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2-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. -- -- he would rate. That. Hold to a no one ponds with an assault rifle no. Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. Don't have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. It happened to that Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. We're looking brilliant goaltender -- mean much to lose. The news radio 930. I like you you have loans. I'd like bonus. And then. US and Canada USA. -- -- -- Our debate -- -- Anyway it is -- and -- ready at -- WB EM what does that have to watch the Olympics during shift I don't think that would produce a very good talk radio and again is actually improve things but. Anyway I'll go and it's is already Wednesday is that well yes it is hoped that. And you know something very unusual happened yesterday I was -- over -- subway to get myself some some once you very. And -- we there's all these potholes on sweet home and it's this Chinese student on a bicycle. And this this poor -- was he was riding his bicycle he went at all and he was back -- about two seconds I couldn't believe. I agree that that was one that the apple. So all. Anyway. We might give it a little bit about today on WB ENN. I asked the things I take it away at that bill -- and thought it was with part black. -- -- -- Anyway how are so. Donald Trump is being taken to task by all people. The New York polished. Policy to rot lately it's. Horrible -- names series. To get Joseph beavers. To -- is it -- lakers. To me is I could -- Wednesday. But this guy basically says it is time for Donald Trump to shut the hell up. Get away your pocket -- run for governor so hell out of everybody else's hair and nickel back to doing what you do best TV shows and making money -- to end it trumps gubernatorial. Sideshow. India New York Post every the first paragraph of it for you. Donald Trump is wasting our time he walked wind up running for governor because -- Lose and buy an embarrassingly wide margin dropped knows that. It's what the polls. Andy isn't delusional he's a showman playing a character he's looking for some headlines because that is his -- -- well joining -- right now for. Perspective on this is a man who at least as of the last time we spoke had been in almost Constant Contact with Donald Trump. And a guy who. Left his cell phone in a taxi in New York City and actually at the taxi driver sent him back. The cell phone in question and one can only wonder if the idea on that's helpful was asked beamed into another cell wall and now every cab driver in New -- Donald Trump's whole phone number and my home phone number here is Michael Caputo political strategist and a political. Consultant and guru it's that are Michael thanks very much for joining us really appreciated thanks a lot. So. What are you hearing for a moment blessed I've spoken whip or any contact at all with the New York City taxi drivers or Donald for. Well it is funny because I think the reason I got the pullback. -- respect that that I hope that acting director abrupt often Donald Trump's office. Any -- and get a chance to meet you yup. Yes but I it was a miracle it got it back imagine that your cities have. Work well -- kudos to the cab driver hookers -- the nice reward. Oh I think he -- -- are accused the Russian guy we thought the reason why you're not meet our Russian. All the way to the airport and and so you know to me a Russian guy great American and I really humans you can never expect that are currently here pretty pretty -- That article you're talking about with an op Ed written by a Republican assemblyman. From the county adjacent to the county where -- -- that garrido. -- county executive he's a known associate of -- -- -- north grand group. It. And and at work record with a rock at its water from Republican establishment. That want to see and -- terino. Run -- so that we can place or show. An outlook to win. And you know it's very interesting that the writer and you're committed actually a veteran of the Iraq War. A great American -- I salute your service. But while he was a corporal in the Marines geek pride that. In Indian politics the -- he knew -- understand that you you don't even look at polls when nobody has declared. For goodness -- the governor has declared its embassy but you don't look at all according to the poll. Quote. Donald Trump won't even get the numbers that Carl Paladino -- -- and do you believe that. I don't believe any poll is put out right now except that Donald Trump if I'm not mistaken he himself did -- in some internal polling data that says he would be asked to Reno by about 74%. To 26% of my correct. Well I thought it -- no I have not seen that point I know that they were talking about doing in -- -- -- all I want it -- and are -- -- instrument. By. Yeah I saw that week I mean I think the numbers are pretty realistic. But he and that whole right now is it is there's -- because it's so very early. We actually know or front -- required that you can't get a good picture a photograph of what voters are thinking if nobody in the race. I don't buy this idea of Donald Trump -- a race he's going to win -- to lose rather by an embarrassingly large margin quite the contrary I believe. Very much that of Donald Trump gets into this race not only is he going to win he's going to win -- slide it's not even close -- Cuomo. -- sentiment and -- it was very -- or -- immediately. It was you know back in -- any other matters they have been talking about your old -- teacher by trade in and I think he'd he'd he'd better -- -- and you American history. What we have here is it's basically -- and establishment republic including water for the special ranking minority. Are Republicans who were backing -- after Reno campus. Well