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2-19 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello is major governor and I sandy beach as you know I'm half Italian and and have. Finish. As -- album that I get to run for the half Spanish part of my area ancestry but. They are leaving the Russians right now and let's hope that finish up finish the Russians. So we don't have a look at them later on and then I'll be I'll be torn between two teams that we have in the yes yes yes it is a -- Governor of sandy beach a lot going on today but -- while the scored you know orders and to read 13 to one and that's the end of the second right okay so one more period we'll see what happens but via. The fins have the Russians on the runs and that's good likelier that. A lot of things are going on today including this story out of -- out of Vermont. Now I don't -- I don't think I would I would actually pull a knife on anybody because this. Police say an argument between two men over doughnuts. In Worcester Vermont. Is put one man in jail and another man on hospital one guy stabbed the other guy over a doughnut -- spew. I. All haven't ever heard the classic commercial will make more I mean there's it's not like the last -- out on earth. And that's exactly what happened. 27 years old charged with first degree aggravated domestic assault. Because of the dot. The injured men were not identified one take into the medical center for treatment the other taken to jail now you guys we get stuff Randy makes. Really good pastry -- -- brings it and we share it and I I don't follow -- progress once because you have the last piece of a statement. Of the plastic glass that night so it wasn't afraid to pick up. Susan what happens the people that exists now I think so and knife on somebody over -- don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She and her boyfriend were having whatever I was I'm -- a -- down there. And the boy for an eight herself sandwich so she reacted -- not so typical form by running a malvo was her car and from now we'll. And I don't -- the whether or make should do strange things because we decked cabin fever here. By the way you know what's going on while I speak with them at my house. The tree guys are there and they're taking down some trees. Because no other trees a couple of years ago -- struck by lightning. And I'm afraid is gonna fall over on on on my house and so I looked and I am -- if if -- ever to buy another house. I would buy a house that only -- trees that if they fall they can't reach the house and because every time we have a installment thing about it now one of my neighbors -- a tree fall on his house a few weeks ago and and so. I called it a victory doctor -- -- out there there -- they're trimming trees because I said look if I know one thing I know that trees and -- rules don't go to the other you know I'm talking about no trees in fact at the end of my driveway have a picture betray us. At I'll be no trees in my property. -- it takes them down and that it. Saw this -- and Salt Lake City she shopping -- -- her son's eighteen years old. And they are looking at T shirts against the kid wants and seizures she was so upset. About the display on on this a certainty sure. It was though let's see that it featured pictures of scantily dressed models in provocative poses now her son is eighteen. And I don't know how scantily dressed they wore the T shirt that probably no nudity and -- scantily dressed so she goes. To the clerk and says I'd like these. Remote I don't even want you to sell them in the courts is it's beyond that beyond my pay -- -- Calls and the manager. Tells a manager I don't want these shirts. On sale because there are obscene manages this that's beyond my pay grade the manager calls the corporation that owns the store. And the corporations -- now they -- going to be for -- silly analogy. She at least did a civil thing. She wrote him a check for 567. Dollars and bought all the T shirts while. But it's not as noble as you think. She is going to return them at the I just before the sixty day period in which you can return merchandise. So is gonna like 59 days and you know X amount of minutes you'll be back asking for a refund. For the T -- but. She there were at the pac -- store PH the -- We don't we have those are here. But that's I mean and so she was earlier that so I don't know what she's doing them in the in the -- -- probably just keep -- in the bag. Which all kinds shirts and stuff that are suggestive but I've never seen anybody willing to write a check for room 600 something dollars. These guys can help me -- this okay. Everything here the deal of the day and sometimes they'll send us the deal is there was supposed to realist when it's logged in and that might be -- -- The Asian we need. There might be maybe they left out of phone number -- something. I I have no idea. This is or why. Hi I am going to read it and maybe maybe want you to guys can tell me what the hell it is because I have no idea I made. I do a lot of commercials about my life I do a lot of pro colts. Ivory Coast but I. When they say something to read and I don't even know what it is that's OK here's. Today's elevate its I sound like I know what I'm talking about the -- if it. I am faking it like my honeymoon well I was. One of us yes -- a year ago. Today's -- a bit let's go it's a -- and companies -- today's the day -- -- buffalo perks is a 33 dollar certificate. 