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2-19 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back to Beijing governor said to -- -- -- when I started this subject I said the usual suspects are in favor of every kind of program you can think of and again just now I'm gonna ask you guessed Tony I'm answered yes. Guess which lawmaker says you know and buffalo we don't have these same ability to tax the rich as they do in New York City. I wish we did so in indeed. I wish the governor's plan would come to before so that we could raise taxes and have universal pre K. All day for the entire state so she's very much in favor of raising taxes for the entire state I'll just say one thing view. -- -- sixteen day. Crystal people are still pay polls. It's a Kardashian stokes now and she's -- me -- this quote him here okay this is Christa -- They get an idea. We are the third worst state for losing population. They don't seem to get that. The third worst. We are not on the -- -- swing we are not India where encouraging -- arguing any many takers to encourage business to come in here it is a very anti business. State and also -- very highly taxed states these are the words of crystal peoples. Quote the fact that we don't have that option in buffalo meaning to block zeal wants to tax high earners in New York City. To pay for their pre K program. The fact that we don't have that option -- buffalo to have a bunch of wealthy people pay for pre K makes me a little concerned about it. I think we should be looking for ways to offer pre K on a universal basis across the state. I'm glad. That he has the ability to find ways to take care of the needs -- New York but I think that excludes people who don't live in New York City. If we had to get approval to raise the tax and it should be attacks that goes to New York State. Then here we go we can provide universal pre K to every district that needs that. If we do it this way that it will be if we go his way of leaves that out so what she is proposing. She's proposing a tax increase for all of New York State to fund universal pre K she doesn't care. Don't care -- show us. They don't care and this is what you say. And. The buffalo schools as -- already told you have offered full day and have to programs for decades and last year applied to a state grant to expand the offerings. The district already as to our 2055. Students and full day programs in a maintains a waiting list of about 200. So. -- -- the blahs Il wants to raise taxes. On the wealthy -- New York City for his break pre K she says no don't do that. Let's do it for the whole state and raise taxes for everybody that's their that's their answer to everything it's it's pathetic you're really truly is. Yet in here is I think Donald via from a mistaken him. The shift to a full day requirement or option will be evaluated not so much for his benefit for students. But what the per pupil support. Is and is sustainable -- Donald movie I don't see no applying for the funding. The situation may be somewhat different and urban school systems like buffalo where some leaders are even pushing the mandate all four year old Stewart and reject. And that would be a crystal peoples Ogilvy also cautioned about jumping to -- institute a statewide system to keep up -- New York City. If they wanna put in a one size fits all approach upstate districts are going to end up with things they neither asked for nor need. Okay and but guess what people like you're crystal peoples people -- there's kind of -- was I didn't plan and just worked out that way. They just see an opportunity. Higher taxes what are higher taxes mean more revenue what are -- or more rather -- We can spend more money we can bribe more people we don't buy more votes we can have more infrastructure -- beholden to us we can have more teachers in unions we can have more of this and you know I mean that's out. That's all they think well there's no question in your crystal peoples quotes in this article that it helps the student. Isn't that what it's supposed to be about helping those student. It's nothing about that at all and Angie she plays her hand right there she wants higher taxes for all of. New York State so that every district can happen and Ogilvie says whether they want it or need it or not. That this is what New York State does. Every day it's something different yesterday it was -- Let's let's give prisoners a cash for cons is what I call a free college tuition. Senator marker Sonny has a a web -- going on now has over 3000 signatures. It would his online petition saying no George -- yards. Vehemently against that good for -- Georgia and hold your ground on that. Let's -- wells Jane Corwin vehemently against that recited vehemently against that now. Let's Democrats that are against that. This year they seem to be quiet. Can understand that. It's amazing how the Republicans seem to have some kind of attitude that we have to justify. Cost and effect. What effect will this have and at what cost will that be. They seemed to have a rationale that. They don't have an automatic opening to our wallets and our purses and our -- the way we make Olympic. That shouldn't be their domain. They should spend prudently. Crystal peoples and people who think like crystal peoples think that it's all bears. And that we're lucky they'll let us keep any of that. I'm asked basically the attitude is. And it never changes but it -- always had this for several decades now. Several decades. Now and they graduate less than 50% of their -- of their students. You tell me how effective ideas it has no effect at all who skating home will be back after. I was -- you get caught up on YouTube you guys. I when I get on the air sometimes eyes on him for four or five hours especially his start. Did