let's. Put this thing here. If you look in the line. Here Lawler is opened up a war between accurate and populate the -- You know. You know record you know the -- of the -- In the -- Brought back. There are a lot of things that nations -- in the could be. -- factory you know. But it because -- minutes between the now -- now there are Donald are negatives. On and I wrote. You are now. Not only -- -- pretty hard to have a horse here but that if I'm not mistaken didn't trump speak with -- Reno about the possibility of -- Reno becoming trumps lieutenant governor candidate. You know nobody really knew. Coming into that the big ego that would become a problem with -- next week. -- Yeah. Sorry I'm just I'm drawing some radio analogies in my mind which I dare not speak out loud. But relative to the station but go ahead. I understood that you know it you know that the bottom line is that. This is really early on trump said last week -- would go all way to the convention. I'm not what initially planned several counties here. And bit in the back what you need to do because you know acting as -- correctly noted that now. And it's not being has not repeat programs result we're looking at least he could be battle and I'm. They even though he -- And he said well I submit Cuban Esther -- always smoke and some serious class. You know well I mean that's an actor not a great guy and he would make a great governor. But there's no path to victory for them what they're factoring out and equipment golf design -- new York Republican Party surrender call. You know they're they're running up against. Well now they wanna run and gentlemanly race. They like it just over 40%. -- an -- you know can run for governor again. And -- the attorney general whoever it stepped in after Cuomo and supply to meet each time Beltzner -- or camp and again at industry. So -- you know look at the future unfortunately the rest of -- here in New York doing no future if -- did it Ed Cuomo wins reelection. -- it will all things -- would consider argue all day about the Republican establishment and the bunch of important people they are always end up with that present us with the back and the ports are okay. But the bottom line Michael views you have that direct line of communication to Donald Trump. Along with every Russian cab driver in New York City right now. But you have bad back -- you have that open door to Donald Trump my question to you is. Yes or no and what is the drop dead date year. Well according to mr. trump the drop dead date is in May when applicant that. Court between now and then here again in the right where does that. -- accurate -- -- been running for over a year now he's working with the year he's been talking publicly about numbers -- days after he was reelected. -- he expected and that how that would you Oprah. Here you're recounting of mart Wal-Mart and -- -- idle beer Egypt. No deal if -- senator coming in from out of state winning a senator's job in New York but everybody knows all she wants to do is run for president. Oh wait a minute that happen nevermind. An -- happened Oppenheim needs a part political aspirations get in the way of your ability to do your job and it's. And it it is unfortunate circumstance where aspiration to become more important. Ardent Serb people but. Here -- the situation with Abbott you know mr. trump now understand that the Republican Party choose their candidate. Anime convention according to law. And when he burst clear -- the exciting it is to walk in the street there there aren't very. He thought that meant -- -- and you know as new students at New York State Republican politics. -- thought that meant that at Renault have been -- -- but what really happened happened is we have to basically cut off all of oxygen. And keep him from getting 25%. Of the weighted vote at that may Republican Convention and Donald Trump already has almost enough. Our support in their among county chairmen to take that path. What was the net result we're talking by the way with the Michael reporter who's a political strategist he's an expert and crisis communication and he is tiger's neighbor well connected to let Donald -- up. 8030 my thirty by the way is a phone number for your question or comment 8030930. Start on the podium cellphone. 180616. WB -- AccuWeather we're gonna get some fog tonight partly cloudy with pocket. And freezing late tonight 25 and with -- Thursday and really it's in the afternoon and a high temperature forty and it really -- that -- -- and -- possible flooding situations developing. Dole and that will give you all the information coming at 330 Michael Capuano is whether -- on a WB EM cell. You talk about clearing the -- deck Michael well actually let's let's go back a little bit for. At what point you know politics is is question of time. And at what point does Donald Trump in order to keep the excitement alive even before may. Need to give his followers were people who want to support him. What does he need to throw us a freaking bone. Well you know believe that it it's that kind of conventional wisdom lays it out next. Open to what they called exploratory committee basically looking out repeat donations. -- -- asked you know did recently walked across the street -- open an account with no money. Bomb you know -- don't ask -- that yet to -- that you know probably in the near term act now. More and more Republican events -- speaking upstate and now they hopefully more upstate. In anti. Lightly. And a paper -- And probably around that time our Carl Paladino remembered declared his candidacy on April -- -- -- about it and write about that aren't mr. trump what happened declared his candidacy at a public -- we're talking about an exploratory committee. Several Republican events are small ample probable event and the