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2-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. -- You would. Think. The whole. And welcome to the New York's yeah. If they -- -- street and conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- There really is nothing like a short amount. Today it's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. Our -- it is our Leon is ready at 930 WBE. And that joke here is that master control and John Sherman it is York call screener. Anyway you look I don't wanna really popular get into right now. Is it just I just don't you order it now but. My guess is -- Wilma beat -- on Friday. And no don't read anything into -- other man it's just going to be a it's just going to be medical thing. -- I don't feel like. It's it's. Really. Really mean what else she -- Insert seriously -- on electronic battery can -- -- appear pleased are right anyway. -- government Dominican Republic so anyway that's why god made the Dominican Republic. That Estes on my FaceBook page who site. -- think got a striped -- up. Yeah well if god is -- crazy and that's. If god is an evil scientist. Throwing the lightning bolts that people because it gets his rocks off doing that. I suppose. You want to what does try to tell it to the world what cancer. -- -- Sorry. That's been sitting in the background in my mind for awhile and I just had we -- elated all over you I'm sorry. Like Kleenex. Anyway. That word does not necessarily have any other it does not necessarily have that unique connotation to -- Think I try to -- is up well what he's a sadistic asked what anywhere what exactly were you driving enter. Anyway. You know -- that is that this I have a theory and life folks unsolicited religious opinions are like parts. -- like your program. Well -- want to come out of the box with what the at the safe parts gutsy guy. All right now let's move on. No joke well that's one of my biggest pet peeves. News people it. That bear away. Is the only way. Character Muslim. You're gonna get I would have kept off. Accidents that's a loving god yeah okay Islam -- love so I don't convert to Islam are gonna kill. Or it'll actually that's okay. Or whether it's a Christian saying. And should leave and east. Roots seriously. I don't. The whole religious -- that doesn't I honestly I don't. And this is from somebody who believes in god. But some of the people who insist it's -- Or do you go into -- hand. I honestly. Don't know what motivates them. Because. I have some breaking news. Would you like to -- it is okay here it is. Nobody. Knows. You can have it. But faith is not knowledge. Nobody. Knows. What happens. When you'd. Nobody. Knows. Because guess -- it. Nobody has ever come back from 179 -- tell us what happened. Ever. -- Not only. New York. Is all way. -- -- presumptuous that. It's a question of. Some of us believe in god. We don't happen to adhere to any particular. Religion. Personally. I find great. -- In my fair. And truth be told. And this is really -- through. I'd probably practiced christianity. Better than a lot of people who call themselves Christians. -- would you like to disagree or agree with that statement you worked with the lawyer -- the L a get euros nodding his head I mean I don't know what he expected to do you work with a beacon fire. Well I actually can't fire Joseph Joseph is an employee of -- counties up my bitch. Well actually here is that we don't like to talk about that but. That's the funny. I've probably lived more of a Christian life and some of the people who tell me I'm going to hell. Which I find -- audience. But I also find great strength in some of the some of the the eastern philosophies. -- if you want apartment Hinduism. Zora Austrian -- Or things like that. Do I know the answer well I don't know the answer. Until I don't pull them out. Boy -- I go offering unsolicited religious opinions. This is like you're doing right now Joseph I'm doing exactly what it's about the show saying I hated -- -- people -- offered unsolicited religious opinions. Which I compare with parts. We all like our own brand. That is the best analogy you'll ever hear from anybody any we're by the way. But. I don't believe in -- Now. I can't buy. I just can't buy. Because let's let's follow the logic here. It's it's. -- well okay because it does but. I love my children. You look your children. Can you think. Of any thing your children could do. That would make you want to ground them for the rest of their lives -- can you think of anything your children would do. That would make you want to punish -- two weeks and it's. Just I can't. I mean that is inconsistent with the idea of a loving god. That's very consistent with the idea of a tyrannical vengeful hateful god but not a lot of ground. -- he turner and hopefully you'll. -- felt what you always made double doesn't matter eat eternal hell for you. Crap. -- -- -- at those Jack checked publication little more carefully. We -- crucial ones. Think it is gonna (%expletive) people off. The other thing is -- Joseph and Joseph. Have you ever. Help -- ask because it's not fair to putting you on the spot. I usually about this stuff on a daily basis. Really I always yeah. I wake up in the morning and I think. -- Really kind of interesting isn't it. Our calendars is 2014 and it's a Wednesday. The sun is still there the snow is falling here in Jamaica it's sunny. Well. This kind of cool everything isn't balanced everything -- -- harmony. How to not let. I wonder about things like that and the reason I believe in