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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

2-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. -- -- -- -- That. Hold -- -- and no one ponds we can I thought. -- -- Until -- Yeah. If they ought to be extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York if you got health care -- Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened to that. Can't -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. -- brilliant move ten million marks -- The news -- 930. And I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded. All act. Are so well let's see I get out of work right now -- -- -- away from the heat to kick or and you've got that place where he kicks not. He got all calculated let's see if it's 33 degrees now. By the time -- -- to oak street I should have heats up it's like and that of its five degrees well by the time I get hold mom my body warmer ought to be ready. That works anyway it's winner in western new York and right now you know we're in that phase winner Bob potholes. He emerged. And reality and for quite some time. And I have to be honest with you guys ID honestly have not been doing a lot of driving lately. Generally. Pretty much every weekend and poll on the couch. To an -- a lot so. By experience with potholes has been somewhat limited this year but. Coming to work I did have to do -- It's -- wrote a few days ago because I had an appointment. And I did not have the opportunity to go to work you know and cafeteria from like crazy and -- By the way. It's hard to believe is -- not at one point. We can't live without reasons. Primary reasons. -- crisis made a positive difference in the world I would like to nominate the craze in -- -- Nobel Peace Prize as a matter fact putt I -- In any event ID an occasion to go to -- -- wrote and I could not leave. The state of this were here on sweet -- road I don't often used this word. But I was a hole. I was appalled by the great gaps of pavement. I was appalled by the bone shaking experience. I was unnerved by the fact that some of the holes were so. Deep as to knock my hands off the steering wheel doing 35 miles an hour over that. I was downright scary with Somalia. It was like doing demolition derby about don't beat that goal and it's it. So anyway -- got -- thinking about. Is there a road. Or a pothole on said road. Bet you believe is capable of swallowing small children animals or perhaps even a steamship. Of the 1000 -- Great Lakes right. 8030930. Is the former. Start 930 on the cellphone. 180616. WB the end. Is there -- wrote it in such a state of awful disrepair. Now somebody was telling me. That on the 290. At a got to hope you'll forgive me but I have not been driving. As use to. For reasons I don't really care given to -- I am told that on the 219. As you were getting on at springs ago the new. The new area of the 290. There are signs. That actually warned you rough road potholes rough road potholes. Thank you yourself and just -- this wrote. Do you tell me -- in the course of 100 plus years of road building. Engineers. Have been able to counteract the freeze flaw affects on asphalt. Of the weather and climate here in Western New York. And I can only conclude by the -- -- do -- in that that is exactly the conclusion we must draw. Now I've got a little list going on my FaceBook page but it's much more interesting if you call it. And often it's some potholes we had him. Have the absolute ability to flat -- They have the ability to require you to have a -- alignment done on your vehicle because some of them are just absolutely. Bulls a jarring. Tighter wrecking -- vehicle wrenching absolutely. Awful. In fact I made the point this goes back about five years ago. I was driving snowstorm. On it Easter roar coming out of the village on the 400. And I honestly don't know what I hit well -- was human being and it was an animal but it was some kind of a some kind of a a deep valley in the road with a really sharp edge. Yeah feeling you get. When you hit something like that. Where you know that you just screwed up something big time. That's exactly. The feeling I had when I hit it. I hit it and it was such a shock not only to the car but to -- nervous system. And every ligament tendon and muscle in my body I knew that it was gonna have repercussions on the vehicle. Probably within thirty seconds of striking that bad boy -- -- it was on maple street in East -- Wouldn't you know -- the tiger. Absolutely. Goes flat. Quickly. Almost immediately. The tire was absolutely obliterated. By my hitting whatever the hell I hit which I'd ever found out about because it was buried in this well. -- As fate would have. It this is the only time. I don't know about you. But I've often considered myself to be one of the most unlucky people ever to walk praised earlier. However this was an exception. Actually hold off into the gas station before -- on the 400. And it called the AAA. Wouldn't you know that the rise from which they were dispatching the service vehicle for AAA. Happened to be the garage I had just pulled -- -- -- to make a phone call. So instead of the poor -- have to get into the vehicle and come out to get me as our. And they were great guys by the way. But you talk about a pot hole from hell I hit it. Now wallop on it. And I want -- by the way to argue the call 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB yen. Remind me to get back to the subject of UB students. Because I used to go to UB I graduated from UB. And I wanna tell -- something and I am scared. About UB students in 24 team especially with a winter like we've had. Because mark my words. Some of them are going to die. Some of them are going to be seriously hurt. And frankly it is entirely 100%. Avoidable if anybody gave a -- and I do. I don't care if they're from China Malaysia the Philippines or Kansas. Or our guests -- somebody's children. And it makes me