413. Hour psych hold tour. And ghost hunt. At Rolling Hills asylum. For only seventeen dollars. Test your courage to have one of the most haunted places in the US. Rolling Hills assign asylum is by Hillary in his -- -- You me and dot com and click on my buffalo perks logo. Can you guys tell me what that colleges read I think gas a ticket to ticket good on his house yeah yeah that's exactly what went on a house in the tour. Was haunted house in February. What the Easter Bunny wasn't available -- it's supposed to be real or is it supposed to be -- Halloween all guys are dressed -- it's in the back the grass it's a three hours so I called you should know what that is now Israel. Three real ghosts what is -- coal. -- -- -- So -- can tour the cycle goes I just did a Google search for tackled out of first and popped up was involuntary psychiatric hold. -- well section five point 501 wall and and and me ball ball ball ball all that'll be interesting. It's seventeen bucks so I guess if uniqueness of whatever this is seventeen bucks is the deal -- -- -- ago normally cost 33. So why you know I was looking for bargain cycled right I used to have a -- since Michael really is it's it's a motorcycle I had account is obviously going to. Written various kinds -- cycle as I've worked for some cycles. It is -- yeah I thought it was ugly goals with singles and rhymes with the opium moments but anyway that's. So I hope Europe are thanking hundred house 'cause I guess that's that's my guests. OK that's good that would itself Benjamin for new equipment from or sell them that when -- give -- stuff that we don't even ordered us. We can sell it so. Like. That a free for all I know. Anyway it -- -- on the article as a -- -- over them. According to these prices will make you -- -- Robert -- yeah -- crazy every out of -- are these prices are saying. Will be back -- moral beach and company on who's ready at 930 we are WB yeah. Yeah probably the Russians are playing the fans today and the Russians are behind by a couple of goals -- there in the last the period now. And so I'm rooting rooting for the fans obviously -- him finish but Tony tells me as some Muslim Russian background. That there is a magazine. That's for the Russian American community and -- must have a story on radio or something this goes back a few years. And your picture and Randy you know bush over Specter. And weekend homes are in the magazine and it's all -- Russians -- you're not really sure. It -- while Wyatt was that taken but your pictures of Russian magazine. Yes again this is from our old studio and -- -- avenue and that's the control room picture arm's reach of four. -- remember of Ariel Sharon and grandes type in a way -- the other side of the car owner. And this was and I am guessing it was an American Russian magazine. And I -- to pronounce the title of its eighty and the and Christians mark to market their coast AME. PVK. Me the name of the magazine -- the I get that a month after I wish I could have put it down -- -- in the senate vote yes actually that's ever -- him peca has ended Bob Lucas from one or two there's a picture of him he's America and the old one to control let's -- it's like the back of his hassles not even a good iron -- my. My -- generous that I at the dentist is a she's Russian. Anti Russia and she's great she's as she's really she's and the music and and the American lifestyle she tells me whenever I get my teeth claimed. She tells me a lot about though Russia and things should I ask Michael portal if he could read it because he spent time living in Russia. So he's gonna maybe taking a look at ask normalize some of the letters or backwards and he he. Well weird things. Which is it's a living in -- -- about a weird things that probably laughing about. All right how about this is -- nineties. The first person. To build a Toys 'R' Us there are no other -- addresses the very first one. Goes to put the -- are up there. Backwards. Now doesn't go. Hey why am -- putting this. Do you think that question was. Why the -- backwards or is it is it's supposed to be backwards is it is it is it wrong in the plan. I made my guess is that something creative and yet there were quite probably won't you don't want this will probably want them okay. It to be funny because they thought it was a mistake in the plans may put it in orbit -- -- in a Georgia how little -- to occupy in my mind at least that would be as simple fix just turn it around. Now guys it -- say what would Cuba outsider right now of hockey. And -- figure skating coming up today. I'm kind of bored with the rest of the skeleton and I mean it's. Fast and dangerous like the skeleton I can't stand figure skating and I wish they would get rid of and that's the most popular thing real original that far away fundamentals now now maybe maybe -- oh yeah big time numbers why do you think here's the clue. The things that they tease for hours before they play them that's the one bit they're keeping you you know view of this that. That's the highest ratings they have in the Olympics map now maybe if the US team gets gets past the next round. It might have passive but I'm thinking most of it most of the big numbers come from skating in this no fighting in in figures in -- while Lester Tonya and Nancy are encouraged that there is just go Jeff go rule and Julia. And I had an hour