god. And I know on doing exactly what I said I hate when people. But the reason I believe in -- I refuse I cannot except. Logic. The idea. Bet this is all just some. Cosmic carbon based accident. If this is all just some lottery. -- And be a lot of numbers are major power ball is. Us and -- I can't I bet. That seems to me to make absolutely no sense. So what you wanna call the creator. Or odd bit. It it's really immature today. Now who and what is the creator I'll never know. We all have our ideas. But the idea is our faith. And let's face it let's. Those with -- ourselves. Let's just say that you were born in 1862. In Damascus Syria. You'd be Muslim. No ifs no hands no but you would be Muslim. -- all probability. Now maybe Syria's not the best example. Can we go with Iran. Was even if Tehran and 1860 do. Let's go where if Alex I'll take Middle Eastern Muslim cities for 500 players. What is Istanbul. There we go Constantinople. Istanbul -- but if you were born. Let's say 15100. Into a family a better wins. You would've been -- Know we have snow in the about. You there there would have been any. Doubt about. But. Anyway. You know what prompted this. That they -- prompted there's. Somebody on FaceBook. Yep gotta try to tell you just talk. Yeah okay what is god trying to tell the one year old with a brain tumor. Can I'd really like to know the answer to that. That doesn't make any cents for a loving go. Only a hateful vengeful after the other guy we do. Anyway. I hope you're taking notes Joseph because. My one man show. Maybe the next step in my life. Nobody in the crowd nobody in the audience and have fun and -- believe. Alright now. Rather fond of the expression on solicited religious opinions are like arts. I don't think I could phrase it any better that's borderline -- is folks. I said borderline I qualified. Now let's talk shall wait about something equally as important potholes. I -- often wake in the morning thinking about potholes. And something else in addition to the worst potholes in Western New York. I mentioned the other day. On FaceBook. Which by the way. If there is a -- he'd definitely started FaceBook. I hate FaceBook -- even more than FaceBook. Are -- shallow into the -- -- -- -- the religion show Wednesdays. But I got to get in trouble I know I'm giving you trouble. You guys you're like gritting your teeth and there. You're totally gritting their -- to do now. Not enough time to get into it. Okay all right let's go. -- actually think about this stuff. I don't just think about it on some days are probably spend more time thinking about it than any other single topic in the universe. -- find that weird don't you. You do find that weird seeing you guys are worried about the US and Canada Olympic hockey I'm sitting there thinking. What is the meaning of life and where we hear and why exactly did an all star and why things work out a certain way. I asked questions like. And that of course the most important question all. Elements expert. I've given that some of the debt now up. You have the most interest in model any -- Now. Let us. You're not. Are writing and idiocy. Now. Coming up on the program. Does anybody wanna have fun. With this this -- questioned by a long side. But I also wanna talk to about -- Is there anything more buffalo -- loaded especially greasy horrible lousy full. That will clog you up and make you miserable. I -- not. Stay with us under his radio 930 -- which -- you give -- trip to the Dominican Republic -- lead apple -- anything's bothering on WB yeah. Here. It's me. -- -- All. And. Okay. -- No idea -- -- got on Valentine's Day. And a for some reason the yeah Valentine's Day program -- -- must've had a lot of new listeners. Because a -- that's before. And maybe it was the fact that I went into this explanation of the so long. Because some people are just more creative than other people you know some people here this long and they think oh well that's what you do Harmonix guitar. And a more of a lyric on a guy. Am. A literary -- guy. So the metaphors abound in that saw. So I went into an explanation of it on Valentine's Day the you know it's just it's news it's been out for over twenty years. But I'd probably received more feed. On that song. Are probably received more feedback. -- -- song that I do. Any other. Piece of music. But I use. As a musical bump. And I know that. There's a lady. Who called in on Valentine's day of who was married to her husband for over sixty years 63 years believe. And I don't think she ever heard the song before. And it just meant so much terror. For whatever reason. That piece of music. By Neil Young it just it just hitter. And she's not the only one. So many people. And as I said it's kind of silly because. It's it's kind of like it was a song that was put out roughly at the same time under Bob. Was putting out -- smells like teen spirit. But. I happen to think it's one of the most. Incredible. Love songs. That has ever been written. I mean I think it's right -- beer with that somewhere in time I know. City beach has his favorite. Love songs and romantic songs that resonate. With him and in people who business -- show. And that song by Neil Young. For whatever reason and I I can't explain it. It really hits a lot of people. And it gets -- You know that one and out. Sentimental lady by Bob Welch and earlier Fleetwood Mac. When Bob was with Fleetwood Mac. Really. You know there's some songs I. And I try to ramble last year but under is kind of thinking out loud. There are some songs that. Are written and