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2-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB -- I wore us down upon the U with great benefit then yeah. India the whole movement. Moderately anxious and my -- That we have to pass the bill says that you Kenya find out what is it. But it's not my responsibility but if you got -- -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a they're ready if nothing like a short time. -- -- Today please don't mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. All right. You know we're still I think we're missing of the line from baseball's -- that we're complete anyway it is hourly -- news radio I'm thirty WBBM. All you might get his -- that they right because they'll last -- I'm pretty sure it was written by aliens. Honestly today's deal of the day from my buffalo -- is -- 33 dollars or -- and again. 41 a three hour site hold to work and ghost hunt at Rolling Hills asylum for only seventeen dollars. Test your courage with one of the most haunted places in the US Rolling Hills asylum plus they have the best pizza -- -- Now that's not in there OK I give up on every deal that they had plus the best pizza in count on it. Go to WB EN dot com and by click on the my buffalo -- logo those of you interested in goose hunting it. Her and I were talking with them Michael Caputo about the article the New York Post today and Donald Trump two weeks. Basically gang. Donald Trump has yet to clear his candidacy would be gubernatorial seat in New York State beat. Governor's job -- New York State member of the big meeting in New York City last week at all shots all the marketing Marques together saying is all. Well he has not committed one way or the are. We'd all that he did put out -- week regarding some internal Paul he trump. According to Trump's polling data would trounce rob -- to Reno by -- 76 to 24%. Which I don't think is an unreasonable. Number I think that's pretty much what would happen. Now the the thing that I -- all -- News. Any number right now Doctor Who puts it out whether it's the -- -- -- at any of the usual suspects that say. Well you have the rights against Donald -- -- squabble would be a shoo him I think that's a bunch of crap. It really well because they're totally -- think that -- out factor. You know folks. The last election between Romney and Obama at the presidential level was supposed to be -- close. -- at all. Sorry guys are invested for a humidifier year but anyway. But god is run by or just have John spit in my face it would be the same thing so anyway. In. If you remember every pundit except your humble host in Buffalo, New York got the election wrong. They said it was gonna be a lot closer than it really -- I got it right I was more right then Carl -- I was more right than anybody in the national media. And I've made sure that you knew about that the day after election. I said at the day the election and -- nature you -- it today after the election. And the reason why. I went with Obama in close states with because of that turn out there Mitt Romney was not exciting. He was less exciting than John McCain and believe me folks take some serious. And I think they are under estimating. Both Siena and quinnipiac in the early polls they've done they are under estimating the hatred for Andrew Cuomo all outside of New York City. They are under estimating the ability of gun owners in anti NYC people to register a -- out for the vote. And remember your vote counts just as much as somebody in New York City. And we don't operate on the electoral winner takes all system here it's raw vote vs raw vote. And our turnout in our part the state can win this election. And the polling models I believe that -- and quinnipiac are using. Are fundamentally flawed. Because they're not taking into account the depth of our animosity toward Andrew Cuomo Michael you live and die by polls as a political analyst do you agree or disagree with my penetrating and brilliant analysis. Well I got to play your best. Donald -- NB. Two ball ball but it won't be that wide margin. Because it's not match -- the state. And the only way for Republicans would be horrible is that change that dynamic of the electoral and he burst. You need -- brand new you know. Kennedy model. That defines marriage with the mighty Donald -- secondly you've got -- out all the you know all the the -- act opponents and get the gun owners who aren't registered to vote or don't vote the vote. -- -- -- The pro life folks who don't like the idea of aborting a heated according but he at night on that would be Andrew Cuomo is proposing. And get them out at the people who oppose. Providing a college education to. Incarcerated rapists and murderers or were you are all. Her own children we got them out but the common or opponent. And effective. -- it takes money. I mean if you wanted to go after she got the broad spectrum equal to get -- activated at -- billion dollar project. And you know Bob Petrino not generate more than the million dollar in total. OK but I just you know there there's there's an app the victory but it a typical one and it -- Michael here's where I think you're wrong. First of all there is a great deal of animosity toward. And purple ball. Even in Western New York once you get out of Erie county. You can in the attic yet you get into Wyoming county unit of the Genesee county and the