sick what some of these kids have to put up with the walk to school. But first let's go to in the tunnel one on WBM all up pat you're on WB and you've got to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I most certainly familiar with -- road but they also know it's a very long road stretching from the boulevard all the way to Delaware would you like to be a little more specific. The boulevard about two actual reader category that. You're talking about a good three quarters of the mile or mile worth a broad. A number of people pointed that out on my FaceBook page I have not being on that road in quite some time how bad is it. It's a real real real bad I mean here you drive through it turned off of the boulevard on. Bright and light all all all all. Did not gimmicks you can avoid some you can. You can't forego wide variety of that no doubt that it. It's like you're driving in -- World War I artillery battlefield. Okay have you complained to the town because there's a time when the title title Wanda was controlled by the evil Republicans were every pothole was immediately fixed and everything in -- -- want to rent perfectly and I'm getting the sense that the -- has kind of gone downhill. Oh buried out L. So it from the boulevard. You can play in it too. Hillary out there there are being and their golf course and there are. Well you know what all of those things where the pride of the -- one that when I was growing up they really took great dissatisfaction in the recreational programs offered -- to kids but to adults but. I will target that. What when I was younger. Every road in the top -- -- you could roll marbles down the road. And it would they would never jump up in the year because they were always -- smooth as glass. Now -- Brighton road between Niagara Falls boulevard and Kim or east were freeze wrote. Okay did -- -- wrap up the construction on that angered by a sort you know spaghetti house because the last few times I drove over that area I ended up having to drive twenty miles to get a meatball. Yeah it's good wrapped up but they don't bill and it got a lot of good judgment for that water that new water project at the podium. I is that going to be done -- -- -- -- your yacht -- years then they'll not done. He. I mean that was like eight girlfriends -- go from. -- Saturday. All right hey thanks for electorate break road count -- -- -- between now the boulevard and freeze that's also by the way it was in my FaceBook page as he rode from hell right now they. Those who grew up at the top not want -- in the 1960s and seventies he wasn't like that. You know. Outlook I hate this is because I draw up there but the top is gone downhill dramatic. Which is why -- -- -- army gear -- has some nice houses but dissent here is that Nelson in on a lot and -- on WB MI Nelson. I don't -- -- -- the same error. In the figure opera called up from you ninety. In which we all live and Brighton -- editor wrote. We have to get over the 29 B you're going to be on bigger road and you're talking about Brighton road. You would have to turn rights come and hit -- what district goes like -- field. Crap between tiger and brighten like those -- it matters. Yet Coca-Cola -- holding. From -- all laid out that you right. That would be called okay by the old continental can company in the plane that -- field. It used to be comedy club. That wrote there are a little shopping there. All all all okay well that yeah you're talking about that would be -- -- do some quick a quick math in my head. I know where you're talking about now so that's a -- to write off the end to an -- Well yes oh my god I mean there's it's I think -- Folk art should celebrate in their arm I'm like claim that ball. -- you get off the tonight the automatic because I gotta narrow this down just a little bit further because there were talking about my old stomping grounds it 030930 let's go to traffic right now and dodging the potholes and -- dodging cars here is. Traffic command Brian. WB are so we're talking about where are the worst potholes and what are the worst maintain the roads in Western New York. The first choice the game and Brighton road count on wander between the boulevard and freeze the boulevard and Kimmel released. Now this guy is bitching about. When you get -- the -- the that you are on -- road -- actually got a choice to make you can either go on tiger or you can go on Colvin. Handled by the party can head over to brighten. Yeah yeah road heading toward right. Our guys -- that whole area like going by sending millions is is tough. -- by the church and Thomas like they got sprinkled all courtship of the right. Wolf. What are things I noticed the last time they had -- fielder's. I went there and I could not believe walking on the sidewalk. That it was like basically. One slab would be in one position and then three feet up would be the next lap that -- -- would have been -- when I was. -- right roller coaster. You know this guy wrote like claim Limbaugh. Well a little metal ball yet yet you think that the man but I came right back up. Well there's only so much they can do about it right now because at that stuff that's just a short term thing but. The roads my goodness I -- over the last time they rebuilt a road wars. Probably 1927. Or. Two guys gonna say all right man thanks for the call. I thought I certainly shell NATO three on 930 start at 93180616. WBD. And all right anybody else wanna call and then it's about -- -- model Wanda. I'm serious when I was growing up Celek bonds -- percent eighties but when I was growing up. The roads aren't as good as they prided themselves every flight was -- the minute it fell. I don't get the sense of urgency here they're used to be. Our iPod 24 WB. I was Elena Margarito. At 530 for a -- Israeli and -- thirty WBE. And now. That summer when Margaret ago was the only saw you heard on the radio wait. -- the same summer and is looking for love in all the wrong