eventual announcement around early part of me late march. Have a -- trump Donald Trump is an international superstar. Carl Paladino is horrible local phenomenon. Made Donald Trump basically the guys sneezes and it's waited around the world he knows. I was gonna say breaks. Win but I can't imagine anybody with that kind of money ever doing. Right actually you know they -- it would do that for them exactly know that that the bottom line it -- -- actually got in the recently. April it was too late and many different ways and I think it. Important to note -- you know Donald prompt would probably -- looking for a little earlier announced. -- epidemic in this break apart at the back and that wall character when it's. This attack these. In New York quote clearly hearing water but it -- over the -- that was a Republican I -- you know. It opened up a whole new front now on you don't company that ensure -- law. And up until now there has been in terms but the truth -- been broken it will be with a bit. Well I know that he's already issued some tweets about that basically people with bad suits live -- him. When I say -- timing clothing I don't mean lawsuits. Right and -- you know amateur politician like -- smaller here hear from you really doesn't understand politics -- he -- I think poll that was done in the back hugely important birdies. Even cleared but the race everybody in politics knows that I. But in any -- taking shots from people who work you know in the direct spam earlier in the direct. Geographic area of rock -- -- right about. I call -- on Michael a lot of talk you more about this but I -- heartbreak and if I miss it I become a female talk show host a news radio 930 WB. -- Trick play in this this week and I couldn't feel that the instrument. Players. 333. Radio and I -- WB the end anyway. Joke hammers it master control. And John Sherman is your culture that are on the truck shop -- arguably horrific over the weekend because he wants and he you -- of -- well. And I'll use my best Sam Elliott voice we're gonna go to dealership an -- say everybody here wants up. Should Barack parole and I'm pretty chicken joke that they're gonna do is give you want to drive you know and I'm Sam. -- wrong. Because you gotta gotta get -- rule you know Sam Elliott. That's his -- -- -- just say. My right to honest -- -- using for the past ten years. She and raw. Yes exactly like that preferably with a cigarette dangling from your -- All right I'm willing to make that sacrifice for. We're talking with the Michael Capuano political strategist expert in political communication are close personal friend of bugged Donald for a Donald represents speed dial and he's done Donald Trump's speed dial in life is great. For Michael Capuano servers -- article in the New York Post. Today and if talks about. Basically. Donald Trump is opposing us all. Donald Trump is just basically engaging in a giant PR ploy -- -- all this talk that he's gonna run for governor. Earlier Donald Trump tweeted that his own internal polls said that in a primary against Esther -- of at Westchester County executive. He would get trounced pastor Reno -- 76% the 24%. So against that -- means something but any poll that shows equal all would -- trump doesn't mean anything. Michael I'm -- a bit of an inconsistency here. Not to mention reported commercial break -- -- -- -- -- all. No all means anything. The people -- do them because they need some kind of they line in order to work are you need to see how much you're proving you're there -- the one thing that people are. It -- Donald and I. Anybody who always universally known as high negatives except let's say your state senator Jeter's -- right he probably -- -- you know. Presents the Bronx is ever call you keep it. -- -- -- frequent. Run for and your new Yorker carpetbagger by you and she had really. Been very similar. The right right. Like Mark. -- IPO we hear. -- how we heard from Britain Bosnia and Carl Paladino was a candidate and Carl Paladino okay presents. In order of the -- That the Republican Party. For. Me here -- yeah -- I remember. Remembered -- name. -- problem. Now is that -- -- and army national unity here in New York State and I can. And should. Ultimately. -- Republican. So it. Again and Cuomo. Well. Not to be confused with a steamroller Eliot Spitzer was the steamroller mr. look at the prostitute. Luck I believe my socks and shoes on that's hot. Who of course -- David Paterson who begat Mario Andrew Cuomo who would be gotten by Mario Cuomo to almost biblical frankly. Well Brothers -- more -- but anyway when I was gonna say not the present and wrong with that but what I was gonna say is what -- these big time meetings that were taken place that. -- all of our hopes and in my hopes were were peaking last week because of the possibility. That we could. -- have some kind of an announcement from from Donald Trump all of the movers and shakers are talking to Donald Europe I said the New York's future was being cited in a building in New York City as we spoke. And everybody kept saying keep an eye on Trump's Twitter he is Twitter feed you but I just what are Pete I kept his Twitter period until I tell us. Yeah that was Omnicom mode when the pulled it up here. But it cannot read or watch -- is well you went to George Carlin who I can't say that on the radio. I -- grasp well. Frank very well played this -- is not going to be -- daily story. Albeit a bit ought. Bush getting somebody into the race that rap movement what we're doing now. As high points like big meetings with more Republican chairman rattling on their own dime. They have ever done and -- is currently. All of your state Republican politics and by the way without the chairman of the party being invited. I mean there there are milestones that are very important. But