you know some music you like to hear as they always everyone remind your ten dollars right -- end -- yesterday I was watching them. The concert though with -- -- not a huge Springsteen fan I can take him. Blood he brings Paul McCartney up when they -- us are standing there I call -- I mean just knock your socks up. And I suddenly in the tribute to a Freddie Mercury from queen. Concert Elton John sang and Axl Rose came out and it was magnificent mail -- at the rate. Here and so there's so much as stuff available that every song you wanna listen to remind your ten others. Before you know what you got to recharge the battery on whatever device you're listening to and on yeah I can spend hours -- times will be. It's just -- -- room and cranked speakers and just go from song to song especially with country music as I love country music and I know country music you know like traditional country music program Lucas though. And that you find I mean you'll find songs you hadn't heard a long time and I end up with saving. All of them there's one that I found out from guitar player shall -- -- on he's absolutely incredible. -- he does flight of the bumblebee and the guitar flight of mumbling on a guitar it's he's he's doing. Amazing and I do in the win. And an element and here is the echo on the moon really out I'll get it on -- I never heard -- -- -- amazing. -- or asking crystal peoples says hey taxation for everybody. Why. Are we should have universal all debris -- for the entire New York State don't -- New York City doing it alone. Taxation we want a tax increase for everybody that's typical crystal -- and that. I crystal personally but she'd they'll achieve fits into the same mold as all those Democrats -- just wanna grab your last penny. And find somebody to give it to that's what it amounts to. Meanwhile George -- ours is putting up the good fight saying. No this. This free college for prisoners is isn't a good idea. Says he's he's gonna work against that in and Jane Corwin said the same thing and certainly mark -- Sonny has an online petition. With -- over three -- 3000 signatures saying the same thing but while they're trying to. Look after responsible spending. Crystal peoples it's it's it's like it's it would won the lottery we got elected to office now we can take whatever amount of money we want. From all the people we'd like to take -- from. So she says unfortunately that buffalo camp tax. Doesn't have enough of a based attacks the ultra wealthy. Or is the certainly the high owner higher earners like New York City could and so he she wants a tax rules that. Just -- attacks agrees and just put in there. That's her attitude. The nicest because somebody rational that had a DM from a name occasionally. Let's go to up in west Seneca ally Iran W -- I can't -- the -- act. My -- can't stop shivering between all it's tacky mania ideas floated around. Got a hold on your dollars are gonna -- and run out of your hands. They already -- yeah. Now it's pre K thing. What ever happened to say in the -- mothers. -- and I was teaching their children how to read. And buildings and the about these what do we do we have pattern that's still a baby issue outlook and that overturn this state. Parents -- cut throat is gone. Well that's that your -- about individual responsibility. Allah and that seems to have gone out the window. -- -- That's why our society is so parents screwed up. When you create a life I feel anyway and I'm -- I'm not alone when you creative like you have a responsibility. To that life. I agree I mean basically of the people who. Who feel bad their only obligation is to enjoy the sex act. And whatever happens after that should be the obligation of society. To raise the child and provide for the child they don't have any need to do that. And we -- we in my time. Peace -- fulke. We -- kind we still -- her daughters to be homemakers and mothers. And they can you tell you what career that doesn't encompass all that we possibilities the mother would. You -- teach your that. There now. You know so let's -- assure that you our -- you are you know your right you have to do all that well those days are gone and that's that's part of the problem. It brings back and had he ever heard the term bubble up. I guide I have heard the term yes. Well you know it is we get too many months one. I'm not the hurt that it's out of them with this month once I. What about the other side we have no way that we didn't blow he'll go and no I don't mind it is so no. But he can't stand up for it because -- stand up for anything. What you brought us a couple of expressions we haven't heard a while let's see you know. Yeah -- all okay are there any new bogeys are they producing bogeys at at a younger major they all all Applebee's. What evangelical. People deal. Everything that technical and -- well of course. Allah as soon as you suggest anything that has anything to do with class. Our moral responsibility. Parental responsibility. Applaud people appoints a you're out of date or you don't do that and mark your job is that have been Kidman turned over to the through the state to run him. Advocates -- apparently it. -- -- -- teenagers anymore and even months premature but don't but they're ready. And rubberized the playground so when they fall off the jungle gym they don't go you know just I -- She just left. While our phone just went away I didn't I didn't -- up the phone just went away because we love -- we really do. Parental responsibility -- and she brings up -- point of teaching your kids things before they go to school now I don't know in my entire life. Everybody in my family or any of my acquaintances and have children. I'll always taught kids things before they went to school. They read to them some of them know the alphabet. They know