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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-20 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Hour 1

2-20 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Hour 1

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning. You've got to hear on the sandy beach show. News radio 930 WB EM this is Michael put in for sandy. Who's got that funk and a lot of people out there have that cold there it's knocking your voice out it's got all the city you'll probably be back tomorrow it's not long suffering. Illness but everybody's got it and I'm in this morning for -- -- You're with me until noon today. What an interesting couple of weeks and I'm telling I was die die again to get on the radio. And the last several days -- impact I emailed to him lingered like I I've I hope I didn't cause scenes on this emailed him exit. Tim I gotta get it there is somebody gonna get sick and low and -- And so and he. But it might have been but this so much going on in all of this talk about. College education for prisoners. You know I've been thinking about getting the masters you know in the communications industry when I do. Sometimes happen a master's degree -- -- -- bit more. Work gives you a little -- me a better shot of the job. Everybody seems bachelor's degree it's a new high school diploma. You know master's degrees really with the north and really differentiates you from everyone else. They've dumb down the bachelor's degree so much now that just about anybody can have one. The master's degree that you -- you need to get ahead in today's world also very expensive so. As soon as Cuomo came up with this -- and I thought as it when it comes in when they actually signed that in the long. I'm thinking about knocking over liquor store. Why not I mean I'm gonna -- three hots and a cot right and in the end I'll get free masters degree. It network I -- -- up to some that is in the felonies likens to a vote on but. I need -- masters in Cuomo figured out a way to give it to. And it -- matter of fact since I'm one of those unsatisfactory. People. That Cuomo wants to leave a new work as an extremist perhaps all I have to do we stick around and wait for him to arrest me anyway. Imagine that three college education for prisoners meanwhile your kid might he would. Our harder loading up all this college debt where it takes an average about ten years to pay it back for people who go to those big fancy pants. Ivy League colleges it takes them twenty years to pay an -- Now what's free for people have to do was knock over liquor store and rape pillage burn. Maybe murder and I think murder is actually go to the Ph.D. level immediately. Amazing stuff this Cuomo plan and you wonder why he's doing it right I don't wonder -- I'm. I actually county master's degree in the life politics. I can tell you exactly why. Andrew Cuomo is doing it he shoring up his base. Now most of those people he's gonna be given these free college education to can't vote. There felons if they're in their for a long period of time. They can't votes -- there are going to be able to help him now the next hole -- Africa I mean they do it on the but. Who can vote that's the people who can vote are the parents the sisters and Brothers and friends the folks who think that. Johnny was -- misguided when he shot that person or. You know Susan was really not thinking which she got addicted to drugs and knocked over liquor store. And repaid for habit. She deserves to get a free college education because when she gets her college education she graduates. From college apparently according to all the experts IE people who work in universities. We year. They'll actually get more money in this program. The experts and if he can't -- -- I'm doing air quotes. Are saying that if you have a college degree. That you know -- 46%. Less likely to go back to prison. Is that something. So we're gonna go ahead and that taxpayers gonna fund. College education is for folks who were inclined to come and commit crimes just to encourage them not to do so. I say keep them and keep him in prison. You know I am I too long ago but days -- on long ago -- win they left prison. Whether -- with a new set of clothes and -- those are those days are over now we're gonna have a Ph.D. Probably immediately fall right on the Medicaid rolls on I understand his proposal. To make Medicaid. Automatic. For prisoners who. Our have served their time. I have to find that I haven't seen that yet on the news but I understand quorum was working on not only educate them but beaten him naked now. But you and me you know any of you have -- it's that forget it and I mean. It would really be impressive what would really be make it equal is if Governor Cuomo. Would give -- free college to wish him to those in prison but also. Knock off your college debt if you end up in prison. Would not be more fair for those of us who have college debt. That we can't afford to pay an arm arm obviously arm towards -- problem -- college there was paid off for years ago but. Those of Europe there who have college that may be the governor can help you out just. Quickly grew up there rob a liquor store and they'll wipe out your college -- in the next step. Met the next step I'm not clincher. But you know my vision. Of what happens in prison is not the coddling you know I'm not really in favor of cable TV your cupcakes for the either. I'm not that kind of guy you know I've got some friends who've spent some time prison I've