tide begins to turn very very quickly. And that I don't think Michael correctly a -- wrong. But I believe you were under estimating the support Donald Trump would get from New York City traditional Democrat hot voting areas just with the celebrity factor alone. Don't you think that that would mitigate some of the automatic Democrat votes for mobile. Well it looked at right now if you were to believe -- preliminary whole goal we all waited. Absolutely incorrectly in -- couple hours you know being basically an arm of the local administration. They overweight downstate. At an all -- bit deeper and it was a week for me to order but what you look. Republicans -- -- -- birdie at 32%. In order I'll bet that can't quite in New York City bit. But the democratic candidate will get which will close out the heavy duty Republican -- out all day. But Donald Trump is already near that number if we can get him out of 3132%. The race is over. And I think that quite possible with a guy who is living and I mean sorry grew up in Queens. Williams and everything will be in New York City and is someone as popular there. Yes that's my contention. Bet that that we've always complain about new York city new York city New York City and the Democrat. Basically pot that is New York City I think Donald Trump and Donald Trump -- -- would be able to take those votes from New York City. Add those to that this affected upstate New Yorkers I don't believe it would be a landslide for Donald for medium smoking crack. Why -- -- -- You wouldn't occur when smoke crack probably outnumbered and beyond right. You know -- Well I was -- Obama Romney I was writer than Karl Rove when he makes a whole lot more than I do. Operate what I was not right on the part of the primary. Results rule it out you know lock the art -- we are gonna win. But I didn't think we -- we ordered tournament and -- so that we can and I was. I was wrong by seven point. But I mean I could be wrong on on this as well but I believe that Donald. Can get the numbers you need to New York couple walk our Andrew Cuomo. From getting big huge numbers indeed they're offset a big victory. We're talking with -- Michael proto political strategist and you know Michael I honest to goodness folks. We could talk probably for four hours and we would still leave stuff out. I cannot in good conscience keep like a -- for four hours but. If you have questions or comments from Michael cook food go about trump for governor. This would be the time to call him because in addition to Tommy and Mikey walking. You have questions you have comments and I wanna invite them. Although some people say that went by and I talked it's kind of like well we don't wanna interrupt you guys because we enjoy listening to your. And believe -- -- a -- copilot and I'm very flattered by that. But there are always questions about which I don't think and you guys do. And I welcome those because that represents -- outside the box thinking from you guys so they're very very much welcome. Now it's far is the as far as the attitude of Donald Trump Michael. The the Republican Party has to unify to win in November OK I believe that that is true but unify. When you're talking about the entrenched interests of the Republican establishment. People. If nothing else that wanna throw monkey wrenches in Donald -- way so the conservative Terry and end up again with behind into the horse. What we saw that happen the week with Carl Paladino the Republicans who oppose them all on the -- this -- the chairman of the party and -- Are actually. Many of them after Paladino bowl the nomination away here they're coordinated Hannity. -- they -- -- -- up a lot of those Republicans ended up working against Paladino -- not doing everything will be called late now doing nothing you know the vote count it happened at all -- -- Dugard a very important place. -- -- And and that kind of thing that Donald prop -- will you know we already see you. -- update which would basically -- respect album prop called me alternate here. Were they any a sideshow. And so -- -- not our immediate take him. I can tell you that even -- Donald Trump. Curtains. Our rob actually you know -- -- -- the people like it in the -- will continue to work against it. And what I -- up staying I am not going to do that I'm not gonna do it you people can't get together go ahead loot without. Well then again we get back to something about which we talked before we're gonna go to traffic here just a second so. I'm just gonna put out there this is one of the things that I absolutely respect about the progressives the Communist the liberals the Democrats is. Bay get their act together and if they haven't issue with somebody they keep it in the house. Okay. People like you know the local blogger now -- back up he's not gonna go after a progressive publicly why what is. Because he doesn't believe in savaging his own ideology even if he's not 100% down with somebody. And I got to respect that panel wealthy and a respect inability to know how to street fight that's not the Republicans just don't up. Let's go to traffic right now and Brian has -- he has a lot of street smarts I saw him beat up three muggers just on the way into work -- 35 at news radio 9%. -- 35 it is ready at 930. WB yen. I'm going truck shopping with Bieber all the because I wanna walk in the Glen Campbell Chevrolet and say you