colors. There's a lot of things they have a mom paint pictures with finger pains all kinds of stuff. So that when they go to school they kind of hit the ground running. But that seems to be an old fashioned virtual now. The people who are pressing -- -- all day every day pre K paid for by the government at the age of war Cuban Iowa when I'm out -- we're talking about pre kindergarten at the age of force and access to. The next average -- you you bring a crib over and somebody overseas that and you pretend it's educational side educational. It's a babysitting service. You know and Illinois and who would benefit from it. Certainly all the people who are the regular contributors. Through the terror attacks has been -- the people who would. Get that job because of it who get that benefit because of it would -- that retirement plan because of the and it's all designed for one thing. To have more money to pass out to more people to buy more votes that's what it gets down to. There's not one person who's quoted. In this extensive article by Tom precious in the US and in the above -- those. That says that this is a really. A benefit educationally. No he's funny that out you know like Zakaria as it because if they could they would they kept. They can't we see it before what is the money grab. It's an absolute -- and if you're happy to see your four year old body your life every day is that primarily because you don't wanna be bothered whether you're happy about this. If you believe in some kind of responsibility. Parental governmental. Societal. Then you're not too happy about this will take a break we'll be back with more was beach and company. Your hearing the voice of -- WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine journey and -- toll free line is 1806169236. This is -- the bumblebee on guitar. I -- I. I've never played hundreds of. Antonio can you find and -- I like flight of -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- would it's not good I was I was watching some video yesterday and it is amazing stuff on line really is and so you can get all caught up at same time now here's the deal. Crystal peoples crystal peoples stokes thinks she doesn't like the New York idea because we can't tax enough people. She said yes. New York with the Bosnia his idea is we will take a higher earners and tax them for babysitting that children. Probably of the non higher earners he got that that's the way it robbery. She wishes we have that here but she's as we don't we don't we wouldn't get enough revenue so hurt suggestion. Being you know being obviously right on point. Is that we should have way statewide tax and everybody that's that's the way she feels meanwhile. Don Ogilvie. Oh is the district superintendent of schools for -- on both sees. Is quoted as saying. The ship joyful day requirement or option will be evaluated not so much risk benefit for students. But what will be per pupil support. That is sustainable. I don't see that applying for the funding the situation may be somewhat different urban school systems like buffalo. Where some leaders are even pushing the mandate all four Urals it's and three okay. Or will be also caution in this is the important part about jumping and to institute a statewide system to keep up -- New York City. If they want to put in one size fits all approach upstate districts are going to end up with things they need their past war. Nor indeed. And that's exactly right but what he didn't say is but will be asked to pay for. So there again it's it's always the same one day. The people who don't wanna bother taking there -- now I'd I'd give your crowd give you credit as some people have to do they have been working two jobs or whatever and they deserve credit. -- -- but there's a lot of them that would be involved with this who simply don't they just don't want to bother putting in the time necessary. Of the sex act was enjoyable and now you produce a child but. Shouldn't have to look after. How all fashion is that. How soon can we ship them off to the government. Four reporters all that sounds good after we get this -- -- maybe we can reduce it to -- years. -- so the old fashioned attitude of teaching your kids stuff before they get the school forget that that's long gone -- that's. There wrote their commendable but they're out of -- nobody thinks like that anymore parental responsibility. It's ego. Just send a mob have somebody babysit them and let's pray for us all pay for meanwhile you know likes the idea Paul -- Your mayor Tony. Your mirror Paul -- he's quoted in here. I'd like to have New York City in the fight on the side of universal pre K. Now news -- Niagara Falls as 400 kids now. Who are in all day preschool funded mostly by state money but with 600000. Funding by Niagara Falls. So Niagara Falls is is shelling out 600 grand. And the state is shelling out the rest for their pre K program. So that's that's the way it is people who are wringing their hands can hardly wait. How else can we get into your pocket how else can we get into your wallet let's -- children. You'd think in five years old -- tool would go to school times faster but let's go for the for your girls you know week. Meanwhile you wanna spend money wisely -- oh I haven't airlift of condoms. I mean it it's you get the same pleasure basically and the expenses go way down. Obviously I'm only semi joking but it's your guy -- apologize to Tony -- guy and your town. Yeah he has he's been a good little d.s being a soldier of the Democratic Party that's exactly the way it is the way he is very very reliable. Party first in what's good for the people's crystal peoples the same thing yeah. You know he had principally rules and here and she is a charming while but I like her personally I don't like politics