ago because -- Schiavo would that she's an argument wants with her boyfriend. And took the hot the cap off of his truck and beat him over the head with a half a canal plus are you don't find that many trucks about -- -- you just don't they don't do that anymore but she what girlfriend is ripping the hub cap off Provo off of the week of your truck. It's time to say go to the party's over romances gone. -- -- I but. But he is skating which are like I like and like almost like the ice dancing repairs of the individuals all of that I like -- And hockey. The rest of it is a two man bobsled -- -- like needles please OK but there's. Happens they go down on the slide and you see a stopwatch app that let's take a left on Matt. It's like NASCAR where no one was flying off the track or anything like that. Maybe that's a big east you know at at the difference between four men and two men who can't. About that. Always be so you know what went to a live audience that I've got to get a Forman you know our -- The George Foreman you can make -- nice -- every once in awhile. Yeah I saw a guy that's got a board or is that kind of yet to Bradley what are the two guy and the form -- bobsled with the two guys in the middle supposed to do. Just -- attention. I think -- Euro -- Happy and now in a lot of the events are similar and there are some kind of wearing down -- us like the first week it was great and now. Like you said he needs several old -- -- this morning though they have the yacht. The snowboard giant slalom okay and they did it parallel so you saw two people -- race on the -- I like that I enjoyed that this more. But if you look at it okay in one event they've got these orders coming down and doing flips. And then another event there on skis coming down and doing flips there is a lot of similarities. But that the -- stuff which which led off with very exciting. -- I've seen much of that -- we saw in the Olympics. Very exciting and we want well actually won a couple of miles -- goals nephew while there is in in the X games I've seen maniacs do tricks like that had snow mobiles file manager -- -- -- -- -- on the Olympics yet. But guys in big snow mobiles will like flip them over and I think that is that means that I'm glad you brought that up because ice in a big influence on the Olympics from the X games a lot of the similar thoughts of bringing in the younger daredevil stuff just crave those guys on our anti of that crazies. -- come back on its you know. Governor Cuomo would like to spend another one and a half billion that's with a B. Dollars of your money on -- on his radio 930 we are WB. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon until three news radio 9:30 AM. W. Hot rod Lincoln music view is free -- Anything less than four minutes left the Russians are behind the fans by by two balls so let's keep our fingers crossed and though hope that the -- pulled this one now and of the Russians go home. -- wonder pollutants there. You know if I were on the Russian Damon who were there. And we lost in front of wouldn't I wouldn't accept a ride home on the -- wealth what they Allen called my aunt and periods in look at. Have my flight from credit equal to the US. Did my corporate jet arrive. These guys and then -- we got it exactly -- made sure I have no relatives left there that have already got that'll be inches into that goes less than four minutes. And -- load that's be a big score and I us but it would be an upset. A one would assume that the Russians would be favored to beat the -- Now one point five billion that's with a B one point 01 point five billion. Dollars that's the cost of a proposal. That Andrew Cuomo would like to see the happen in New York State and -- -- far. It is wore a pre K plan. Now -- is kindergarten obviously. For today is forty year old. Now why don't we have pre K so all of you might say well we have pre K because it's not too early to start a learning experience at all. Let's get him in the pre K. Then we'll vote to okay and then we'll we'll get on -- it and it will be a valuable learning experience and heavens knows that kids need every opportunity to succeed in pre K would put him over the top. Others might say -- railing. You have a four year old. And not only is the proposals were pre K it is for. All day pre K which means that you know we have a kid gets there in the morning comes home in the afternoon. And Sosa might I don't know there more callous among us including myself. Might say isn't that really just babysitting. Well you know the government wants him to take care view from the -- to the tome which said that many times and that's true. And what better way to start then with pre K stardom with forty girls. And if if if the burden of I enjoyed the sexual encounter. With the your partner. And now it's provided you have a lovely child. And I know that you can hardly wait to dump that kid off to the government at age four. All right can't be bothered raising. Raising the job yourself or whatever and I know some people. A worker worker or job or maybe 20 jobs. And a -- is always helping yet. But the bottom line is -- this has no as far as I'm concerned and nobody's ever shown any kind of study that says that this really helps with the educational experience who does it help. Well it helps. People who either don't want to or can't raise their own kids that's when it helps because the start as early