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Olympics Update - Gold For Ligety

Feb 19, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lives not to Sochi in Russia. And CBS's Steve -- covering the Winter Olympic Games Steve good morning. Good and it hit a good age so far but you're the workers sure won't get our gold medal here in Alpine. It's bigger picture -- for the Alpine -- we have won a medal for read before -- Did not want any gold -- ghost -- -- key weren't there giant slalom here in the interest. First four on -- that would be won the competition for him. Second -- and currently it's critical but told multiple fronts. He compared where nobody in the first run in the second or yet problem for a couple times a look like he. Might have come close to losing control -- they're -- In the -- and the combined total okay good -- -- -- and over closest competitor will win the gold gold medal number and the Yorkshire. Strategically -- and second -- gold medal race and tortured legacy picture big Alpine ski and you'll remember that he wore gold medal. Teacher Carolyn or Kuwait while two gold medals. -- two for him and point at that that's on and it's great for two Headley -- now to attack hockey and you getting buzzed out about this game coming up today with the US man. Yeah I think to just anticipation for what could happen on Friday. This is a game against the Czech Republic which can be a very tough opponent but the -- -- in that game and that you should win the game. If you -- 28. And the Canadian -- -- BO which most people think they will. And you look at a rematch on Friday opened goal match and thank Cooper from 2000 and we all remember that one. Where Sidney Crosby scored their goal in overtime. Which is for gold at the Canadians will probably forget but there -- lives. And there could be a rematch fight between York and editor. Serbia he'd be appetizer. For it could be the the main -- Yeah she'll be a big -- hitters you know Steve buffalo hockey for those are all wrapped up continuously. Playing in the checked for the same time you mentioned. The team Canada is going to be playing a lot -- And there are lots of buffalo collections are because sabres coach Ted Nolan as a coach in the Lothian team. And the Canadians. Have -- assistant coach of our former Buffalo Sabres coach Lindy Ruff. And I think it nowhere to be honest review is a recent -- here is doing so well right now what are we were not patriots players which is able regard these players. Make them play good waiter there -- -- -- -- and you'll be equal to recent court Latvia's in the scheme and he has Craig -- culture and also trouble for the Canadian cancer shortly but. You know important real mobile trainer great goaltender -- in the game and you know who knows what our goaltender out to date -- their Canadian tour or Latvia. We obviously are all hoping to truly turn and look for the work in the control all the Americans open that what they're pretty good game it is and -- will be. A Buffalo Sabres star and Cheryl Burke who were for it as well. Yep and as Steve our -- hard to come by for these elimination games and hockey. Well no rushing game especially. Very very difficult to get. Like it will get true tribute sport regularly can go let it be a game that may be for the Czech Republic you can -- rushing games there's no way you can get tickets. Semi finals no wait -- -- -- you can't get fired over the Russian go make the finals. There will become a buyer's market on the -- Secondary market and our call. But at the moment it's it's impossible to be stricter. Going Gorbachev put -- Steve thanks for joining us. CBS's Steve -- joining us live from Sochi Russia where he's covering the Winter Olympic Games.