course. But the bottom line is that that's the way they think. It's not enough to tax the rich we don't have an -- taxes what she's. Crystal maybe ever win and we don't have an average to Jackson buffaloes to think about that and part of it is let's spend on every game comes down the pike. How about if we keep going with this type of op plan that we're gonna have less rich because they're gonna follow Rush Limbaugh and Dallas -- in Hannity. -- -- elsewhere are rushed through in to embrace illegal immigration. Where do you think those kids are gonna and a -- -- that -- door opens wide. And did you hear the story about I think it was in San Diego. It was in the national news the San Diego where Maria a Border Patrol officer was hit on the head with a rock. He gets assaulted with a rock and defended himself and shot and killed the -- the illegal. Immigration. Problem down there and had to do that and we'll see if he's held the at the stake because of doing that so I thought of the injustice of him putting his life on the line being hit over the head with a rock by an illegal immigrant. And meanwhile -- on the go that much further Washington where they're welcoming people -- New York City. And New York State where they're welcoming people in fact it's. That same person that hit him over the head with a rock instead of coming in through San Diego and -- come in through New York -- -- of free ID cards that they could get the benefits owner. We think about the bed the confluence of those two outs and then go to jail and then -- get a free free college education and absolutely. So not a make a living without having to hit a law enforcement officer over the head with a rock. This all makes perfect sense to me -- -- also we haven't. Wasteful ways discounts from war and he says I think pre K is terrific -- -- I cannot stand the idea of paying for there -- so many other things the state needs when our tax money be better spent and say a new waterfront. -- well our tax money could be better spent a lot of things the bottom line is that the the governor wants to float a bond. All right crystal peoples would like to see attacks in a general tax increase. As a matter now won -- gas that a ha. A lot of the people who would benefit from this are paying taxes and it. There again you get the same thing. How productive -- -- what are they putting in the in the coffer before they take that amount out one would guess that. Perhaps they're taking more out -- they put. Maybe somebody sent crystal peoples the study that says New York's game is over ten doll. All parties actually get that those two words put together I don't think she's ever heard that because all she poses pull lever sixty -- will be back up service. A big and -- they were asking about some of the all day. Pre K. We're not talking about kindergarten more time up prekindergarten we're talking about four girls now there are both several. School districts that have half day or partial day pre K and there's a few that have them all -- Greek name. This would be the governor wants it universally for the state. -- the blahs EO wanted for New York City. He intends to finance it with -- tax on -- earners the governor says this will cost one and a half billion -- here again -- -- says -- cost wanted to have Billy nobody wants a bond for two billion a little overrun there just in case okay. Meanwhile crystal peoples. He says why -- that's why don't we just simply. We don't have enough people in this area. That make. -- high wages so let's just tax everybody in this state that's her idea. Let's just tax everybody in this day and I haven't for everybody that's the free ride that most people with a and I I think is just preposterous. There's been no no -- Kind of a definitive study are proof. That this helps in the educational process if it -- buffalo has added four decades. And we spend a billion a year. In buffalo schools and guess what we -- less than 50% graduation rates -- you tell me how effective that. That pre K. Ridiculous. Let's go to David in Mary's -- David -- on WB again. I think he's in. In the Atlantic for in -- famous educator but of those their college level but I do think that this may pay off in the end because I think that he -- -- That the kids to get this. Can cause us trouble learn better different nutrition programs. So I mean you know you're is the talk show you go back and forth she is strong conservative movement then the burgeoning feeling I understand that I agreed to. I have them -- their based on on sensible thought processes first of all. Are you saying bad behavior -- individual it's indicated for for behavioral tutoring. No no I think that when children get to connect I know many people who teach these young kids now they're they're they're very excellent with. With language -- music with relation between kids in need to get a head start -- the -- points. But what happened to the head start -- mom and dad and other words -- I think I I bet David and I've -- would be willing to bet that your mom and dad were the same as my mom and dad and though before we step foot in -- classroom there were things we knew we'd probably knew the alphabet. We probably new colors the way they were probably a reading to us are we to say that that's no longer need. No absolutely and I think this is what they decide to for parents. The single parent homes and others who they can go to work because they have reasonable child care if you don't have reason which has here is that if you can't afford to work for urine sample well. Maybe you could have afforded to advocate in the first place. Well he began legal back and it was crazy too if you don't mind. Our show here I'll let you finish but show me a study because I'd love to see -- showing a study of what percentage of