it's seems as though they were written in about two minutes. And it sounds like -- written in two minutes they might be really really really good songs. You know likes like songs like -- I don't know what the story is behind lump. By the Presidents of the United States of America a band played at the arena all the time. I don't know what the story is how long it took to -- the tune but it's kind of a fun jaunty deity. Same thing with one of my favorite songs by the Ramones I wanna be -- dated. A hard song at all and probably it was very easy to write. But. We're talking about somewhere in time. Or harvest moon by New -- there is a level of songwriting. Maturity. In that song that I think the older you you become. And the more experiences. -- half. I think that it just means. So much. Two. To so many people and the same thing with with sentimental way. And if you're not familiar with that song on -- can play it now but. And we frequently do player I like the version that Bob Welch recorded with Fleetwood Mac in the early 1970s. We're kind of longer more flowery intro to. But I guess through to wrap it up. Input and not on it. I'm glad that you guys like the song so much. Petroleum because. It represents a level of sophistication. And maturity. That I think only a guy. Who was his talent -- the song writer is Neil Young. Can really bring to the forefront. Sure we -- Surely be -- auto we -- live in tunnel. Are -- what up we're talking about potholes. But. By -- got email from somebody said he's not a pothole on Brighton road right now. And the sun has set and -- in the dark and he doesn't know how he's gonna get out. Thank you for that email will try to send a search party with a Saint Bernard. I have one other question that it just eight total. The question is a total flop question. And I openly admit -- fluff questions. Is there a fool you used to love. That you can no longer eat with me it's the chicken. And is there food you couldn't eat in your -- But now you a lot I can never understand my mother's fascination with mushrooms. Yes now you throw some stuffed mushrooms me. Wired -- in a lot of on WB and Linda hello. It. He talked industry being located about. Previous particularly packing -- Oh yeah because it kind of ties in the pot holes because one of these days UB student is gonna fall and upon hole and and right back home in China. Okay yes bulky room you. Get the bills from the tuition. Okay after the eighteenth are much. Mahler and transportation fees and every building and have to patriot place -- which runs around eating out. And ready to dry or rock. He's still kept pace that. On the transportation please. Now I'm I'm just I'm I'm. The little confused because it's been a few years since I was UB student but I presume that that was instituted to cover the cost of the shuttle buses between the north and the south campus in my in my in the ball park. Yes it does but whether you walk. Where it's dry in order. To -- -- near the campus. You don't have to tell. Right well it just like yet to pay the student activity please I did not go to one single student activity when -- -- a student UB because I was busy running my tuition money. -- -- -- -- -- Peter can perhaps it's I'll -- every day. Pick the channel that respect. They're -- that eighty dollars. So where is this going Linda and I hope it's going right they could go. Just saying that I agree with you -- -- and potency. You're saying that they need to feel well they can you expect the transportation city. They're definitely they're putting a lot of money up for student debt you know don't you back. He has a very -- -- the college student -- -- your Burma to captive and you know that's supplement. To personally and as a student UB pay each student activity see where I didn't take part -- -- activities I. I wasn't there a socialize is their -- And I wasn't there -- wasn't there Tennessee. Jack Jack -- back up I wasn't there to see hunter Thompson I was there. It. Saying this but if they aren't they want more. Indeed -- -- -- Right they kept the pace. Well see here's the thing Linda. What I suggested and if you weren't listening earlier. Please understand something. I know that I shouldn't because that fifty years old and I'm not supposed to give a damn about college students and especially not supposed to give a damn about college students from China but I don't view the world that way. And I cringe. When I see these students trying to cross Miller's report. And I've seen so many close calls either from the cars bear -- and -- -- four to seventy miles an hour going over that hill. Or make it right on red and they don't even look to see if anybody's in the crosswalk and then I watch the students around that -- why the Flint road. Windy it's icy or snowy that I see them try to cross maple road. And honestly got my heart sinks because I don't wanna see one of these kids ending up. -- It's -- -- this this is what gets me. I have identified. A buried preventable. Situation. That is going to result in a fatality. It's only a matter of time and it's only a matter of how many kids get killed. Win this takes place. And it's bad data -- will have to wait for that. What -- for something to be thought. Do you remember Linda when I went away and Alex rice was killed you know the more on to a call my show today she doing and that's straight -- she doing and that -- A lot of -- Like -- she was in the bite and a desire -- call and she wasn't doing anything illegal. And certainly nothing that merited a death sentence. And these