends of hers yet people were critically injured in hospitals right now. In their barely clinging to life. Police are going into these hospital rooms and pulling them off life support pulling them out of their hospital rooms. Four police interrogate price we hear about the sniper attacks a lot of the good was talking about they're actually got photos of these guys in the from the government right and snipers on their own people can you imagine you're on medical personnel can you imagine your own people. Sniper attacks in all they're doing is fighting for freedom and fighting for democracy it's that simple it's it it is that simple but at the same. Time though I mean of Phillip Phillip mention of this this is very complex of mean Ukraine is a diverse country in the of those in the eastern part Ukraine are. Have Russian roots in those in the western part of Ukraine actually have some polish roots and and in fact Ukraine that we know today it was assembled from parts of Poland as well. So there's actually a cultural divide their tier two and Phillips says that you know also and I've I've -- is also in the news that. Are within these very trusting in very good people who were who were protesting. The government. There are some troublemakers who were were hoping to -- -- -- surely my family's from western Ukraine you know we we tend to be more independent turning away from Russia. And you're absolutely correct and this is a lot farther filming this all started back in November oh -- Ukrainian president was literally about to sign. You know trade agreements and more open agreements with the European Union. And other people protests and -- were furious. About this fifteen billion dollar will also called low order a lot of people thought it was basically there is no such thing as a loan rivalries. -- Vladimir Putin but now I think it's it's evolved into more of just okay we want ties to the European Union. But now I think it's more of an anti corruption. -- perspective what's going on right now in Ukraine and that's of people lead -- now I mean and the same with our founding fathers fought and spilled blood for freedom. That's exactly what's happening in Ukraine right now that the Arab people and their homeland they are fighting for freedom in the same way that our founding fathers did many years ago. It's it's really disheartening imminent that we really have. Were very lucky now in the United States we have -- 24 hour news images that are coming from my -- I can't -- I I have spent. So many great days and that's great effect my wife and I walking through Biden square follow. And and I remember it very very positively we -- quite recently and and it's a beautiful place with with an incredible amount of history. And I watch. As it's it's it's it's on fire. It's on fire literally and figuratively it is absolutely it's it's coming apart the seats and that's why I think it's important that that we care that we have an interest in the if you if you love freedom if you care about democracy. That it matters to people here in buffalo it matters to people here. In America -- cranes are drawing a line in the -- for freedom. That's right we're gonna come right back with stuff on -- hi Lou we got callers -- hang on don't go away were to take your calls your news radio 930 WB and.

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