parents that that would use universal -- care in the programs that are out now or work. I'd like to see us but Garnett. Makes you think about a society is we get 310 million people in this country. And that seven billion around the world and there -- limited resource there's no question all the sparkle money in taxes and so it. And there are infrastructures and environments they need to be addressed and I think the difference. If indeed you're right we could see how we looking forward and does he does it cost to the cost benefit there and I I would hope it's. There's a politician should look at those studies that are educators would weigh in on this. I would I would I would use one word replies to you that will refute everything you just said that word is buffalo. Buffalo fits the bill exactly as you described it. They've had universal part time and full time pre K all along they spend a billion dollars a year on education and we get a 48% graduate. It's a good point is -- good public and the bigger picture it was an important situation if we. Could create something like this in conservation corps. That to get in in educate people because if only unemployed and that is completely. -- very few people that I went to go. -- did not want to work and ended it could be it is definitely -- for -- and we repeat with support these people any help with welfare food -- Housing subsidies unemployment when -- put in the work well. I -- first I don't disagree -- -- it was the ability hopefully of people get jobs but what I say is I haven't seen you say there -- studies and I've never seen one. They're correlated to. Be high percentage of parents who work because of this and couldn't have without it. For openers. I think that is basically -- babysitting service and that should not be on the taxpayer that should be on the person doing it if they couldn't afford if they can't afford to raise a child they should have a child for sports. Thank you thanks -- thank you thank you very much. Yeah everything he said all wrapped up in the buffalo school system. Behavioral issues do you think that there they got a good command that the bubble schools as -- now obviously. The educational. It should all be about one thing it should all be about the betterment of education for that child. That's what should be about it shouldn't be would be about how many union jobs it's going to produce. Shouldn't be about how much more schools space we're going to need. Not only will we have to build it will have to heated will have to clear the driveway will have to do it will ensure it will have to do all the things we have to do shouldn't be about that. The focus should be on the kid the child but it's not the child Visio simply as a jumping off point. And it's very safe when you attach yourself to anything regarding children. To try and get funding for. Because if you just ovens that we want to hire X amount more teachers we want to build X amount more school space. We wanna do this we wanna do that we wanted to abandon the cause is in New York's they would be one and a half billion minimum bond to be two billion. You say what what's that about but if you tie if you tie it to school children then all of a sudden everybody thinks well that's going to be a great idea. Because it's going to help the kids the kids. Not for rural kids it doesn't we already pay we pay through the -- you know that in fact Obama said it. At Oklahoma says that we spend the most per child in New York State on education of any of the fifties. And you'll notice. I come from Massachusetts and I knew that there were fifty states. I'm like the president came here from where every came here from Chicago. With up to a 57. There's a good example. He became president of the United States and even in office. He has said that there were 57 states now I don't know if he went to school at age four but if we did it didn't do much good that it. So very good to have but I mean that's just rapid and I kids that president. And and you're gonna get taxpayers -- to show all the money I think that if they go for that it helps kids. Then it's worth talking about if it if they approve it at the end of the pipeline when you graduate from high school. That you graduate from high school and that that that that the year and in pre K when you afford your result. Was beneficial and getting you through school and getting you in the college or it into a good trade or whatever you'd like whatever works for you. It was beneficial -- everywhere talking about but it is it is and it's a jobs program. And bring you to agree -- their -- music deisler while we're pals when I was check on him because. Policy. Niagara Falls. Yeah it's what. Niagara Falls gets 600000. Dollars. From Niagara Falls for their program. And the rest of -- funded by state money. So they he loves that he wants to see it obviously expanded as as most people do. Who want to be able to tell their constituents what they've done for them lightly. Does it makes no difference on the kid makes no difference at all. All right that wraps it up and go see it tomorrow we're gonna get through the freezing fog whatever that is tomorrow morning. Rumor and need to make a note to find out what it is by tomorrow okay freezing -- Chris is that Chris is the first guy here so we'll see a BS Fargo over his face will -- it was freezing yes it's awareness now it's hockey time and don't forget if you learned anything on The Today Show there are fifty states. In the United States. I know you don't need to know that to be president but I think itself we -- taking notes as of 55 well thank you but remember Hawaii five -- -- -- Well I'll sit Marmol millions. We'll we'll. Which they never has to needs to be used she.

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