got a friend he's in prison right now and it's not that I hang around background but it just happens. As a Grateful Dead and -- a couple of friends of mine years ago when did Europe aren't going away for drug offenses. And -- you know what they did they got out they went to college and what they did they paid for college. You know college which cases are available across the country in prisons. But they require the prisoners to work. And paid for them themselves. That's right worked for it work for it. Save your money. President number 72765. Save your money and pay for yourself. Because I'm just not it's just not gonna pay for but you know what. We've got Andrew Cuomo he's coming back he's gonna be reelected. If Republican Party has its way -- elites in the Republican Party have their way will be able to talk about that too in a few minutes. Arbor right now to take quick break here -- news -- 930 WB EAM this is Michael Goodwin for sandy beach up idea I Arum absolutely. Over the moon about this for college. Diplomas. For. Prison convicts. But you know it really really mean you understand it. Andrew Cuomo there's nothing he won't do to be reelected there was nothing he wouldn't do to get elected in the first place. He will do absolutely. Anything. Nothing is out of bounds not a thing. So when you hear that he wants to give free college educations to prison convicts. You shouldn't be surprising fact if you look back. If you look back to oh I guess it was in October. -- a story in the New York Post idea. I won't ask you go look at it but Natalia. The governor's administration. At that time launch an aggressive plan to sign up thousands of ex convicts. For taxpayer financed Medicaid. And that it by signing them up they would receive it once they leave prison. So this has been going on for quite some time in fact Governor Cuomo has put. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers into the Medicaid system they're very proud of that they've gone out there to find people. Who they think deserve medicated -- maturities sign up. I'm not quite sure what the members some of said -- it's almost half a million I have to find that number for you but among those people who were on Medicaid. The most lucrative Medicaid system in the nation by the way number one. Is New York number two with California and New York is twice as lucrative as California. In New York we give ridiculously. Lucrative Medicaid benefits to the people who need it but also apparently to. Ex convicts. So now we're also going to give them college diploma. What -- university professor is going to go into the Attica prison and teach. College courses you know. Maybe go to a party goes online. Universities and just pay for I don't know but it right I'd listen to the news this morning before sandy beach here. And Susan rose was talking about how. In -- room really actually she was interviewing a professor Tony after I don't I didn't catch his name -- Britain's risky right. Our professor brisket was talking about how he didn't wanna -- -- imprisonment there's already a shortage of professors here in New York State. They've actually has have a hiring freeze of who was going to teach these convicts. I'll tell you what they're gonna do they're gonna assign people to do it out of the state university system it's the same state importer. And they're gonna take those professors away from students who paid for. People who haven't actually murdered raped. Com and they're gonna take them out because this is going to be a priority for him to quote one of its current and if it's Cuomo priority Albany steps to. So you'll see if you were professors. In the state university system. It is he'll be off teaching in -- and all the other prisons around here. So that these gentlemen and ladies who have committed grievous crimes and are paying their debt to society. Also get the benefit every free college educations they can get out and jump onto our Medicaid rules because you're being recruited actively. In the prisons by governor Cuomo's people. You a little bit of upset about this you should be a good if you're not. I don't know what to say eighty. But if you're upset or not if you think it's a great idea -- call here at 8030930. Or star 930 software that's free too on yourself on not because Governor Cuomo the taxpayers are paying for. College education. For prisoners. -- Actually not free you and I are gonna pay for it actually cost quite a bit of money. I don't think anybody around here believes that a college education is cheap with -- pretty good system here at -- I know when I graduated from UB I was paying about 700 dollars a semester that's a long time ago but it's still really quite reasonable. But. It was gonna happen to bear the costs it's going to be taxpayers as well as probably students I would imagine that we're going to see. Tuitions rise so that these prisoners. Are able to learn how to become professors themselves. I'm just I -- I can't believe I just can't leave the one thing you need to understand this is Andrew -- space this is his base. The people whose family are in prison. The people who. Have been in prison. Are the people who may be headed to prince and this is an -- not not all of Cuomo's base of course does not everybody in New York yet has been prism. But the people who go for the government. Subsidies go for the government. Benefits who live on the dole they're all completely behind Andrew Cuomo could he's expanding opportunities in that sector. So he's actually out their