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Locals Ready to "Belly Up" For Team USA

Feb 19, 2014|

Nancy Mathiebe

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Huge crowds last weekend for team USA hockey in Sochi. At some buffalo bars and restaurants in today's game is expected to pack them in again. Let's head to Coles on the elm -- strip this tenacity is -- manager Nancy nice to me to join us this morning. Well all right good morning how are you great thanks for the time he can serve alcohol before noon predict -- special permit for this. Well only on Sundays were not allowed to sell alcohol. Before noon. The -- But these three days we're allowed any time after 8 AM. -- should tell our listeners what it was like down there on Saturday morning on the team USA first by the Russians. Night it was insane our place was packed here. We opened up about 7030 in the morning and they were just piling in their head to 300 people here. It was packed and everybody of course wanted to drink. And out we couldn't do that we couldn't serve until after 8 AM. So our wonderful bartenders here with the ended up doing is they took -- And then at 8 o'clock we served. And it was insane but it was a lot of fun everybody I mean just the the crowd here just -- our teams in -- we're just so proud of everybody. Over there. It's just been wonderful here were just at an -- time. What are you expecting. Today. Today you know it's government because. People are working now they get to get away for a couple of hours for their lunch break or take the day off maybe some of them will. We're we're hoping to have probably I would see a hundred to 200 somewhere in that figure here for around for the game today around noon. And will be serving. At that time any time after. The noon. -- do anything. Extra special for days like this Nancy. Will we did Saturday we had a buffet breakfast buffets for every one. And don't become the president it was around ten dollars a person if you wanted to have that. Today it'll be a regular. Luncheon menu but we also will be offering. Dollar off on your drinks. Jim -- staff coming in for today to. Yeah we're we're pretty prepared. Yeah yeah we have everything going on here can they were very excited to. Yeah well as CN you know update you on after today eight -- Friday to deal with next rate. I know I know and I just hope Miller plays you know. Love to see him play -- that would be great for all of us in buffalo. I know a lot of people are hoping for that is well yeah we'll miss you we hope you have a great day. Well faint feeling come on down and join us. Aren't that's Nancy meant to be she's the manager. And Coles on the elm -- strip.