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2-19 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That was Beijing governor earlier Tony -- the the figure skating he doesn't isn't like that and that's highest rated of all the lumber exports -- so -- know but here's the disappointing part of course you look at the of the ladies. The very attractive ladies. And there wearing some -- at the daring -- -- you were talking about low cut neckline and sparkles and that's just Johnny Weir. Other women are actually even wilder outfit but here's the disappointing part and I this is they spoil our own work. For those of you look at that female figure skaters ago. Pretty hot stuff and up pretty daring costume on Darren at all what you think is yen as material. Okay it really is they -- -- will be wearing turtle -- Another reason enough light hitting it I'm not into the artistic side of it. Well I'm not that into it but I read it I really like I I'd do I'd -- like skating and he needs to spice it up. Well yeah well I it's it's that it's a great sport and people love to be the need to come out some Metallica instead of some good stuff that they've been well they don't -- like -- -- have international judges so they wanna use some international music a lot of them use classical music right and a familiar songs as shows that may be our international in scope. You know so that's a Phantom of the Opera -- whatever. That that they of people on the world would know the score. Because you don't want quirky individual music as some people might not think your performances as good as the -- was today and like them so that not to play AC DC back -- very little chance of but the insults that -- the one ho -- who -- the -- -- now you're talking -- -- -- you are talking -- -- -- couple getting to a total -- -- argument in the middle and you want to start going off on each other and you know -- Prizes may. That's a whole different former skating on it I think it's in the -- games. X rated games they want to bring up ratings and few surprises me and tell me if you guys a surprise. We've all of the hours of preparation. Four these gators. Whether the payers or the -- -- okay. In all of the skating they do I'm surprised. That we've never seen anybody cut by a skate like -- -- come moment. Because there are swirling around their jump and in the air with their partner their partners whirling on around their neck and their back. I'm surprised that nobody is delivered that we've ever seen right and we could have an implant made him aggrandizement you guys surprised about yeah now that I've never thought of until you brought up. Right now -- he showed a trick. I camera which it was it was during the ice dancing and I I just handed out and I would -- looked up house watching a good disclaimer -- -- manly man Chris. Why ice dancing and hockey drew -- that you. They were showing replays of the tricks and I think that's my spare part when it's when they showman slow motion. Because it seems almost impossible what they're doing our jobs he that the man was pulling the defeat mellow almost flat and spilling around credible it'll look like. Her skates were right in the guys guys. I have I was thinking the same thing like it's not -- -- maverick yeah I have no idea how how they're not getting -- and states are -- I mean -- real sharp and so I I wonder -- that. A filming the tricks I mean that they've put that on on a public access TV in buffalo middle of the -- and literally dead is a funny. Pictures -- figure skating couple. And the vote the vote the young girl. As the guy but it looks like there Hammond. I'll probably he slipped it looks like she's doing a WWE. Move what she's pile driving his head into -- miss hysterical. Thought that it does look sensational. They are road they're they're they're -- what they do off OK let's go to Fred and Youngstown is it when he thinks about all day pre K funded by the taxpayers when he got forest red. -- got a couple point guys like him HR. 11 being that guy I think this is gonna backfire. Or. And -- mall. Because. Most of the people the issue and for our people who. Can't look forward to -- daycare. And editors -- resolved -- he's expecting more. -- -- you know ball. You know and but I believe these people are the ones that don't -- there there poor's digit. Dictated bill -- on the wrong they just don't ball. -- be interesting to see if it does backfire -- not now he's claiming with his plan. That it would not be any tax increases but the bottom line is if he has a million I -- parents are a billion and a half dollars floating around. That that -- -- spent anyway wants some are sending him back to us the people who send it in the first place. Well that the second -- brings up the second point bad is that we're already spending what you say ability and a. A billion fibers for this plan you know. -- Three or four. Education now 04 buffalo yeah that's just above it's a billion dollars -- -- just for the buffalo district right now. And do you know how many times you see -- the press in the press that. These teachers. Because they're unionized. Are actually. Spending over a couple million a year just to get their faces lit gators well. You -- India the the rubilian cosmetic writer not only their faces they're getting everything lifted. I mean -- you know this is