buying votes with this I hope he's losing yours. He never had mind. But he's out there buying votes. -- Because a lattes are on FaceBook I'm a fan on FaceBook -- organization called families against mandatory and I'm very dead set against the war on drugs I believe. These mandatory minimums for. People who have had very minor drug offenses of -- our prisons and punish people beyond. What would be called for a four small drug offenses these mandatory -- but the families against mandatory minimum project. Is now. Out there are touting the governor is free tuition for rapists. Program. That's different went. I we don't so now you know I I'm I'm I'm I'm a supporter for him I think they do great work I think they've really overstepped it here because. They are personal they don't I don't believe there from New York. But -- -- their actually thinking it's a great idea and an endorsing the governor's plan to take you more taxpayers' dollars. And pay for college education. For. Us. We got just a couple of minutes here I wanna take one quick call before recruit good -- commercial break. Are -- in Cheektowaga. Where you stand on this issue. I. Totally disagree with what it -- I think they should educate -- prisoner. We -- for a O'Leary. Detest it should be free. Yeah I do that right -- is well educated of these people. And and get them to see. Or people in our community and up and taxes. And it expects it will pay back and money that we spend on them I think it's a good about it. Really so -- do you believe that it takes a college education to be successful or maybe just. An attitude where I don't want to break the law. Well I think it's a fact that college education would. We re -- that somebody people's lives and help them become successful people the future think it's important that we try to help the people we count. It expects them. Like that it would not enough opulent and -- back. -- -- Larry what kind of an industry you work. Oh okay you know -- I'm not against them having access to college education I think that's a great idea I think at the more educated you are the less like you board members agree. Probably but I don't. -- -- -- -- extremely well -- link in the murder rate I don't know why do prison lately. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of prisoners that are in -- for -- Fort -- you. -- -- -- have some psychological complexity that more real. Well let's turn up Larry paired up by ID. I appreciate your call will be right backyard newsreel -- thirty. WBE Arum. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey and our toll free line -- 1806169236. Well Michael Palin for sandy beach -- -- -- thirty WB EN yeah I have no heart you're right actually Greta I have no -- I don't feel bad for prisoners. I don't wanna give them my money so that they can have. A free college education you know I somebody who tweeted me on Twitter. Gives me examining war in Wilkes says that we spend 60000. Dollars per inmate that's -- times the national average. Of 31000. Dollars for him. Why not just look at how every other state does it cheaper and then maybe we could afford to give them college games now don't know that escalated. Lay it on top there but I really -- talks of who knows what's going on these prisons and are rich in buffalo used to work in Africa -- Well what do you think of this whole idea of free college educations for your former. That background sure I was a correction officer were torn picture. But let's -- that -- -- that were simple. Right around the can't bring back guys who were in prison without parole and -- Well rested somewhere -- brought back to New York. I then in the early years miles. A lot of -- -- -- I and imprisoned everywhere country except Alaska and Hawaii. Again in jail -- -- in prisons so. I worked and yours in the seventies and eighties. Very -- Campbell called the consortium. Which were. Three challenges and Ottoman Turkey and Niagara. At a college program for him in -- I would tell you that the majority. Of inmates went to those college programs. Where people. Want their. Either you know natural life for almost natural. What in any advance to going to widgets that are. And then what what they do now what -- spent twenty years. Is making sure -- -- your high school -- all you should change. The basic thing. Programs like small -- care. Basic electorate they -- on the computer repair. Right coming out of prison. To get an entry level positions on plate yeah. Well which you can't crying out for throwing a prisoner out great right you meet people can find. -- -- -- -- there -- bright and and that's -- -- over real well for. Almost the first college graduates today are in their parents' basement and the concurrent job. You know there -- no jobs for college graduates anywhere in fact. We need more people who know how to -- Who know how to bend metal who know how to make things we don't do that anymore it's because we think everybody deserves a college education. Well I'll tell you I appreciate your perspective rich I I think we've got. A real problem with priorities here let me just we make a proposal if I were governor today. Instead of offering free college education to inmates I'd offer free college education to the corrections officers have to watch them. Make sure they don't kill each other the corrections officers deserve this kind of treatment far more than the prisoners that they -- watched it bank. Well -- affect it that another topic for another day but you don't. Matt Matt I'm -- hurt more and you