know we did. We need to. Should -- rule just like that and you're gonna get a great deal I promise -- Okay we're talking with the Michael Caputo. Nine WB Ian political strategist Michael -- end. The infighting amongst the Republicans the conservatives. Are conservative area -- so that we quit this. And cannibalizing. Each other we're never -- agree 100%. With -- each other. I don't agree with Ross Thompson 100% any more than he agrees with 100% but I'm sure is how much it would. The guy because fundamentally we want the same things. One of the 64000 dollar question. A week old but spoke like me you are -- -- kind of ugly side -- it. Speaker at the -- votes. Or like for example in the topic -- A situation. Not the chairman of the party have been spending all of -- line. Are stepping. Donald Trump on the back and I'm lying about it I -- my peak by. Well we were doing nothing I have -- and and an -- who read this white right might be so as long as we have people who were to chart a New York State party. Who are looking to win. Particular. Mean they're accurate a game plan is to run now and -- had to drop up to win. About forty years later if you have the lead and lead the party who were looking to place or show that it went. We're never going to be able to get -- Because there are those are from the grassroots who just want to win now I'm not a member of the Tea Party -- work a lot with the party -- for example. But you know they have. The same spot I mean they wanna win they wanna put somebody and it will change. But in the week as we look at this is something that we don't have anymore I'm await -- But unfortunately. Kind of hereditary Republican that a man had who have never won a race and -- are still in control party. Michael I'll -- people call again and I'd like keep you one more segment unless you've got like spaghetti meatballs ready. That I find absolutely unbeatable especially in the wintertime. Our old bubble like get some calls on for Michael -- 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBBM. This is by far the most incisive intelligent conversation you'll hear about trump for governor anywhere in -- -- Don't you go. But I guess -- pretty. I mean you know left -- sooners. For a 34 news radio 930 WBM -- were talking to Michael report though political expert and as Tom Puckett told during the news headlines. Op Ed page. Op Ed piece in the New York Post today. Basically saying Donald Trump needs to just say look I'm not gonna run for governor this is just been a ego driven flirtation and a lot of here basically you ought to do something or get off the pot. And he won't do it because he knows he's gonna lose that's what this Fella Lawler had to say in the New York Post Michael -- says hey -- Lawler guy all he's doing is carrying water for the Republican establishment and -- actually scared. By Donald Trump flirting with the idea of running for the they want their guy to get in so we can have another ride though our governor of New York State and may I remind you guys again as I've done the past few showers that. And -- and Mario Cuomo did not agree. To give. In state tuition rates to illegal immigrants that was signed into law by a fellow named George Pataki who was a right no Republican. In the name. Only. So you can't blame this one on those filthy liberal downstate Democrats you complain that. On the Republicans. The senate Republicans who want -- note to be the governor of New York's. We got calls coming in Michael Capuano and let's say hello to frank and let you log on WBM Franchitti got a question or comment for Michael -- -- guard Michael if you are Donald Trump how would you answer. The question well what about all of the money you've taken pre here real estate. Projects from various governments around the country and around the world I don't read jive with Republican ideology. Right at the -- -- good question the question that we also base when Carl Paladino. Ran for governor record is also -- built in 08. Benefited when united project here. I would back question we've actually at the prompt when he was that they -- we. And if and and then he didn't Wear it if you're dumb enough to give me the money I'm Smart enough to take it from. And I quit when it comes down to it very difficult to compete. Which is you know it which it is. Our competitors. -- went there all day in the morning and he says he's not mean that they think are well what are the one thing Paladino apparently differs from what Donald Trump's hair. It -- Paladino did not state. Our benefits are exploit our etc. they're not members but not available to everyone else. Army doesn't take what you know those the ones that are designed like the idea do. For duper special projects. -- Donald Trump dust. But I guess what he would state EU is in a state and in other areas where everybody has offered these benefits from the government. RE cannot compete in lucky break. That being said Michael if you are running a potential Donald Trump campaign. What would you say to the undecided voters. Who'd literally pay a lot of attention these things and all they really know what based on the campaign ads they see how would you convince the undecided. Mutant moron to vote for Donald for a. Well first of -- I think it's important to note that I am highly unlikely to get involved in this race after the you're right I don't think -- -- Position