real. It's a lap that New York State. If -- really is because if they -- talking about these being nonunion jobs they wouldn't be pushing for this. But these would be if this these three members of the Trojan. And here -- you go to school you get your degree you you are now certified to teach and what he's got a four year old all day that's not teaching that's babysitting okay thanks Brad. Thank you very much yeah. That's babysitting as what it is at an -- why don't we have somebody calling defend the alarmist nobody's called to defend it. Saying you know how how enriching the educational experiences are if you start school at four. The earliest I can remember. That I'm aware of is like five and a half or six years old -- have any memories at all a five and half or 64. You know telling me your carrying that -- later you know it's between you and some other guy is the last admission to vote next Harvard class. And you know went to school as a four year old than the other one didn't I don't figures it gives the other one. Any kind of an edge or UN economy -- these ridiculous it's just a job making proposition. And knowing that it's a way for the government to get ahold of you even an earlier age sound like a conspiracy kind of guy. But win it was my friend Henry Brock. Who was a legendary KB news person who who first used that expression of the government must take your view from the womb to the -- And that's exactly right because the more beholden -- The more likely you are to vote for them so it's a perfect storm they'll take care of you with somebody else's money you take care of them. Okay that's the way it works and they can't spend it. Fast enough. We'll be back with more would be each and company the agency were from a guy may -- the campus and the president have been -- His last name as Jurassic the Genoa giraffes and you're president Jurassic. And -- I always wonder what they're gonna do with a facility but if they close. That campus -- -- die I think they should make it into a park. And name -- after the president. Get. Yeah I saw that when you're. Right I get this stuff even I don't believe it. You -- get the check honestly what the water on -- Marie okay and if I don't deserve to earn any money on the joke sorry as I heard it I I did the joke in my mind and I've been mulling over all day. Why I decided to use that celestial before those were lawyer and that's filtered. Out and don't put those on best stuff. Her back and dolls -- demise as a streaming I don't think I've lost my comedic touch. Let's go to a Mike in buffalo might -- on WB yen. We will come back today Obama. My point my point my point is. Is that. And I can feel my doubt if -- -- -- -- But before it and they actually have that they care of the kids and -- -- -- actually. Broke her age at that time and so it's just another layer of government to recycling and on the program that -- the -- to Bryant knew when it actually isn't. Is this for more another layer as more governments -- that date is still haven't. And now you're right it's spreading and spreading now there are some programs as you pointed out that are already in place. That are going under the regular school budgets most of them are not full day programs their partial day programs. But they wanted to they wanna spread out by as most of -- as best they can keep spending that money and getting those votes thank you good point might. Good point. What we're talking about is. There's a bill of hit it fit here between -- aired the -- -- in New York City. And the governor Andrew Cuomo would the boy was EO says he wants a all day pre K for New York City but. They'll pay for it themselves. And it would hike New York City income tax on people overrun have a million dollars. To raise five million a year so that's -- they wanna do a tax increase there and this is from Tom precious article problems. So they they were raised the money in New York going to be their own program. -- says now here's what he actually says he said if it's a statewide pre K program the state should pay. The reason he wants to do that is. It's not his money is taxpayer money but if for guys who still has -- I -- -- White House despite what you may have heard or read. This is a way of reaching a lot of people getting them early they get their four year old off and they can do whatever they wanna do go back to bed. Go home and have sex. Maybe have a job I wouldn't -- that would be third on the atlas. And good then there -- off. And they got the day with the government taking care of their -- formal. And you paying for because remember. The government has no money of its own it's the the only money they have is what. You know who have to give them and they take from you -- choice not an option. So. The Lazio's that will have our own program and Cuomo said -- all we can't have two separate. Classes of people. He says we can't have -- vote -- maybe we should let the rich districts have their own pre K program and the port district's finance their own -- said Cuomo. As he's pushing for the state wide thing and other -- just says he. Tried to beat Barack Obama to the press conference and and did buy one day would New York safe. He screwed because the decision to go all but he didn't care 'cause he made the announcement one day ahead of Obama saying we have the toughest gun laws in the