know I'm not in -- -- Greg are you most most people that are -- coming out someday run. Oh well come out let's let's try and make sure they are that -- you lose. So hopefully they're mistreat -- now. Right I you know I don't disagree with that rich but I don't wanna pay for their college education. And the college education of my children I appreciate your call to get to ever call. Thanks. Our Chris. You think is a bad idea. Well you know Mike you are Michael say. I think he sings traditional commonly predicament at all. OK for dinner. I think we hit -- tuition increases. What it's doing that there in the states that definitely is. Few years I mean that there was what it was a 5600 dollar I make about a few years -- -- Where it wasn't well known but almost -- -- that went right into the acts that general under the -- she didn't even go to college. It that's that's the basically its exit you're right it's it's it's dirty hidden secret New -- there -- many things go into the general fund and -- owner of. Element into water that -- -- pay for their college you'll get paid to act like I think really you know are we gonna get paid they act the same way that we're spending billions. On pre K and we still have a 40% at school graduates. Exactly. This whole debate about -- -- pre -- -- it's gonna save our society. It you know we have -- you don't have universal pre K in buffalo Chris I I I think. It and how much people they graduated its. There are some. Yeah and there are some schools. In buffalo the graduate. I believe it amongst young black males in the city blackmailed and supposedly. I believe their graduation rate is only 21. It's it's just it's -- horrific I feel sorry for the kids and the ball well I truly do. I would technical merit help every one of them but you know they're just there's so it was that are just lost sold because there that children lost so do you live in the city. You know and I want -- I'm a former city of buffalo resident. I I saw a news story that Larry Quinn formerly of the new via one vocalists of all I think he should. I think you'd be great. I think it's great to see people like you Chris who were concerned about the schools. Need to get involved in the schools I think your schools in and on wander far far superior. But -- was not gonna jump in the water that is an excellent idea. It. Will. On the conservative and of course is that the political year. And -- It's your lap you make you know thanks Colin you're the only thing you guys have left out of the whole conversation eating Turkey and it. Well looks like we've lost him. Unfortunately yeah mark mark from what was what yard line. -- good morning my. You I served about a year there in the -- the local person. You're going I was in my teens and quote corporate -- And it just happened to be that was offered arm that you can't you attend armed pick up from college court is the right. I had to meet some order a criteria they weren't just offering it to anybody who wanted to get out of jail for a couple hours. So I took it up and then when I when I got out. I -- opposite right college. Degree and go credit we -- not be transferred over. Band and I was glad that I did it and yeah. Did you pay for it -- Was it free. Yeah -- I'm sure that you know that old are you mark it. In my -- or Ozzie you're young man you're young man but apparently. You have the same memory I do like him when he didn't in 1982 it's it's difficult to await. I don't I definitely don't think that you should just Amdocs. For any inmate. What you they're doing an extended -- part and I mean extended and you think probably over and forty year. Arm I can't do -- pick up our culture because so many people. They never even finished school in your critical element of something like that. -- -- -- What do you think it should be free mark. Yes well we got to go to a break here thanks a lot for call them or at your perspective is very viable thank you very much. This is Mike the -- in port city beach here on news radio 930 WB and we'll be right back well we're talking about the rose. Reason diploma is a Fort Collins and I prison college for prisoners. -- is really a hot topic because you know I think while Andrew Cuomo was looking you have to understand this. Andrew Cuomo is not looking to win reelection. He is looking for -- lands why I say landslide that means he needs 60%. Or more in order to be considered very strong candidate for president of the United States. To get 60% or more he needs to win upstate and this. Attempt to shore up his base. Has really hurt him I think upstate new York and I I think it's really hurt him badly I think he's got to back off of this. But I wanna hear what you think here -- news radio 930 WB -- call 8030930. Or star 930 in the -- tell us what you think you know. If you have had to pay for your child's college. Do you think this is fair that prisoners should get free college. If you're just getting out of college you have a college debt the you're gonna pay for. A decade do you think it's fair that a rate is it's free college tuition. I don't know about that Vick in buffalo what do you think about this. I think it might be encouraging people to go out and commit. Minor crimes. They get a little jailed get a free education. On the did you go to college so. I noticed in the notes here that. That's something that's kind of out of reach financially for. Well a I don't know I've been more than than there was ten years old all. Forty some years. I had an unfortunate accident. And I