because we've seen. Hole. Gamma and a heavily. It started where you know people are sending their kids to school without breakfast. So we've got to have a breakfast program for the kids whose parents can't prepare remembrance for us and they can't prepare anything for themselves so -- a breakfast program. And of course the luncheon program has always been there now many schools have a dinner program many schools have a week and program to send food home. School uses started him -- in kindergarten. Before that it started in first grade and then got down a kindergarten now it's down. To pre -- -- four girls and XO will have a vote who will have a pregnant mothers. Sitting and attending classes for their children who have been born yet. I mean let's get serious about this show for a moment tell me why is -- taxpayer should have to pay for babysitting for York. I I I I don't think so. I mean I understand the mutual luck. Expenses of any kind of community or state or country. Part of it's education and I understand that totally the biggest part of your -- just part of your property tax bill. Is is schools education and you should you should see how that breaks out. It where -- I am it's about two to one as far as the town taxes concern compared to the school to actual text voice is what the town taxes -- -- -- -- have them but he takes -- on the school. So you get all that money pumped and education with the number we always give you is in buffalo with a billion dollars a year a billion dollars a year. Rounded off it's pretty close to that exact number okay. So you spend all that money in education that's fine -- we have to have education we need education on the big promoter of education. But this -- education. This is this is welfare in one way shape or form and is babysitting that's all it is but are we hire babysitters. Us. Though. Let's say Cuomo gets is universal all day pre K for New York State we're gonna hire babies. And you know one. Here's why as babysitters are unionized that's why -- are going to do it. Our teachers. Who have gone to school people have -- degrees are going to be sitting there watching Johnny what is on the desk sleeping. Well well well our our our finger painting summing all day. Now I don't know about you I it's been -- long -- since my daughter was four years old book. Most four year old kids don't have the attention span of a full day in school they don't they simply don't. So what is gonna include nap time playtime. Jumping up and down time but it's going to be paid for by you. Now I may bitch at times though about the high cost of living in New York State. But I understand some of the expenses we need highways. Need bridges we certainly need education very important number pro education but we don't need free babysitting. If you want a baby -- hire one and you pay for so I have some questions here all day pre K is it really. And educational experience or is it free babysitting. When we come and what are the benefits. The benefits are. To the baby. To the child at four years old I I would still consider them -- a baby. Or child if you if you want quibble okay what are the benefits for the kid I'd like to know that first -- law and now we've got an intramural fight. Between the governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State the New York City mayor of a bill the buzz deal. The blog CEO wants to have his own who scored. Game over. The game's over they're one of fins beat Russia Iraq. Ride. The beat the Russians Russians are done they are -- there over. Malcolm and and in his great eight events you know -- him as a big names just got defeated by the fans good that's great nose. Got the blog CEO who wants to start his own all day pre K in New York City. The governor says no we can't have two systems I wanna for the whole state is really a fight to see who can get credit for what. Now and of why does -- -- system. It would be attacks on the higher earners because he said when he was running for -- that he'd like the inequity in in in in the range of difference between. People's earnings so he's gonna go after the rich people make them report. And Cuomo says. Well a 1000000001 point five billion dollars as -- spent. And I'm thinking. No I don't wanna spend that money babysitting I'd like to know how you feel about 03930180666. -- 93. It is -- company. The governor -- and one half billion dollars -- your tax money on. All day pre K which are four Urals you'd tell me that the educational benefits of that RIC. None. I see what it is is a free babysitting service. Now I understand some people might need -- and look at every kid higher in your own there's no reason we should pay for anybody else's babysitters. And that's what they are and no we don't use babysitters court's gonna use teachers. Teachers unionized teachers union jobs good union benefits good union retirement plans. And that's the reason. That that's gonna happen. The bottom line is. If you're going to do it and I do think it's absolutely necessary one Dodgers -- regular non teachers. In a non union situation and pay them as you're paid babysitters and that's what is. Let's go to -- Debra in Cheektowaga Debra you're on WB -- Yeah. I wrote a liquor unit so net income tax. I'm black I'm glad you held the Debra. No question I missed calls and. Oh okay well I'm glad you're a ledger persistent so what do you think -- visits have an