country. And now he doesn't want the block -- to take the bloom off the rose and when he comes up and tries to get funding for his program. So while they already have a program in New York City. Now the others are saying well if they already have a program in New York City -- we don't have the fun match. About that is not about the efficient use of money it's about who gets credit and that's. Now the Y zero just collect so if he doesn't have to worry about reelection right away Cuomo is gathering and all the chips he can. All of these all of the -- plus Smart he can from people who wants them out. And are willing to trigger vote for it seems like the block as you know is an awful hurry to make his mark -- you -- stamp on things -- mayor -- now we're start right away anyway because he's a Bloomberg ahead along okay. Bloomberg ago bowed who'd never. Of meta programming dim light and didn't -- fund and that's the way it is. And probably had some guilt because he's a multi billionaire. I don't know what businesses decisions you made to get their bodies and make a lot of great as far as I'm concerned civic decisions to do it so I'm asking you. The all day pre K these are 44 year old is it an educational experience or just simply free baby -- What is the benefit I'm challenging you know right now if you if you believe in this program. I'm challenge you what is the benefit to that child. Not what's the benefit to the teachers union. Not what's the benefit of the transportation. People not what's the benefit of -- supply people. I'm not what's a benefit to you'll mom or dad what's the benefits of a child. I say it's negligible. It is is his window dressing it is babysitting our crests let's go to a couple of our posts a -- -- on FaceBook. This one comes from Linda she says pre K is certainly help my grandkids they learn a lot before kindergarten and a lot of current standard is pretty cute because they want what's best for them not because -- -- baby -- well if they want what's best form wanted to do some -- teaching themselves is not too hard to figure that stuff out and secondly we had somebody call earlier. Who said that -- they should pay for themselves. If -- you know if you want pre K in other words. The public is what is it gets. Because of the tax dollars they get an education starting with kidney garden if you want something before it should be on your nickel. Should be on your nickel and NC if you like paying for that as opposed to sitting down and and talking or reading to your child. I don't think you should expect the government -- -- that says since the school. School people are -- government. Teaching your child or taking your child of four years old. Why did you bother having -- if you don't want to -- bond with them. Teach them -- get them started on the educational process you can teach your kid that at that level very easily. And it is a bonding process that lets you don't care about it. You don't care about it half the government there in the birthing room and take them maybe to school immediately. Maybe babies -- Again and get -- the little Kerry or bring it right to a school -- Manuel wanted to bother at all. You would think with with people that it would be. Looking -- is -- something forward looking at the photo I couldn't wait to read books. I'm not a big reader I've never been huge fan of Reading -- to read my sports stuff and everything but. Just think it is sink into Curious George book with nick was a lot of fun. I -- overeating I'm not good at -- you know why because ID like for instance of an example like him re Gregory. Oh. Our general manager spoken rhythm I can't get to see you I think in the advanced reading from -- -- You need -- telepathy but that one back at. If not natural to you about your part of it. You are aiding and abetting -- committing about balloting on the air. -- the general manager. He would be really upset everywhere and -- radio. There wasn't room in the fifteen point 8550. Or 107 or thirteen hundred. Eventually he'll end -- at 930 we'll be back after us. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. So -- tells me during the break about this great feat of pitching. By a high school kid he's pitched for seven innings and he struck out 22 people. Now now for -- math and I'm on the map in my I had policies ever -- well either three outs or. Three times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Publisher doing the books for Enron. And in that doesn't work too well. Occur so we have some days oppose things I'd like -- to go over couple. Regarding we all day pre okay. The governor's -- party says. A billion and a half dollars should be spent so -- your four year old can be babies that. If that's accurate term by via a teacher who's probably a member of the union and paid for by. Your neighbors. What you got this is from Christine she says my older kids went to preschool I think it benefited from some of the stuff could've been done and home but I still it was worthwhile. There's a difference between preschool and pre K. Preschool can be can guard pre K day is four years ago so why -- I think that that maybe. Misunderstood what I said I'm talking about not for not kindergarten kindergarten fine. I'm out pre K and all -- brigade now keep in mind there are some programs. In the state now that already had but they they