can't afford to go pick the school I met in the situation. I'd relish -- -- them help people that are. And so security disability and it. You don't need help people live and work hard and have tried and given up there all. Wear it and deadbeat. -- -- Right. Well I'll tell you -- of -- it's it to me. If if somebody's unemployed today. And they're struggling trying to make ends meet. And they know that if they had a college degree -- -- -- -- may not be unemployment frankly there's so many people who are countries are also important. But in order to you know to to give a leg up to someone who has committed crimes against the community. For free. I just I just have a real problem with that. Well at -- a typical amount in a country that -- people. They've got their hand out that have not made an effort I've not tried -- not try to do the right thing. But I'm glad that helps somebody that works forty years. That maybe get an unfortunate accident. And you know there's I believe -- somehow. Somebody the bleak but it didn't pay in taxes for a forty years and fifty years and been helping that taxes have gone to help others. Well and something happened to them -- -- look down up. -- make a very good point thank you very much for quality you know Vick is absolutely right you know there's a lot of people out there. They would like to have a college education a lot of people out there that are hurting today especially today. When we have more people have given up. On getting a job in -- Who have left of the workforce completely. Then I -- -- more sense that the since I think the last time we had numbers this guy. Was Jimmy Carter so here we are Carter country and instead of trying to help. People who haven't broken the law to get a college education we're going ahead and giving rapists and murderers. Are free college education. So what do you think that. Hi my -- I don't basically saying that it should be considered alone. In. Give them how -- agree but it's a lot of that they have to repay that they get out of prison and they get their job. Well you know that's actually. Not a terrible idea but at the very least we should introduce him in the concept of actually paying for something instead of stealing right. Right well I mean. And you can't give everything that everyone and I don't know what -- -- but it cannot understand they act. Well -- do with that don't make no mistake. Andrew Cuomo was not giving anything to you were mean the people upstate don't support he's not giving us -- this is a sop to his base. This is a sop to the families of these prisoners who are worried about their future and rightfully so. And there will they'll look at Andrew Cuomo is someone who was helping -- this is his base. So he shoring up you know why he's got a short space -- because there are elements of his base that are leaving him behind. For example. Andrew Cuomo is not said yes or no actually he stuck on know about fracking. But the rumor is that he's going to actually allow it at some point. And so the anti fracking protesters the environmentalists. They are already protesting wherever he goes they probably won't vote for him but they may not vote at all. He's lost some of his base in the green movement because. He's. Seen by them is waffling on fracking. Who's out they're trying to shore up other areas were it's not gonna hurt him I think -- hurt her back. -- thank you very much Colin. -- at all please stay Aaron. I'm truck it's gonna talk about that -- to -- at some point I just wanna get this off my chest about. The about the free college tuition for -- I just. I I I gotta get our -- as well thank you very much for Conan. Thanks. Any Kathy in south buffalo. Where it immediately activity yes. I have called yesterday I called pretty savvy about the tag -- Higgins outfit called the governor's office and of course I -- raised. And Bennett gave him my phone number in my address in my name and invited him coming back on and that's. What was Bronx. But if you want to do is a freebie. It's two. Popular base -- of voters why not give college education and. For me to people that are on unemployment -- laughter gaps you know. That's not necessarily his base. I mean I would think everybody is unemployed written -- Republican Democrat and. I mean after I offered something to that real people the people they hand out -- -- that. I understand your sand -- and I get your same do you understand the cynical nature of this program. He's not gonna give anything to people who weren't likely to vote. And they're -- fully -- And the other thing that I have three granddaughters lament graduating from grade school this year and looking at college and looking at light 22000. That left her home. And the other one is looking up she goes the eldest son goes to -- seek -- and she -- -- weekend. Every week and how they're doing school work -- working. And why should the why the money that we pay you UK it yet and all of your listeners say it. I can't that why should I have money go to these prisons is going to get it done if he probably will get a wave until it. But is he -- -- going to be known as the university of all it Annika. -- of quality and at what he's looking forward picking up every. Trenton and the university -- his name. Well probably what will be the mascot at university of Cuomo -- will be the mascot. Human anatomy that I am unable to say what it. Thank you Kathy. We'll be right back after these messages here -- news radio 930 WB.

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