places. That summer you go to the ball and every store whatever playing. Yet it is leave after awhile. Maybe not all right 534 news radio 930 WBE NR -- are the things on mine -- all eyes. Number one. By popular request. By popular demand and -- people surrounding the radio station demanding -- do this topic today. That are red light. And and a multitude just surrounded by saying Tom talked bottles. Just made in that up but. Holes. They come with the territory. The freeze the law. And of course the murderous. It's who's gigantic blades will rip the match off of any -- that has been repaired there. And my first rude awakening of this year's potholes these game. Early this -- -- late last week and sweet old road. I could not believe you this state of disrepair sweet old -- by the maple in Amherst I was utterly astonished. And it. It would lose so let's put this what. If your kid like college students at your college student and riding by. In order to not be up ended by the all you literally have the poll in front of cars. Sometimes it's a good idea to look to see if you are out of jail so you don't end up -- mangled parts. Just putting it out there for you but speaking of pedestrian safety. I wanted to it's open. That I see as an accident waiting to happen. And there's one thing that nobody can ever -- Bet nobody ever told. And that nobody ever brought this. Flint road in -- how many of you take orders for highway to work or from work -- Arabia. How many -- drive past the area. Okay. You know that a lot of students. Keep off campus residences. Around maple rode her around -- for highway right okay. You know that a lot of them cross at Flint road and -- Miller sport right. Right. Folks. I have seen so many. Near fatalities. Or near serious injury auto accidents at Miller's court and -- That I can check -- ticket. Because that is generally how I go to work. Now first of all. Drivers are utterly clueless. Secondly some of the pedestrians. Bear bear sheer our responsibility to. Because some of them appear to be half alert. Some of them appear to try to walk as slowly as possible. Some of them have earbuds -- And their utterly oblivious to the sounds of traffic or anything else around them -- I don't know for tuned into radio Beijing. Or what. But they're absolutely clueless. Folks. What are these kids is gonna end up dead or seriously hurt it's only a matter of win. At Miller's port and flipped. Number two. Flynt wrote not named after Larry -- by the way it. But Flint road is that little road because by the -- and by the other hotels. By that plaza -- get pizza. It's a -- wind he wrote. I guess -- There are no sidewalks. I've ever seen on Flint road. So once the student crosses -- sport. -- once they go through that crucible then they end up on flip. Now in the middle of winter. Sometimes. The snow was piled so high. You can't see. The students walking on Flint road. And because they've got their earbuds in a tune your radio Beijing they don't even know you're -- round them. And they're utterly clueless. Now what happens folks on a snowy day. When you are trying to move your car. And maybe you're doing twenty miles an hour when the prudent speed would have been what happens your vehicle. It goes out of control. Right. It's only a matter of time. Before you wind up playing pinball. With some of these students. And some of them end up dead or seriously hurt. Because that I mentioned during those sidewalks on -- for these kids to use they've got to walk on the street especially in winter. Because there's no other place for them to -- I can't blame the students. I do blame them for not being terribly alert. But then again I think about when I was like in college and as I've always been nevermind I was different it was weird. So they make it the maple road they survive crossing -- sport. They survive the Kirby Flint road. And somehow no car has got out of control and broadsided them then they make it the maple. Well you've got cars making a left from Flint on the maple heading toward the mall. You've got to crosswalk here. Guess what. These students don't have a chance to crossed history. With any room or time this year. Ladies and gentlemen. If there's one thing in life I'm really good at do. Well yet it's that. Well -- -- the other thing but I can also. I can also tell you. It's like I see it like it's already happened. I can tell you where a fatality is likely that take place. Mark my words. Write this down 5:40 PM. Wednesday February 19 2014. We're gonna have a fatal accident involving a student as a pedestrian. -- sport. -- maple bat corridor it's begging for a fatality. It's waited for a fatality. Are -- of any traffic need to get to -- I spoke. Now. Let me just offer some solutions. To to what's going. Every one of those students UB about what their 2530000. Students UB every year they pay a student activity pre. And what do they use the student activity -- to do. They bring in the biggest left wing -- in America. To give speeches to left wing college students. About how evil capitalism is. And how horrible it is to have money. And of course they collect their six figure payment as the honorary him for giving such speeches. About income disparity. Why I'd like to talk you about income disparity but first. Let me cash my check for a 100000 -- -- student activity pretty. They offer suggestions. Number one. How many of you have driven on Sheridan drive in the tunnel tunnel one by Herbert Hoover High School junior high -- rather and the police station. For years there has been a pedestrian overpass over shirt and drive. So that kids didn't have to crossed Sheridan drive. And all of the traffic and -- and draw. They could be up in the air crossing Sheridan drive without worrying about it hit it are. Pedestrian overpass number one. Should be from the east side of -- -- to the west side of Miller's work and vice Versa. So that students and their bicycles. Do not