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Team USA Hockey Men & Women Go For Gold

Feb 20, 2014|

Steve Manson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve Manson is on the WB and -- publisher of Western New York hockey magazine Steve nice city area this morning we appreciate your time. They -- the US is facing Canada for the gold medal in women's ice hockey at noon today what are you expecting here. I'm expecting the gigantic panel because these teams. Other two best teams in the world -- -- control -- above any other woman's back -- team. Immediately hear the world championship they'd meet every time when it in the Olympic hockey. They played once already in this part of that -- winning my goal but in the -- to. They are better bitter rival. So this -- should just be a tremendous game. Do those past world championship games tell us anything about what to expect today or is -- different team. And I'll it's pretty much -- sink in them both sides. -- in this state senator like the men's Olympic team unity to compete all year long. And they're both extremely good. And they're very exciting to watch. And I figured he'd get a chance to see it being the that he should because it's. These two teams play each other a lot throughout the year. And they're just you know. You could approach taught recorded about -- the paper today and it's just going to be a great game. Switch it over to the men now they beat the Czechs 52 yesterday we talked a bit last week about the imports and developing a rapport on the lines of defense parent. Right now damn -- -- seems to have pushed all the right buttons as an. Boy you got there right the United States has just been steady. And -- particular but they've got the job done in each and every game and -- Lifestyle habits that last week the pretty preliminary Gator pretty much exhibition game to try to figure out to where. Think bit and they played very well -- -- and they should give Canada. All it can handle the moral. Media Steve. Is Ted Nolan stock maybe a little bit higher after after yesterday after this but Latvian -- performance. You kept safe so I mean he's got a team into the Olympics for the first time or Earl is for and a lot they actually won an Olympic game the other day. They play Canada even though they were -- shot I think it was 59 -- something like that. They played them tooth and nail right down to the the end -- and a pretty worried. I know the entire content country Canada. -- it really when they scored in the appropriate. And in Latvia where remanded. In this tournament elder and a good showing a unit to give a lot of credit -- -- If you need it will give you a lot of wiggle room on this next question I -- not hold you to vote. But who do you see winning not only on the women's side today but with a man tomorrow. I think the women in the American women went today I think it's their turn and I think he did you know again like its sense of the fifty. -- -- -- -- What the tournament started and it kicked in and I don't at this they'll be an idiot that they Canadians haven't trouble scoring. And it ticket by that scoring contradict the American and comeuppance and bite -- about how this should be a great game. Vocal it'll really look quite. -- exciting time hey Steve nice to -- to join us thanks. That Steve Manson publisher of Western New York hockey magazine.