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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Flooding? - W. Seneca Super. Sheila Meegan

Flooding? - W. Seneca Super. Sheila Meegan

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is they come before the storm so to speak west Seneca one area preparing for possible ice jam flooding. West Seneca town's supervisor Sheila Megan is with us on the WB inland when Sheila good morning thanks for the time. How are your grade and it tell us how what's the strategy there going into this. Same as we have every time we get these odds. We have the connector coordinator darn golly you're. Unlocking the creeks we spent time now we've done something up different on the path. The triangle. On the idiots that are allowed their public works to come and then you don't triangles along the creek. Who produced the popular blog that water that it does collapse they'll come up here though triangle and won't go over the bank. Tell me a little bit more about that what are these things and how to they work. But actually idea behind chemistry that mop throughout the large triangle Earl and the water to. Somewhat light they'll come through these triangle within the creek. And that will help that water stay within its banks. Is the army corps helping you with us. Corbin in your heart. Check out about the airing on it was going to happen going forward commission has been put forward congressman Higgins on the back walking together and we're hopeful that that will produce some changes to perhaps the berm. The length of the Burma and to our secure them that you grow into the car. To what degree do you want to get your highway crews out there with either sandbags or maybe even what pilots breaking up the ice jams. Oh yes the highway department has been on it. Right away they started the handbag and green metallic in the paper are. But they're they're the same way we do at the top eight at the crack that unpredictable and has had. Flooding in the past. We encourage our residents who say they're glad with their own basement of their surroundings because you don't know mother nature. Unpredictable. Absolutely and you know it just in the event I mean. Could there are you preparing for any possible evacuations. In the event that it really got bad. Our we have a warming turner we have our Ali on alert which I'm color well or not certainly not our Tibet or Nader. You think I got the bulk all the way. I will say that there is something that they are always earned more and Indianapolis. Without that accounting that aren't hearing that was also over the top. Every one without hesitation. Every every level of government you know we act that so I have to say we're where Ali compared. Well at the end of the game that we need absolutely not that was a kidnapped. Right we we certainly hope that everything is better than expected Sheila we appreciate your time this morning will be in touch. Thank you aren't perpetrate that you too that's west Seneca town supervisor Sheila meek and.

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