students. It you know it's it's as clear as the as the nose on your face Linda. That's some of these students are gonna end up dead and it is so easy to prevent if you start doing something about it right now. External. Very true I think the department to mention it because there's other thing activity about a lot of little ones that add up to. Just. A lot of money. -- real quickly out of you still drive it -- Yes I don't know I don't know. I was driving earlier when I went there you know listening. Well what I meant to say was that do you have a bad pot hole in the area because Brighton road on my FaceBook page is taking -- from -- -- workers. That's the one that is what -- and I believe that one. -- -- -- -- an issue return. From norm early on couldn't act properly prepare right there and -- -- and going to worry about what time. North Bailey on to the boulevard actually if you were taking a left. -- depends on what part of north Bailey unto which turned. It ended up at right. -- -- You'd be taking your right if you're heading to -- a lot of though you'd be going right. You know what if it but it actually at the beginning. It's a black now from Brighton roll right we -- it. You know what it is this confusing I'm not going to be able to follow. But art let's just say let's just -- with Brighton road right now. Brighton road is has been you by the way we have confirmation by the witness Gary Astrid via BBC. That the road between Niagara Falls boulevard and -- or east he's pretty sure the air force has used it this month. Four carpet bombing practice by the B fifty -- Thank you I'm I'm I'm glad you call thank you the -- transportation committee I forgot about that when I hope we have that one when I was going to UB. But -- -- -- frost you if -- UB student especially if you were -- commuting student as I wants. I think to myself why in the world. Would you wanna spend all that money to live that the war and -- eat crappy food when you can free load off -- -- My approach but. The student activity fees. I don't call exactly what they were back in the early 1980s but I always felt as -- I was getting ripped off AA. I was always work so all I could never see any of the celebrities they brought in BP. I have no interest in seeing people like hunter Thompson. See the people with whom I used to hang out with indoor and cafeteria wouldn't know hunter Thompson from Rachel Hunter. I don't know where they made their choices or how they made their choices but I always felt really ripped off about there and my suggestion if you weren't listening earlier. Is that they take some of that student activity fee money. And -- apply it toward a safer UBE. For all of the students. And if you weren't listening earlier. Mark my words and take it to the bank. There will be a UB student killed trying to cross -- port. Walking on Flint with all of its curves and ice and snow were trying to cross maple road to go to the -- entrance of UB. Very heavily trafficked roads. Now in the town -- -- Uninsured and drive between Hoover school at roughly the police station there is a pedestrian walkway and overcast gas swat. It made it a lot safer for kittens so you -- -- we're gonna have some UB student get wet by car. And then everybody's gonna raise their hands saying what do we do what can we do we never saw this other. Well I saw it coming out of already given you advice on what to do about it. You spend the two million bucks or whatever it's gonna cost you put it a couple of pedestrian walkways over Miller's work one over maple you put sidewalks on flip. And you maintain them problem solve. I'm sorry does that represent critical thinking and analysis. Action to. On WB yeah. -- all I'm not -- posting on FaceBook yet cameo. I don't really have time to take more calls I watched. About five hours left in me that actually has started. What you have it it's huge and I looked tired if it was a hockey game that -- to autism at the Latvia then yeah you for Ted Nolan torture. You work I can Rupert Ted Nolan about your Sherman -- little double. Yeah you too. All right so much for neighborly love yes I know are. Well anyway yeah gang it. I do wanna thank you elaborate much for the calls thanks for fun show -- we started off talking about Donald Trump with Michael Caputo that we talked about potholes. I really wanted to talk about food but I guess the -- got -- got away from me. Because I've got much more interesting to talk about Neil young and what it's like to -- mature songwriter Howard certain song has been out for twenty years for whatever reason has resonated with that the hourly audience. And I guess there's it will look like god we -- well we should do a full one. That's definitely been so that's one of those topics. You can't win just you know. There is no way to -- god show without alienating 75% in your audience. Which makes you very quiet and he confessed that the more of him. All right so -- With these pot holes if you can safely send that earth safely take a picture of some of these horrible pot holes. Send them to meet Tom at WB EN dot com but let me know. What pothole you were sending me. -- not to say this and the pot. But then again I mean. You know rock if you do send a picture a pothole let me know what road and when the picture was taken right. All right folks at thanks for the call thanks for the listening. And all that stuff. Thank -- -- great job as always. Thanks to juncture would call screeners and remember to words. No yourself.

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