I'm not start the awkward while I have a pretty -- -- -- -- West to run a campaign I would not be able to return to so. Problem I have a family my -- we've got a baby with another on the way that the younger and having said that however I'm used to -- -- you'd think bank and the fact of the matter is really evidence. And what happened when it -- Republican party's. But it here a couple of weeks ago they sold out in Atlanta until we. And they did it all online about doing all -- were able to review every team and every breath. Every person who signed up to go and they didn't recognize -- -- -- -- To that -- 50% -- -- game they don't recognize you find that there there independence. They're Democrats they're not registered to vote. And it's something you know like -- assemblyman from downstate. Our group who who treated so badly you know operate today. I'm you know he says -- he got a celebrity people just walker picked up where you know I don't even want to frame the -- -- everything evens out well you know what. I don't agree with that because at the end of all of this. We have to disrupt. The conventional wisdom model of this upcoming election. And it it take celebrity can do that. So be I think that -- Ark are it's what got you there and it could be a blow out paper well. Well -- he's not just a celebrity we're not talking about Miley Cyrus were talking about a celebrity who also is intellectually. Idolize a celebrity with a track record of success in the private sector a celebrity with a track record of creating. Jobs we're not talking about Jay-Z we're not talking about -- well we're not talking about a Kardashian. Right an enemy that -- what have their unique celebrity a celebrity is known or or -- buried expect well let yet. Art -- created thousand of jobs on is well -- Allen got out you know. How old and didn't drop out -- -- -- York. The same model one respect but as well as ubiquitous name identification. The problem that means it's everywhere. Problem we visit some of that it. And electric in the war. Hillary Clinton came in Iran respect what I believe the tiger negative bow out. There is no way to bring -- hit it hard work and that worked the professionals do. I have a couple more questions for you have four after the break and then Matt I'm gonna let you go after traffic such a -- so a bit -- what the odds are last time you said 51%. In favor I'll see if that's changed at all -- -- the ball down -- -- enemy territory the first. Are we gonna check trafficker or -- -- traffic okay for some reason I thought you were saying that we have jacket. I just try to blame Joseph for my mistake OK well then here is up my question for you Michael. At this point. Seriously brother. What are the odds. In your opinion Donald Trump is going to announce that he will be a candidate. Well I I wanted to draw your attention to a little noticed item. In. Be a New York Post weekly political column written art Fred Dicker. He said it from what it on -- with the Monday yet it was Monday. Reduce or -- at the end on the telephone talking with with Donald Trump and trump told him that he is in the -- Opening an exploratory committee right now. Open that exploratory committee to Pittman might. Did. You need though at work or committee I work at the bench he. Green network on which. Did you -- did you say past fifty or sixty. -- -- -- -- But the trigger on might seem to mind. Would be opening bad exploratory immediate -- those secret among Republicans who were in the room. -- with Donald Trump last week that I would -- both separate from. You votes desperately advocating the opening of an exploratory committee that day. Something that I see as. Opposed but he must -- And it beat acrobat -- I think we're on their way we made -- all the way to look in the I would change my numbers or a partner but one thing that I keep saying. I want you to understand exactly where I'm coming. If I were Donald Trump there was no way I would -- no way. Not even close. Because he -- a great great he's got a great family he does. We all over the world it would be such an emotion and we get there. He would get you'll be getting it had it been knocked out by Andrew Cuomo who is relentless. But also I Republicans. Like our chairman Ed -- Who -- you know are hereditary Republicans who never won a race. And who don't want Donald Trump run -- -- got thirty money you know and I'm afraid that if I would Donald Trump I would not do it under any. As -- maybe it's the inner mystic coming out in me maybe it's the inner George Harrison within you without you. But I think there comes a certain point in somebody's life when you realize that material goods and the lifestyle of the rich and famous that has its place but there's also something to be said for public service. And doing a good -- for other people. -- becomes more of a priority because after awhile -- nine eleven's do you really need in the driveway before you say. I'm done. Right you're right but at the same time. I'm I think that -- look in the -- very important point and it has the -- the war. I can tell you you know Carl Paladino. You know we look at it I had a burning desire. Something good for his state because he want you back in eight years the future. That's what you look for a candidate. And I see that and Donald Trump but more importantly Carl Paladino. Seas act in Donald Trump on