don't have them all day. Most of them are half days or even less than that it's a sampling and -- undertow in the educational water. But all day. Is it is that's the giveaway. Member of the godfather. When the godfathers. And Michael Corleone -- -- Hollywood know. And drug problem is that comes and as for the meeting. That will be. The trader that will be the person you have to account for and it's the same thing here -- comes in and ask for all day pre K. Is is the trouble and that's where the trouble is because that's when the becomes. Babies and another point Chris is from Johnny's and I hate the idea of universal pre K I do think it is glorified babysitting. This is just more government control that we are getting stuck with the bill. Cuomo says say why pre K program cost one point five billion dollars he's proposed a two billion dollar bond for voters to consider this ball. So he wants -- get a bond board. Some unknown portion of which could go to the schools to create more space for pre K. Homes. -- right now the Catholic system is closing a lot of schools. But we end -- ones who have more space so it's more than just a teacher with the union card. More than transportation. It's more -- and -- it's also more space. You can say -- when the government has an opportunity to get their tentacles right into view this is what they do. They they maximize. Everything. Doesn't make sense for all New York taxpayers to fund a program that could end up. Spending a chunk of the resources to New York City when New York is willing to do it themselves. All right well if -- state taxpayer that makes sense right. The doctor Andrew Cuomo because then you'll get credit for New York. You will not get the credit from New York of doing that the mayor of New York will get the credit that is all that this will fight got going on that's what this is about. Who was gonna pay for it's like -- crisis it was picking up the check. The bottom line as the mayor of New -- is we can do it ourselves we'll tax the rich. I'm -- throw that. In the governance of knowledge should be a statewide program. And we'll get a billion dollars which if they got a billion dollars I suggest. You send refunds to the taxpayers -- Nancy says -- paper kids to attend a nursery school and held one bothers me is these lazy switchers who won a pre -- -- pre K program for Fareed it's -- yes well that's exactly and we where -- for free society right now. The state flag of New York should be I don't even know what the flight -- DO. Is Lou is a blow that's -- you know immigrants yeah ads below it has lake the Empire State Building -- -- around -- statue you know outer arm I think they should change it to an outstretched hand. Because they want you to fill up a lot of money whether it's that whole. Whether it's attacks whether it's a -- just -- obsolete and keep spending money. Have you heard any educators. Say you know what where behind the eight ball on our race internationally in math and science and blah blah blah if only we could teach four year old. This would really helpless because then by the time they got here this could catapult us an affront nobody's. This is about jobs. Falsely created jobs. It's about as good as it says here in this article in the about windows. Almost quotas and maybe needing more space. So it's about building things about artificially picking her pocket. And you paying for things that are absolutely not needed some more space I don't know that wouldn't appease the custodial engineers union and its and the builders union dissolved designed for. As I said yesterday or during yesterday's subject about the free college money to -- okay. When -- when people start volunteering and doing offerings to a pro Bono listen to. Otherwise it's just finding other ways to spend your money amid -- like this. It's it's a quest for them to come -- -- more and more things that will create more spending opportunities. Because it's been spending enough now they wanna make sure they never. Lose the majorities in in offices in earlier Tuesday. By continually spending. Your money. While you have to cut down on something you may have to cut out something -- have to take second job the study is working the other end of that spectrum. They can hardly wait to come up with -- and other creative way to spend even more of your money. What a sucker bet it is to be in this day we'll be back after now I just hit probably a good idea I ideas just flow through my head at a rapid rate. I was just thinking of a micro which. He says he's retiring at the end of this year from a -- But it overtime game in the public. Now we got to know him as a rough off NHL hockey player that's what -- that's our guys earlier right. Looking at some of its Olympics. I'm again these skater occupier. Set them -- of one of these Johnny Weir wardrobes. -- got a nice -- -- with -- maybe like -- weird about flock of -- walk by zero before but on the ice pretty well one thing 0000. Okay throwing -- -- under the -- might that was handed to us yet. For myself. -- to retire and drivers about crazier home. I would just don't have him you gainfully employed -- on the back to a figures he's my wardrobe for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It would be on this. Let's have exploited an error we a lot of -- -- -- Around here what it was on dyes yellow he