after we have a big meeting like that you know the chairman at the chairman Apatow in the kind of a quiet mode and ordered the disgusting. The ball a little bit. Here in the air from the north country and over -- over and announced. Quietly and can be. Our radar and we're gonna have a quiet period now I wouldn't expect we're gonna hear anything. You don't -- and out of mr. tropic is a matter of days I think we might hear an announcement of more and more band that's another indication that equals period. And yet people have to understand that this is not. October you know this is. This is February and that keep it on the the ball. Ares slowly Whittle until May. When I guess what I don't understand about this is I don't know where the ball have to be moved I've spent time in the north country I've been to Utica -- that the buffalo head and forced port up in the Plattsburgh a bit odd Ginsburg. And I want triggers a lot of repeal and why -- signs up in those areas people can't stand formal or New York City Liberal Democrats in that part of the state. So I don't know where there -- what are we talked about moving the ball anywhere west of the Hudson. People can't stand this guy except of course in Erie county which went when the United States was voting for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Erie county voted for. Want to mourn during. So it was a Michael Dukakis -- or call. Well I'll tell you we have who we have a very different -- -- meet. Our old rock actually you know it's been slowly moving news insult toward announcing over you. And as good as they're you know career politician Lamar. Odom. Other radio industry insult but as someone who's playing a little -- opera about -- eight years. You know all of this standard. Ought to practice. Which is you know that's not apple would -- -- I it's been disappointing some. Republicans. What Kerry chairs and other senior activist you know the Donald Trump is not limit it to their battle it is not gonna happen. That we have to move the ball in a whole new way. Could at least look once in awhile we get to get something to get excited about. But you know -- where we're not following a path blazed by the white. Chairman Ed pops you know back back back back let -- nothing -- -- -- over a decade. Word -- -- following a -- Amid -- -- like keeping it real he's prodding a whole new -- is it not -- answer that that is not. Happening. You know I can't argue that that might be a way to do it. I wish -- The -- -- -- candidate who could beat him Cuomo is someone that would it would it would do down next standard after that wanted to know. But work water that I don't a lot of it don't understand completely that we have to move -- slowly so we don't know it someplace we can't get back. Michael here's the reality. And IA. Will have to -- In the words are beaten certain individual and a certain move. Various this -- my first rodeo. And I want a -- and you know others as well as I do there is not a Republican. In New York State. Who can beat Andrew Cuomo. Except. Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the only person who can remove. Andrew Cuomo from office name recognition number one number two ability to self finance and most importantly number three. The turnout turnout turnout turnout he's not Mitt Romney he's not John McCain. He's Donald Trump that turn out on our part of this state is going to be absolutely incredible. Right and the establishment Republicans like assemblyman -- say. But he's -- a celebrity people were excited but -- -- -- -- -- you -- they're not here you know it will turn out to vote for him because wanna have their pick particular. They're they're they're starting all back on the talking points. It sounds more and more like they're coming from Cuomo's office it from republic in the trying to win. I've had my picture taken with you that's that's the pinnacle for me and why is a microphone keep turning itself -- -- guys every democratic system but it looked on the microphone. Setup. Our Michael hold on because I need to say some very bad words off the -- about her equipment and the maintenance here so report jumbled if you have. Some questions for Michael to put on Michael's doing this by the way on short notice because I just saw the three the tweet from Donald dropped that I saw this piece in the New York Post which basically says -- Donald Trump you're wasting our time. Get out of the way so we can have a real candidate. Have the path cleared for him the real Camp David accord be rob -- Reno. So I don't wanna keep Michael all -- because Michael has better things to do. Okay like having nice straight session with bunker trop okay he's got much better things to do than talk to me on the radio. If you've got questions about this -- if for example folks. Some you think I'm nuts because I think that Andrew Cuomo is very vulnerable to Donald Trott. Summing it -- whack job because I happen to think that Donald Trump would destroy Andrew Cuomo in a head to head election. Don't argue with me take it up with Michael Caputo because he knows political polling better than -- And I did get an a plus that you -- statistics. So -- at. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WBM. This is what happens when two great lines converge on one great radio station. WB yet. -- it is at 348 at news radio 930 WB and I just pretty -- Thompson's. FaceBook page I had the China. About this war between Michael Savage and Sean Hannity. -- -- -- -- thinks it's a great idea to go after -- and the horror Michael Savage. Which please tell me and others benefit any of us plays. It. Okay folks when you're basically on the same side. When you're basically on the same team does somebody want to explain that maybe. -- like it wet dream for -- bit ago and his people. Get the conservatives and Republicans slings and arrows and each other. Lines Michael Savage. Crime she. If you engagement Michael Savage you are a moron. God there's audience it up for everybody. Don't you think that the -- and so called progressives. Love. When conservative talk show -- start cannibalizing each other else wrong what you might call. Seriously. -- -- as -- defender of yours when nobody else would be and -- recompense yeah. Is to pick a fight to give yourself some name recognition is that what this is all about your Frick an ego oh. Is that what it's all about a few extra millions of dollars. A few extra million dollars not gonna do. Believe it doesn't make you happier believe the 9/11 in the driveway does not make your -- big trust me a thousand. God that's something in the media may be one up for compute. Michael Savage in Sean Hannity ought to be on the same basic team you don't attack somebody attacks somebody on the left. -- attacked somebody who's a quarter quote progressive. Spoke after your -- I actually know people who actually get off on attacking people they were. Or people on the same side. 'cause I guess it makes them feel bigger. Be aware of those people they're not in it for you folks there in it for themselves and their ego and the fundamentally know that they're tiny little men. Where it counts. Let's find out about traffic right now and here is mr. Brian -- are asking. But some everything is looking pretty good for right now the only real slow down uses on the -- the Alpine made villain between the may -- for don't -- that there's some road work going -- that has the right -- closed on the ninety. Going eastbound. Between exit sixty and 59 and the schedule without having -- us. Is moving a little slow bullets just regular congestion no major accidents the speaker of all the other major roadways. Are looking just fine in WB Ian slain on March traffic command I'm Brian mess around ski don't -- -- All right. The idea lets everybody have a perfect talk show host it each one of them can have 110 of a share of the audience boy that's effective way to lobbyist -- Idiots idiots idiots about idiots around me jokers to the right at me jokers to the left I'm stuck in the middle with -- wife. AccuWeather. -- today. Sorry folks I just people. But sometimes I think conservatives of the dumbest asked people on the face of the planet. You got enough opposition from the left and you're gonna give it to each other really that's real intelligent yeah. Are right anyway so. Partly cloudy with some fog and surprising late tonight overnight low 25 were gonna get some warming up Thursday at by the way. Here's my memo to the National Weather Service -- It's good to stop what the -- watches all the time that's what it's wintertime I expect it's. Do you sometimes you really have to tell that in 48 hours it's going to be a high wind watch so. Are. Going to be windy we've got cold front coming. Coming in teen Ager we just -- Now because these flicked it high wind watches every day what. That's a warning let us know okay. Seriously. It's one of those opinionated day's newspaper columnist used the right. Michael group Bhutto is your start -- Miller and -- But anyway -- When you were -- about average and and and Hannity. Is actually really quality relevant to what happens in the New York Post we basically have. Water carrier for act Perino taking wide open shots and at Donald Trump when there was a truce between April should be. Now it's gone. And in -- mr. Paul Abbott told me that it could start at only at the body jet pay. But they certainly aren't the first shot. And that it can't pick up that pick it up and and and I'm returns fire pit they gonna turn something down the bank a lot. But Michael that's that's a thing you'd never see but they go and look -- and I we don't agree on anything but I at least respect the fact that he doesn't go after his own. The Republicans and the conservatives might not get all they do. Make -- readers not cannibalizing. Each other look them. Right and what's funny is that -- based center and its assemblyman and basically they're adamant surrender our. In the assembly. And any take shots. You know it. -- -- -- -- -- -- shot at you know that they another average but may not recur or are you know that the -- you know what. You know what's gonna happen so the destruction of the hit it again today. You don't take this problem I invite him. Would be not to. Frankly it's it's really quite a supply. Every bit. Well right now -- -- it would be surprised if we revert back in the same thing. Well you know so true in the art of war said something -- put on my FaceBook page last week. If your enemy is of color -- seek to irritate him. I'm a believer in a psychological. Worker with people and one of the best ways to (%expletive) off somebody who hates your. Is to be nice to them because nothing drives an enemy more crazy. Then when you're nice to them and you don't fall into their trap of negativity and hatred drives them. You know one. I think you know I think with a trumpet exhibiting some restraint if I -- art I've been out and -- on Twitter. Social media and other radio -- downstate New York today. Are trying to label them and -- For exactly what is this a breaking of the troops in public so apartment -- -- haven't taken the bait my hope he doesn't. Well you are not be -- of Western New York politics. There's -- name from 1984 that you don't hear much anymore not be buried. I you know that it would have Lebanon anyway Michael hockey in the little bit the next hour or you're gonna be busy with sum but big shot radio station in Amsterdam. -- The order or are Michael report and I will I continue to talk about the trump candidacy and more on news radio 930 WB.

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