I think he feels like he. That didn't happen more but he can't possibly be more successful as a businessman and so now you want to do something to give back out to change things are. -- -- Cuba are in got that look in his eyes and you know that. Are a part of me to understand the -- that aren't they would if I -- misread it would be my 79. Political campaign there is no way on gotten hurt that I would ever run for office. It is absolutely. It's embarrassing and and and it's horrible it is it's such a terrible. You know our exposure here in your children remember. Carl. And are near post photographers taking photos to the windows and daughter outs. Partly it's a little article that went with Donald Trump you wouldn't. The pop art right. But he's an -- very similar problems and I just would never do it I would. Well it's it's blood sport we're just one more call this is DNA in Pendleton on WB and Danny shoot. All of. I think that Donald Trump may be the most likely Republican candidate to be elected -- your state but I think you'll be a complete and utter disaster. If he actually -- collector for the Republican Party. The guy the guy is in apps -- ego maniac. He would all that situation where you literally could not Lou and his it is recommended. I mean he hit record is terrible. He's all right. Track record I'm I'm sorry my thought my god my idea. -- -- -- -- -- I I don't know what is it record it because I mean I don't know. I don't know what you're talking about here actually. You a report he inherited -- money it probably is very successful and -- one of those who believe -- income disparity is an issue I don't have a problem with you. -- -- money but he has increased as well. Like 360. Million. Times over. Millions. And if you think that's a horrible failure I would love to see you are now. Burton. Denny was edit. Thank you Michael I'm so glad you could join us. And it's always a pleasure speaking with you yeah you're one of the very few people. On this planet Carl Paladino would be another one rest Thompson would be another one Joseph -- would be by the other one. With whom I -- dead discourse endlessly and never ever ever be bored because you always teach me something new. -- -- I don't think I'm really enjoyed the under so that the real -- Silly for you when -- off on vacation. Which you agree that. Ralph thank you very much Michael -- ago. We'll talk to rules and Michael Caputo while on news radio 930 WB yet I have no intention of keeping in mind as long as they did that it's one of those things once we get started. I all these questions can undermine it in a single question -- it was just the conversation you know I mean are right it is -- 447 news radio 930 WB Ian. I don't know if they didn't put out a lot to -- bits that they never told us I know can't win. 33 degrees at news radio 930 WB the end. All right well interest -- a battle trump -- but as you know if you listen to the show at all. We simply don't do politics honestly if I had to -- four hours a political talk every day. I would be borrower did you are -- seriously. As much as -- fighting in Tuesday. It would be like four hours of Shakespeare -- every day as much as I love Shakespeare if I did a show about it at Richard the second Richard the third or any of the other plays every day after awhile I'd say. All right then. It can we maybe talk about Kate split. But. Idea I have a question that is perfect for right now absolutely perfect especially if you're driving a -- You can safely call. You know the cycle we're in right now right. No not that cycle guys not the with a Q if you worked the clock at night. But the other cycle about which you have to be concern the freezing thawing freezing thawing freezing falling. You know -- this is going right potholes. There's something about buffalo and potholes. That drives us absolutely. Bonkers. No disrespect in my bunkers audience. That would be a little bunkers myself but I am not a -- that in the least. But the other day. I was heading over to subway. And I -- this Chinese student on maple road. And his bicycle in a pothole. And he ended up holding Beijing and like two seconds it was amazing how that worked. We have so many potholes. That are so deep. And so massive. And soaked the rain altering it's like it's like driving on the move. It was a police all the way back when giants their -- cute walking on the moon would not driving him but. Let's just say something bit. I have eight Jeep with a high Clarence. And frankly a pretty good shock absorbing system. And third of potholes I've hit a sweet home wrote in Amherst. Which have been a bone jarring. Mean I you know I entered my Jeep F five foot eight and walked out of five foot five that's -- bone jarring some of these pot holes have been. Is there erode it. That has absolutely destroyed. Your body or your car. Because of the pro fusion. Of deep potholes. Like you always want the -- Polynesia you weren't expecting to see it in your Jeep sailing through the molten core of the earth. That kind of pothole. In 03. On 930. Is the phone 803 on -- thirty. Star nod thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- I also have a thought or two about how some UB students are going to die. One of these days and it's entirely predictable and 100%. Avoidable so mark my words when we come back.

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