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Meterologist Bob Hamilton

Feb 20, 2014|

from the National Weather Service

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Meteorologist Bob Hamilton standing by at the National Weather Service forecast office the airport and buffalo. Good morning -- morning give us the big headline what's the worst thing we have to worry about today. Well I would say they're going to be some steady rain this afternoon but as far as. There's things that are order of impact to region -- to really see any problems until late tonight or tomorrow. There's this storm system over to central plains and that's quite a partial warm front over later today and tonight. And that's gonna give -- a period of steady rain probably a quarter range later on this afternoon but then that might temperature practical -- climb up close to fifty. And what's know we have left out there which is anywhere from five inches two probably of what happens when a melt off pretty rapidly tonight. So the combined snow melt and rain fall. Will result in significant rises on area creeks. I would expect there will be some areas and we'll have some ice jam. What problems late tonight and tomorrow. It's going to be difficult to pinpoint goes from this range but the main problems will be later tonight and tomorrow. And that'll be Hydro issues Adobe's some wind issues as well. Yeah say the the wind watches in effect as well and and how strong will Lewinsky around here. But the strongest winds probably won't be felt console world Chamorro behind a cold front. But just south of on the -- ball float down along the lakeshore winds could gust to 45 miles an hour later today in the these -- Will they warm continuing off into the weekend that the perhaps the problem lingers. I would expect that the flood issues authorities. Would be later tonight and tomorrow -- once we get behind that cold front. Temperatures during the day tomorrow. -- -- -- through the forties and and back into the thirties so we'll get back to winner pretty quick once that front comes through tomorrow. What creeks appear most vulnerable. But other than normal creeks in the area that that experience placed him plotting to have an -- a buffalo creek. Dole probably have issues again where there was at least GM's -- You know it's going to be tough to tell at this point. Also some of the smaller creeks. That don't normally have flawed or have police -- implode issues because we've had such a cold winner. There's going to be some problems on areas area creeks that don't typically experience that we are sold out wants. Old warmup earlier in the winner back in January there are some -- prop problems even with some of the creeks and the Rochester area and we usually don't see the -- Problems they're from Malaysia and spoke we had that in January and we may have that again and so as a result the whole area has CO flood watch in effect. Put it all in context of this strange winter we've had snowfall totals are near record breaking out and out. There haven't where we should be attacked oil wouldn't but wouldn't quite put at a record breaking certainly. Top ten. You know we're ahead of the game at this point. But we have a good deep snowpack and and every have a deep snowpack this coming year. And you have a storm caught up to your west probably 90% of the time you're going to have problems. Some kind of Hydro issues whether it's going to be from Asia imploding or from the runoff. From the rain and the snow -- so this is pretty typical when you have a deep snowpack this late this season. All right comes with the territory thanks Bob -- As meteorologist Bob Hamilton at the National Weather Service.