pitched that to them you know Chris you suggested excellence he wrote -- -- -- back next Wednesday and I believe after the Olympic breakdown suggests that he should be in the payers maybe he's in training now probably. -- -- this program that they're proposing the blahs Leo in new York and the governor for New York State. For you would think it does have. Educational. Advantages and it's worth spending the money on and it's not a babysitting service. In this article by you -- you wrote it is Tom precious precious in the Buffalo News. Buffalo of course we always been two billion dollars a year and a billion a billion dollars a year in buffalo schools -- them. And according to this article the -- public schools have offered both old day and half day programs for decades. And -- last year applied for state grants to expand its offerings. The district already has 2055. Students in the old -- program. Yet it maintains a waiting list of about 200 students so what we're saying is. That the buffalo school system. Not only. As a full day and half day program. Four -- Four pre K. But they have a waiting list board and they already get a billion dollars a year separate from the 600000. In funding and if you really helps. How come they only graduate. Less than 50%. Of the people he was stardom pre K and you'd end up -- twelfth grade. And less than 50% graduate and if they have this robust pre K program and they've had it for decades. Doesn't that kinda say that maybe this isn't a magic elixir maybe this doesn't really have anything to do an education. That says so that I think that's a good example right there. You're all the money in the world poured into lists into buffalo. He got the pre K full day and a half day programs. And they've funded by grants OC 600000. Dollars already from the feds. And they graduate 50%. So that that ought to tell you that it's no great. 01 get out of jail free card or magic elixir or anything like that it's about. Jobs. And beholden to people who provide important. Historic camp and spring broke him there on WBM. Yeah I know and kids they're supposed to have -- -- -- -- it. Would point at four years old they are just starting maintenance. Right forty battering number besides being spending our relations school I mean they almost might shall earning rate my children out of girl scout leader. And hang up my kids and I'll I'll attend those memories and I am glad that I did that. That's a bonding time that you never get -- a repeat chance that later on and that's right my my wife I didn't even start teaching until. My daughter was going to school I did what I could but she was the main motivate her. And as lot of good bonding a lot of good lessons learned at the at the home not expecting the government to -- all four. Mommy my girlfriend got an argument about -- about teaching children morals and aspects and she says that there should be a school jobs lost about. Yeah that's that's of course you're right that's -- -- I don't want big government and the schools are the government TJ my kid morals because the government doesn't have many. And I think if they should change any thing why don't they change the program from kindergarten through twelfth straight why are we still planning on in 1930 prussian model school. Good point good point obviously you've got your act together and that's the last thing they want to rationalize reasoning thank you count. That all the kid just to stay interpret the man and she -- in 92 it you know life. She didn't go to preschool. For her and her graduation and so are -- as a successful law enforcement career Thanksgiving Day -- While. Okay well I think she's right she's right. That's a great bonding time why would you wanna give that a why would you wanna give that up now I'm not pertaining everybody -- one brush but I'm saying you wouldn't wanna give that up unless you have to. There are some positions where you might have to do if you needed to if your jobs started. Early and you have an early shift -- you had to be there. Maybe that makes sense but maybe it makes sense if you have two jobs but it doesn't make sense if you're just dumping your kid off into the system. Because you honestly plate or you wanted to under here up in the system so that you don't have to take care of all day that the school will do that. So essentially you'd be off on a full day -- would be eight three rate to four or something like that. So what your saying is. I don't wanna do it myself. I don't want to ask my relatives to do that I don't wanna ask my neighbors now me. I just wanna go to the government and have them fund somebody who doesn't know my kid just to babysit them that's what I one. And you know what we're gonna need more -- schools community more teachers. So these are all aspects of expanding government intervention in your life that's all it -- I you know I'm not you know. A -- off the deep end -- this they wanna have as much import into your life as possible. I want -- animal and I understand and I need security and you'd fire in place. I understand it almost that I understand I should keep him for. Things like education. Right bridges roads that. But I don't need them. To be involved with -- every aspect of my life starting when my four year old kid. We'll be back after this.

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