educational benefits for the child. I don't think it really -- while they do learn English. In fact -- I think for a four year old all day it's much too long. I don't think they have the attention -- for all day and you know you know my you know -- written a man accused of our next two weeks. And -- -- -- -- at Oklahoma in what might have been might work very hard and while it might go to the street prequel school. -- and that might yet know get -- my sister got from the important to have my sister and that you know what and I paid her. Oftentimes you of family members or whatever. Help out what to expect the taxpayers -- paper does remind us. Not only the education but the transportation of the get them to school got him back. Somebody -- oversee this -- so there's a lot of expenses involved with this and if if there -- educational benefits. I might say okay let's give it a shot but nobody's nobody's shown there are as you said you can learn some things -- you learn some things at home -- mom and dad do. And I won't let them you know what I -- And then when I. Well and I'm comfortable my Annika -- month you know give credit -- American of the actor how well. I'm very fortunate and Africa but I don't. I don't think I'll say benefit. The Taliban which you perform. I'd love I love your thoughts thank you very much absolutely that's the way I -- so I -- remind you gotta get these four year old to school. They got to go on the bus. And then the bus drivers gonna have the look for four generals as well as the other kids on the bus. And then they got to get him back on the bus. And then the bus and drop -- again somebody these are for -- also some is gonna to be there when they get off the bus to make sure they get in the house safely. And now I know my my wife was a teacher. Always choose an excellent mother gaga giver that she really was and she would've. A little assistance from me when it was almost all her. -- Todd gone many many things before dawn ever step foot in the school so she had a head start she was already there. And then my wife took a job at the at the preschool where she was we're Don was so it was a nice -- -- combination worked out well. But the bottom line is there was some kind of consideration. To teaching the kids some stuff at home before they even get the school it was all left to school it wasn't all left to the government. Some of his personal responsibility. Tony I'm sure that before nick. A -- in that first classroom -- do you Mangini taught him some things that would be helpful as the beginning stone. Yeah we did it may affect nick was going to daycare at the time but as I mentioned yesterday that daycare was structured so that they and the education part was only half a game that was in the morning Nicol went in the afternoon so he wasn't exposed to that so -- handled the Reid -- -- not to mention. If I was gonna let -- watch TV and -- programs that were educational. That are like word girl or things like that I'm happy yes that really good for the kids. And so he had that that running you know we did math schemes are interested. And hand them over to the government they hear educate them and look after a -- to visit to do now in fact we started reading to him when he resolved EB. They -- a lot of seriously a lot of people read while the baby is still in the war yeah yeah a witch's which is amazing. And and every you can't do too much reading as far as I'm reading is fabulous among big proponent of -- I've read all my life and when you read your kids it's very beneficial. And that your kids should go to school knowing that mom and dad taught me some things and now the -- gonna help me along with some others not just handed over from the time. You -- the earliest possible moment to the government. I really enjoyed reading the Nicholas and now. Samantha because. With kids books it's it's kind of fun because you can become a character in the book -- you can kind of acted out. And -- with my background I like doing that then makes a lot of fun and fun for the kids. I used to have -- Don -- commercials. Because I figured she could do some voice over work she's an old gold color line not father and daughter voice -- not. That sounds like and I'm Elena. 8039301061692. -- 930 the reason Cuomo on the blogs ago our are having a yeah. A verbal tussle over -- all day pre K the -- Zedillo's plan is totally different than Cuomo's plan. The bottom of the -- Israel's plan would hike in New York City income taxes on people making over a 500000. To raise five million dollars a year. And there's so this is a way to tax higher earners as one of his promises. Says he wants a program that can begin in September and doesn't trust states to keep the money flowing in the future and not only does the -- he'll say that. Some. And educators around the states say what the state does every once in awhile. Is that they'll float this program -- pay for his program it would get hooked on the program begins using -- program unveiled defund it. So now the local municipalities have come up with the money. So a lot of them don't trust the state to do that to keep the he's the expenditures. On the program after get started. 803930. Are you willing to spend your money on all days babysitters for four year old. The governors as I wanna spend a billion and a half dollars a -- of your tax money.

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