have to contend with the traffic on Miller's work which during the drive time can be absolutely. Terrorists that's number one. Number two. Sidewalks. Should be constructed along flipped. So that the students do not have to walk on a curvy road in the middle of winter. Eight curvy road work cards easily -- lot of control and can easily play ball with young lives. That's number total. Number three a second pedestrian overpass should be built. From. Went across to the Flint entrants of UB. In other words spanning maple road. Problem Saul. Know fatalities. Will who pays worked on -- for. Well -- student activity please. Due to tell me. The student activity people couldn't say you know what student safety. Is more important. Then another speech. By some left wing tool. What do you think the pedestrian overpass would cost now half a 1700000. Maybe tops. All right 700 let's let's say it's a million. Let's say a million dollars. Times 22 million dollars for two overpasses sidewalks. 200000 may -- that stretch of Flint. So for a 1000003. Maybe 20000032000003. -- call. The safety of students who are our guests in our community. BA from Kansas Beijing. Or from Singapore. Could be greatly enhanced. Because mark my words. Ladies and gentlemen. There is going to be a fatality. On Miller of Florida highway. On Flint. War on maple or all of the three involving these students. And frankly. While the students need to pay better attention. The design of the road. And the lack of modern safety features. Will be a contributing cost -- cause of the accident. And guess what's gonna happen. The lawsuit will name the town of Amherst and the State of New York as co defendants. Because of the deep pockets. So you can invest. Maybe to 2.3 million now which by the ways probably hot. To prevent a fatality. All work you can pay some huge bag lawyer later on 33% a former many millions the cases were. So don't anybody ever tell you that you were never -- because you work I just did it. I told the problem I told you how to fix the problem now do. Good to see one of these kids from China go home and a box. Possess -- cool that's not America. Our guests and we need to make sure there are safe as they possibly can be. Done 546 at WB. So basically tomorrow when you don't work. I realize that most of you can't parked on the street anyway because it's winter and are gonna get the ticket. But probably not a good idea to park underneath the neighbors ever green. Because they don't have really deep roots systems and those are among the first trees that toppled in a high wind so keep that in mind. Also not a good idea at the park underneath the neighbor's tree with that one. Bol that one giant brand new branch or that one giant look under Rico. That is poking out. Ever soul. Precariously. Over the street. Because of your luck is anything like mine once that wind starts blowing the car you'd just bought or the car you'd just had fixed. Is gonna go clutch. Under the weight of one of those giant limbs that comes crashing down so anyway this user common cents. -- seriously use your common sense with the high wind watch -- apart right now. -- Airways at 33 degrees. At news radio and I guess we are 33 at news -- 930 WB MR -- today. Maybe get off on a tangent about the situation involving students but I kept promising myself every day. That I was gonna spend some time talking about that because honest to goodness. IA I know that as a conservative area and I'm not supposed to give a damn about other people. Especially if they're from China and they don't look as I looked and I'm supposed to basically wish them all. Because as you know conservatory and take anybody who isn't white. I'm being very sarcastic and decisions right now but. I always worry about these kits most of whom appear to be from China. And I worry because. Not only. Is it. Potentially fatal. Seriously injuries. To be hit by car goes out of control. On icy snowy roads and or in the street. But for the person driving. And you hit them your life is never going to be the same. You don't know what it's like until you've actually hurt somebody seriously were killed somebody series. I don't care whether or not you were to blame. You can be as innocent as the baby on board in terms of culpability. Or liability in the crash. Prominent -- open when you take somebody's life where you seriously hurt somebody even if they did everything wrong. You're still gonna have that question in your mind geez what if I had not made that one -- -- -- -- gone five miles an hour faster it never would happen. So that's a situation folks. But I really think needs to be addressed in fact I hope god Bartlett is listening from Amherst town board. And I think taxpayers should pay for -- -- make it real clear. I think this is something the UB student activity fund ought to pay report. Instead of bringing in some school. To talk about income disparity while we're collecting your check for a 100000 bucks. I think what they ought to do is set aside maybe 22 and a half million dollars pops. To build a pedestrian walkway over Miller's report. In that it pedestrian -- -- over maple. As well as installing sidewalks on Flint for their fellow students. That is what that money ought to be spent on in part. To make sure those students are safe because I cringe. Every time the visibility is bad and the road conditions are awful whenever I see these students and frankly half of them look like -- half alert. I just know there's going to be a tragedy. And I hope and pray there isn't but I know how these things work out -- sometimes I can see the future before it even happens. You know like that one guy and Gettysburg the Sam -- character Buford. You don't know the movie I suggest you watch -- -- 50 by the way soon Ratko. 556 newsreel I'm gonna go shopping for -- with a new for -- to sue Ratko. 556 news radio 930 WB -- to hook up to.

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